The Mentalist Recap – Teresa Goes to Jail: Season 7 Episode 2 “The Greybar Hotel”

The Mentalist Recap - Teresa Goes to Jail: Season 7 Episode 2 "The Greybar Hotel"

Tonight on CBS The Mentalist returns with an all new Sunday December 7, season 7 episode 2 called, “The Greybar Hotel,” and we have your weekly recap below. Lisbon heads to prison on an undercover assignment, where she tries to bond with an inmate so she can persuade her to betray her criminal boyfriend, the powerful head of a car-theft ring.

On the last episode Jane and Lisbon decided to keep their new relationship a secret from their colleagues as they investigated the murder of an undercover agent. Also, young, ambitious agent Michelle Vega joined the team.Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Lisbon goes undercover as a prison inmate in order to get a convict to turn on her boyfriend, who is the leader of a high-end car theft ring.”

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 7 episode 2 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist.

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At a charity gala in Houston, VIPs arrive. A less fancy couple pull up across the street and start making out in their car. They spot a particular car and they each pull a gun. The woman says she’s driving. They swap I love you’s and run over to the car. She jacks it, hops in and he runs back to their car to drive away. She runs a red light and a black and white spots her from that alone and gives chase.

They race through the streets at top speed. She’s surrounded and has to squeal to a stop. She gets it and tries to run. Some cops chase her on foot then tackle her to the ground. They call in that they have her I custody. The guy pulls up at to meet the others and says it was like butter but then realizes she’s not there with the car. They tell him she was busted.

Cole is angry when his buddy says – that’s what happens when you let a woman drive. They wonder if she’ll talk and Cole says – you don’t know Marie. Cho reads off her offenses and Abbott says if he was cruel, he’d tack on speeding and running the red light. She asks how she rated the feds and Cho says her BF Cole runs a luxury car theft ring so that makes it federal.

Abbott says she has a lot of life left and they tell her they can give her 50 years as her co-conspirator. Abbott says to give up Cole and it will go easier. She says she’d go to hell for him so jail is no big deal. She says to lock her up and they take her out. Cho says Plan B and Abbott agrees. Jane coaches Teresa on telling lies. He says to tell one big one.

Then he tells her to wear the flip-flops when she showers. Abbott asks Teresa if she’s good. Jane takes her jacket. She’s in an orange jumpsuit and they tell her she’ll be sharing a cell with Marie to try and get Cole’s location. Jane cuffs her then tells her he’ll wait for her. He hops out and the police car takes her into the women’s jail.

While the other women are unloaded off the bus, Teresa is escorted from the cop car. She is given her linens and escorted to a cell block. She’s playing a prisoner transfer named Teresa McGregor. The guard says no gangs, no drugs, no violence or she faces a worse place. They drop her off in Marie’s cell. She says hey and introduces herself. The girl just glares at her.

Marie asks what she’s there for and she says burglary – no bail for repeat offenders. Marie says she’s got grand theft and a million other things. She asks if Teresa is Irish and she spouts off something that sounds credible. Teresa asks for the top bunk and Marie asks if she’s crazy enough to take it from her. Teresa says forget it and acts scared.

Jason freaks when he sees Vega drinking coffee out of Jane’s cup. He tells her to wash it, put it back and he might not know. Then Cass comes in, she’s CIA, and Jason tells her again to go wash the cup. Cass asks if their agent is inside and Abbot says she is. Cass says she knows it’s risky and appreciates the effort. Abbott says one of his best people is in danger over a car thief.

He asks why the CIA cares so much. She says Foster sells cars in the Middle East and Europe and those smugglers can smuggle money and bombs. They think he may have some ties to terrorists. She says the NSA picked up some chatter about plans in the US and thinks one of Foster’s contacts is there. Cass says it’s worth the risk.

Jane asks Abbott what the CIA says. Jane is looking at the map Marie took during her car chase. He says it doesn’t make sense. He says she wanted to go home but didn’t want to take the cops there. He points out where he thinks she might have really been heading. Cho says it’s four square miles and they need more. Abbott asks Jane where but he says he can’t do everything.

