The Blacklist RECAP 1/27/14: Season 1 Episode 13 “The Cyprus Agency”

The Blacklist RECAP 1/27/14: Season 1 Episode 13 “The Cyprus Agency”

Tonight on NBC their new criminal drama, THE BLACKLIST starring James Spader continues with a new episode called, “The Cyprus Agency.” On tonight’s show baby snatching for illegal adoption hits close to home for Liz – Campbell Scot guest stars.  Did you watch the last’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you!

On the last episode Red (James Spader) informed the team that “The Alchemist” (guest star Ryan O’Nan) – a man who relied upon science to transform a person’s DNA – was contracted to protect a well-known mob informant and his wife. As the team went undercover to catch him, Liz (Megan Boone) found herself on the hunt for an unlikely couple. Meanwhile Liz and Tom (Ryan Eggold) found themselves at another bump in their relationship and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) debated whether or not he should give his ex-girlfriend his blessing. Parminder Nagra & Harry Lennix also starred.

On tonight’s show after a recent spate of abductions of babies from their mothers, Red (James Spader) informs Liz (Megan Boone) that the “Cyprus Agency” is the illegal adoption organization responsible. Coincidentally, Liz and Tom (Ryan Eggold) contemplate adoption of their own which fuels Liz to track down the organizations CEO, Owen Mallory (guest star, Campbell Scott). Diego Klattenhoff, Parminder Nagra, & Harry Lennix also star.

Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this hot new series! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new series.

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A woman walks down the street aimlessly she seems confused and scared; she’s wearing a white cloth around her only and looks ill. She finds a cop and keep saying that someone’s taken her baby, a man appears and says she’ his sister and that everything will be okay. He kills the cop and the woman. Liz and Tom are looking at an ultrasound of a baby together; they look like they’re planning to be raising a baby together soon.  Liz decides she wants to stay home for a little while to spend time with the baby, Tom is surprised and asks if she’s okay with that.

Red talks to Liz about the Cypress organization, which is an adoption center. Cypress offers a promise, perfection for their clients, they’re ordering from an unlimited genetics menu. The agency does a certain evil to get their children for the people adopting them; the Cypress agency steals kids kidnapping them and then lets a family adopt them. Red shows Liz who the Cypress agency will be abducting next; the next family to get this baby is the Rowland family.

Liz talks to them and they want to know what to do in order to help Liz. The Rowland family are talking to a representative of Cypress in a restaurant; Liz and Ressler are outside waiting to act. The Rowland family want to know more about the kid their adopting; the representative tells them that it’s fine. The representative says he has to take a phone call and leaves, he says that he’s got a situation here about people asking about. Theodore the representative of Cypress, Liz says that he can help them find the real parents. Theodore apologizes and right when he was about to tell them something about the Cypress agency he gets hit by a bus.

Red talks to a man named Ted about Malik, now Red wants to talk to Malik alone this time. Red says he’s got an RFP which he got from the trash, he knows that Malik gave classified information to someone and he wants to know who. Malik wants to find out who’s really behind it and will find out if she’s left alive. Ressler is spoken to a man, who works at Cypress; Ressler tells him that they know that they’re kidnappers and are frauds. The man plays it cool and denies the agency being affiliated to anything kidnapping related. Liz looked at the records and there were many adoptions that went through, one kid was born from Lithuania, but there was no record on the birth. Malik appears to the HQ, she makes an excuse about her daughter being sick and Harold tells her he doesn’t care because work comes first. Liz was about to ask for time off to be with her new child she’s adopting, but after seeing what Harold told Malik she decides not to. Liz talks to Red about how this will be her last case for a while, because she wants to spend time with her new baby she’s going to be adopting soon. Red says that the way the FBI makes her think, is surprising. Red tells Liz to check the DNA again, but don’t try to look for a hundred percent match. Red says that Liz must not have any second thoughts about her husband before adopting, but Liz says she’s got none. Ressler found five mothers whose kids were adopted from the agency, but now all five of them are currently missing.

Liz is talking about the mothers who’ve recently disappeared, turns out that one of them who are 20 was found fighting with a man, but was pushed into a van. Malik is walking around being suspicious; she goes to Harold’s briefcase and takes his I.D. card. Liz says that Kate is the mother of the two kids who were put up into adoption at the Cypress agency; Harold says that the women who are missing are still alive and are out there somewhere. Malik is copying files of some sort on a computer while everyone else is distracted, right when she was about to put his I.D. card back into his brief case she’s interrupted by him standing there. Malik tells him that she has a hunch on which the mole could be, he asks if she has proof. She admits she doesn’t and leave, right when she’s about to leave Harold tells her he hopes her daughter is feeling better. Aram has found a woman who could be the next target of the Cypress agency.

