The Little Couple Recap 12/23/14: Season 7 Episode 4 “Zoey’s Birthday”

The Little Couple Recap 12/23/14: Season 7 Episode 4 "Zoey’s Birthday”

Tonight on TLC The Little Couple returns with an all new Tuesday December 23, season 7 episode 4 called, “Zoey’s Birthday,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode, it’s a farm chic extravaganza for Zoey’s 3rd birthday party.

On the last episode, the first day of preschool gave Jen a chance to take some memorable photos. Later, the kids took swim lessons, but Zoey was a slightly slower learner than Will. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the TLC synopsis, “The Little Couple are big into celebrating birthdays of their children. While the adopted kids are very cute and adapting to life well, birthdays are extra special to the family. Tonight, the family celebrates Zoey’s 3rd birthday.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for season 7 of The Little Couple.

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On the #LittleCouple, Jen talks about how far Zoey has come in the last year and has grown and flourished. Their doctor says she still may have achondroplasia. Jen says they’re still not sure if she has it or not. Bill talks about his back problems and how he has surgery coming up soon. He wants to do a lot of stuff now since he won’t be able to once he has the operation.

Zoey and William are running amok. Jen takes dog food away from Zoey who’s using it to count with. She says the two kids are up to trouble today. She has to chase William down to get dog food out of his hand. He runs around picking up pieces of dog food. She says he ranges from chill to wild and giggly. She says he gets intro trouble to make them laugh.

Jen says she needs some caffeine to catch up with them. We see William splattering sun screen on the floor then trying to clean it up. She says he’s good about helping clean when he makes a mess. Bill comes down and says he’s hearing craziness. Jen says she and Zoey are going to get invitations for Zoey’s party. It’s her first birthday with them in the States and she’s turning three.

Jen is very excited about this and has planned an Old MacDonald farm party. Bill loads Zoey into the car and they leave. Jen tells Bill she wants a pink and orange farm animal party. She calls it farm chic and Bill laughs at her. She’s planning a petting zoo but Bill doesn’t like that. They head into the store to look around and select invitations.

The woman shows them some options and asks for farm animals on the invite. She says she needs about 100 invitations. Zoey runs around while she’s placing the order. She says she thinks the farm party will be adorable. Jen says before the party they have to go to Delaware for the kids’ medical appointments so they need to plan more now.

They talk about where to set up the petting zoo. Bill says he’s not excited about farm animals crapping on his lawn. She tells Bill about her decorating ideas and calls it farm shabby chic. He asks her to stop using those phrases. Jen talks about how she goes crazy wanting an elaborate, perfect party that her daughter won’t even remember.

Bill is shocked at the number of people she’s invited and they decide to let guests use the garage bathroom but the garage is packed. Jen says she brought in some handymen types since Bill’s back is killing him. He says ordinarily he wouldn’t like that but really wants it clean but his back isn’t up to it. The kids get into everything in the garage and start making trouble.

The guys show up – Kent and Shane – friends of friends and they’re ready to help. She chases Zoey and Will out of their way. They all start putting things up and tossing out trash. Jen is totally OCD about organization and starts pointing out where she wants everything. She says organizing is a passion and sometimes and obsession. She says she can stay up all night organizing and thinks it’s fun.

Bill is inside rolling around with the kids. He says when it’s just him and the kids, he tries to corral them to play together. He says one day Will jumped up on him and called it anich which means sandwich. Now they climb on him and pretend to make a sandwich. He says he likes being a jungle gym for the kids. He says they don’t need toys, just him.

Jen goes in to tag team with Bill to send him out to the garage. She takes the kids upstairs for a lie down and he says Baba is old then heads out to the garage. He’s pleased there’s a path to the bathroom and he can find his tools. He thanks Kent and Shane and says it looks great. He’s thrilled to have a nice clean garage and closes the door with satisfaction.

Jen and Bill take the kids to Delaware to see specialists at duPont Hospital. Jen’s parents are with them to provide extra hands to help with the trip. Will has been there before but it’s Zoey’s first time. Dr Mackenzie come in. Bill says Will will have to see Dr M every year for the rest of his childhood. Jen talks about how much Will falls and Dr M says it’s an achon thing and to be expected.

He asks about Will’s endurance and if it’s improving. He says that’s good news. He checks Will over and asks him questions. Bill says Will got a good checkup overall then Dr M moves on to Zoey who cries and is very upset. Jen says Zoey is at an age where screaming and crying are the norm. She says she’s not surprised she screamed the whole time.

