The Originals RECAP 4/15/14: Season 1 Episode 18 “The Big Uneasy”

The Originals RECAP 4/15/14: Season 1 Episode 18 “The Big Uneasy”

Tonight on the CW their new fantasy drama, THE ORIGINALS returns after an almost one month hiatus with a new episode called “The Big Uneasy”. In it Genevieve asks Elijah to allow her coven to publicly celebrate a traditional feast day, where members of the community offer the witches gifts in return for blessings. Meanwhile, Elijah makes plans to restore his home to its former glory; and Klaus sends Cary, a werewolf from his own line, to find a missing piece of family history.

On last week’s episode Elijah made bold move to regain control over the Quarter and received an intriguing offer of support from a beautiful woman who belonged to a powerful New Orleans family. Meanwhile, the Mikaelsons threw a lavish party in an attempted to bring the warring factions of the city together, but a vicious fight threatened the evening.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have you covered, right here.

On tonight’s episode Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) asks Elijah (Daniel Gillies) to allow her coven to publicly celebrate a traditional feast day, where members of the community offer the witches gifts in return for blessings. Monique (guest star Yasmine Al Bustami)) and Genevieve disagree over what the ancestors want from them, and Genevieve reveals her plan to build the witches power. When Elijah focuses his attention on restoring their home to its former glory, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) accuses him of doing it only to impress Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). Next, Klaus sets a new plan in motion by finding Cary (guest star Jesse Boyd), a werewolf from his own line, and sending him off to find a missing piece of family history. Marcel lets Thierry (guest star Callard Harris) in on his new plan to rebuild his power, but Diego (guest star Eka Darville) has his own ideas about the future. At the Feast of the Blessings, Monique and Genevieve try to use the ceremony to teach Davina (Danielle Campbell) a lesson, but Klaus intervenes and gives Davina a surprisingly important gift. While Hayley struggles to decide where her loyalties should lie, the ceremony explodes into violence. Leah Pipes also stars. Leslie Libman directed the episode written by Marguerite MacIntyre & Michael Russo (#118).

We hope you stop by for this cool new show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the first season of THE ORIGINALS!

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Klaus paints as Genevieve wakes. He tells her morning sun has the best light for painting and tells her to  hold still while he paints her. She tells him she was once too modest to pose nude and he says modesty is for the weak. She twirls a sheet around her and asks to see the painting. He says it’s a gift to honor their pact and she asks why the witches should align with him. He says the treaty Elijah organized may not hold. He says the witches need his protection and no one will trifle with them if Klaus aligns with them. He says he just wants her promise of allegiance in case he needs her powers in the future. She seems amenable.

The young witches chant and Monique sits up and screams. The other witches panic. Davina says she sounded possessed and Monique says she was channeling the ancestors and they want the reaping finished which means Genevieve must die.

Workmen are busy at the vampire lair and Klaus shuts it down because he hates the noise. Elijah tells Klaus that it needs work and that he won’t live in squalor. Genevieve agrees with Elijah. She asks Elijah for the witches to publicly celebrate the Feast of the Blessings. Elijah says she wants a witch party after they tried to destroy his family – he’s not inclined. She leaves and Klaus encourages him to allow it as a show of good faith. Elijah just thinks he wants it since he’s shagging her but Elijah tells him he needs to be more attentive to the mother of his child. Klaus says she’s safe with the wolves now but that he will bring her home before the baby comes because no child of his will be born in a swamp.

Hayley wonders why all of the packs have assembled and Oliver tells her that they all think she’s some sort of werewolf messiah and that her child will be something special. She says that’s pressure she doesn’t need. Klaus calls Oliver about his proposal and he says with the influx of new wolves, it may be tricky to find just one wolf. Klaus says he’s one of his clan with long blonde hair. Klaus tells him to find him and bring him to him.

Klaus also tells him to accept the invitation from Elijah to come to the witch feast so that his brother will think the peace is holding. Klaus comes to see Cammie and says he may have a witch ready to help Kieran. She sasses him but then realizes he’s her only hope and pleads with him to help her uncle.

Theirry reports back to Marcel that Klaus is crushing on Cammie and Marcel is worried that he’ll find out he hooked up with her. Marcel says he knows Klaus is plotting with the witches behind Elijah’s back. Marcel wants proof to take to Elijah and Thierry says it won’t work but Marcel says that family is all ready to pop like a powder keg. Thierry tells him they have nothing and Marcel reminds him they came from nothing before and can rise again.

