The Mentalist Recap Erica Flynn Is Back and Badder: Season 7 Episode 3 “Orange Blossom Ice Cream”

The Mentalist Recap  Erica Flynn Is Back and Badder: Season 7 Episode 3 "Orange Blossom Ice Cream"

Tonight on CBS The Mentalist returns with an all new Sunday December 14, season 7 episode 3 and we have your weekly recap below.  On tonight’s episode called, “Orange Blossom Ice Cream,” and Jane [Simon Baker] heads to Beirut to reunite with an enemy, femme fetale Erica Flynn, who agrees to betray her boyfriend in order to get amnesty from the FBI.

On the last episode Lisbon went undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who was the leader of a high-end car theft ring. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Jane and Lisbon travel to Beirut where they must work with Jane’s familiar adversary, Erica Flynn, who agrees to help the FBI apprehend her boyfriend, a courier for terrorist organizations, in exchange for amnesty for her past crimes.”

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 7 episode 3 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.

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It’s #TheMentalist. Abbott shows the team a video of a car bombing in Pakistan then another in Egypt. Then he shows an attack on a hotel in Indonesia. He says it was all the work of Jan Nemec, a Slovakian trained by the Russian mob who’s now for hire. Agent Cass of the CIA is there and says they’ve been chasing him for years. She says they finally have a lead on some passport chips he sent here and they think it’s part of a plan to attack the US. She says she wants them to help her because of Erica Flynn.

Cass tells them that Erica is Jan’s GF. She says that Erica agreed to help for a reduced murder charge but insisted that she had to work with Patrick – that no other person would do. They head to Abbott’s office and Teresa asks why she has to work with her and says she doesn’t want to help her get a lighter sentence. Abbott is unmoved. Cass sets up a video call with Erica who tells Patrick it’s good to see him. Patrick asks what this is about and she says she needs him.

She says Jan uses a courier to send messages that are coded. They want to use Patrick as the new courier since the old one died. He has to go to Beirut to do it. Erica says she’ll see him when he gets there and says she looks forward to it. Teresa tells Abbott that she’ll help out. Patrick is a little too smiley but then looks worried when everyone else isn’t looking. In Beirut, Patrick and Teresa pull up to their hotel. He smiles as he looks around at all the cool sights.

They head inside and Patrick tells her they have great orange blossom ice cream there. They head inside to check in. They go up to their room and find Erica already there. She says she hopes they don’t mind she was waiting since she thought they should talk as soon as possible. Erica tries to make small talk but Teresa wants to talk business. She asks how she ran into Jan. Erica says she was in Brazil with money troubles and says Jan helped her out and then they started seeing each other.

She says she didn’t know he was involved in terror activities. She says she thought he may have been involved in something illegal, but not terrorism. Teresa asks if she’s turning him in for the greater good and Erica admits she’s doing it because she misses home. Erica says she hopes in time she can see that she’s telling them the truth. Erica says they have to go see Jan but that Teresa can’t go. She doesn’t like this. They leave and Erica says she can see that he and Teresa are a couple now.

She says she’s happy for him. He asks her what this is really about. She says she wants to go home but he says there’s something else. There are two men there that she says will take him to Jan. He says he’ll see her later and goes with the men. Erica wishes him luck. She doesn’t look too happy as they leave. Patrick is driven through busy streets and then to a gated area guarded by some thugs. They are allowed inside and go down an alley and through another gate to a warehouse type building.

They take Patrick through yet another gate, up some stairs and inside the building. Jane says he’s there to see Jan. They let him in and he asks why they’re putting him in a bathroom. He asks what this is and they push him down on his knees by the tub. They read off several words then plunge his head under the water. They repeat the process with different words. Then again but hold him under longer. They finally pull him out and stand him up. They take him out of the room.

He’s dripping wet and taken to Jan who asks if he’s Patrick. He introduces himself and says to repeat the words they just said in order. He asks for a towel and Jan says after the words but Jane insists. They give him one. He rattles off the words as he dries his hair. Jan says he’s the only one they tested that got them all. He says Erica told him how smart he is. Jan pours a drink and asks what kind of man Patrick is. He says he has to carry a message in his head – 81 numbers that can’t be written down.

