The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Recast Possible as Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Goes to Prime Time?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Forrester Recast Possible as Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Goes to Prime Time?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased last month that Steffy Forrester might be returning to the CBS soap opera. When Eric announced at Ridge’s welcome home party that Steffy and Thomas would be coming home to see their father, fans were in a frenzy over the news. Steffy Forrester isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite character, but she sure had a way of wreaking havoc and fans were excited to see what kind of damage she would do this time around. However, after Eric’s announcement Steffy never actually returned and was never mentioned again.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood recently announced on Twitter that she had landed a role on the prime time TV show Anger Management. Wood tweeted, “Having such a blast filming with the fun and talented Charlie Sheen #winning.” It looks like Wood is moving on to bigger and better, and making a name for herself in the primetime world. The odds of her actually returning to Bold and the Beautiful are slim to none.

It happens time and time again on our favorite soap operas, and it is bitter sweet. We want our favorite soap actors to succeed and do well, but it still is tough to see them go. There is still the chance that the role of Steffy Forrester might be recast, but it is hard to imagine another actress taking on the part. When Ivy Forrester arrived on Bold and the Beautiful, fans joked that she was the new Steffy Forrester because she was meddling in Hope and Liam’s relationship. It looks like they may have actually been right.

What do you think B&B fans, are you happy for Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, are were you really hoping that Steffy Forrester would be returning? How do you feel about a Steffy Forrester recast? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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  • Tommy B

    The writers have nothing new to write about. Hope and Liam or brook and ridge. Boring!!!

  • hope and liam all the way

    If they put hope and Wyatt back together and then put ivy and liam together i will stop watching the show that i have watched. since i was a child. and definitely don’t put deacon with brooke.

    • Dorothy Wolfe

      I agree toally, been watching since I can remember. It’s ashame they don’t really care what the watchers want.

  • Lee

    That photo is not recent. You need to go to her twitter page and see the most recent pic of her with Charlie Sheen. In which she looks absolutely stunning. She will be on his show Anger Management. Don’t assume that she has had work done.

    • betty morman


      • Marvino

        I never thought marriage is about first come, first serve, only on the B/B. Really? Hope and Wyatt?
        Please bring Steff back to spice and shake things up a bite. She’s the best actress you can have on the show…

  • susie

    I think that this is ridiculous putting hope and Wyatt back together they need to stop bouncing around I think I will stop watching

  • Betty Scott

    Put Hope and Liam back please

  • JO

    I think you need new writers cause it’s all getting old and boring

  • JO

    Steffens could come back or replace her anything had to be better than the last couple boring months!

  • angrymom

    Disgusted with on again, off again, on again, off again with the triangle of Hope Liam and Wyatt. The marriage to Wyatt today was the end of my watching this show. Don’t these writers know that today there are smart phones, I pads, etc., where Liam and Hope could have connected in the real world? Done, done, done after many years of watching.

  • nina

    I’m glad Hope and Wyatt are together. Its about time, yes! How many times can Liam choose someone other than her.

  • no longer fan

    Very disappointed that hope could just marry Wyatt when just a few hours earlier she was waiting for liam. Hope Wyatt sees he is on the rebound. Liam is way too good for hope. She now deserve Wyatt and Quinn. I definitely don’t like ivy for liam. Wished ivy and Wyatt had gotten together. Don’t plan on watching anymore.

  • DeeDee

    Please don’t bring a recast or even the original Steffy. So tired of all of the threesomes. Having Hope change her mind so much is also crazy. One hour after Liam doesn’t show up she gets married!!! Come on, she knows how that freaking nut Quinn acts and why didn’t she call her mother like she always does . I’m sick of this show! As soon as she finds out Wyatt lied to her about his mother being out of the Loony Bin she will get rid of him. She hates lies. Get rid of Quinn!! In fact , I think the show show should get off the air.

  • Meme

    The show is nasty point blink . Have people married each other husbands and messing with the brothers … In real life Hope be messing with her step cousin . Her aunt was married to Liam father . If bill married broke than Liam be her brother. Gross…. Everybody screwing the family . Can’t watch this show.

  • mj

    I stopped watching 2 weeks ago. I can’t understand why the writers put these together!!!! All I can say is Wow!! I’ll never watch this show again. The only reason why I started watching was because of Liam and Hope.

