The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Engaged To Katie – But Ridge’s Jealous of Brooke and Bill

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Engaged To Katie - But Ridge's Jealous of Brooke and Bill

Considering Brooke and Ridge’s track record on The Bold and the Beautiful, fans have been hesitant to fully relax and enjoy his relationship with her sister Katie. Why become invested in the new couple if Ridge grows bored and runs back to Brooke in a few months? We know that during the week of May 5 – 9 Katie accepts Ridge’s proposal and they become engaged. However, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that their engagement may be short lived, because Ridge and Bill clearly aren’t completely over their exes.

Bill and Ridge may be happily moving on with their new leading ladies, however they are both still worrying way too much about their exes. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that during the month of May Ridge will try to warn Brooke about Bill and intercept their trip to Dubai, and Bill is not pleased that Ridge proposed to Katie.

What’s wrong with this picture? Ridge could have cared less about Brooke when he announced he was over her and in love with her sister Katie, how does he have any right to tell Bill how he is supposed to treat Brooke? And, vice versa. Bill hung Katie out to dry and fell in love with her sister, what business of his is it if Katie remarries?

It looks like the Bill, Brooke, Ridge, and Katie merry-go-round on Bold and Beautiful is far from over. (No wonder their children think it is perfectly okay to be in a relationship with more than one person.) Do you think that history will repeat itself…again, and Ridge and Brooke will wind up running back to each other? Or, are you as over this storyline as we are? Let us know what you think in the comments below!