The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt and Detective Suspect Quinn of Murder – Surprise Paris Wedding, Who Gets Married?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Wyatt and Detective Suspect Quinn of Murder - Surprise Paris Wedding, Who Gets Married?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease August 4th-8th will be an eventful week on the CBS soap opera. According to B&B spoilers, Hope and Wyatt will jet off to the Forrester Creations Paris office to promote the Hope For The Future line. While they are visiting with Felicia Forrester in Paris, Liam bonds with the newest FC member Ivy Forrester. The Australian newcomer is proving to be quite the meddler, and after Liam fills her in on all of the latest drama with Hope, Ivy convinces him that they should jet off to Paris to see Hope. And, Liam decides that not only is that a great idea, but he is going to surprise Hope with a wedding!

While, Ivy and Liam are causing drama in Paris, Hope’s mom will be dealing with her own drama back home. According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Deacon makes a move on Brooke and kisses her to let her know that he is still a contender in the race for her heart. Bill Spencer hasn’t given up on his almost wedding to Brooke though, and makes another last ditch attempt to get Brooke to forgive him.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that during the week of August 4th, Wyatt’s crazy mother Quinn Fuller returns home. But, she will be too busy dealing with her own problems to find time to interfere with Liam and Hope’s possible wedding in Paris. According to B&B spoilers, Quinn returns home surrounded by a cloud of suspicion, and Wyatt receives a phone call from a detective who thinks that Quinn forced Ricardo Montemayer to leave Wyatt the HFTF diamond and possibly even killed him!

So B&B fans do you think Liam and Hope will actually get married in Paris, or will this be another unsuccessful Bold and the Beautiful wedding? Will Brooke choose Deacon or Bill, or finally decide to be single and kick both men to the curb? And what about Ricardo Montemayer’s death, do you think Quinn is responsible? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Bold and the Beautiful spoilers!

Fans are not all great fans of the love triangle as these comments from Soap Opera Spy indicate:

I am SO TIRED of HOPE and Her Revolving Door……I’m on Team IVY…..I want Ivy to bring her down and take BOTH of those boys away from her…..SHE and her Mother need to Throw their Panties in the Freezer for awhile….LORD….it’s like they Can’t FUNCTION without MEN fighting for them.

Yes Liam and hope forever. Wyatt is a con just like his mother . Maybe now Quinn will get arrested.

Hope and Liam Are Played Out! Their Window of opportunity closed, a long time ago! Once a cheater, always a cheater! Stop beating that dead horse! Wyatt has been completely loyal, loving, and supportive. Why go back to a relationship that brought more pain than pleasure?? TeamHott!!

Can’t stand Hope & Brooke either with their constant wedding storylines. Can’t the writers come up with anything else?

Yes keep hope and Liam together please…….

Just please whatever you do keep Liam and Hope together they have been sweethearts for so long you should not break them up now.

So there you have it!

  • PassionQueen77

    I knew there was something up with Ricardo passing away. The writers should send Quinn to jail or take her case to court and let the judge decide with her case. If the judge makes her do some community service that would be a good thing. Hope and Liam getting married in Paris is a good thing.

  • huntin2fishin

    Yes Liam and Hope to be married FINALLY in Paris. Quinn is a witch. She probably killed Ricardo and had him will the diamond to Wyatt. She needs to be locked up for a long time!!!!

  • terry

    Of course she killed him just listen to his message. Liam needs to just take Hope and disappear find a ptiest and marry her and then return mission accomplished and to tell Wyatt they may be brothers but he is not welcomed in his life and be done with it

  • Nanette Wilkins

    Hope and Liam won’t get married. Isn’t Steffy in Paris?

    • luvSteffy

      That’s what I said!!! I think Steffy and Ivy should team up. I think it’s so rude and disrespectful for them to get married in Paris where Steffy is!!! I’m counting on it not going through

  • Rose

    Writers of the Bold. You have read it! You have heard it! Let us be happy once & for all! Let Liam & Hope be Happy. Marry them please! How many times are we going to ask? Enough already.

  • Rose

    Quinn murdered Ricardo. Good. More Drama for us viewers. Now Focus on Quinn’s murdered on Ricardo so the Crazy Quinn can stop focusing on her obsession with Hope.

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  • Denise Perry

    Are You SERIOUS!?

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  • Lisa Price

    Please keep Hope and Liam together!!! Quinn is getting old and needs to take responsibility for her actions! Lock her up and let Wyatt move on. His role makes him out to be a desperate love sick puppy who is willing to settle for Liam”s left overs!! Enough already!!

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  • irene almaguer

    I hope liam and hope get married cant stand wyatt quinn needs to get arrested and now this line has gone on too long

  • kk

    Seriously B & B do you have no other story line then Hope and Liam and Hope and Wyatt going back and forth. I’m over it and seriously don’t even care to watch anymore. It’s getting so old and it’s like the writers have nothing else. Get on with it already. Marry off Hope and move on to something else…Unless you have nothing else…hmmm

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  • lynn

    This is sick. Hope needs to grow up. She deserves a child like Wyatt. I cannot believe she done this to Liam. I can’t believe the writers and producers made this decision. There seems to be more fans of Hope and Liam than Hope and Wyatt. So maybe ratings will go down so bad they have to cancel show. I am done watching now. Since Hope got tied up with Wyatt again maybe Quinn will pull another crazy and eliminate her. Serves her right for being so stupid. What she gonna do when she learns the truth divorce Wyatt and go back to Liam
    Liam was doing what was right and being a MAN to help Ivy. I hope producers see this message board and realize they messed up big time

  • Laurie

    Keep Wyatt and Hope together. Liam is a girl. He needs to grow a pear and act like a man, not a spoiled mammas boy. Hope is not like her mother, and Brooke has been very level headed as well lately. They are both beautiful women, and no doubt men would be fighting over them. Like bill says….someone has to win and someone has to lose.get off Wyatt and Hope and start some drama with Liam and Ivy. Wyatt does not to be responsible for what his mother does. He’s in love….some of the bonehead things he has done is because of just that. True love will do funny things. If you never have done something stupid, your not truly in love.

  • GONE

    I think that if I had …NO make that when I had a girl like Hope it ended so I would never want to see the fickle ,self serving, liar again. Liam made his mistakes to but Hope takes the cake. I think this will be the final day I waste my life on this show. Thank you for making me sick. Sorry your writers can’t seem to get it right.

  • Helen Majewski

    I am really over the Quinn trying to break up Liam and Hope storyline. I mean, really what are the producers thinking. If I was Hope I would have ditched Wyatt long ago and kicked his crazy mum right out of L.A. I mean how stupid would one girl have to be to continue with a guy who faked a jewel robbery for his own selfish purposes and they let him keep working at Forrester. I mean really!! not even in soap land is that acceptable. For goodness sake get on with it and make sure Liam and Hope end up together. Who on earth would want Quinn as a mother in law. If this was real life she would be locked up by now and the key would be thrown away. I