The Vampire Diaries RECAP 3/6/14: Season 5 Episode 15 “Gone Girl”

The Vampire Diaries RECAP 3/6/14: Season 5 Episode 15 “Gone Girl”

The CW’s much loved supernatural drama, The Vampire Diaries, returns tonight with a whole new episode called “Gone Girl.” On tonight’s show While Nadia remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan, Caroline and Matt come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s life.  If you missed the last episode don’t fret; you can get all caught up by checking out our full recap RIGHT HERE.

On the last episode as Damon’s behavior escalated from destructive to deadly, Stefan began to regret their last conversation and decided to track Damon down and intervene. For reasons of her own, Elena volunteered to come along. Dr. Wes enlisted the Travelers to set a trap that will once again test Damon’s friendship with Enzo. After a heart-to-heart talk with Nadia, Matt enlisted Caroline  and Tyler’s help to protect Elena, leading to a violent confrontation. Later, when Stefan tried to comfort a dejected Caroline, their conversation led to a horrifying realization.

On tonight’s episode while Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda) remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice Accola) and Matt (Zach Roerig) come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) life. For the second time, Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) must turn to Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) for help. Damon baits Tyler (Michael Trevino) into a nasty confrontation, then takes off to seek revenge on Dr. Wes (guest star Rick Cosnett). Caroline and Tyler come to a new understanding. Finally, Bonnie learns of a terrifying secret that will threaten the lives of all her friends.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 episode 15 “Gone Girl” airs at 8PM tonight on the CW and we will be live blogging it will all the up-to-the-minutes. So come back to this spot and spend the evening with us enjoying the show! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current update!

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Long ago, Nadia comes knocking on a door looking for Katherine. She begs the man for help. Now, Nadia has a nightmare and Katherine wakes and comforts her. Her arm is wasting and infected from the hybrid bite Tyler dealt her. Katherine wants to help her, but doesn’t want to be outed as not Elena. K called Dr. Maxwell and he swears he’s there to help and can make an antidote. He’s excited because he’s never played with werewolf venom. Nadia says it’s almost worth dying just to finally have her mother’s attention. Katherine swears she’s going to be a better mother starting now – by saving her life.

Damon is still chained when Stefan explains that Katherine took over Elena’s body and she was the one who dumped him. Stefan explains that all of his antics were reacting to Katherine’s actions. Damon asks why he told a starving ripper vampire that his nemesis is still alive. Caroline explains it to Tyler and Matt and they are horrified that they fell for it. C says they are the worst friends ever. Jeremy and Bonnie also discuss it and Jer doesn’t understand why she saved him and Bonnie says that she was just playing a part.

They all discuss all the trouble she has stirred up – making out with Stefan at the hotel, telling Tyler about Klaus and Caroline… She’s just been up to no good all around. Tyler asks how they kill the bitch. Stefan says they need to stab her with the traveler knife to expel her. Caroline says Katherine will see a sneak attack coming from a mile away. She says they need to get K to come to them. Tyler says she likely won’t show up since he bit Nadia. Caroline says K will stick with her daughter unless not doing so would out her as not being Nadia.

Caroline calls Elena and tells her they are throwing Bonnie a surprise birthday spa day. Katherine makes an excuse and says she’s planning Aaron’s funeral. K gets a call from Bonnie. She tells her that she’s worn out from exams and dead witches passing through her. K has to pretend to sympathize. Bonnie whines and invites her for coffee. K tells her that she’s at the spa buying her a gift certificate and can’t meet her. K rants about them all being clingy today.

Stefan comes into Damon’s cell with a mug and bites his arm and fills it with blood. He hands it to his brother who greedily gulps it down. He asks for more and Stefan tells him too bad. He says Caroline did the math and they figured out three doses of four ounces of vamp blood each day will keep him from going insane with hunger. Damon tells him to let him loose so he can get the cure from Maxwell. Stefan tells him to forget it.