Patrick asks what the numbers are and Jan says the point is that he doesn’t know. He offers 10 thousand Euros and Jane says 15. Then he demands 20 just for getting him wet. Patrick tells him to find someone else. He asks if Patrick was an actor and he says yes. Then he asks about him working with the police and Patrick says he wanted something from them and then left after he killed a couple of people. They bring in Teresa and ask who she is and why she’s with him.

She asks Patrick why he’s wet. He introduces her as his girlfriend and he says she has nothing to do with this. They ask if she’s with the FBI and she says no. They tell her it says it on the FBI database and she tells them to search again. They do but it’s not her photo. She says no harm done. Patrick says he’s going back to the hotel and he can find him there if he needs them. They get in a taxi and head back to the hotel. They both look pretty nervous. Abbott talks to Teresa and says Wylie suggested the fake profile.

Abbott asks if Jan is on the hook and she says Patrick made an impression and they’ll get back to him. There’s a knock and Teresa ends the call. It’s Erica and Teresa says she told Jan about Teresa. Patrick says she told him to build trust and Erica agrees then says it worked and Jan is downstairs ready to make the deal. She says she and Teresa will stay upstairs. He leaves to go see Jan. He finds him at the bar on his phone and he gestures for Patrick to sit. He does.

Jan tells Patrick he’s okay with 20,000 but says he has to go right away and offers five upfront and 15 when he gets back. He says he has to go to Atlanta and call a number then swap some code words to make sure the coast is clear. He says he’ll meet the guy and then give him the message. He shows Patrick the sheet of numbers and tells him left to right top to bottom and Patrick asks for a few minutes to study it. Jan tells him that Erica told him she was the smartest man he’s ever met.

Jan asks if Patrick had Erica and Patrick tells him he’s working and goes back to the numbers without answering. The women order room service and Erica offers her some lemonade. She tells Teresa she’s happy that she and Patrick are together and says he needed someone in his life and she’s glad it’s her. Teresa asks if Patrick says something but Erica says she was a matchmaker and knows the signs of a budding relationship. Then she says she senses some tension and that Teresa has nothing to worry about.

Teresa asks why she should be worried and Erica implies heavily that she was involved with Patrick and that it’s so like a man to not talk about their past. Upstairs, Jane reads the numbers off to Wylie. Abbott tells them they have it from here and tells them to be sure to catch their plane tomorrow. He ends the call and asks Teresa if she wants to go out to it. She agrees but is a little short. Abbott tells Wylie to get working on the numbers and keep Vega late to help.

Cho asks what if they can’t crack it. They ask if John Paul, Patrick’s contact, knows when he’s coming. Cho wants to set up the meet with John Paul since he doesn’t know what Patrick looks like. They decide to set the meet and scoop up John Paul. Cho makes the call and sets up a meet with John Paul in five hours at a diner in Atlanta. They go to get on the jet. Wylie tells Vega about what the analysts are trying with the numbers. She’s distracted checking out Cho in the meeting.

She’s focused on the meeting that Cho is in and Wylie tells her she can go with Cho. She runs over to Cho and asks if she can go with him. He asks if she ran it by Abbot – she lies and says yes. He tells her to go suit up. Cho waits in the roadhouse for John Paul. Vega waits outside checking out people and telling Cho who’s coming. She alerts him to the guy as he comes in. The guy goes inside and looks around. Cho gives him a nod and then John Paul sees a gun on one of the agent’s backs.

Cho tells everyone to stay calm. Cass is tending bar and the whole place is full of agents. John Paul makes a run for it and gets in his car. He tries to run off and Vega crashes her car into his. He calls Vega  a bitch and takes a shot at her. They surround John Paul’s car and Cho runs to check on Vega.

Teresa and Patrick are out for dinner in Lebanon. He asks her what’s wrong and she just asks him about the food and won’t tell him anything else. She insists nothing is going on then asks if something happened between him and Erica. He asks why and she says Erica made a point of telling her it did. He hems and haws then says something did happen. He says he kissed her once when they working together but it was nothing.

