The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/17/14: Season 2 Episode 11 “Hungry Like the Wolf”

The Carrie Diaries RECAP 1/17/14: Season 2 Episode 11 “Hungry Like the Wolf”

Tonight on the CW the new show THE CARRIE DIARIES returns with a new episode called, “Hungry Like the Wolf.”   On tonight’s episode Tom (Matt Letscher) is hoodwinked by another – beautiful – lawyer when negotiating a deal, and is advised by the person he least expects.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Walt and Bennet got some devastating news that forever changed their future. Sebastian was going to get an exciting work opportunity, causing him to bail on Carrie on Valentine’s Day, much to her chagrin. When Maggie accidentally enlisted in the army, a surprising duo will come to her rescue. Elsewhere, Tom will use some reverse psychology to encourage Dorrit to start dating again. Freema Agyeman, Lindsey Gort, Ellen Wong, and Chloe Bridges will also show up in the episode. Amy Heckerling directed the episode.

On tonight’s show when Bennet (guest star Jake Robinson) starts slacking at work, Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) tries to cover for him. However, when Larissa (Freema Agyeman) finds out, things backfire big time for them both. Samantha (Lindsey Gort) makes an uncharacteristic decision about her latest fling. Sebastian’s (Austin Butler) father (guest star Terry Serpico) asks him for a favor that could change Sebastian’s future forever. Meanwhile, Tom (Matt Letscher) is hoodwinked by another – beautiful – lawyer when negotiating a deal, and is advised by the person he least expects. Ellen Wong, Katie Findlay, Stefania Owen, and Chloe Bridges also star. Sarah Price directed the episode written by Henry Alonso Myers.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it or AnnaSophia Robb as a young Carrie Bradshaw. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s The Carrie Diaries tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you think a prequel to Sex & The City will work?

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Carrie walks in the park with Sebastian over Spring Break. She’s worried she won’t get her acceptance letter from NYU and he reassures her. They notice a crowd in the park and join it. They see a hawk eating a pigeon. Weird…

Carrie tells her sister and Dad about it and says it was surreal and a bird eat bird world.  Her Dad tells her the city is a savage place. Tom tells her she needs a killer instinct to survive in Manhattan and that he wears a different face in the city. He refers to himself as a killing machine and Dorrit mocks him.

The mail comes and Carrie got into NYU. Her family congratulates her and her Dad says she needs to hone her killer instinct. She says writing isn’t so cut throat. Next day, Larissa rants because Bennet is skipping work again. She understands he’s stressed about the break up and AIDS crisis but has to have his piece on parachute pants in by that evening.

Sam finds Carrie at work and she says she’s worried about Bennet. Sam tells her she got a new job – as a pet detective. She’s looking for a parrot for $500 and says she’s got fast feet. She asks to use the copy machine to make new flyers with a much lower reward. Carrie says the bird will not survive in NYC very long. Sam asks for her help and Carrie says she’s got to work on saving Bennet instead. Carrie decides to write the piece for Bennet instead.

Maggie asks Mouse’s opinion on her lingerie for her military BF’s visit. She tells her to ask Donna’s advice instead. They tell her not to confuse sex with love and mess up her new relationship with Pete. Donna agrees to help her for a set up with an Army buddy. She tells Maggie to wear granny panties and not shave her legs so she won’t be tempted to sleep with him.

Maggie worries if she doesn’t shag him he’ll dump her but Donna reassures that it’s the way to go.

Larissa asks where Bennet is and Carrie makes and excuse. Larissa says the parachute pants piece was the best one he’s ever written. Carrie is pleased until she realizes she’s giving someone else credit for her work and doesn’t like it much.

Carrie tells Sebastian she’s upset about not getting the credit and Sebastian says to look at it like lending money – that you can’t give it out if you’re not willing to let it go. He asks what if Larissa hadn’t like it and wants to know if she would take the blame. Carrie says she did like it. Sebastian picks at the house and finally tells Carrie that his Dad is coming by. He’s nervous about the visit and thinks he might not even show up.