Jane compliments Abbott’s new after shave and he says it’s date night for the wife. He tells Jane that Teresa will be back safe and leaves. Teresa lies awake, feigning sleep. Jane sits up worried. Next day, Teresa sits reading while some inmates argue. She goes to see what’s going on. Teresa asks what’s going on and she tells one woman to back off or they’ll all get sent to higher security.

She spares Marie whatever was about to happen. The other woman threatens Marie then walks off. Marie asks what that was and says she didn’t need her help. Teresa calls Jane and she says it’s the cha cha – one step forward, one step back. Jane tells her to make a friend of her. He says she’s hiding her emotions under a veneer.

He advises to do like he did with her and lower her own guard. Later, Teresa calls up to Marie and tells her she can’t sleep. Marie says it’s too hot. Teresa says she misses her BF. Marie asks what he does and she says he’s a hustler and Marie says con artists are cool. She asks how long they’ve been together and she says they were friends for years and then her feelings changed but she wouldn’t admit it.

Marie says she knows what it’s like. Teresa says she met a good man and was going to marry him but then Patrick told her he loved her so she ditched Mr Right. She says now she doesn’t know what will happen. Marie says her BF Cole is a real outlaw. She says she likes that and says they live wild. She says they live in a warehouse that’s like a hideout full of million dollar cars.

She says they live off gas station chimichangas. She says they have a shower and even steal cable from the no-tell motel down the block. Cho and Jason think they have found the warehouse based on what Teresa reported from Marie. Abbott tells Cho to get a team together while he gets a warrant. They bring in one of the other guys who says his lawyer is on the way.

Cho sits and asks where Cole is. The guy says his old lady got arrested and he left. He says Hendricks is the only one that his phone number. He says he thinks he and Cole are together. Abbott says they can pull Teresa out. Jane says Cole won’t leave town without Marie. He says they need to break Teresa out of jail and Marie with her.

Jane comes to visit Teresa in the pokie and she compliments his outfit. He says he’s dressing the con man part. She says the food is bad and she’d kill for a salad. He tells her she and Marie are going to break out. He says she’ll provide the break out plan and Marie the ride. She asks how they’re going to do it and he says he’s working on something.

Marie is nearby and he mentions breaking out and then changes the subject to gall bladder and says breaking out is all Marie will think about now. Marie is brought to see Abbott and he says he’s letting the Houston DA file charges and she’s being sent to Mountain View. She says it’s a super max and he tells her to get packed. She says it’s for crazies.

He says 23 hours a day in your cell and constant supervision. She says he can’t do that and he shouts at her frighteningly that he can. He tells her to enjoy her last 48 hours here and says it’s the best it’s going to get for a long time. She’s completely shaken down to her roots. Later, she cries and tells Teresa about super max and says she won’t go.

Teresa says she got bad news too – she’s on her third strike facing 25 to life. Teresa says she wishes they could just get out. Teresa says it’s got to be easier to get out of here than Mountain View. Marie tells Teresa she could figure it out since she’s done break ins. Marie says her man can pick them up and take them anywhere she wants.

They make a pledge to break out. Marie tells her she’s going to go make a phone call. She leaves. One inmate rants at her brother. Vega and Jason are waiting and listening to the jail house calls. Jason is listening to a call about a cat named Taco. Jason says he used to date a prisoner named Velma. Vega says no he didn’t. He says she was a horse thief.

He gets the call and Vega comes over to listen. She says the kids are coming home from camp tomorrow and he asks where he should pick them up. She says she’ll call to tell him where. They try to track the phone but it’s a burner. Jason says it’s time to plan a jail break. Jason pulls all the logistics from the jail.

Jane says it’s over, under, through. They debate how they can get them out. Jane says they can just use the doors. He points out a door in Gate C and says they need a mop and a bucket with a hole in it. We see Teresa and Marie in a maintenance closet and leaving a leaking bucket. Jane says when the bucket empties, it starts a noisy chain reaction. We see guards run toward the noise.