Patrick says it was nothing but she tells him not to say that. He says it could never have come to anything and she asks why he didn’t tell her when he found out they were coming here. He says he didn’t want it to come between them and she says she would rather have heard it from him first. He says he’s sorry and she accepts his apology then asks if there are any others he should know about. She asks about Lorelei and he gets an odd look on his face.

He tells her he’ll tell her about Lorelei if she tells him about Walter Mashburn. She drops it and goes back to to the menu, obviously not wanting to answer that. Abbott calls Teresa then and says they have a problem. John Paul’s last name is Navarro and he’s connected to a Jihadist group in the Philippines but he’s dead. The passport chips are somewhere in Atlanta but they don’t know where. They aren’t sure what to look for in John Paul’s apartment. Patrick says it will be a book of some sort.

Abbott tells them to get out of there before Jan finds out John Paul is dead. He says to change hotels and get on the plane tomorrow. Patrick says he can get the code from Jan’s apartment and he calls Erica and wakes her up. Teresa didn’t want him to call her. Erica lets them into Jan’s apartment and says he’s at a meeting across town. She offers to help but he says he’s fine. She asks if he knows what he’s looking for and he says he’s fine.

She says she thinks of him as someone who always has a plan but doesn’t admit it. He says to be patient and she sees that Jan is pulling back up. They click off the lights and hide behind a door. He walks off to the bathroom unzipping himself and they go to run out. They make it out and down the stairs and Patrick says he thinks they’re fine. She throws her arms around his neck and laughs. She leans close and says she’s sorry he didn’t get his book but he says he did. They leave.

Wylie tells Abbott that the analysts think the books are like a grid and it should only take 10 minutes. Cho and Vega are at John Paul’s place. They bash the door in and rush to find the book. They clear the house and then start poking around. Cho says it doesn’t look like anyone has been there in a while and Cass wonders if they have the right address. Cho looks around and asks if the shades are drawn upstairs and notices one shade isn’t.

He checks it out and then finds a baggie with the passport chips in them. He says it was the right address. On a call, Abbott asks Teresa how Patrick knew which book it was and she explains it. She tells him the police are arresting Jan now. He rants and raves as he’s hauled out. Teresa sees him dragged out. She goes inside and finds Patrick with Erica. He was touching her shoulder and tells Teresa he was just helping her. She says she was upset.

Teresa tells Erica the Beirut police will take care of her until the Embassy works her deal. Teresa pulls Patrick into another room and argues with him and says she can tell it’s not over between them. He insists that it is. Erica eavesdrops from the other room. Teresa says she’s done with him and is going to the police station. Patrick asks Erica if she’s going to not go with the cops and she agrees. She speaks to the cop and he leaves her there. Patrick asks if she’s after the money Jan got for the passport chips.

She smiles and says he’s the smartest man she’s ever met. She pulls out a briefcase of cash. Patrick tells her she was clever to kill the courier then contact the CIA to use him to help her get Jan so she can have the cash. She says it wasn’t just the money – she tells him she misses him. She says he and Teresa won’t last because they are drawn to each other for the wrong reasons. She says he likes Teresa for his goodness and she likes him for his badness.

She says that doesn’t make them soul mates and says you need someone who sees the world the way you do and wants the things you want. She says that how it is between the two of them. He tells her he loves Teresa and he’s taking her to to the real police who will lock her up for the rest of her life. She tases him and says goodbye. She walks out in the hall but Teresa is there with her gun drawn and tells her to get on her knees.

Teresa calls out to Patrick and asks if he’s all right. He comes out in obvious pain and says he needs to walk it off. Cho comes in and calls Vega over. He sits her down and says she did good work today but says he knows she lied about having Abbott’s permission. She admits she did and apologizes. He says it wasn’t her call and he can’t work with someone he can’t trust. He tells her she can’t go out in the field with him again. She asks for how long and he says – we’ll see.

Teresa complains to Patrick that they’re going to miss their flight but he says it’s fine. He takes her to the roof where he has a romantic table set up and some orange blossom ice cream for her. They dig in and hear an explosion. He says it’s fireworks for Ramadan. She says it’s beautiful and he agrees. He asks if she thought it was a bomb. She says she didn’t. He says she did. She tells him the ice cream is just okay. He teases her about not being able to take the Chicago out of the girl.