The Vampire Diaries Detailed Recap – Kai on the Loose: Season 6 episode 9 “I Alone”

The Vampire Diaries Detailed Recap - Kai on the Loose: Season 6 episode 9 "I Alone"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday December 4, season 6 episode 9 called “I Alone,” and we have your weekly recap. Tonight, Damon [Ian Somerhalder gets into trouble when he carries out a plan that requires Alaric’s [Matt Davis] unwilling participation; Elena [Nina Dobrev] is surprised by Jeremy’s reaction when she shares hopeful news about Bonnie; Matt takes matters into his own hands when Enzo’s actions cross the line; Kai continues to be a dangerous threat.

On the last episode, as Caroline (Candice Accola) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) prepared to host Friendsgiving at the dorm, they receive some hopeful news from Alaric (Matt Davis) and Stefan (Paul Wesley), who had traveled to Portland to gather some information regarding the Gemini Coven. Tyler (Michael Trevino) was determined to help Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) after she and Luke (guest star Chris Brochu) revealed some disturbing information about their witch lineage and the impending plans their coven had for them. Meanwhile, dinner took a drastic turn when Jo (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe), who had revealed some painful details about her past, found herself fighting for her life, leaving Alaric scrambling to help from a distance. Finally, Kai (guest star Chris Wood) made a dangerous discovery that brings him one step closer to his release. Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham also star. Joshua Butler directed the episode written by Nina Fiore & John Herrera. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Damon (Ian Somerhalder) finds himself in hot water after he carries out a plan that requires Alaric’s (Matt Davis) unwilling participation. When Elena (Nina Dobrev) shares some hopeful news with Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) about Bonnie (Kat Graham), she is caught off guard by his reaction. Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) helps Damon and Elena with their plan to get Bonnie back, but when things take an unexpected turn, she’s left with a difficult choice to make. Elsewhere, Matt (Zach Roerig) takes matters into his own hands when Enzo’s (Michael Malarkey) actions cross the line, and Kai’s (guest star Chris Wood) existence continues to be a dangerous threat. Paul Wesley and Michael Trevino also star. Kellie Cyrus directed the episode written by Brian Young & Holly Brix.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 episode 9 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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Jo shows up to Ric’s and finds him lighting candles. She says she didn’t know it was one of those nights and he teases her for being unenthusiastic. She says she’s had a day from hell. She’s excited to see he has Thai food and says she’s starving. Damon says he compelled Ric to get Jo drunk to dig up info about the Ascendant. They talk about her dad and how he tried to kill her and banished him. She says she made a deal to get her freedom by betraying her brother.

She says her family didn’t know she has the Ascendant. She says having it makes her feel safe because she knows no one can use it to release Kai. He pours her more wine and she guzzles it then kisses him. Stefan tells Damon that Ric is going to kill him once he knows. Damon says Stefan has betrayed a friend too and reminds him how annoyed Caroline is with him. Damon says he hopes the Ascendant theft has already happened. Sure enough, Ric walks in with the Ascendant.

He compels Ric to be a good boyfriend and forget this ever happened. Jeremy and Elena are out for a jog and she comments that he’s in a better mood. He says he purged his grief and is ready to move on. She sighs, thinks and says she has to tell him something about Bonnie. She says Damon just found out that Bonnie is alive and is working hard to get her back. He says Liv is working on a way to send them over to the existential jail to get her back.

Jer says this is good news but he’s heard all this before. He marches off angry. Tyler tells Liv she needs to stay put and says he brought her to Mystic Falls to protect her from the supes. She’s packing and determined to go back to work the spell for them to help get Bonnie back. She says she’s not a prisoner and not Rapunzel. He asks why Luke can’t do it and she says he’s spending his last few weeks having fun. He says if her coven finds her, they’ll force her to merge.

He tells her this is not a joke but she says she can’t run away forever. He tells her he’ll find a way. He steps closer and kisses her. Sarah overhears the whole twin merge thing and tells Matt that Mystic Falls is so weird. They talk for a moment about the Tripp thing and Matt says the whole Mystic Falls protection thing is done and tosses the roster in the fire. Sarah tells him it’s time to keep his word about introducing her to her family.

Damon and Elena take a walk and he brings up Caroline and Stefan. She says she just wants them both to be happy. They meet Liv in the woods with the Ascendant and some Bennett blood. She says she’s surprised that Jo gave it up since it’s the only thing keeping Kai in place and away from killing her. Liv hands over vials of her blood for them to drink to link them to her so she can bring them back from the other side. She has another vial for them to give to Bonnie to drink.

She activates the Ascendant and then they’re back in 1994 by the cemetery. Elena says she came there every day after the accident for months – it’s where her parents are buried but they’re not there in 1994 – they were still alive. He tells her to keep her eyes peeled for Kai. Kai complains about skinny jeans in the back of a car. He asks about the whole crazy security thing on airplanes and the driver says they’re worried about terrorists. He apologizes for being chatty.