Monique tells Genevieve what the ancestors said and she tells them it will be an honor to sacrifice herself but says it’s not her time to go yet. Genevieve tells her she was one of the ancestors not so long ago and threatens the girl. She says she doesn’t enjoy answering to Elijah any more than she did them answering to Marcel. She says she won’t leave until she has power for them. She tells them she is going to steal the Michaelson grimoire among other things she needs to take care of before she dies.

Elijah tells Diego and the other vampires they need to go to the witch feast. Diego isn’t happy but Elijah gives him a direct order and he agrees. He next goes to the human leader Francesca who also agrees to attend. She tells Elijah he makes strong-arming seem noble. She says the tourists would love it especially if they found out the witches were real. She says she will be happy to attend but he will owe the humans a favor.

Elijah  next goes out to talk to the wolves but Hayley says no. Jackson says they will send a representative with a gift but Hayley walks away in disgust. Elijah dashes over to Hayley and tells her the men gave in too easily. He tells her not to trust them as he goes and she looks concerned.

Oliver drags in the blonde wolf Cary to Klaus who tells him not to manhandle him. Klaus tells him that Cary is his guest and reminds him he is trying to help them gain their power. Klaus introduces himself to Cary and asks him about the moonlight ring. He asks what stone it had and Cary says he never saw it with a stone and asks Cary to ask around and find out for him.

Diego meets with Thierry who tells him Elijah has him bowing to witches and soon it will be werewolves. He encourages a rebellion and Diego asks who will lead it. Marcel comes in at that point and Diego says that Elijah is a dick but at least he knows where he stands with him. Marcel tells him that Klaus has been making secret backdoor deals and Diego calls Marcel a coward and tells him he was the one who picked up Klaus’ coin. Marcel attacks him then says he only did that to save their lives. Marcel asks him to fight with him and Diego tells him he lost and if he wants to start a war then he’s fighting against Diego. He leaves and Marcel tells Thierry they need to get more persuasive.

Hayley comes out and finds Jackson and Oliver talking but they stop. She demands to know what they are talking about and Oliver tells her to butt out. She gives him a beat down and Jackson tells her to tell her. He tells her they made an alliance with Klaus that will benefit the wolves.

Klaus goes to see Genevieve about Kieran. She says there is no way to undo the hex but says that his mother might have a cure in her grimoire. Klaus says that’s devious. Genevieve says it could solidify her place with the coven but he says he’s not giving her a book of dirty tricks to empower herself. She implies she’ll tell Cammie that he refused to help and he slams her down to the table and threatens her. She zaps him with some magic and tells him she won’t be threatened by him. She tells him not to cal her again and saunters out.

In the Quarter, the witches march through the streets as the ignorant humans cheer. Elijah watches from the sidelines. Francesca is there as well. Genevieve tells one of her minions that it’s time and sends him to the vampire compound since the vamps are here. The harvest girls are carried in on chairs and they and Genevieve take the stage. She tells the crowd that the witches of New Orleans are there to bless them all. The girls do some real magic with wind, fire, electricity and fireworks that stuns the crowd but seem explainable. The crowd goes wild.

Genevieve’s sidekick comes for the grimoire but Klaus is there. He says he’s been expecting him and he’s late. Elijah greets Davina warmly but she gives him the cold shoulder. Genevieve tells her to show Elijah some respect. She thanks Elijah and he says he didn’t do it for her and tells her to enjoy her party. She walks away. Hayley is there and he tells her he thought she would be with her wolves and she says she’s there as their representative. He offers his arm and they head into the party.

Monique stares at Davina and tells Genevieve that she’s not happy with her. Genevieve says Davina just needs a lesson in loyalty and that she’s good at putting people in her place. Genevieve welcomes everyone and tells them to make their offering and come for their blessing – none of which will be denied. Hayley approaches with a gift and lays it at their feet. Francesca approaches and does the same. Diego does as well.

Cammie is there and asks Genevieve if she gets any gifts. She holds out something and says it’s an offering to what Elijah and Kieran built. Cammie says Klaus told her she was cheated out of life and she knows she understands. She says please and then Genevieve opens the box and sees a beautiful jeweled comb. She’s moved and says she had one like it and perhaps she can help her.

The other girls give Davina a hard time but then Josh is there and says he wouldn’t miss out on her big day. He asks why she looks upset and then starts to take her away. Klaus approaches and tells Josh they have unfinished business. Josh looks like he’s about to wet himself. Davina tells Klaus to leave and he says she’s in no position to give orders. He grabs Josh by the neck and drags him into the room. Klaus tells them they are there to honor witches but one special one has been ignored.

