The Mentalist Recap 11/30/14: Season 7 Episode 1 Premiere “Nothing But Blue Skies”

The Mentalist Recap 11/30/14: Season 7 Episode 1 Premiere "Nothing But Blue Skies"

Tonight on CBS The Mentalist returns with an all new Sunday November 30, season 7 premiere episode 1 called, “Nothing But Blue Skies,” and we have your weekly recap below. In the seventh-season opener, Jane and Lisbon keep quiet about their new romance while investigating an undercover agent’s homicide. Meanwhile, a young, enthusiastic agent joins the team.

On the last season’s finale a new lead in a cold case required Lisbon to delay her plans to leave for Washington, D.C. with Agent Pike, giving Jane time to finally come to terms with his feelings for her and decide on a course of action. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jane and Lisbon decide to keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues as they investigate the murder of an undercover agent. Also, young, ambitious agent Michelle Vega joins the team.

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 7 premiere is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.

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At a bowling alley in Austin Texas, a guy gets on his motorcycle and drives away. A car pulls in front of him and blocks him. He’s shot by the driver of the car. He man gets out and the motorcycle guy says he knows him. The guy shoots him dead, gets back in his car and drives away. Jane comes to Teresa’s with coffee and asks if she wants to sit outside. There are moving boxes everywhere. He moves some out of the way so they can sit. She asks if he wants a key and he says it would make things easier.

He asks what’s in this box and pulls out a vintage car plaque. She says it was a graduation gift from her grandpa. She thanks him for helping her but then says they have to get out into the real world at some point. She asks if they should talk about what that will look like. Her phone rings and she says it’s Abbott. He asks if she can suit up and asks if she knows where Jane is. She says she doesn’t know and he says he’ll see her on scene.

Jane asks if she’s embarrassed but she says her private life is private for now. She says it’s not forever though. His phone rings and it’s Abbott for him. Cho is at the crime scene and asks if the wedding is off. She says no and he says the guy is Jeremy who was a regular at a local bowling alley he just left from. Jane shows up and hugs Cho warmly freaking him out. Abbott shows up and says the guy was undercover FBI and that’s why they’re there.

He pulls Cho off to talk to the locals. Jane says he’ll see her at the office then asks what’s in her pocket. She checks and finds an origami swam he made for her. She smiles. Back at the office, Abbott introduces Ken Spackman, who is running the FBI/ATF task force that put Jeremy under cover. He tells them he notified his family. Ken says the bowling alley was the likely spot for the gun exchange they were investigating. He tells them all they have to keep it quiet about him being FBI.

Ken says the gang will scatter and they can’t run that risk. Jane theorizes that Ken could be the killer which throws the guy off. Abbott refocuses them on the task. Teresa asks Jason where Fischer is and he says she transferred out. Teresa asks where and he says her mom had a stroke so she relocated to Seattle but left her a message about a rookie from Quantico being assigned to the team. At the bowling alley, Mason Hunston, the owner, greets the team.

He says he was in his office when the shooting happened. He says it’s a rougher crowd at night but nothing like this has happened. The crew working was Wick the bouncer, Andy the show guy and two bartenders. He asks if they have any questions and Jane asks how to get a spare off a 10-7 split. He tells him how. Cho goes to talk to Wick and he says he’s a sovereign citizen who does not recognize the US government but will voluntarily answer questions.

He says he didn’t see Jeremy leave. He asks Cho if he knows his government is fraudulent and Cho says he knows. He proceeds with the questioning. Bartender Tish tells them Jeremy is usually friendly but wasn’t drinking last night. Sky, the other bartender, says a couple of nights before he shut down and looked spooked. Andy the shoe guy tells Ken that he talked to Jeremy briefly but doesn’t remember about anything specifically. He asks Andy if he’s nervous and Andy says he’s not.

Cho calls Ken away and tells him this is not working. He says Andy is about to crack. Jane says the guy is carrying pain killers he shouldn’t have but other than that, knows nothing. They tell Ken he needs to leave because they aren’t getting anything. Ken calls her a whiner and Jane tells him not to talk to her like that. Ken says they have devoted a lot of time trying to figure out who there is selling guns. Jane addresses the employees and talks to them about micro-expressions.

He says Jeremy was an undercover FBI agent and they all showed surprise but when he says he was investigating guns only one face registered an emotion. He points to Tish the bartender. Jane says she’s the salesman and she runs out of the bar. Cho chases after her. Tish’s lawyer Ellen complains and says they abused her client. Ken says she didn’t run because she was innocent.

Abbott says Tish was involved with illegal weapon sales and find some substantial cash deposits. She says she works for tips but Abbott says they’re too large for that. They tell her they want the people she’s working for, not her. Ellen says to let Tish go now or she’ll go to a judge for immediate release on harassment charges. Abbott says they’ll see her in court. Ken says this is what he was afraid of and tells Abbott to tell Jane – thanks a lot.