Sam is out on her bird hunt when she meets a new guy. He tells her it’s nice she’s helping look for her friend’s bird. He tells her he has a good view from his apartment and a bottle of wine in the fridge. She agrees and heads home with him bird forgotten.

Tom meets Penny the lawyer he’s supposed to be working with and she’s in chaos. She drops files and he offers to help and then she says she can’t find her glasses. He points to them on top of her head. She tells him she overslept and is having a disaster morning. He tells her to get organized and then she bumps into him and his files go everywhere. She picks up papers and then realizes she has glasses and contact in – wonder if she stole some files…

Maggie meets Pete at the bus station and runs to him for a kiss and hug. He asks her out for dinner and then asks her to change since he made a fancy restaurant reservation. He has a romantic date planned and she’s floored but then insists they do something more casual.

Bennet is shocked when he finds out Carrie wrote his piece. She also took messages and scheduled appointments for him. She tells him Larissa liked the piece and he offers to return the favor later. Larissa tells him the piece was good, funny and on point in front of Carrie and Carrie bristles. She goes to tell Bennet they need to talk now.

[8:39:34 PM] Rachel Rowan: Carrie tells Bennet he shouldn’t have lied about how hard he worked on the article. He said he was just acting like he was proud of it. She thinks he should have said that she helped or something. He tells her that his head is foggy because of stress and she relents and says she’s over-reacting. He tells her she’s a good friend and then says he needs to go home and curl up. She tells him to take work home with him but he blows it off.

In the meeting, Penny quotes from internal memos that she must have seen from Tom’s work files. He realizes it and accuses her of working her. He tells her she stole his merger file and she makes an excuse and says their papers must have gotten mixed. She says if he makes a big stink he’ll end up looking bad to the client.

Maggie eats onion chili fries on her date and Pete wonders why she’s acting this way. He tells her he would like some alone time with her and then Mouse comes in and pretends like she didn’t she was going to be there. Mouse asks to join them and slides in next to Pete. Mouse digs into the chili fries.

One of the assistants tells her that Bennet was supposed to do an interview at the ballet gala and Carrie says he went home sick. But the assistant says he saw Bennet out partying. Carrie calls the gala and says there is a different writer coming – her and a plus one.

At the ballet, Carrie and Sam mingle and she says that Bennet would love it. She questions why she’s there and admits to stealing the assignment. Sam says he dropped it and she just picked it up. Her interview is with the youngest black swan – Emilia. Sam tells her that the guy she shagged is an NYU science student that she really likes. Then she sees him – Elliot – at the gala. The walk over and he panics a little and then he introduces them to his wife!!!!

Tom stabs a potato and complains to Dorrit about Penny and she says he just got played with someone with a better killer instinct. She tells him it’s a classic girl move like Carrie’s fake crying. Dorrit lays it out for him and he realizes he’s a total sucker. He says he’s screwed and Dorrit says she’s good at manipulation and can help him. Tom refuses and she tells him he has to get his hands dirty. He says she’s scary and that it’s a compliment – sort of.

Sam is slamming back drinks upset that her dream guy Elliot is married. Sam insists it was just about sex and then someone tells Carrie that Emilia is ready for the interview.

Sebastian’s Dad compliments him on the apartment and his business efforts. He tells Sebastian he has to take risks to get the big score. His Dad tells him he took a beating in the stock market and needs to borrow Sebastian’s trust fund. His Dad says the money was his to start with and Sebastian reminds him that legally it is his to decide what to do with. His Dad gets a little crazy and Sebastian says he could lose the money. He also tells Sebastian that he’s always been there for him and guilts him about the dough then takes off.

Carrie meets Emilia outside and finds her drinking and sassy. She tells her she’s from Interview and Emilia is shocked that she’s so young. Emilia says she was expecting an old person and is surprised and pleased that Carrie is her age.

Elliot finds Sam and apologizes and says it’s not what it looks like. He insists their marriage is open. She asks if that’s a lie and he says he should have mentioned it before but it’s hard to know how to explain it. His wife walks up and Sam tells her she’s been sleeping with Elliot and she bursts into tears. He tells her that she usually doesn’t meet the women he sleeps with. He says he’d like to see her again and then goes to check on his crying wife.