The cab pulls up and he tells Kai it’s $30 for the ride. He pulls out some headphones and chokes the driver with them instead of paying him. The guy slumps over and Kai puts the earbuds in the driver’s ears and hops out of the cab. He leans back in and says thank you. He’s at the college! Damon and Elena are in ’94 Mystic Falls at the Salvatore’s. They can’t find Bonnie anywhere. Elena slumps onto the sofa and wonders if Kai did something to her.

Elena sees a couch cushion and smells blood on it. He tells her if Kai has Bonnie, they need to talk. He says he has his pager number and can page him. She asks how pagers work and he says you leave your number and then hang up and wait for a call. Sarah waits with Matt in the diner and she’s jumpy about meeting her closest relative but it’s Enzo that shows up. He introduces himself and Matt tells him to leave. Stefan comes in and tells Enzo to back it down.

Stefan says he doesn’t want to have to clean up his corpse and Enzo says he’s making a bad impression in front of a relative. Stefan doesn’t get it so Sarah introduces herself as Zack’s daughter. Elena finds a video camera in the house and turns it on. It’s Damon saying he’s in hell. He says it’s his own personal hell. Damon snatches the video camera from her and says it was his Real World audition tape. She says it’s a video journal and he says it’s not and those are lame.

The phone rings and Damon threatens to hurt Kai if he hurts one hair on Bonnie’s head. It’s not Kai, it’s Bonnie. Elena says they’re in the Salvatore house in 1994 and are there to get her. Bonnie cries in the phone booth in Portland. She says he stole her blood and left her in Portland. She says she’s on the way back to Mystic Falls and has no clue where Kai is. She says she’s in Indiana and they tell her she’s got to be there before Liv pulls them out – looks like she has just enough time to make it there.

Elena is thrilled after she hangs up. Damon says Kai has everything he needs to get out and is worried he may, in fact, already be out. Kai walks into the bar where Liv is working. He sits and orders a Zima. She tells him that’s hilarious and asks if he really wants to order. He orders a sod and calls her Liv then says that’s ironic. Ric leafs through a book when Jo comes in and asks – where is it. He asks what she means and she says to stop joking and asks where the Ascendant is.

He says he has no idea and she begins searching his place. He tells her he doesn’t have it and she asks if he told Damon where it was. He says they decided to look for another way. He says he didn’t tell anyone and wouldn’t. She says he never would but that doesn’t mean he didn’t. She says Damon could have compelled him and he laughs and says he wouldn’t do that. She says to prove it. She says they are going to Mystic Falls to walk across the border and see if his memory comes back.

Elena and Damon cook and work the crossword. She reads the story about the slaughter in Portland and he tells her that was Kai’s work. Elena says if Kai is out, he’ll go after Jo. He says he’ll try and merge with him. She asks why Jo would hand over the Ascendant and he says he asked nicely. She asks if Jo just gave it to him. He deflects and goes to change the music. He says she didn’t give it to him – Alaric stole it from her. He says he compelled him to.

Elena stalks out and he goes after her. She says why wouldn’t he compel his best friend and he says he’s trying to get Bonnie back. She says he just wants Bonnie back to remind her how great Damon is and says really it’s all about what he wants. Enzo and Matt sit at the counter and Enzo tells Matt what they’re saying except he’s lying and saying that Sarah is saying he’s a loser. Matt tells Enzo that everyone hates him.

Sarah tells Stefan she had herself emancipated. He orders them chocolate milkshakes and says it’s a family tradition. The blender clicks on to block Enzo’s hearing. Stefan tells her to get up and walk out. He says he knows she’s lying. The blender clicks off and he asks if she’s ready to go. They get up to walk out and Matt asks where they’re going. She tells Matt it’s fine and she’ll call him later. She leaves with Stefan.
[9:10:54 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kai asks Liv if she’s on Twitter and makes stupid small talk. She says she’s going to close up because it’s dead. He says he wants a real drink and she asks for ID. She doesn’t believe he was born in 1972 and tells her to look at the ID again. She sees his last name is Parker and he grabs her hands. He says the last time he saw her, he was trying to kill her. She tries to run but he drained some of her magic and uses it to lock her in the bar. She runs upstairs and he follows. She tells him to stay away and they face off. Tyler is there and throws him off the balcony. He tells Liv – let’s go.
– –
Enzo asks Matt if he finds it strange that Stefan and Sarah left. Matt asks why he cares and Enzo says he cares about authenticity. He tells Matt that he hates Stefan because he’s considered a hero yet tried to kill him, has killed others and hurt the only decent girl he knows – Caroline. He tells Matt that Stefan is a liar with a little box of secrets and tells Matt they should open the box. Sarah tells Stefan that Zach and Gail are her parents and she even has photos.

