The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn’s Reign of Terror – Hope Vanishes – Brooke Chooses Deacon or Bill?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn's Reign of Terror - Hope Vanishes - Brooke Chooses Deacon or Bill?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease a week of must see drama during the week of August 11th-15th. On Monday the CBS soap opera will pick back up in Paris, Liam is racing to see Hope, but Wyatt’s crazy mom Quinn is determined to make sure he doesn’t get to her. While Quinn is doing everything possible to delay Liam from arriving, Wyatt continues to work on Hope and makes one last ditch attempt to win her back from his half-brother.

According to B&B spoilers, pushing Ivy in to the river was just the beginning of Quinn’s Parisian reign of terror, and on Monday August 11th Hope goes missing. Deacon and Brooke become frantic back home when they realize their daughter is MIA in Europe, and no one has heard from her. Rumor has it Quinn is responsible Hope’s disappearance.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of August 11th also tease that Hope’s dad Deacon decides to take down Quinn on his own, when he realizes that she is still meddling with Hope’s love life. Deacon does some junior detective work, and searches for evidence that proves Quinn is responsible for Ricardo Montemayor’s death. According to B&B spoilers, on Friday August 15th Deacon confronts Quinn and accuses her of murder!

Deacon and Brooke may be bonding over their daughter’s drama, but that doesn’t mean that Deacon has completely won over Brooke. Bill Spencer is still determined to repair his relationship with Brooke, and according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, on Friday August 15th Bill begs Brooke for her forgiveness. Brooke will have to make a decision, does she want to patch things up with Bill, or give Deacon another chance?

So B&B fans, what do you think happens to Hope in Paris? When it is all said and done, do you think Hope will choose Liam or Wyatt? Do you think that Ivy has her eyes on Liam? And, who do you think Brooke will choose, Bill or Deacon? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

31 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Quinn’s Reign of Terror – Hope Vanishes – Brooke Chooses Deacon or Bill?”

  1. Gloria Jeanne says:

    I already know what happens, which means I’m done watching this soap, along with alot others!! Why you would want to put Hope with that devious snake Wyatt I have no idea, you don’t really realize how many viewers you are losing, alot of us has just been hanging on to see if Liam and Hope FINALLY gets married, and they don’t, so I won’t even be reading the spoilers either!! This soap has become so boring and predictable that it is sickening, you have kept Liam and Hope away from each other, you always did that with Brooke and Ridge, and now your doing it to Brooke again, when I would have loved to see her with Bill, but you flip flop the couples so much that now we always know whats going to happen in the end!! I quit watching it for five years once because you kept Brooke and Ridge apart, and its the same storyline again, same ole same ole, we all know whats going to happen in any scenario!! I’ll keep watching Y&R and then I will go to the other soap that is on, I don’t know what you writers are thinking but you’d better start reading the message boards, the facebook page and just see how many admits they are going to stop watching, there is only a handful that wants Wyatt and Hope together, and its beyond me why those few would!! Oh well, you all made your choice so watch and see what happens!!

  2. Keisha Harvey says:

    OMG! I was on pins and needles watching Friday’s episode of b&b. I wanted to run through the TV and hurt Quinn cause she is such a meddling BITCH when she pushed Ivy over I thought I would die cause Liam being the man that he is of course went to see if she was alright. I hope they find out she murdered the guy that supposedly left Wyatt the diamond and that she changed his will. Liam and Hope deserve to be together they have fought so many obstacles and its been along time coming.

  3. kate says:

    I like Wyatt I think he should be with hope and Liam should go back to Steffy

    • Iris says:

      Sick! Why would u want Steffy and Liam together? Steffy almost married his dad and had a love affair just sick! I wouldn’t want to be with Wyatt who has a mother that stays involved with everything he does. With a murderer as a mother in law which he lied to Hope when she called or didn’t even tell her she was out of rehabilitation. And why match him up with Hope his brother’s leftovers. .. should have matched him up with Ivy…. oh well its the soaps. Trash!