  • Larkin Belle

    What i wonder instead is why Brad Bell hasn’t been fired yet? If CBS cannot do it, then just kill this damn farce! Daddy Bell deserves more, than loose all the talented loyal actors (some also friends) who contributed to B&B being a daytime success.All those years and time spent to built a name and a legacy seem not very important to Junior, he just wiggles in and ruin that? Hell no, I don’t think so! From the glamorous fashion show starring the Forrester Family it is really
    hard to see B&B reduced to a biased
    writing pile of crap to favor Katherine Kelly Lang, how the actors do not choke on the repetitive stupid lines to prop that old woman still screwing other women husbands in her 50’s it is a miracle, if a quote from Bell really meant that people should turn off the tb if they do not like it, should be enuff ot get the arrogant b***d fired, i don’t really care he is William Bell’s son cuz sure DNA does make him a writer or give him the right to be insulting to viewers! heart!i What a tragedy
    that for the last 10 yrs since Junior to =ok his place B&B will be remembered as the KKL whore Logan show and Junior as KKL;’s stalker!!!

    Blimey Daddy Bell has a lot to spin and scream for, from beyond!

  • Larkin Belle

    As for Jacqueline, my gosh considering how low B&B has sunk, she intelligently understood clearly, it was time to move on, and myself as a fan of hers, i am delighted and i was so hoping for hetrto get a prime time spot. It won’t be long before Heather Tom will be heading for that door. as well..She is also too talented for the stupid writing and the bad actors in the front.. B&B, Bell and KKL are F embarrassing! Those 2 are leeches who live off other people work and fame, the type any talented actor dread to work with.. Good Luck Chica this is only the beginning :))))) LOVE U

  • Naomie Latour

    Cool I look forward to seeing in B & B Steffy I hope that she and Liam will finally have their family. Liffy or Leffy or Steam forever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria

    I’m not watching B&B anymore, I’m tired of Wyatt and His mom interferring with Liam and Hope not getting married. You need to make that happen and get rid if them both. Let Liam and Hope get married and have a baby.I hope you start losing ratings, B&B is getting boring.I suggest you listen to our comments

  • Naomie Latour

    I hope for us admirer of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester that she will return to The Bold and the Beautiful soon (this winter) in the character of Steffy. What are character in the TV show Anger Management will be a recurring character in the TV series and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood comes back quickly. If she does not want to return it dérengerais me not to see another actress who physically resembles Jacqueline MacInnes Wood resume the character of Steffy Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful … I love the character of Steffy Forrester !!!

  • Yuushina

    Aren’t we suppose to talk about Jacqueline?
    I’m happy for her… but I want her to come back… I perfer her acting then Kim (Hope)

  • jc

    Hope and whatt are perfect together,there both dumb,clueless,loser characters that deserve each other. Bring steffy back PLEASE…… Your an idiot if you watch the soap and don’t have a clue Hope has done much more than Liam ever did, and what makes it worse she knew what she was doing.

    • Pamela Wheeler

      Is this the JC comedy message. Because your funny, real funny. Hope has done alot more than liam. When you tell one girl you love her and plant your seed inside another.You don’t get any worse than that. You wouldn’t know a loser if he hit you between the eyes. Go watch cartoon!!!!

  • Kay woods

    Pool Liam, do something for him Quick give him Hope back . Waytt you will see how it feel to lose someone you say you care about.

  • Jenny

    But nothing about this was unpredictable! The stupid meet me at 3 or else was obviously going to go wrong. After the last three years of drama, the more unpredictable choice would’ve been to have a hope actually wait for more than 10 minutes before giving up and marrying somebody else. How flaky

  • Axiomi

    Not sure who the OP means but many, many people loved Steffy Forrester.
    Well liked enough for Bell to bring her back for sweeps and beg her to stay in the cast.

  • Naomie Latour

    I hope for us admirer of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood as Steffy Forrester that she will return to The Bold and the Beautiful soon (this winter) in the character of Steffy. What are character in the TV show Anger Management will be a recurring character in the TV series and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood comes back quickly. If she does not want her back not trouble me if another actress who physically resembles Jacqueline MacInnes Wood resume the character of Steffy Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful. … I love the character of Steffy Forrester !!!

  • jules

    this story is just brook and ridge on now its hope and wyatt and liam she’ll be like her mom and sleep with all brothers and family members on the show. come on cant the writers come up with anything new, this storyline is so overdone. you lost steffy the only one who could act and now shes moved on. brook should do the same , looking kinda old now even with all that gel in her face.