Stefan calls K to try and tempt her out since she refused the others. Damon’s phone rings from Elena’s number. He answers and tells her he’s hungry and strung up. She asks if they can talk and asks to see him. He agrees and invites her to come to the house. She agrees and they hang up. She tells Nadia that Damon must know she’s not Elena since he readily agreed to see her. She then quickly figures out that all of them know. Stefan tells Damon that it doesn’t make any sense that she volunteered to come over. Damon says he was testing him and he failed so she knows that they know…

Back in 1720 in France, Nadia searches for her mother. She has a purse of money and offers it to a traveler. Nadia talks in her sleep as she remembers the event. Katherine has moved her and tells her she passed out in the car. She has brought her to a church to hide her and Nadia tells her to leave and save herself. K tells her she didn’t raise her to be a quitter and that as soon as she’s better, they’ll leave Mystic Falls together.

Caroline is freaking because they lost the advantage of K not knowing that they know. She worries K will take off and they won’t be able to find Elena to save her. Damon calls out from his cell that they need a locator spell. Bonnie and Jeremy head to campus to ask Liv for help finding Elena. She says they can convince her.

Damon whines for blood and Tyler tells him to wait and that he just had lunch. He asks Tyler for some hybrid blood and he shuts him down. Damon asks why he’s still there in Mystic Falls doing nothing and going nowhere. Damon torments him about Caroline and Tyler tells him he should worry about his own problems. He tells him that Elena always forgave him but Caroline went for the nuclear option of sleeping with Klaus. Tyler tells him to fix himself and run away since Elena will never forgive him. Damon goads him again about Klaus and Tyler lunges at him and gets too close. Damon attacks and feeds from him. He drinks a little then throws Tyler down. The strong hybrid blood gives him enough strength to break through his chains and walk out of the cell.

Caroline comes to check on Damon and finds Tyler coming to with a bite on his neck. She asks why he came in and he tells her that Damon pushed his buttons. Tyler tells C and Stefan that he thinks he’s gone after Doc Max.

Liv sits Jeremy down to help her with the spell and Bonnie talks her through it. She is having trouble and asks Jer some questions. She flirts with Jeremy and pisses Bonnie off who tells her to focus. She begins to get results. She asks if Elena spends time in church.

Katherine leaves Nadia to go check on Maxwell and Nadia tells her to be careful. In his lab, it looks like the evil doc has found a cure for Nadia. He puts the syringe in a case but then hears a noise. He calls out and then dials his phone but Damon snatches it and asks him “what’s up Doc?” He smashes it and then Maxwell reveals that he’s the only member of the Augustine society. He wants the cure so he can get Elena back. Maxwell reaches for the syringe. Damon tells him he did this to him and Maxwell tells him that that is who he is and that he just held up a mirror. Damon punches into his chest, throws him on an exam table and tells him it’s his turn to play doctor and takes a scalpel to Maxwell’s face.

Nadia wakes in Matt’s arms and compels him not to tell Rebekah when she steals her earrings. She tells him he’s dumb for hanging out with an Original without taking vervain. She asks Matt about Klaus and his favorite vampire – Katherine. Matt says he knows who Katherine is and has met him. She takes his immortality ring.

K comes into the lab and is horrified to find Maxwell dead. Now she can’t save her daughter. She gets a call from Nadia. She tells Nadia she’s coming back for her but it’s Stefan who tells her that he has Nadia back at his house. K plays dumb and he tells her to come to the house and says he knows she cares about her daughter. She demands to talk to her and he gives Nadia the phone. Her daughter tells her to run and Stefan snatches the phone back. He tells K to come back and see her daughter one last time before she’s gone for good.

Nadia is in pain and drenched in sweat. Matt comes to her bedside and tries to make her comfortable. He takes her hand and tells her they’re icy. She calls him Gregor and tells him he’s sorry she betrayed him. She tells him she did it for her mother – says she did everything for her mother. She begs his forgiveness and he pretends to be Gregor and forgives her. She tells him she doesn’t want to die. Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler, Caroline and Stefan come in. Bonnie kneels beside her and she asks what happens when she dies. Bonnie explains that she’ll take her to the other side. She asks if it will hurt and Bonnie says it won’t.

Katherine comes in and says she’s there to see her daughter. She goes to Nadia and takes her hand. Nadia smiles weakly. She says – you came back for me. Katherine promises not to leave her again. She asks if she found a way to save her and K says that Klaus’ blood would have saved her but she didn’t ask him. She regrets not asking him and now it’s too late. Nadia tells her that her mother’s name is Katherine and says she’s looking for her – she’s hallucinating. She says her mother is a liar, murder, betrayer and manipulator and will do anything to survive.

