The Good Wife Recap 10/5/14: Season 6 Episode 3 “Dear God”

The Good Wife Recap 10/5/14: Season 6 Episode 3 “Dear God”

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday October 5, season 6 episode 3 called, “Dear God”. On tonight’s episode, Cary’s pretrial service officer interviews his colleagues to determine whether or not he should be released from prison. Meanwhile, Alicia and Dean venture into unfamiliar territory when a client’s case ends up in Christian arbitration.

On last week’s episode, Alicia scrambled to hold onto Florrick/Agos’ biggest client as the firm continued to struggle with an internal legal crisis. Meanwhile, Diane continued to plot her move from Lockhart/Gardner and looked for partners to bring with her to the new firm. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Cary’s freedom lies in the hands of his pretrial service officer, Joy Grubick, as she interviews his colleagues to determine whether or not he should remain behind bars. Meanwhile, Alicia and Dean find themselves in unfamiliar territory when a client’s case ends up in Christian Arbitration.

Tonight’s season 6 episode 3 looks like it is going to be great and we’ll be updating it live for you beginning 9PM EST.

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Tonight’s episode of The Good Wife kicks off with Cary Agos visiting his pre-trial service office Julie to make sure that he follows court regulations while he is on bail. She demands to know who his supervisor is, but he explains he doesn’t have a supervisor, he is a lawyer. She wants to know if he has done any drugs since he got out, he confesses he had a beer with Kalinda to celebrate his release. Julie explains that he is allowed to drink alcohol, but they highly advise against it because it is a gateway to drugs. Before Cary leaves, Julie tells him that he can’t live life the way he used to and he needs to treat this seriously or else he will end up behind bars again.

Dean heads to court with Cary’s client Pratt. Cary can’t actually argue for him, he has to watch from the bench. Pratt and his father founded a seed that cost $4 Million to genetically create. He is suing a man named Schmidt for copyright infringement, because he is using seeds that grow from plants and not rebuying them every year. Diane surprises Cary at court, and has good news, the state’s star witness against him has gone missing so now they have no case. Cary isn’t happy though, he’s actually concerned, he wants to know what happened to the witness. Cary flashes back to what Kalinda said to him, she said that their “witness problem was going to take care of himself.”

Cary heads back in to the courtroom and they are still fighting over the seeds and copyright infringement. Pratt and Schmidt both slip out of the courtroom while the layers are fighting. They tell Cary that they are going to go to see a Church arbitrator. Alicia and Cary have no choice but to go to the church with their client, and pray with the preacher, and listen to their arguments.

Cary rushes to court where Diane is trying to get his case dismissed. The state’s attorney reveals that the reason they are there today is because the state is trying to get Cary’s bail revoked. They think he had something to do with their witness’s disappearance.

Alicia meets with Cary’s service worker Julie. Alicia accuses her of doing enough, because it was her notes that got him in trouble and are the reason that the judge is considering revoking his bail. Alicia informs Julie that the state’s attorney Castro has been threatening Cary, Julie insists it isn’t relevant in her report on Cary. Before she leaves, Julie congratulates Alicia on her campaign, she heard about it on the Morning Edition. Alicia storms in to Eli’s office and tells him once again that she is not running for state’s attorney and tells him to fix it.

Alicia and Cary had back to church with their client Pratt to argue over his seeds some more. Schmidt confesses to the preacher that he replanted seeds because he didn’t know that it was against the law. Alicia and Cary think they just won the case, but the preacher informs them that it isn’t breaking the law if you are unaware of the law. Alicia heads home and asks her daughter Grace for a crash course in the Bible.

Alicia heads back to church the next day and uses verses from the Bible that Grace helped her pick out to argue her case. The preacher listens and says that he will pray on the issues and come to a decision.

In court the state’s attorney shows the judge pictures of Kalinda talking to Trey, the witness against him. And, then they point out that Kalinda was the one in Julie’s notes. It doesn’t look good that Kalinda was with Cary and the single witness against him.

Alicia heads to an event later that night with Peter, she arrives late and her husband is already on stage giving his speech. A woman congratulates her on her campaign, and she explains again that she isn’t running for state’s attorney. The woman thinks that she should run for state’s attorney, and encourages her to do so.

The next day Alicia and Cary head back to church to hear the preacher’s decision, he has decided to allow their argument that Wendell didn’t know he was breaking the law. While the lawyers argue, Wendell confesses that he is guilty and he has been replanting the seeds. The preacher says that since he admitted to the patent infringement, then he is guilty. Wendell’s lawyer begins arguing that it is ungodly to put a copyright on seeds. Meanwhile, Wendell and Pratt leave the table and work out a deal on their without the lawyers.

Eli pays Alicia a visit at the firm, he says that Peter has to endorse a state’s attorney tomorrow. Since Alicia insists she isn’t running, then they are going to have no choice but endorse Castro.

The next day they all head to court to learn whether or not the judge will revoke Cary’s bond. They are all shocked when Julie takes the stand, and the judge asks for her recommendation and whether or not he is a flight risk. Everyone is surprised when Julie actually sticks up for Cary and says that he is not a flight risk and hasn’t violated his bail regulations. The judge rules in favor of Cary and doesn’t revoke his bail.

After court, Castro corners Alicia and says that he knows why she is going to run for state’s attorney. He says he knows Will was her lover, and the only reason she is running for state’s attorney is because she blames Castro for Will’s death.
Alicia marches in to Eli’s office and says, “If I do run, what is the plan?”