He offers Davina a small box and Davina rejects it. He tells the crowd there has been a lot of conflict and he could execute Josh but as a favor to Davina, he will pardon Josh. He does so and tells the boy he has nothing to fear from him. Then he offers Davina the gift again and says please. She accepts it. Genevive pulls a face and leaves. Josh tells her to open it. She sees a ring and a scroll with the spell to make daylight rings. Josh smiles because he doesn’t have one.

Klaus pulls Hayley aside and says his arrangement with the wolves was supposed to be a secret and that she was bold to find it out and to come as a representative. She asks if he’s really going behind Elijah’s back and then threatens him if he’s trying to betray the wolves. He tells her she has truly becomes a queen.

Drummers come down the stairs and Elijah comes to stand beside Hayley. They bring a message from Marcel. Klaus isn’t happy. The drummers all cut their wrists and the vamps eyes go bloody. Elijah tells them all to control themselves and says that it is a vulgar trick but then the lights go out and the vampires go blood wild and attack. Elijah panics because Hayley is trampled. The lights come on and she calls for him. Klaus isn’t happy she turned to his brother. There is a pile of dead humans and scrawled on the wall in blood is “There will be no peace.”

Thierry tells Marcel that the chaos was a success and that he made sure the harvest girls got out safely. Elijah is there and tells Marcel he warned him. Marcel tells him to kill him but then he won’t tell him about Klaus’ secret meetings with the werewolves. He tells him Klaus won’t forgive him if he kills Marcel and Elijah tells him he doesn’t know him. He rips out Thierry’s heart and holds it to Marcel’s face. He tells Marcel that he lives or dies at his will and leaves. Marcel falls to his knees by Thierry’s body and cries in anguish.

Klaus finds Genevive and tells her she left the party without his offering. She tells him that his vampires ruined her party and he tells her they are not his. He says that Marcel did take a page out of his dramatic book. He tells her he was trying to make up to Davina for killing his first love. He holds out her package and tells her he got her something special and says a friend of hers gave him a hand picking it out.

He opens it and she sees her minion’s hands in the box and he tells her she was foolish to think he would leave his mother’s grimoire unprotected. She says a century enough she dreamed of meeting him but tells him now he should be afraid of her. He tells her that he’ll miss the sex and she tells him Cammie made an offering to her and that she gave her hope but now there is none. He says if Kieran dies she will too. She tells him he shouldn’t pick an ally over a human – especially one that’s sleeping with his enemy Marcel. She leaves.

Hayley tells Jackson that she sees now that Elijah’s peace won’t hold. She says they need to take Klaus’ help while he’s willing to give it. She tells him that they can’t trust Klaus and that he has to tell her everything from now on. He agrees.

Klaus sees Elijah’s bloody hand and says he sees that Elijah has avenged Hayley’s injury. Elijah tells him that he knows he’s been conspiring with the wolves. Klaus reminds him the wolves are also his family as much as Elijah is. Elijah reminds him he has 1,000 years of loyalty and Klaus tells him that protecting the wolves protects Hayley. Klaus also tells him he saw how Elijah called out to her in the dark and that she reached for him. Klaus and Elijah push each other over this and Elijah tells him that he has fought not to desire her so that he can fight for Klaus’ redemption instead but tells him that from now on if he wants something, he will take it and nothing will stand in his way. He walks out on Klaus who looks very upset.

Klaus drinks at Cammie’s bar. She comes in and he says he came to apologize for making a terrible mistake. He tells her that Genevieve was moved by her plea but since he insulted her she is refusing to help. He says Kieran will die because of Klaus and it will be a horrible death. She asks why he’s telling her and she says that secrets are poison that must be spat out like her secret about Marcel. She tells him that he compelled her to be attracted to Marcel and that he’s just mad because he didn’t control it. He tells her to tell Marcel that if he sees him again, he will kill him.

Elijah goes to the bayou and watches Hayley with the wolves. Eve sees him there and tells him he doesn’t need to keep coming out. She says she will warn him if something goes wrong but says she has a natural gift for leadership and has surprised everyone. He looks warmly at Hayley and says “not everyone.” Eve asks Elijah if he wants to join them and he says what he wants is for Hayley to be happy and says not to tell her he was there. He leaves.

Marcel lays Thierry to rest with warm memories. He promises that he won’t let him die in vain and will take back their city even if he has to burn it down first. Diego and his crew show up and asks if he means to take on the Originals for real this time with no backing down and Marcel says yes. He throws a match on Thierry who goes up in flames. They watch their friend burn.

Monique tells Genevieve that she failed them and her sacrifice must be made now. She holds out the knife and uses her magic to push her to the ground but is then possessed again by the ancestors. She says they told her to let Genevieve live but they want another offering of their choosing. Genevieve swears she will make it and Monique says they have to kill Klaus’ child.


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