The Taste RECAP 1/16/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Guilty Pleasures”

The Taste RECAP 1/16/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Guilty Pleasures”

On ABC tonight THE TASTE returns another new episode called, “Guilty Pleasures.”  On tonight’s show it’s all about guilty pleasures this week as the mentors challenge their teams to create dishes inspired by their favorite decadent indulgences.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it for you right here for you.

On last week’s episode it was the first round of competitions for the 16 culinary hopefuls who had secured a spot in “The Taste” kitchen. The teams faced both group and individual cooking challenges as they geared up for battle.   First challenge: Each mentor joinsed their team in the kitchen for the first time, shared their own memories of the foods that reminded them of home, and gaves their team a specific dish to put a personal spin on. Second challenge: Without the help of their mentors, the competitors had to prepare the dish that most represented their own memories of home. From soup and roasted meats to a multicultural mash up, in the end, two competitors were sent home.

On tonight’s show Caviar, Foie Gras, “Elevated” Take Out, and sweet & salty decadent indulgences are taking center stage this week as the 14 remaining hopefuls face off in “The Taste” kitchen to put their personal spin on the mentors’ favorite guilty pleasures. In the end, two more competitors will be eliminated.  Chef Aaron Sanchez guest judges during this episode.

Don’t forget to join us for our live recap tonight at 8:00pm when The Taste Season Two episode 3 returns to ABC. While you wait for the recap, let us know what you think of The Taste?

RECAP:  It starts off with the judges coming out of their trailers to sit at the table and talk about their shameful guilty pleasure, Anthony talks about how he loves fried chicken; and then he mentions about Lee and Cassandras romance. The judges have their team come to their trailer; they’ll be talking about the upcoming challenge. Nigella understands there are few of them in the kitchen; they will need to focus to win the competition. Anthony asks if Lee is getting a little friendly with another chef on another team, Anthony doesn’t care what Lee does as long as he wants to win. Ludo tells Cassandra not to be distracted by Lee; he’s very worried about their little fling going on. Now the four teams are headed to the kitchen, to begin cooking. The teams are welcomed back and congratulated on surviving this far in the competition; Aaron Sanchez will be judging their dish in the team challenge. Tonight’s theme for the team challenge will be about guilty pleasures, whoever wins the challenge will get a master class presented by Aaron Sanchez and also have his aid in the individual challenge. Anthony wants his team to use caviar in their dish; Marcus wants his team to do something using wings. Ludo tells his team he loves fat, a guilty pleasure for him is something bad for his cholesterol, Ludo takes out foie gras, and he wants them to use it in their dish. Nigella tells her team about her guilt pleasure, she shows them how she loves chocolate and chips, showing them how that she wants them to make sweet and salty. The cooking will begin in a minute; everyone prepares themselves for the upcoming challenge. The teams have one hour to cook, each team will make a dish; but only the best dish tasted from the team will count. Louise is making a seared foie gras tartar.  Marina is going to make a puff pastry filled with foie gras; Jeff is making a foie gras taco. Nigella talks to Crystal quick, she’s worried about her dish, she wants to make sure it meets guilty pleasure. Crystal says that she’s 100% confident with her dish, Crystal then says why Nigella doesn’t help her make a truffle. This dish could cost Crystal, she better hope her bloody marry bacon and eggs is something amazing.

Shellie is making a slow cooked deep fried egg; Dana is making a buttermilk biscuit quail egg sandwich. Audrey is making a baked potato soup; Shehu is making a scallop and bacon summer roll. Don is searing scallops and making a green curry for it. Sarah is making cheddar bay biscuit fried egg sandwich. Nigella is really worried about the dish Crystal is making, so she’s going to concentrate of Jacquelyn who’s making a chocolate pot de crème. Thirty minutes are left for the contestants to cook, Cassandra says that working with Ludo is a once in a life time experience, she’s going to stay open minded to learn from him. Nigella is worried about Crystal’s knife skills. Ludo tells Cassandra that fat is her friend; Lee got a little frustrated with how much the two of them were having a blast. Fifteen minutes are left for the challenge; Anthony was not pleased with Shellie’s quail egg. There are five minutes left with the challenge, Nigella decides to go with Jacquelyn’s food. Anthony decides to choose with Dana’s dish over Brad’s.

