The Originals Spoilers Season 2 Episode 2 ‘Alive and Kicking’ & Review

The Originals Spoilers Season 2 Episode 2 'Alive and Kicking' & Review

The Originals spoilers for Season 2 episode 2 “Alive and Kicking” indicate an exciting show that is bound to have fans clamoring for more. We have the synopsis for you as well as the preview video sneak peek. Additionally, we provide a detailed review of the premiere episode 1, ‘Rebirth.’

GUEST STAR NATHANIEL BUZOLIC APPEARS IN FLASHBACKS TO THE 1700s – As tensions between Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) grow, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) steps in and encourages her to regain her position within her werewolf pack. Still under Davina’s (Danielle Campbell) control, Mikael (Sebastian Roche) grows impatient while she attempts to uncover a spell that would protect those closest to her. When Elijah turns to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) for help in tracking down a vital piece of information, he is forced to remember a time long ago when they were on better terms. Meanwhile, Davina and Kaleb (guest star Daniel Sharmon) find themselves in a dangerous situation when unexpected visitors show up and crash their dinner. Finally, Klaus grows suspicious after a meeting with Cassie (guest star Natalie Dreyfuss) doesn’t go as he had planned. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Michelle Paradise & Michael Narducci (#202). Original airdate 10/13/2014.

Rebekah is reading a fairy tale to her niece. She tells her about a King who is in a magical kingdom where music and art is celebrated. She tells her the king didn’t for see having children but was blessed with a beautiful daughter. Flash to Klaus sulking while his little girl smiles at Rebekah. Rebekah goes on and tells her of the King and his sorrow. She tells her how monster wanted to harm the baby. Elijah and Klaus are both in the baby’s room looking out the window sadly. Rebekah tells her that King will destroy his enemies so that his princess can live happily ever after

Elijah is looking at some property that Guerreras want to buy and then destroy. Elijah tells them much to their misfortune it’s a historic landmark. Elijah then tells them to tell Francesca he sends his best.

Elijah comes his to Klaus ripping up canvases. Ranting about painting the canvas with the blood of his enemies. Klaus tells Elijah that the full moon is going to once again take his strength. Elijah gives Klaus some good news and tells him he has the twelfth and final ring that is responsible for zapping his strength. Elijah brings up Haley and tells Klaus she isn’t handling the current situation well and like Klaus chooses to be alone.

Haley is walking as a wolf and then she is pulling clothes off of a clothesline. She goes to a cabin by a lake and picks up a doll up out of the ground and studies it sadly.

Meanwhile Cammie and Marcel are having a super fantastic time in bed. Cammie gets up and tells him she needs to get back to school. Marcel wants to see her later. Cammie reminds him of their little deal of no strings attached. Cammie tells him about Francesca having werewolves all over the Quarter. Marcel is in disbelief that the vampires are taking this crap. Marcel ask about Klaus. Cammie tells him no one knows how Klaus is not even Klaus himself. Cammie suggest that perhaps Klaus is mourning. Marcel tells her that isn’t it Klaus has been know to murder and mourn all at the same damn time. Cammie tells him Davina is in highschool and told her coven to kiss her all powerful ass. Marcel proudly smiles and says that’s his girl. Cammie thinks they should let the past stay in the past and let go of the things they can’t change.

Speaking of Davina she is busy buying Icelandic folk music. She makes it clear it isn’t for her. Oliver strides in and Davina is quite rude. Oliver tells her she needs to get out while the getting is good because it’s about to get awfully unpleasant. Oliver knows who the guy in the store is he goes by the name of Joe Dalton. When Oliver tries to attack him Davina stops him with magic. Davina tells Joe to run.

Francesca is throwing the mother of all fits that directed at the mother of well Klaus and Elijah Cassie (Esther.) Francesca is furious that Davina stopped Oliver in his wolf tracks. Francesca reminds Cassie that Davina is not member of the coven and therefore the same rules do not apply. Francesca is having trouble keeping her cool. She can’t stop worrying about when Klaus will decide to seek his revenge.

Cassie is walking with Finn (you know Elijah and Klaus’s brother) but of course they would never know. Finn is disguised as a uber attractive black guy. So as twisted mother and son walk together she explains how Francesca is no doubt going to do herself in. She also brings up the fact her two sons are in a rude awakening.

Cammie has come to see Klaus. She goes in and calls him. Klaus is right behind her but when she turns he is gone. Cammie heads upstairs and feels Klaus there but doesn’t see him. Cammie finally tell him to come out that they need to have a talk. Elijah comes out instead. Elijah tells her Klaus doesn’t want company and that she is in danger by being there. Cammie tells Elijah that he should let Marcel help them beat the Guerreras. Cammie tells him how horrible it is in Quarter now that Francesca and company are running things. Elijah ask Cammie to leave and she does. Klaus comes out and Elijah tells him his much he likes Cammie and her spirit. Klaus admits that he does too.

Josh has brought Marcel a new group of possible vampires. Marcel gives them the chance to be what they have always wanted and be able to love forever. Then to give them a idea Marcel grabs run and throws him in the air to show his strength. Josh is there to catch the guy. Marcel explains that before they leave they will forget they ever were there. Marcel says that some will be compelled to return. Marcel explains to josh he is looking for warriors not just fighters. Marcel then ask Josh if he knows the difference. Klaus appears and answers by saying a warrior fights for what he believes in…..his family.