K tells her she’s right there and begs her to look at her. Nadia repeats that she’s looking for her mother. She gasps in her last throes. Katherine tells her that her life should have been more than searching 500 years for a mother that ended up being like her. Nadia gasps. K touches her hair and tells her what her life should have been like. She closes her eyes and concentrates and shows Nadia a perfect day they could have had if they had always been together. Nadia sees herself as a young girl with her mother there taking care of her, tucking her into bed and kissing her goodnight. She tells her to sleep well and Nadia begins to pass. Katherine tells her that she loves her.

Nadia is there then as a spirit watching. Bonnie goes to her and Nadia is crying. She looks at Bonnie who holds out her hand. Nadia takes it and Bonnie holds it with both of hers. She sends Nadia on and then gasps in pain when she passes through her to the other side. K stares at her daughter’s body.

Katherine gently closes Nadia’s eyes. She pulls the blanket gently up over her face and stands. She makes a run for the door and finds Damon there. He calls her Katherine and backs her into the room. She’s surrounded and asks who has the knife and which will get to kill the elusive Katherine Pierce once and for all. No one says anything. She asks why they’re speechless. She asks if it’s Tyler because she triggered his werewolf curse. She tells Caroline that she made her better by making her a vampire. Caroline tells her goodbye.

She asks Matt if he’d stab her in the heart and says he was the best night she never had. She turns to Jeremy and tells him it was nice to have a brother for a second. She tells Bonnie that she’ll see her on the flip side. She turns to Damon and says she knows he’d love to drive the blade through her. He says he has nothing to say to her. K tells him she’s sorry. She says he blames her for who he is and she’s sorry for turning him and that he didn’t get to die as a forgotten nobody on a Civil War battle field. She says she gave him passion and something to live for and taught him how to love.

Finally she turns to Stefan and tells him she wondered what it would be like to be loved by him. She says she knew for one moment his feelings were real and that playing Elena has been the role of a lifetime. She kisses him. He stabs her as their lips touch and she says this is how their love story ends. She collapses on the floor and pulls the blanket off her dead daughter as she falls. They all gather around. The spirits whisper and she slumps over, eyes closed.

Matt stares at Nadia’s corpse sadly. Jeremy tells him Stefan said they should bury her in the woods but Matt insists she deserves better. Jer asks if he needs help and he tells him he’s got it. He lifts her body and walks out.

Elena lies on the bed and Damon asks why she hasn’t woken up. Stefan says it takes time and then asks what Damon’s plan is. He says thanks to Tyler’s blood, he’s okay for now and just wants to tell Elena what he’s done and let the chips fall where they may. He says he can’t die there alone like Katherine did and doesn’t want to become her.

Caroline tells Tyler she didn’t like K but is still sad. He tells her she sees the good in people and she asks if he’s talking about Klaus. She tells him his bite just killed someone but no one is judging him like they are her for sleeping with Klaus. He tells her that people expect more from her. She tells him they shouldn’t because she’s just like everyone else. She tells him to get over it or get out of her life because she’s done feeling guilty. She storms off.

Bonnie goes to the church and lights a candle for her father and tells him she misses him. Katherine’s spirit is there and Bonnie tells her she’s dead. K tells her it was harsh of them using her daughter against her. She says they left her no choice. Bonnie tells her she wants to get it over with and K says that she’s sick of Elena getting what she wants. She tells her Maxwell never intended to help Nadia but wanted the hybrid venom to make the ripper virus even more dangerous.

Elena says that Stefan thought he had given her just one choice – about to die. We see her pick up the syringe of super ripper virus that Maxwell made and inject herself with it. Elena wakes and Damon asks if it’s really her. She finds the syringe in her jacket as K tells Bonnie that she left Elena a parting gift. She tells her that if she can’t have Stefan that no one can. OMG – Elena is a ripper.

She grabs Bonnie but doesn’t pass over. Bonnie doesn’t know what’s happening and says she doesn’t control it. K asks who it’s up to and there’s a great wind that blows her off her feet. Bonnie tells her she can’t help her. K is dragged out of the church and into the night. Perhaps into hell??


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