Ludo hasn’t decided who’s going to represent the team, Ludo decides to go with Jeff’s dish, and Louise isn’t pleased that her dish wasn’t chosen by Ludo. Jeff then goes and tells Ludo after his dish goes for tasting, that he’s never made tortias before. Aaron Sanchez will be blind tasting their dishes; he comes out and says that guilty pleasures for him are something chocolate and unforgettable. Aaron really enjoyed Dana’s dish. Aaron thinks Jacquelyn’s dish was very tasty, Aaron then says that he loved Sarah’s dish. Aaron decides to choose Ludo’s kitchen as the winner of the challenge. Ludo is happy to win again today, Aaron’s second most favorite dish was Nigella’s kitchen. Marcus’s team lost the challenge tonight, now he must decide who’s going home tonight. Marcus asks the contestants who they’d send home. Marcus decides to send Audrey home, which was a smart decision for him to make since she wasn’t cut out for it. Now it’s time for the solo challenge, now the contestants must make their own guilty pleasure dishes for the four judges to taste blind. Ludo’s team gets to have a private class with Aaron Sanchez. All the contestants leave to wait in the break room, for their upcoming challenge. Sarah is disappointed that her dish was chosen as the worse dish tonight, some chefs are feeling jealous of Jeff and how he’s winning a lot so far. Aaron tells them that with a guilty pleasure would be something traditional but to make it more elevated. He shows them how to make a lobster enchilada. Anthony talks about how Lee was completely unfocused during the team challenge, because he had his mind on Cassandra during it. The other teams want to knock out a teammate on Ludo’s team, because so far Ludo’s team is a powerhouse.

The contestants are now getting ready to cook, they have one hour to make a guilty pleasure dish for the judges to blind taste. Crystal is making an oyster Rockefeller Jacquelyn is making a beer braised pork belly. Louise decides to change her mind on a jalapeno popper to make chowder. Cassandra is going to make a lobster roll. Jeff is making a sausage tortellini with a cream sauce. Marina is making a fresh spring roll with scallops. Shehu is going to make a beef and pork belly burger. Sarah is making an oyster gratin. Don is making a Spanish rice dish with pork, seafood and chicken. Shellie is making a chicken fried lobster. Lee is going to make a bacon mac and cheese. Brad is doing a vanilla butter poached lobster. Dana is making scallop ravioli. There are thirty five minutes left; Crystal is now making a chocolate truffle instead. Shehu cut himself and wants the medic to help stop the bleeding for himself as quick as possible. Lee’s deep fryer isn’t working, so he tries to go and use it in someone else’s kitchen. Dana is feeling good with her dish and doesn’t expect to be going home. The judges tell them how impress they are with Ludo getting Cassandra a vegan to cook foie gras. There are six minutes left, Cassandra asked Jeff to come over and kill a lobster for her, because she couldn’t do it. Their time is up, now the judges must taste the contestant’s dishes. The judges taste Louise’s chowder first; they say it needs more seasoning. Brad’s vanilla lobster is up, the judges didn’t look pleased. Jeff’s pasta sausage dis his up, the judges really love it except for Nigella. Dana’s scallop ravioli is up next, the judges didn’t like it mainly because of the truffle oil. Shehu’s burgers are up now, the judges love his burgers, but Ludo isn’t a big fan of it. Cassandra’s lobster roll is up now; the judges seemed to enjoy it a lot. Sarah’s oyster gratin is up next, they seemed to like it. Crystal’s chocolate truffle is up now; the judges seemed to like it a lot. Jacquelyn’s dish didn’t do too well with the judges. Don’s paella is up now, the Ludo didn’t like the dish, and Marcus says it’s alright, but not the best. Shellie’s dish up next and the judges liked it. Ludo likes Marina’s dish, but the other judges don’t. Lee’s mac & cheese did very well. The judges are now going to decide which dishes they liked, the contestants are now in the break room. The contestant feels threatened by Jeff and Lee. They talk amongst each others about their dish.

The contestants now come out to stand before the judges and find out who’s going home tonight. Anthony’s best dish of the night was Lee’s mac & cheese. Marcus’s best dish was cooked by Lee as well. Nigella’s best dish was Shehu’s dish. Ludo’s favorite dish of the night was Jeff’s dish. Anthony asks what he cooked, Lee explains what he cooked. Anthony feels that Lee nailed the dish so well, the other judges agree with him. Lee’s got the stars again and feels good. Shehu talks about his burgers and why he made them, the judges believe that Shehu executed the challenge perfectly. Ludo says that he loves Jeff’s dish, that it was fatty and creamy. Jeff talks about how a guilty pleasure for him is creamy pasta. Now it’s time for the judges to announce who they believe cooked the worst dishes of the night.

nthony’s worst dish was cooked by Dana, Marcus’s worst dish was cooked by Marina, Nigella’s worst dish was cooked by Don, and Ludo’s worst dish was cooked by Don.  Anthony wants to know what Dana was trying to do, he was pissed that the dish didn’t follow the challenge. Dana is not pleased being put on the bottom tonight. Marina talks about her dish, the judges say that this dish didn’t catch the point of the challenge. Anthony says that if this was fried and added more grease to the dish it could have been better. Don talks about his dish; Nigella didn’t understand where Don was going with the dish; because it didn’t feel like a guilty pleasure. Dana, Marina or Don will be going home tonight; they now talk about why they should stay in the competition. Nigella is happy that none of her chefs were put in the bottom tonight. Jeff and Lee are the biggest competitors on the show as of now, the judges are now talking about who they want to go home for tonight. Dana won’t be going home tonight, Ludo talks about how Marina’s summer roll needed a bit more flavour. Marcus tells Don that his dish wasn’t what he thinks it is, because his dish needed to be more delicate. The judges decide to send Don home, they made the right decision.