Emilia laments how brutal the ballet world is and says the girl she replaced was 24 with busted knees and anorexia. Emilia says you have to claw for your chances and walk on who you need to. She says that right before the last dancer lost her spot she was partying and obviously ready to go. Carrie says she has a friend doing the same thing and Emilia says in the city it’s kill or be killed and she personally wants to thrive and shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Carrie says she’s going to write the piece and thrive. Emilia agrees to spill all the beans on the dirty world of ballet!

[9:00:00 PM] Rachel Rowan: Larissa is shocked with how much Carrie got Emilia to reveal. She tells her she noticed a similarity to the parachute pants piece. Carrie says she was trying to help and Larissa tells her she’s getting her first byline!

Maggie can’t find Pete and says he told her Mom he was leaving early and she can’t find him. Mouse says they were just trying to help her and Maggie says they helped her out of a boyfriend. Mouse advises her to meet him at the bus station and be up front with him.

Sebastian answers the door to find Bennet who is furious with Carrie saying he got fired. He accuses her of tanking him and she says she has been trying to help him. She tells him she knows he was out partying and he accuses her of backstabbing and stomps out. She tells Sebastian she didn’t mean to get him fired.

Penny finds Dorrit in the conference room and she says she’s just there to get money from her Dad. She says that her Dad is easy to manipulate and Penny says she shouldn’t feel bad. She asks Penny if P&L stands for profit and loss and then takes a file and hands it to her Dad. She tells her that some women underestimate other women just because they’re young. Penny tells him it was a cheap trick and he reminds her what she did was too. He negotiates that they broker the deal with no more cheating and she agrees and they shake on it.

Carrie tells Sebastian she never thought Bennet would get fired. Sebastian tells her she has to know what would happen when she took his story. Carrie says that he was going to get fired anyway and Sebastian says she went for the jugular to get what she wanted no matter the cost. Carrie says he doesn’t understand because he’s never had to claw his way to anything. He tells her that she’s grown up with privilege and she calls him a trust fund baby. He tells her his Dad lost everything so he’s giving him his trust fund and she’s shocked.

Carrie asks why he didn’t tell her and he says he’s embarrassed because it seems so petty. She asks if he’s sure about giving his Dad the money. He says he can’t abandon him and doesn’t have the killer instinct. She asks if he’s worried that he’ll lose the money and he says yes but it was his Dad that made the money to start with. She asks if he’ll have to move and he says if he sells his Porsche he can pay his rent and expenses for six months and hope his company takes off by then.

Maggie finds Pete and he tells her she didn’t have to come. He tells her that he can tell she’s trying to ditch him and she says that she wasn’t sending clear signals. She says she was trying to keep him at bay so she didn’t mess them up. She says she’s made mistakes she doesn’t want to repeat with him. She says that she sleeps with people too soon and confuses sex with love then gets her heart broken. She admits she’s crazy about him and he tells her that he loves her. She’s shocked because they’ve never slept together. He says they don’t need to rush because he wants there to be something between them. They kiss.

Tom tells Penny the sign of a good negotiation is that both sides are unhappy and they are both unhappy. He tells her she doesn’t need tricks because she’s a good negotiator. She says she’s almost sad it’s over since she likes spending time with her. He agrees. He asks her to bill their clients another couple of hours and they kiss and then get busy.

Sam is putting up flyers when Elliot finds her. She tells him she’s busy and he asks her out again. She says that she’s interested and that’s the problem. Sam says she doesn’t think he and his wife haven’t worked out their open marriage thing and that she doesn’t want to share him. She walks away. Then she spots the bird!

Carrie says the city can change you in unexpected ways. Sebastian gives his Dad the money who insists it’s just a loan that he’ll pay back. Sam brings the bird to her owner and then refuses the reward. Carrie gets a bigger desk and her own computer at work and she says she feels weird since it was Bennet’s. Larissa says she should own it and that one day should ask Bennet how he got his job. Carrie takes the desk.