A man with a handlebar mustache is driving around the parking lot waiting for a woman to get out of University. Ressler is running around looking for the woman in the University before she goes to her ar. The mustached man is preparing himself to capture her, Ressler was too late to getting to the classroom, and class has already been dismissed. Aram tells them that they can make it to her car quick, but they’re too late. The mustached man has taken the girl into the van and has drugged her; Ressler and Liz make it to the car and see the van moving. Liz shoots at the blue van, but like I mentioned they were too late. The mustached man brings the woman to the Cypress agency, the man who runs the Cypress agency isn’t pleased that the mustached man has started kidnapping without permission. The owner of Cypress agency aims his gun into the van and shoots.

Liz says that the  woman was in the van for sure, they’re now waiting for documents overseas to find proof of the Cypress agency’s crimes. Harold wants the proof as soon as possible, before another woman gets abducted. The head of Cypress agency is talking to a doctor, the doctor is worried about the woman he’s got with him now. The head says it’s a mistake and that they’re not going to be doing anymore adoptions until the case is over, to stay low key. Kate was found dead in the forest, they say she was in a coma for the three years she was missing. It looks like the woman was heavily sedated, but has given birth on several occasions. Aram says that he’s found more information on Owen Malory. Liz and Ressler talk to the parents of Owen, who’s actually named Michael Shaw. The parents talk about how they sent Michael to therapy because of how he threatened to hurt himself, Michael ended up being sent back to foster care. The parents blame themselves, because they weren’t ready at the time for a child. This must be giving Liz second thoughts on adopting a child with Tom now. Malik brings a file to Red, Red looks through the file and says that their business is done. Red gets in the car.

Liz is outside waiting for Red, she says she needs help with tracking a certain type of drug and can’t find it. Red starts talking about the oldest cul de sac, he’s going to introduce Liz to the nicest narcotics dealer in the area. Red greets Russell with a hug, Red talks about the past of how he got wasted and was in the desert. Liz asks when that happens, Russell makes a comment that she’s like a cop. Red plays it cool and says he’s been telling her that all the time. Red asks about the drug that Liz is looking for, Russell has the list of doctors who’ve proscribed the medication. One of the doctors is a man named Gideon a fertility doctor. Ressler and Liz arrive at this office and ask to speak with him, Gideon is nervous and tells his receptionist to say he’s left. The receptionist tells them he’s gone out, they mention how he said he was in a meeting and know he’s bluffing. They walk past the receptionist, but he pulls out a gun; Ressler was quick, noticed this and acted by cuffing him quickly. Liz and Ressler are now looking around the office for Gideon, Liz arrives in a completely white room with IV’s everywhere, what she sees is a bunch of woman on sedatives pregnant. Liz has found proof of their crimes.

Liz is looking around the room shocked by what she sees, she’s interrupted by the head of Cypress he’s beating her up and they’re both fighting over Liz’s gun, right when he grabbed Liz’s gun and was going to shoot; Ressler saves the day and shoots him before he can do anything. Liz asks Michael Shaw the head of Cypress about how many more bodies they’ll find. Michael says he wasn’t removed from his family, he was returned to the foster home. Michael says that what his foster family wanted was perfection, that’s what he couldn’t offer. Michael decided to give the parents who want to adopt the perfect child their looking for, so there would be no problems. All the children from the Cypress agency were his, he did this because now a part of him is around the world in these children. Liz walks home to see Tom, she’s starting to tear up because she can’t have a child. Tom looks stunned, and says that she’s not ready.

Liz says that it’s not her, they’re both not ready and she can’t have a baby with Tom. Liz says to Tom, that there’s no way there’s no shred of doubt about having a child with each other. Red is sitting in the dark alone listening to music, Diane wakes up to the music and sees Red sitting there. Red has found out that Diane is the rat at the agency, he wants to know how she got the blueprints into the enemy hands. Diane says that she did it for his protection, Red doesn’t believe her.

Diane says that Fitch and his people won’t let Red get away with this, she starts threatening him. Red doesn’t care he shoots her, she’s shocked and says he can’t shoot her; Red says that she’s worthless for the good and the bad. Diane says she knows the truth about that night, what happened to his family. She asks Red if wants to know the truth, he says he wants to know it more than anything in the world. Red says that if she knows the truth, then somebody else does too and shoots her. Red decides to put on the music again and look out the window of Diane’s home. It cuts to Liz at home crying, looking at the baby stuff she bought. Tom who’ talking to the girl he met at the part last episode in the car.  Harold walks up to Malik looking at the photos of the children and says he hates with working with Red he is immoral and dangerous, but they wouldn’t have been able to solve the case without him.

Meanwhile, after Red killed Diane his “cleaner” and friend appears, Red gives her the gun so she can get to work and clear the evidence of Diane’s death.  He apologized for how messy it is and she tells Red she is use to cleaning up his mess.