The Carbonaro Effect LIVE RECAP 5/29/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Out Of Bounce”

The Carbonaro Effect LIVE RECAP 5/29/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Out Of Bounce”

Tonight on TruTV is the return of The Carbonaro Effect with a new episode called, “Out Of Bounce.”  On tonight’s episode Michael Carbanaro is at it again to surprise & delight unsuspecting folks on camera.  The preview clip below shows a pair of grown adults freaking out over some pretty incredible bubble magic – a toy store’s latest ‘new product’ that’s too good be true…talk about finding your inner child!

On last week’s episode of The Carbonaro Effect, Michael posed as a regular car wash attendant pretending to break into cars by smashing the driver side windows- obviously riling up the owners when they see the damage to their vehicles. Michael miraculously fixed the situation by simply rolling up a new window amidst the broken glass, leaving patrons baffled and amazed. Later on, Michael confused dry cleaning customers when he is suddenly wearing their clothes in the blink of an eye.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Michael convinces customers to buy toys that couldn’t possibly exist, like bubbles that turn into Christmas ornaments when you catch them. Then, as a personal trainer, he makes a client think he actually sweat enough to fill a bucket. Plus, a security guard panics when Michael makes a car disappear on his watch.

Tonight’s episode of The Carbonaro Effect is going to be hilarious and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the new episode of The Carbonaro Effect — tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how know how you like the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight Michael Carbonaro plays the part of innocent employee again so very well. He is a toy store employee who happens to have little trinkets and small toys on the counter. As the first is looking for toys nearby, he offers to help her find something for the boy she needs a gift for. He suggests the simple bottle of bubbles at the counter. He explains they are unique and hilarity ensues when the customer watches in amazement how he turns an average bubble blown fro the little plastic stick turn into a glass ball ornament right before her eyes. Another customer hears and sees the amazing glass balls formed from a simple bubble maker. He excuses himself and tells the women he’ll be right back as they try turning their bubbles into glass to no avail.

Next, he shows a woman what looks like a rubber or plastic goldfish. The fish are on a sticky roll, like a roll of stickers. He peels it off and tells her once emerged in water, the fish turn to life. He does it before her eyes and she is amazed. She cannot believe they are only .25 cents each and wants to buy 10!

Next, an older couple come in and Michael asks if they’d like to buy one of the discounted bouncy balls at the counter. Why are they so cheap? Because they are running out of bounces, of course! He tells the couple there are only a few bounces left. The gentleman tries to bounce the ball. Michael holds it for a moment and bounces it twice, warning him there are not many bounces left. He gives it back to the man who bounces it twice before it just drops to the floor with no more bounce. He cannot believe there is a way to tell how many bounces are left in a ball. Michael cheerfully tells him that in sports, the person who changes the ball is the “ball counter” who keeps track of how many hits or bounces the ball has. The customer is amazed, but his wife tells Michael thayt her husband just doesn’t understand that kind of thing!

The last toy store customer was in for a treat when Michael took an eco-mold that looks like it is used to create a rubber frog. Customers are amazed and begin lining up to get their own frog mold that when a certain light goes over the mold, it turns into a live frog!

Michael then morphs into a gym trainer. His first client is trying to get the concept of levitation that he sees his trainer doing. Michael makes it seem tso simple when he tells the client to focus on using his center to lift himself off the ground. The client is watching his feet and not really getting how he is able to completely lift both off the ground at once. He tries and tries but just can’t do it! His next client is shocked when he is sharing an arm twist technique with her that allows his arm to twist almost all the way around. He asks her to give his arm another twist but she is way too freaked out and scared despite her “trainer” having no problem with it.

The last of the clients had the funniest responses of all because Michael starts off with having the client sit on a mat and sit up just a couple times. He goes to get a sponge to hold to the client’s forehead to collect “his electrolytes.” He hold the hard sponge to the client’s forehead and then takes it to a bucket. He squeezes what was a dry sponge for what seems like gallons of water! The guy is shocked and cannot believe that much water is coming out. Michael then explains how he has a lot of unused energy that is just pouring out of him. He offers to get him a towel. He gives the client a spray bottle that sprays out towels when he does is gently enough. The client cannot belive what he is seeing and says he feels like he is in another world.

As a woman is jogging through the park, Michael stops her and asks her to watch his bike while he goes to the porta-potty. She agrees and he goes in. He then comes out from the other side of the park and thanks her. She keeps telling him something crazy is going on, but he insists he came out the same way he came in. She remains in denial but leaves scratching her head wondering what just happened.

Winning a new car makes it Michael’s lucky day as her tells the poor guy working the event that he has the winning ticket. When he goes to find it, he says he misplaced it. The new car he won is right behind the worker and Michael says how excited he is, but he needs to go back to find his ticket. When the worker looks behind him, he sees the care is gone! He yells “What the %&$)!!!” and gets up and looks around everywhere. He keeps repeating “huh?” and is in shock.

He radios someone and says the key and car are both gone. He explains to the guy on the other end of the radio that the car disappeared. He tells him there is a man who won, but he and the car are gone. Michael comes back with his winning ticket, and the guy asks for the key. Michael plays dumb and says he doesn’t have the key. He replies that he doesn’t know what the worker is talking about. The worker tries to retrace their steps and recall what happened. Michael tells him what must have happened…”The Carbonaro Effect.” That worker was VERY relieved!

Tell us which was your favorite from tonight’s episode!