The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Premiere Recap and Review “I’ll Remember” Episode 1 – Spoilers Episode 2

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Premiere Recap and Review "I'll Remember" Episode 1 - Spoilers Episode 2

Welcome to our super-detailed recap and review of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 premiere episode 1 entitled “I’ll Remember.” We also have a nice spoiler synopsis and preview video of The Vampire Diaries Season 6 “Yellow Ledbetter” episode 2 at the end of the recap/review.

We see a lantern that blinks in and off then a tent. There are two teens inside it making out. They hear a noise and the girls ask what it is. The boy says he has no idea. The girl tells him to go and check it out. The boy tells her she can go check it out. Instead of telling him to act like man and not a bitch she goes and checks it out. She walks over to the tree the lantern is hanging in and hits a couple of times so it will come back on. She turns back around and starts a sentence that abruptly ends in a scream. The Sheriff is standing there with a flashlight glued on the girl. The girl tells her she thought she was a serial killer. The Sheriff tells her it’s worse actually because she will still be alive when she calls her parents. She tells them to pack it up. The teens are now walking through the forest headed towards a car. The boy is complaining about getting busted for two beers. They pass a sign that says they are now leaving Mystic Falls. The girl says that Mystic Falls is turning into that place from Footloose. He opens the trunk and throws his bag in. He notices the girl is missing. He yells for her and she comes falling out of the trees covered in blood. He runs to her and holds her and tells her everything will be ok. In between gasps she tells him to look up. He does and he sees a figure jumping down on him he screams. It’s Elena.

Elena is walking and in a voice over she says today was a good day. Summer is officially over and she couldn’t be more thrilled. Sophomore year..she says this is the year your supposed to pick a major to,carve at your path in life. So that’s what she did we are looking at future Dr. Elena Gilbert. She is lighting candles in a little church in graveyard. Next she is in a hospital with a bunch if other students and the doctor talking to them decides it’s time for a pop quiz. She ask if the patient is complaining of chest pains and is shirt of breath what test would they run. A guy holds his hand up but she calls on Elena who is lost in her own little world. Elena gets the answer correct. The doctor praises her for reading ahead and tells her to remember that she will need it in three years. She hands Elena a bed pan and tells,her that’s what she needs to know about today. They all start walking. The guy that raised his hand earlier tells Elena he was impressed. Elena says thanks. Back to Elena in the church. In the voice over she says so maybe I did spend the day observing but at least she has unlimited access to blood bags. She is pulling a envelope out of her pocket and pouring into a mortar and crushes it. She says we can use all the help can get. Some of us are still getting used to the whole drinking other peoples blood thing.

Alaric is mixing his blood in a cup of something he is drinking. Elena walks in and he ask her if she wants some. Elena tells him she had some on the way over. Elena tells him this will never not be weird. Alaric ask her what a witch turning him into a vampire or that four months ago he rose from the dead. Elena tells him it’s him being her college professor. Voice over Elena again she says in Alaric’s defense he couldn’t exactly compel himself a job back at the high school. Elena goes on tomsayn thanks to,the Travelers Mystic a Falls was off limits to anyone with fangs. On the plus side the crime rate is down. Matt is boxing with someone in the park. Elena says she isn’t sure that he got the memo. Elena says Matt is better than he has ever been. She thinks he can bench press more than Jeremy now which is behind freaky. Matt walks in on Jeremy making out with a girl on the couch. Elena continues her voice over. Speaking of Jeremy …actually lets not talk about my brother. Matt walks out. Elena says she would rather talks about Stefan. Cut to Stefan fixing a car. Elena says the last time she heard he was chasing some lead to a witch that could contact the dead. Stefan’s boss whistle to get his attention and tells him to get his ass over there it’s pay day. Elena says they haven’t spoken in months which must mean his search for answers has been all consuming. Elena says he is grieving he has lost so much. She is lighting candles. She says they all did. She puts the lot match in the mortar setting it’s contents ablaze. She says they are all getting through it in their own way.

Caroline is on the phone. She tells the person she is talking to that she dropped out of Whitmore why would she cheer for their stupid football team. It’s Elena. She tells Caroline it’s the opening game of the season and it’s time to come home. Caroline says she is home she just signed a lease on her new apartment. Caroline is having a picnic with the Sheriff (aka mom). Elena tells her she is living in a town that doesn’t even want her and that’s sad. Caroline points out the Elena doesn’t even like football. Elena says she like drinking in the parking lot before hand. Tyler comes up behind Elena and she puts the call on speaker. Tyler tells Caroline she is coming. Caroline tells Tyler not to act like he has any ground to stand in he skipped a entire year. Tyler tells Caroline she hounded him for a entire year so here he is. He tells her to her ass back there. Luke is standing behind Luke and shows Elena another brown envelope she shakes her head no and he walks away. Elena tells Caroline she is going to be at her house at six tomorrow and to bring her school spirit. Elena tells her bye and then hangs up.

