The Mentalist RECAP 4/27/14: Season 6 Episode 19 “Brown Eyed Girls”

The Mentalist RECAP 4/27/14: Season 6 Episode 19 “Brown Eyed Girls”

Tonight on CBS THE MENTALIST returns with a brand new show. On tonight’s episode called, “Brown Eyed Girls” Jane unearths a human-smuggling ring after he encounters a curious-looking stranger. Meanwhile, Lisbon ponders moving to Washington, D.C., with Pike.

On last week’s episode a woman’s body was discovered near an affluent men’s club, so Jane hobnobbed with some upper-crust men in an attempt to find the murderer.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual leads Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remains tempted by Pike’s offer to move to D.C. with him

Tonight’s The Mentalist Season 6 episode 19 is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of The Mentalist — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of The Mentalist. Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: A festival is going on, Patrick gets his order of food and he accidentally bumps into man who’s holding crockery bags, Patrick ends up snagging something from him while helping to put things into his bag; Patrick then follows him when he leaves eating. Teresa leaves a movie with Pike, looks like the end of their date. They decide to go somewhere else after the movie, but Teresa is interrupted by a call. Teresa says that she’s been thinking about going to DC with Pike, she wants to say yes; but she’s been independent her entire life and it’s a big decision for her. Teresa picks up her phone and it’s Patrick, he tells her that he’s tailing a man and needs back up fast. He tells her a girl has been abducted. Teresa arrives in a cab, she walks up to Patrick and asks what’s going on. Patrick says he bought tacos and bumped into a guy who had items in his bag that made it look like he had a woman captive in his home. Patrick says that there’s something wrong with this guy, Teresa says that it’s because she was on a date and that he wanted to ruin it for her. Patrick says he’ll bet her a million dollars that he’s right. They both go up to the door and knock, the man opens up the door; when they ask about a female being in the house he denies it. They hear a woman making sounds; Teresa and Patrick go up to the room and see a woman who has been shot. The man says he didn’t do anything, Patrick says the woman is very cold; Teresa calls for backup. Patrick tells her that a doctor is coming and that she’s going to be okay. Patrick is telling the woman to breath, but she ends up dying on the bed. Patrick looks very distraught by this.

The man is now being interrogated; Abbot Walks in his name is Mr. Delahey, at least pronounced that way. Abbot talks about what happened to the girl; they believe he shot her; the man defends himself and says that he found her like that and that he was buying things to help fix her. IT turns out that the man has a history of stalking girls. It seems that the girl who died was joy riding at the time; they are going to talk to her roommate task what happened. It turns out that the girl was going somewhere; she left four days ago to do modeling. The modeling scout was named Jesse, but it seems that she didn’t text anyone about this modeling gig. Someone shot her and left her on route 16. Patrick walks in to join Delahey; he goes inside and unlocks the handcuffs on his wrists to allow him to scratch an itch. Patrick says that Delahey isn’t a liar, but can’t find the memory. Patrick offers him a beer, and now wants him to imagine driving route 16 last night. He wants him to close his eyes, now he’s in his truck with a nice cold beer in the cup holder; he’s about to turn onto route 16 and he’s listening to jazz. He tells him he’s about to turn down route 16 he can feel the road change, and asks him what he can see. While he’s describing what’s going on Wiley is looking at Google Maps and looking at the places he’s mentioning. Turns out that he found the woman at an old bar dusty and bleeding. Teresa walks in and sees Pike there; he went and got some food; Patrick walks in and interrupts. Patrick tells her that they need to go because they got a lead and that Teresa can’t eat food from her favorite Thai place Pike brought. Abbot wants to know if Teresa is going with Pike to DC, and he wonders what Patrick thinks about it. Teresa says that Patrick would talk about it if he wanted to; Abbot tells her that he probably doesn’t know about it. Patrick and Teresa are driving to the bar where the girl was found in with Cho, there’s an awkward silence. Patrick walks off from the bar, to look for where the woman was found; they end up finding tractor trails leading to a house of some sort. They walk up to the rickety old house, they find beds inside of the house in the back room; it looks like a way station. Patrick says he’ll wait outside, he looks around and notices something in the ground; he walks up to it and gets a better look. Patrick then calls out for Teresa, he tells them to listen, and they hear sounds coming from the truck in front of them. They move the truck and find a hidden door, underneath it is a woman.