      • meow says:

        Exactly. Weanie keeps very important secrets from her and Liam is totally devoted. Wait until she finds out why he wasn’t there in time. I bet she’ll go right back to Liam like she always has because she’s totally in love with him and not Weanie, my nickname for Wyatt because he is one!! He’s pathetic taking advantage of a heart broken Hope and trying to steal her from Liam. He’s a pig of the highest order and I hate him!! When a woman is in a committed relationship no matter what it is, other people STAY THE HELL AWAY!!

  4. Angela Covington says:

    Please don’t do this to Liam again , I really want to be able to see him finally married his true love Hope they really deserve to be together come on writers please make sure they have there happy ending. I just started back watching B@B first it was Steffy stoping them now it’s Quinn, Ivy , and Wyatt. It was good she fell in the water but Liam should have left after he saw she was alright . And the part he was trying to scream at Hope really why not call her cell phone, I was a lil disappointed on that part please I don’t want Hope with Wyatt she deserve Liam hope this happen .

  5. Done with B&B Stephie says:

    It’s redivulous that we are still waiting for Hope and Liam to finally be happily married to each other. Why don’t you guys let them FINALLY get married and find something else to keep The crappy Wyatt and Quinn revelant? I record the show and look at the whole week on the weekend and I won’t be wasting anymore of my DVR space for this soap. The writers obviously don’t have anything else that they can come up with other than messing with Hope and Liam constantly. It’s old, it’s, boring, it’s predictable and you have lost me as a viewer.

  6. Iris says:

    Already know the story line! One word manipulate! I thought it was all done when Hope chose Liam over Wyatt… but like every big moment someone manipulates the situation. So sick of seeing this! Hope and Liam they need a chance or move on without Liam or Wyatt. Who wants to marry someone with crazy mom like Quinn and have children with her bloodstream…. I hope Hope says no when he proposes.

    • meow says:

      She sure didn’t hurry to say yes thank gawd and she left him before because of psycho mommy!! I don’t see her marrying him this time either because she’ll be in for a world of hurt if she does with that psycho for a MIL!!

  7. Becky Parker says:

    I think that the writers should give Hope and Liam a chance to be together, and stop letting these newcomers interfere.. especially cra-cra. somebody need to throw her in water.. and as for Brooke i don’t care who she chooses. she a slut anyway. I’m just so tired of these long drawn out storylines!

  8. Mughunter says:

    This whole Hope and Liam thing is becoming far-fetched! I mean, this writing team has been attempting to break up the two of them since November, 2012, when Bill made Steffy drive Liam home from his bachelor party and Hope saw Steffy kissing Liam in the car! I mean, exactly what are the writers trying to accomplish? It’s getting near two years of this nonsense! Hope and Liam WILL be together! I just don’t ever recall two lovers being made to jump one hurdle after another so many times. It is getting silly now! On Friday, as Liam is approaching Hope in front of the Eiffel Tower, my family and I JUST KNEW that Hope was NOT going to hear Liam calling her. That would, of course, be way too easy. BUT we all knew that there was going to be another problem before Paris when Liam and Ivy were back at the Forrester offices and she asked Liam to call Hope to let her know that he was flying to Paris to meet her. He responded by saying “I want to surprise her.” That was the first “kiss of death.” The second was when we conveniently saw “Quinn” seated behind Liam on the airplane. The writers didn’t have her there just for her good looks. I don’t know about the rest of you but everyone in my household is totally tired of this Hope-Liam-Wyatt and Quinn cat-and-mouse game. Get Liam and Hope together once-and-for-all! Wyatt is a lying weasel and his Norman Bates mother is a murderous psychopath.