Teresa and Marie slide through a narrow opening. Jane says they have to hit the employee locker room for clothes. They change and leave with the cafeteria workers. Jane says the key is momentum and looking like you know where you’re going. They walk right out the gate. Marie points out Hendricks and says he’s going to get them to Cole and then out of state.

Marie tells Hendricks to keep his paws off Teresa because she’s taken. Abbott and Cho follow a ways back. Jane is with Vega and Jason. Jane explains Cole didn’t pick her up because he’s thinking like a hunted animal right now. The escapee’s car starts to slow as they pull into a parking deck. Abbott and Cho are stuck behind an idiot who can’t work his ticket and Abbott gets out to follow on foot.

Hendricks tries to ditch Teresa in the deck but she says a ride out of Texas was the deal. She goes with them. Abbott calls back and says they lost Teresa. Jane says they have to meet Cole and tells Vega to come on and says they’re going to join the search. Hendricks pulls over in the car they swapped to at a gas station. He says Cole told him to call from there. He dials Cole.

Marie tells him to hurry up and tells Teresa they can go in and get food. She glares at Hendricks til he hands over money and she and Teresa head inside. Marie wants cookies, candy and a soda big enough to drown in. Teresa says she’s just going to get water. Cole sneaks up on Marie and kisses her and she laughs. She introduces Cole to Teresa.

Cole says he didn’t promise her a ride then teases her. He says they have a helicopter ready to go that will get them outside any dragnet. He says he learned to fly in Afghanistan. She says she needs an aspirin and starts to write in a notebook. The clerk is texting and Cole freaks out and shoots the guy a few times. He asks Teresa if she has a problem with this and she says no.

Teresa sloshes her foot through the blood intentionally. They leave. Jane and Vega pull up and come inside. Jane looks around and sees the notebook. All it said was call 911 I am with… then nothing. Jane looks at the bloody foot print and says it’s pointing them in a direction. She wants to call Abbott and Jane says that’s fine but then he goes out and looks around then steals Vega’s car.

He throws a case of Gatorade inside. Vega sees him speed off and he starts dropping Gatorades out the window. Hendricks checks the helo and lays his gun aside. Marie asks Teresa when she’s going to see her man and she says she’s going to call as soon as they’re out of state. Teresa sneaks closer to the gun and then Cole tells Hendricks to get the gun.

Cole asks why she needs a gun. She raises her hands and says he has no idea what they’re talking about. All three have her at gun point. Jane creeps up through the brush but has no signal. He runs back to their Jeep. He pulls the mirror off the windshield. Teresa holds her hands up and Hendricks says they’re ready to leave. Cole says they can’t leave her behind.

Marie says she’s a good person and to make it quick. Jane steps out and says he’s FBI, to throw down their weapons and come with him. Teresa is happy to see him but a little shocked. Patrick says they have snipers all around them but can still walk out alive. Cole says he’s lying and Patrick asks if he’d walk in here unarmed. Hendricks sees the mirror flashing in the tree and they think it’s muzzle reflection.

Marie says it’s Teresa’s BF from the jail and she remembers him. One of them shoots at the flare and see it’s a mirror. They’re ready to kill them both when the real FBI shows up and really does have them surrounded. Cole tells Cho he can give his international smuggling contacts. He asks what they will give him and Cho says they won’t charge Marie with accessory.

Cole says he won’t spend all his coin on that crazy bitch. Cho says the best deal is no death penalty. He tells him to take it or leave it. Cole takes it. Cass watches this and says they can work with it. Abbott says they’ll get her a transcript. Cho tells Vega she did well today but she says she’s been observing his work and admires the way he carries himself. She says he makes sense to her.

She says she’d like to work with him more and he says he has to think about it. She thanks him awkwardly. Jane comes in and Cho snags him. He says the CIA called about a smuggler. He asks what that has to do with them. Cho shows him the file and there’s a photo of Erica Flynn, the smuggler’s GF. Jane says – oh no.