She asks why he doesn’t believe her. He says Sarah Salvatore is at Duke University and was adopted from the hospital by a good family. He says he made sure of it and has looked out for her his whole life even though she didn’t know. He asks Sarah who the hell she really is and she gets out to run but he catches her. She says her name is Monique.

Damon finds Bonnie on the porch of her house. He tells her he had a bad day in May 1994 and said people died – a lot of them. He says he has felt a lot of guilt since then and so he thought this was his hell but he says Bonnie never thought that. He says she was the reason he survived and never made it out. He says they actually became friends and says he’s doing it for Bonnie, not for her and not for him. He tells her that’s it.

Elena says who would have thought – Damon and Bonnie. He tells her not to make it weird. She says Bonnie should be close to Whitmore now and he says if she’s not lost since she has a terrible sense of directions. She says her porch swing used to squeak and he says he fixed it and says he and Bonnie were there every day because it brought him close to her. She says she regrets burning her house down and he asks if she wants to go inside. She says yeah.

She tells him she’s sorry she compelled away her memories and says they were only half hers. He tells her they can make new ones and touches her face. He looks at her. She gets a funny feeling and then say oh no. They’re back in the present. Tyler and Liv are there and Tyler says Kai is there trying to hurt Liv. Elena demands that she send her back and reaches for Liv but gets burned because Liv and Tyler are over the border of Mystic Falls.

Tyler and Liv take off and Damon and Elena are stuck on the other side of the no magic zone. Monique says she met Sarah at sleep away camp. She says Sarah had a great life and when she found out Sarah didn’t want to find her real family, she decided to find them for herself. He says he let Damon believe the baby died when he killed her mom. He says his brother is better now but he didn’t want to take a risk. He tells her there’s a threat since she knows who Sarah really is.

He tells her to take off her vervain. She does. He compels her to forget Sarah, Mystic Falls and all of them. He says to leave Virginia and never come back. Matt pulls up and says hi to Sarah. She doesn’t know who he is. Matt asks Stefan why he compelled her and Stefan says she’s not family, she’s a con artist. Enzo is there and grabs her. He says he wants the whole story. Stefan says there is no Sarah Salvatore and Enzo asks why he whisked her away and stole her memories.

Enzo tells Matt that Stefan is digging in and protecting his lie. Enzo counts down from five and then snaps her neck while Matt rages. Stefan holds Matt back and Enzo says if Stefan hadn’t lied, it didn’t have to happen. He tells Matt they’ll find out the truth sooner or later. Kai finds Elena and Damon and destroys the Ascendant. Damon comes for Kai but he knocks him down with magic and says he stole some of Liv’s magic when he tried to kill her.

Elena tries to reassemble the Ascendant and gathers the pieces but Kai sets the pieces on fir and it catches Elena on fire. Damon throws Kai aside and Elena gets the fire on her arms out. Kai is now on the other side of the border and says now there’s a psycho loose in Mystic Falls and no vampires around to stop him. Stefan tells Matt he’s sorry Enzo killed her. Matt says Stefan could have stopped him and Stefan asks if he thinks that was easy for him.

Stefan says he thinks about everything before it happens. Stefan says he’s nothing like Enzo but Matt says he is and says when it comes to vampires, human lives mean less. He says Tripp understood that but it took Matt longer to realize it. Jeremy pours a glass of booze when his phone rings. It’s Elena and she tells him she was on her way. He says – let me guess, at the last minute it didn’t work out. He hangs up on her. Matt shows up and tells Jeremy not to take the drink.

He tells him he needs to channel his rage and says he needs to be a hunter again. He asks Jeremy to help him kill Enzo. Ric shows up to confront Damon about compelling him. Damon says he had to try and get Bonnie back. Ric says they promised Jo they’d keep Kai locked away. Damon says he’s out and Ric punches him. He stomps away. Damon is really hurt – emotionally. He tells Elena he left Bonnie a note saying to come to her house. He says she probably made it with 30 minutes to spare.

He says she sacrificed everything for them and now she’s stuck there all alone. We see Bonnie run to the house and she doesn’t find them. She’s upset but tries to smile. She closes her eyes and starts to cry. She slumps down on Elena’s front porch and sobs and sobs. Kai waits for Tyler when he comes home. He tells Tyler he’d rather not kill him, but he will. Tyler asks what he wants and Kai says he’s going to save Liv’s life and asks Tyler if he wants to make a deal with the devil.

Ooh – if Kai can merge with Jo, he won’t need to kill Liv – at least not for a while… Maybe. Can’t wait to see what happens.

The End!