The woman is named Daniela and she’s now hospitalized, Teresa asks her that she needs information to find out who did this to her; the girl asks for her sister and that they need to find her. Teresa shows her a picture of the girl recently died, and Daniela says that is not her sister and that her name is Amy. She tells her about how they were all trying to do modeling, they got a head shot and then were told to go back. The model scout is named Jesse; she tells Teresa that they needed to bring cloths and passports to go. They had drinks of champagne and had a toast together, it was probably spiked. Teresa asks if she knows anything about bow and arrow, because those were the last words from the girl who recently died. Teresa says they’ll find her sister for her, she tells Cho about it; he says they know and that there are twenty girls involved. They have now twenty females who are abducted and they are looking for them, Patrick says that they are headed to Oklahoma. Patrick says that there are not twenty girls, but forty girls. Patrick tells them not to set up a real road block, to just convince the driver that they did. Wiley allows Patrick to make a fake call to radio stations for truck about how there’s a road block. Teresa and Cho pitch in; Patrick was completely impressed with how well Cho did it. Patrick and Teresa are now in Laredo looking for the person driving the truck; Patrick says that the two people at the counter are together, Teresa points out that the man has a gun in his jacket. They go outside with Cho following behind to stop them; Patrick tells the two of them to go get them and falls back. Cho and Teresa are looking for the man and woman, the man begins to shoot at them as they get close. Teresa shoots the man in the chest, they both go up to look at the body and move on. A truck has started, Teresa and Cho stop her from movie; they open the back of the ruck and find all of the girls in the back.

Cho tells Daniela that they’ve got the truck transporting the girls to Mexico, they didn’t find her sister; but they are still looking. They’ve composed a sketch of the man that was the modeling scout, she tells Cho to please find her sister. Cho says okay and leave. Teresa is now interrogating the woman who was driving the truck, she shows a picture of Daniela and Amy ; she asks what happens to the girls when they are delivered. The woman doesn’t know and hasn’t seen Amy anywhere and that she could be in the other truck that left before her truck did. Teresa asks how they got the girls into the border, turns out that a border patroller is paid to allow them in depending on what they have on the dashboard. The woman is named Claudia, she tells the story of how the woman who was shot on route 16 almost got away, turns out she was hit from far range in the back by a shot gun. Ramone was the man who was killed before and was working with Claudia, turns out that he was more afraid of who he works for than the police. They are trying to track backwards for information on the modeling agency, but it seems nothing is giving leads. Wiley says that there’s a James from Santiago who looks like Jesse and also goes by that name too. The Caseemie brothers are thought to be behind this whole operation, Patrick has a plan. Patrick and Abbot drive together on their way to start the plan.

Patrick and Abbot arrive at Laredo, they are going to the Caseemies factory, they know that they are smart people and are prepared to deal with them. Patrick and Abbot appear; they hand a figurine of a hula girl to a guard outside and tell him they want to speak to their boss. Patrick introduces himself and Abbot, when Patrick talks about Ramone and how he gave the truck to him. The two brothers get a little bothered by it and ask about why he would give him a truck; the brothers ask if the cargo is safe. The brothers want to know the price that they are willing to accept to trade for the truck and the girls. Patrick makes a deal with them to have the brothers come across the border to pick up the truck and the girls; they seem to have bought everything he said. Patrick and Abbot have the brothers in a limo with them; they drive up to the truck. Patrick wants the money before he hands over the keys, turns out the brother’s cheated them and has them at gun point now. Cho and the FBI arrive from behind and have the brothers caught. The brothers are now being interrogated, it seems that they are already dead; they say that the FBI are amateurs compared to who they work for. The brothers won’t say another word about the business, the Santiago police are on the way. Cho talks to San Diego police, it turns out that Jesse was already killed by a cut to the throat ear to ear. Cho is set on finding Daniela’s sister Amy. It shows a man named Mr. Ruben who is talking to another man on the phone asking him to deal with the brothers. Teresa tells Daniela they didn’t find her sister and that she could have been on another truck, Patrick says that he’ll find her. Patrick notices that Teresa really likes Pike, she tells Patrick about the move to DC. Patrick says congratulations, since it’s what she wants and that she should do what makes her happy. Pike walks in and says that the show they missed last night is playing in the next forty minutes and that they can catch it. Pike and Teresa leave, Teresa looks behind her at Patrick before leaving and walks away. Patrick then shows disappointment on his face when they leave.

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  1. […] On tonight’s episode a chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual led Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remained tempted by Pike’s offer to move to D.C. with him.  More happened!  Did you watch tonight’s show?  We did and we recapped it right here for you. […]

  2. […] On last week’s episode a chance encounter with a suspicious-looking individual lead Jane and Lisbon to uncover a vast human smuggling ring. Meanwhile, Lisbon remained tempted by Pike’s offer to move to D.C. with him.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you. […]