Abbott comes out and Cho asks if the judge will let her go. Abbott says yes. He sees that Jane and Teresa are both gone and says – imagine that. Teresa finds Jane out side reading a psych report on Jeremy. She tells him to tell her what she needs to know instead of waiting. He says she’s right and apologizes. He tells her that he checked his apartment and found the guy sleeps on the floor with a night light.

Jane says he suspects childhood trauma and shows her the report. She tells the team about a kidnapping in Jeremy’s home town where the child was killed. She says Jeremy was a friend of the kidnapped kid who was sleeping in the top bunk when the kid was taken. Later, one kidnapper showed up with a bullet in the head. Jason asks if the other kidnapper showed up at the bowling alley. Teresa says Jeremy called the cop that investigated the kidnapping just yesterday.

Abbott says Tish will be out yesterday unless they get more evidence. Cho says she likely has to have guns lying around somewhere. New team member Vega asks how they’ll do it and Jane pops in and says they can crack two cases at once. Jane has a hammer and says they are going to use it to nail Tish and Jeremy’s hammer but says someone has to stay up late.

They wait until the bowling alley closes and Andy locks up the place and leaves. Cho breaks in and looks around the alley.

Next day, Jane tells Tish they’re going to find the guns she has hidden away. She says she won’t say a word and he says that’s what he’s relying on. He tells Jason and Vega to stay outside and he and Cho take the hammer. Vega asks why Jane is telling everyone what to do and Jason can’t quite explain it. Cho comes in with Tish in cuffs and shows his badge.

He says they are conducting a search on dangerous weapons. Tish says her rights are being violated and Wick starts videotaping them with his phone. Wick says they need a warrant and Cho says if they do that, they’ll tear the place up. Without the warrant, he says they can do it fast. Jane tells them to uncuff Tish. He asks her to take his hand and she does so reluctantly.

He walks her around and says it’s hard to keep secrets from him. He says Andy doesn’t want him to know about the foil wrapped cocaine in his pocked. Andy is shocked but Jane says they’re not narcs. Jane dances her around and then says he’s looking at her expression. They find a bag of guns and she says she has nothing to do with it. They drag her out.

Jane says he’s going to do a two for one and says they’re going to solve the shooting of the FBI agent and the kidnapping. He says that killed is here too. They hear shots and Cho yells in that Tish got a gun and is shooting. He fires his into the air to simulate it then smashes a window with the hammer Jane gave him. Jason tells Vega this is where things get cool. Jane yells out that they have to run because she’s shooting at them.

Teresa says to run for the kitchen but Hunston runs for the trophy case and the gun he had hidden there. Cho has the drop on him and they take him into custody. Cho says they know he killed Jeremy when he recognized him as the kidnapper. He says he was cursing at Tish the other night and Jeremy looked at him strangely. He says he could tell Jeremy knew then later he asked where he was from. He says he started watching him and saw Jeremy break into his office.

Hunston says that’s why he killed Jeremy. Cho asks if he killed the other kidnapper too but Hunston won’t say. Abbott apologizes to Tish and Ellen says this whole thing is going into the lawsuit. Jane says they planted the guns in the bar and says it’s a tactic they use. He pulls out a map of the neighborhood and says he knows she has them somewhere. He traces his finger on the map while Abbott tells Ellen this is Tish’s last chance to cooperate before she gets the maximum sentence of 25 to life.

Jane traces circles on the map and gradually makes them smaller. He says he’s almost there and Tish cracks and asks what they want to know. Abbott says names and the location of the guns. Tish looks at Jane and agrees. She says they win. Jane tells her it was a good call. Ken is stunned. Jane finds Pike in Teresa’s office leaving a note. He says he was looking for Teresa. Jane says she’s around somewhere and compliments his beard. He asks if Jane is with her now and he says yes.

He tells Pike he’s sorry and they didn’t intend for him to get hurt. Pike says he knows that and asks Jane if he has a plan. Jane says he doesn’t understand. Pike says he was offering Teresa a life, a home and a family and asks what he’s offering her. Jane says he hasn’t thought that far ahead. Teresa shows up then and interrupts. Jane walks away. Teresa comes in to talk to Pike. She asks why he’s there and he says he was upstairs for a deposition and wanted to say hi.

He tells her it was a stupid idea but Teresa says it’s fine. Jane stands nearby looking uncomfortable. Pike tells her it’s good to see her and then says bye to Jane and leaves. Later, Teresa asks Jane what Pike says and he tells him about the plan question Pike asked. He tells her he doesn’t have a plan and says he knows what feels right and that should be their guide. Teresa agrees. He says he has one thing for her and tells her to look outside.

He rented her the same car that her grandpa had given her the model of. He asks if she wants to drive – she doesn’t. She asks if he knows how to drive it – he does and they take off for a lovely drive in the 1939 Cadillac.