Elijah is in the baby’s room folding up some of the baby things. Haley comes in and demands to know just what he thinks he is doing. Elijah explains that in order to keep up the facade they need to move on. Haley ask him if then perhaps she and Klaus should tell everyone they are ready to try and have another child. Haley orders Elijah to leave everything in its place.

Davina finds Mikael waiting for her. Mikael hurls a knife at her and Davina sweetly reminds him he can’t harm her. Davina tells him to drink from her and he grabs her arm. After he stops he holds into her ring and tells her he wishes he could kill Klaus and be some with it. Davina tells him it’s not going to happen until she finds away to remove her friends from Klaus’s bloodline. Davina reminds him he has his wife’s spell book and should be able to figure it out soon. Mikael couldn’t be more thrilled.

Klaus tells Marcel that the only stake capable of killing a Original has disappeared. Klaus ask Marcel if he might have it. Marcel tells Klaus he knows better than that if he kills Klaus he will die as well. Klaus tells Marcel he wants to strike Francesca and company tonight.

Joe arrives and Marcel tells Klaus who he is. Joe tells them that Davina saved his ass from Oliver and that it isn’t safe for him to go back to his shop. Marcel suggest he leave town. Joe is not having any of that. Klaus ask if he wants to join the fight. Joe ask a Klaus what that means. Klaus ask why the Guerreras haven’t come to get him yet. Marcel puts two and two together and says it’s because they don’t have the stake either. Klaus and Marcel wonder who does. Klaus decides it is of no consequence tonight because they are going on a wolf hunt.

Klaus shares his idea with Elijah. Elijah is concerned about where the stake is. Klaus says they need to plant seeds.

Joe heads back to his shop and tells the wolves he wants to get his stuff and leave. Joe tells them he has info that Francesca will most definitely want. Joe tells her that they think she has the stake. Cassie realizes that means they no longer have it.

Elijah is large and in charge and explains for their story to work Haley and Klaus are going to have to work together. Haley tells him as long as Francesca bites it she is all a out it. Elijah tells her he will personally serve Haley her head in a silver platter.

Meanwhile Cassie is trying to witchy up the stake but has no luck because it’s cloaked . Well done Davina. Francesca tells Joe he better start talking if he wants to keep breathing. Joe says he heard the Priest had it.

Cammie’s apartment is being trashed. Cammie finally gives the wolf what he wants, directions to the stake and the key to get it. After the wolf leaves Cammie looks out the window and Elijah gives her a knowing nod.

Francesca tells Oliver that Klaus’s strength is at it’s lowest within the next few hours. She tells him to go and subdue him while the others grab the stake. Oliver ask Francesca where she will be during all this. She says she will be at home. She tells Oliver to be sure to bite Elijah and rip out Haley’s heart.

Some wolves show up where Marcel is at. Marcel causes the sprinklers full of wolf bane to go off. Oliver and company show up at Klaus’s house. Haley kicks the shit out of one and takes the ring off his finger. Klaus gets strong. Francesca is I. Her house and heads a noise, she sees blood splatter all over window. It’s just Elijah doing Klaus a solid and ripping a wolfs ring finger off. Marcel also yanks a finger off. Elijah is in Francesca’s yard. Her guards come out and surprise surprise they all have rings. Haley Jack’s another. Klaus meanwhile is all smiles and power. Haley beats the shit out of Oliver takes his ring and tells him if she ever sees him with another one she will kill him.

Elijah throws Francesca’s door open. Francesca reassures her guards he can’t come in. Elijah goes back to the historical bit from earlier and tells Francesca since her house is considered a historical landmark he won’t need a invitation and through the door he goes.

Klaus is painting with red paint no wait it’s actually blood. Ewwwwwww…… Dreams really do come true. Klaus ask Elijah how many rings they still need. Elijah tells him just one Francesca has it. Klaus can’t believe Elijah just let her get away. Elijah says that technically isn’t what happened.

Haley is on top of Francesca’s car and has yanks her out of it.

Marcel and Josh are talking. Marcel tells Josh they are fighting for the soul of the city.

Haley is back at home breaking things into pieces. Elijah comes in and gets her to stop. She tells Elijah she killed Francesca and she still feels like shit. Elijah tries to comfort her and tell her she will be alright. Haley tells him how she killed eight of her own before she killed Francesca and that there is nothing right about that. She tells Elijah she remembers how he used to look at her and sees his he looks at her now. That she used to be a mother and now she is a monster. Haley looks at Elijah who looks conflicted about whether or not he should hold her. Haley takes off.

Davina goes to the music store and sees that it’s closed. Kaleb (Kol also known as the other brother) is there. He strikes a conversation with Davina.

Klaus suggest that Elijah just smash the rings. Elijah explains it’s a witches spell so water is required. Wizard of Oz much? Elijah puts the water on them and they burn baby burn. Elijah tells Klaus that Haley needs him.

Cammie is in bed with Marcel. Cammie tells him not once but twice that has is sorry but their little rendezvous have to come to a end. She gets up to leave.

Klaus is with Haley and tells her things will get better and tells her they are going to stick together like a family should. He holds her hand and smiles at her.

Finn is meeting with Cammie a air her residency.

Later Cassie ask if she fell for it. Finn tells her yes and then says he forgot what it felt like to be this human as he runs his hand over a flame. Kaleb comes in and sits down. Kaleb comments on do in a liking his new body just as much as he does. Cassie tells them that their brothers did them all a favor by killing Francesca and she will now control the wolves and the vampires. Cassie then says they have a family reunion to plan.