  • Bbwhat


  • Bbwhat

    I haven’t watched the show since I heard of thr Wyatt hope marriage. This is so dumb. I really like Scott clifton on the show but he can’t carry this awful writing. Done.

  • Pamela Wheeler

    Who care! You people get me you think you. post on here you’re not going to watch the show any more and it’s going to worry the writers or the show. Stop your belly acking it’s the soaps.If you don’t like then don’t watch but stop coming on here and say your not going to watch. We get the picture.Go write your own show. Now that ‘s a good one. Get the Emmy ready!! . Hope married Wyatt for what ever reason and alot of you don’t like it. We here’s a quarter call someone who cares.

  • Pamela Wheeler

    Were did you get you iñfro? Hope need to know how it feel, what she did to Liam. What banana boat did you just get off of? Liam married steffy twice and knock her up all the time telling Hope he lved her. So all you cry babies who who hate hope for hurting poor Liam can go watch sponge bob and eat a crabby paddie. Because you sure don’t know what your talkiñ about. So I won’t have to look forward to seeing you on here again.

  • Pamela Wheeler


  • Pamela Wheeler

    Bye bye Betty good bye!

  • Pamela Wheeler

    Hit the rode Betty and don’t come back no more!

  • Pamela Wheeler

    Yes that the answer ! Let’s get knocked that should be with Liam and Hope because we know Liam does a good job doing that. He’s had pratric knocking up young ladies..

  • Tishamack

    Really was hoping for Steffy to show up on the bridge for Liam…..

  • Jgs Daycare

    No recast of Steffy forester just kill her off then no one can do her bring her back just kill her off good I really went her back

  • desi

    I dont like hope and liam together they are boring and glad they aren’t together.

  • Kay woods

    Here something about thr store line that make me sick, the lie came out about ( Quinn) and now she and her son getting reward for the trouble, and Lie’s Quinn did. Hope should leave the show for a while and let Lim, and Waytt fright over Ivy. We as viewers need something elsa to look forward to on young and the restless please give us another store line. We are tired of Brook and Hope store line like mother like daughter come on writer do better. Look into the ???? ball and see what the people want to see. Thank’s

  • Gina Milton Molina

    No! Steffy is my favorite character. She has grown ao much and ia a fabulous woman. Love the actress!

  • Rhaegar

    Pamela shut up. The Logan whores are no better!

  • Rhaegar


  • irene

    Steffy needs to return to b and b!!!!
    The Liam and Hope story is torture and so boring. Liam and Steffy were one of the hottest couples and the show needs her back because the show is now starting to become boring. I find myself fast forwarding on my DVR! Please bring steffy back!!!!

    young and the restless however is at least starting to make Genoa city interesting again.

  • Linda Turvin

    Being said, I think Steffy is better off moving on to higher places and doing what makes her happy. Steffiane, leftRon Moss left, so the Bold and the Beautiful makes changes….the show goes on! All the affairs will continue even though whether you will admit it are not….Liam and Hope really are the only ones that that truly “love” each other if u have really been watching! Even if the show ended….and it will one day Liam and Hope are Forever ….whether they are apart are together. I’ve been watching 26 yrs and one day you will understand the story!

  • carolinaqueen1

    Omg Pamela Wheeler is this show your whole life or what? You have something to say to everyone! Incase you didn’t know everyone has a right to their own opinions!!

  • Pamela Wheeler

    Oh your making me sad. You really miss her…. Poor thing!! And the show not the same, I guess not if your into rich sluts that go after other women ‘s men,

  • schamaine Armstrong

    steffy, should come back because she brings out a side of Liam that Hope can’t reach.if they they got married it would be boaring , but with Steffy, he smiles more,he’s exited,he’s a man and he’s loved, romanced and there is more adventure in his life, she’s straight up and down to earth. He gets her and she gets him and Hope feels treaten by her brains and beautiful and she is wise and knows how to go after what she wants and also when to ease back. I think that they should bring back
    Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood , because she is good at playing Steffy , and we people in the Caribbean love her character and they want to see more of Steffy and Liam together, atleast allow these two to fine they way back to each other.
    liam, is a mess without her and they look great together. Ivy, may look alittle like seffy, only one person can act like Steffy, and thats Steffy(Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood.) She makes people want to watch B&B.
    For once in the show the Forrester family shold be happy without the Logan’s messing things up, that would be nice , espically with Liam and Steffy .

  • steffy

    I think that steffy needs to come back to liam! And it should be jacqueline macinnes wood and nobody else! And that they got pregnant again and have a baby!