Dr M says she looks great and is doing well. Jen and Bill are both relieved that no surgeries are needed at this time. Then they go to see Dr Bober, a geneticist who works with skeletal dysplasia. They need to confirm her diagnosis. Jen isn’t sure Zoey has achon and thinks it could be something else. Bill says his hope is that Zoey has achon which is the most common type of skeletal dysplasia.

Bill says achon is good since there is little need for medical intervention once you reach adulthood. Sure enough, Zoey starts crying when the doctor checks her. Bill distracts Will by letting him spin in the chair. The doc says there is no question and says she has achon. He says the x-rays show the classic picture of the disorder. Bill says a firm diagnosis helps them forecast what will go on when she grows.

Dr Bober says there is nothing to be concerned about and Jen says it was a good visit and she’s glad not to have orders.

Back at home, it’s Zoey’s birthday and Jen is in little cowboy boots all ready to go. Bill says they missed her second birthday by two and a half weeks since it happened right before they adopted her. Jen says she had a good time planning Will’s first party but says she was recovering from cancer then so couldn’t do as much.

Bill says Zoey has a good buzz and they wonder if Zoey ever had a birthday party back in India. Bill says they have a lot of party prep to do. Bill greets the fence installers who are setting up the fence to corral the party animals in. They have tables and chairs being dropped off, caterers and al kinds of stuff. Jen’s dad is there blowing up balloons and working on streamers.

Jen’s mom is there too and they talk about how obsessed Zoey has always been with animals. Jen’s dad looks like a real cowboy as he brings in a bucket of hay for Will to bring to Jen. She had a vision of little vases with oats and Gerber daisies at each table. She says her dad came up with the idea to add hay. He shows Will how cowboys keep a piece of hay in their mouth. Will pops one in his mouth.

They all laugh and Jen says he’s quite the cowboy. Jen has the kids making dirt and worms for dessert. It’s pudding and cool whip with Oreos and then worms. She tells Will he has to stop eating all the worms. She lets them crush the cookies and tells them to jump up and down on the bag. Will and Zoey stomp on the bag of cookies and laugh. She gets Zoey dancing on it but it’s not as fun as Ken thought.

Bill asks what they’re making and she shows them. She has little cups each with dirt and a worm in it then Jen calls a family meeting. She has everyone sit down to read her 14 page plan. Her dad says it’s like a book. Her dad checks out the notes, diagrams and the glossary. She takes them through it like she’s running a business meeting. It’s crazy. She even has a timeline for the party from prep to clean up.

Her dad wants to change things but Jen tells them to just do what she says. Her parents are lost in her complex plan but she tells them to divide and conquer. Bill says he needs a beer. They have gone all out to make Zoey’s third birthday an amazing fete. Jen comes to dress Zoey and the nanny Kate is putting cowboy boots on Will. He doesn’t want to wear cowboy clothes – he wants shorts and a tshirt.

She has Zoey little pink boots and a bandanna. She looks adorable. They have all the set up done and Jen says she’s ready to enjoy it and hopes Zoey will enjoy it most of all. Will calls out for the party to start. All of Zoey’s classmates are there and it’s really cute. Then the ponies show up. Zoey points out the horses and starts to get excited. There’s also a piglet and bunnies.

They’ve brought in tiny ponies and Bill is happy that the ponies are so small. Zoey pets the pony and is so excited. They’ve got a little cart pulled by a pony. Will goes to pet the bunnies and there are also pony rides. Bill says the ponies are eating his grass. They get Zoey on the pony and take her for a little ride. She’s nervous but her Nana tells her she’s got her. She starts to cry and reaches for Nana.

Will next goes for a ride and is hanging on like a champ. He wants it to go faster. Jen says Will was trying to ride it like a jockey. Then Jen takes Zoey on a little pony cart ride and Bill says that’s his favorite part. Jen sings Old MacDonald to her as they ride. Zoey says it was fun. Jen says she’s happy that the adults and kids all had a good time.

All the kids want Zoey to take cart rides with them. Jen says there is a lot of stress when it comes to planning a party. She calls everyone over for the cake. She had petit fours done so it’s a layer cake of little cakes which makes it easier. Jen talks about how far Zoey has come in the last year with them and how great it’s been. Everyone claps as she blows out the candles.

Jen says the party was everything she wanted it to be – she says Zoey was smiling and having a good time the whole time. Zoey digs into her little cake and drops it but her mom says it’s okay. Bill says Jen outdid herself with all the planning and everything. Bill says they only thing they did wrong was to set the bar so high that they have to outdo it last year.

Bill says everyone had a good time and no one got hurt. Will keeps calling his dad Bill and Bill tells him dad. He yells Bill back at him and it’s hilarious. After, they wish Zoey happy birthday and ask if she enjoyed her party. Bill leans on Jen’s dad exhausted and they joke around.