The Good Wife Spoilers: Alicia Florrick’s New Love Interest, Finn Polmar?

The Good Wife Spoilers: Alicia Florrick's New Love Interest, Finn Polmar?

The Good wife is one of those prime time shows that has a huge following that is also quite vocal. The fans were overwhelmingly unhappy when Will Gardner was shot dead during a murder trial. The powers-that-be had to write out the character one way or another because the actor who played Will, Josh Charles, wanted to explore other options at the end of his contract.  Fans had hoped that Will and Alicia Florrick (payed by Julianna Marguiles) would ultimately end up together and once he was killed off some fans opted to tune out in protest.

Now, according to the April 21st print edition of GLOBE magazine, the producers are ready to give Alicia a new love interest and it’s someone already familiar to viewers, Finn Polmar. The character is played by British actor Matthew Goode and already has a connection to Alicia because he took a few bullets while trying to cover Will in that courtroom death scene. CBS is hoping to win over some viewers by starting to tell the story of Alicia and Finn’s blossoming relationship before the season ends on May 18th. My guess is that then they can gauge viewer reaction and decide whether to move forward with the romance for next season or else scrap it and go in another direction all together.

Do you think that a romance between Alicia and Finn can work? Are fans ready to move on and do they want to see Alicia with anyone else just yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Hirsch

    A terrible idea. There’s zero romantic chemistry between them, and as we all know manufactured chemistry doesn’t work (see: Rachel and Ross on ‘Friends’). If anything, he seems to bring out her motherly side (it seems like she wants to protect him like a helpless child). Also, it seems that she’s doing by protecting Finn what Kalinda is doing by helping Diane, i.e. trying to get closer to Will (because that’s what Will did — he saved Finn/would’ve done — he’d have Diane’s back).

    The new Alicia is gray (she doesn’t have the high moral ground she used to have a few years ago, she’s not the “good” wife anymore) and hardened (“I don’t give a damn.”). Finn’s white (i.e. “good”) and sensitive. Finn’s “good” cannot magically rub off on her and wipe out the last five years. I can see her mentoring him, like a version of herself from five years ago, or protecting him as a way of getting closer to Will, but I think she’d overpower him in a romantic situation. I see her with someone stronger than herself who could take care of her, not someone she’d have to take care of. (Not saying that she needs someone to take care of her, because she can take care of herself, but I think she needs someone even stronger than her precisely because the new Alicia is so strong — someone weaker than her would just seem like a kid in need of a mother, not a romantic partner or an equal). And she already is a mother and has kids to protect, so I don’t think she needs a man who needs a mother.

    • mon

      I’m sorry, but the fact that you use Rachel x Ross – one of the most popular pairings in television – as an example of failed chemistry kind of discredits your argument. I won’t say Ross x Rachel didn’t drag on for a bit too long, but saying their relationship didn’t work is kind of deluded.

      I personally do see the Alicia x Finn chemistry and would love to see it develop.

  • shazzy

    Yes please!

    • Eva

      Matthew Goode is smokin hot and I could handle seeing his cute face every week. Alicia needs something else besides work and she needs to ditch Peter. I think it’s a great idea. The writers can have him get a divorce, or maybe he already is, where was his so called “wife” when he was in the hospital.

  • stace.

    Yes!! Definitely yes! They have such a great chemistry and Mathew is sooo gorgeous

  • stace.

    No one said anything about “happily”, and where is she? Why isn’t she there at the hospital, why does Finn mention her only once??

  • heyNeda joon

    love him, super cute!