    • meow says:

      I could not agree more. The writers need to end this hot mess of a triangle. I love Lope and I get the star crossed lovers thing but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

  9. Joy Rocha says:

    I think that Quinn has kidnapped Hope and she is forcing her to marry Wyatt if she killed a man and almost killed Liam hell that would scare Hope into doing anything she tells her to do without Wyatt knowing whats behind her marrying him unless he knows what his mom is doing and going along with it just to be with Hope Wyatt is crazy to i don’t trust him eather but it want last long Wyatt and his mother will be exsposed for who they really are hope it’s soon

  10. […] Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased for weeks now that Liam would be surprising Hope with a wedding in Paris. But, according to the latest Bold […]

  11. Melissa says:

    Isn’t that what you are doing? Everyone is entitled to have an opinion on a SOAP(THAT’S MAKE BELIEVE) LOL! Get a grip lady

    • I love sands of time says:

      Hey mind ur damn business loser!! Don’t stick ur nose where it don’t belong..

  12. joannette suwareh says:

    I think a lot of you are confusing reality with fiction. This is a soap. Not real life. Everyone has an opinion. I like Hope and .Wyatt together. Yes his mother is crazy and I hope she gets whats coming to her,but Wyatt is not responsible for her actions. Just like Liam is not responsible for Bill”s.

  13. Judy Redinbo says:

    I believe Hope and Wyatt should be together . I believe Liam should be with Ivy. Hope doesn’t need a man ( boy ) who has always faltered where she is concerned. Hope doesn’t need a man ( boy ) who has chosen her as his second choice. Wyatt has never faltered or given up on Hope, he has always loved her and put her first. I know for a fact if Hope and Liam get together I WILL STOP WATCHING THIS SOAP. What message would it be sending to young females if Hope decides to choose Liam? I would want my daughter to choose the man that has always put her first without any hesitation. HOPE and WYATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. MrsJWay says:

    I agree team Wyatt. So tired of Liam always pulling Hope back!

    • meow says:

      He hasn’t been doing that. She goes back on her own because she’s in love with him and always has been!! She’s never been in love with Weanie and never will be!!

  15. meow says:

    Weanie is a opportunistic pig and always preys on a heartbroken Hope. Plus he keeps important secrets and has a mother like that. What woman would ever want that for a MIL? No way!!

  16. meow says:

    They’re manipulating has gotten very old very fast. Why would Weanie beg for his own brother’s sloppy seconds anyway? He obviously has no self respect at all!!

  17. meow says:

    Who said they’re getting married for sure? Oh yeah, nobody!! Just wait until she finds out why Liam didn make it. She’ll run straight back to Liam just like she always does. She’s not in love with that horn dog Weanie, she’s only in love with Liam!!

  18. julie says:

    I am so sick of this triangle between Hope, Liam and Wyatt. How can Hope claim to be in love with Liam one second and marry Wyatt the next. Hope is turning into Brooke more and more every day. Its like watching the Brooke, Ridge, Taylor crap all over again. I think its time to stop watching again.

  19. Luvs says:

    I have watched this soap since the first day it aired on t.v. I am getting so sick of the writers. All they have done for the longest time now is the triangle with Hope, Liam and Wyatt and once and for all we think Hope and Liam will end up getting married, what the h** do you do but marry her off to Wyatt.
    Well like I said I have watched this soap since day one but I am truly thinking that I will not be watching it much longer. I am going to wait to see what happens when Liam actually gets to talk to Hope and if things are not changed some way by the writers then I will be a long gone watcher. I have watched soaps since I was age 9 when I use to watch GL and ASTWT with my mother. I watched both of those until they went off the air. I now watch Y&R and B&B but I think I will be freeing up some time by not watching B&B anymore if the story line does not change.


  20. Pandi says:

    I will catch BAB next year. Maybe by then the writers will develop characters with moral values. If hope marries Wyatt I will be done with the soap

  21. Gertrude Salters says:

    The writers are the sickco’s

  22. Annie Dooley says:

    She never gave Liam a second thought when she married Wyatt. She needs to get over it and put her big girl panties on. You can’t have it both ways bitch.
    She said she needs to forget Liam some how. Maybe Liam deserves someone who won’t turn to his brother as soon as something goes wrong.
    Staying with Wyatt for the baby isn’t going to last long.
    This show really sucks.

  23. Watcher says:

    Liam is an undecided nerd.