Caroline goes back to talking to the Sheriff. Caroline tells her that he hasn’t found a spell that can undo a anti border spell per say but the book does mention Travelers which isn’t that helpful but at least it’s a step in the right direction. The Sheriff calls her sweetheart and then tells Caroline she should go with them tomorrow. Caroline says no that they are going to see a movie. The Sheriff tells her they have spent the whole summer together. Caroline puts the book down and says the Sheriff must be sick of her. The Sheriff tells her she just lost one of her closest friends so it makes since she would want to hang on to things that are familiar. She says Elena lost her to and that she clearly misses Caroline. Caroline says no that Elena has taken up residency on planet denial. Where football is more important than her boyfriend being swept off into oblivion. Caroline says every time she mentions Damon to Elena it’s like nothing ever happened. The Sheriff tells her that Elena has experienced more grief than anyone she has ever met. She tells Caroline to cut her some slack. The Sheriff gets a message that two kids were admitted to the hospital with suspicious wounds on their necks. Caroline ask if it’s vampire attacks and then says how vampires can’t get into Mystic Falls. The Sheriff tells her no but they can lurk around the borders. She tells Caroline she has to,go and take care of this. She also tells her to think about Elena’s offer. Caroline picks up,the basket to hand to her mother and she gets burned when her hand goes past the invisible border.

Elena is doing the voice over again. She says Caroline doesn’t want to let go. Elena says he gets it she doesn’t want to either. She is pouring water in the mortar. She says he doesn’t wanna think that everything has changed and she has to start over. The worst thing that could possibly happen actually did. She puts the mortar to her mouth and drinks what’s in it. Next she was in the woods. Elena says but she doesn’t have to. She then says that was her day how about hours. She looks over and Damon is siting next to her. Damon says can we go back to the part where Alaric came back from the dead to be a college professor. Elena laughs. Damon puts his arms around her and holds her.

Alaric is in front of his class teaching about the occult. Elena has her book up and is hiding behind it. In class, Elena hides behind her notebook as Alaric lectures on the occult. Alaric tells his class the occult translated literally means hidden therefore the study of the occult…….Alaric looks over at a hidden Elena….he trails off ….picks up his lost thought and continues therefore the study of the occult is the study of hidden knowledge. Today they are going to discuss it as it relates to resurrection something he is quite versed in at this point. Livvie starts laughing and Alaric ask her if something is funny. Livvie says more like ironic but ok. Tyler comes flying in late. Alaric tells him it’s generous for the practice squad to lend him to them. Tyler apologizes,for being late and them looks around in a panic. He sits down next to Livvie and peeks at her book. She snatches away. Tyler calls her princess and tells,her he is sorry he was Jair trying to see what page they are on. Livvie tells him shhhh that she is trying to listen. Livvie waves her hand and makes the book flip to the right page for Tyler. Tyler jumps and looks over at her. Livvie acts coy and hides her face as a smile breaks out in it. Back to Alaric rambling he is saying that they believes resurrection only existed in a spiritual sense. He peeks at Elena again. Alaric sends a direct message to Elena that only she can hear. Alaric says Elena you know I can smell that right. Elena looks up from her cup and when the straw slips out of her mouth blood is on it. Alaric tells her it isn’t fair that she has that while all the kids in that room smell like blood sausages. Alaric tells her to put it away. Elena says sorry. Back to teaching Alaric goes.

After class Elena hauls ass to catch up to Luke who is hauling ass to get away from Elena. Elena tells him she has been really thirsty lately and she ask him if it’s because of the you know. Like ask her if she is asking if there are side effects to the ancient psychotropic herbs he has been giving her. Luke points there haven’t been any clinical trials. Elena wants to know if he can maybe I don’t know add something to the next batch. Luke tells her there shouldn’t be a next batch. Elena ask what he means like she can’t grasp the simple concept. Elena points out it was Luke’s idea she see Damon of figment of my imagination land. Elena goes on to point out he is the reason Damon is no longer around. Luke tells her he is well aware and that’s why he made Alaric the daylight bracelet. Luke tells her he went against his covens rules to,get her the herbs and now is a good time for her to come back to life, back to reality, back to the hear and now. Elena tells Luke she is fine cross her heart, hope to die,stick a needle in her eye. She tells Luke to come by her place at five. She gives him a kiss in the cheek and says thank you.

Stefan goes is talking to his boss. Stefan tells him he thinks a zero fell off his paycheck. His boss tells him what actually happened was he had to dock him two hundred dollars. Stefan ask for what. His boss tells him that Dan Zimmerman said he out a ding on the head of his Shelby. Stefan tells him the guys wife did it. His boss tells him that’s funny he just called his best customer a liar. Stefan tells him he is ripping him off. His boss ask him what he is going to do about it. He calls him kid and then ask him if he is going to quit and run back to where ever in the hell he came from. Stare down time. Stefan pockets his check and walks away. His boss says that’s what I thought and goes back to work. Stefan’s phone starts ringing as he walks away. It’s Alaric. He tells Stefan he is just calling to see if his contact panned out. A girl starts walking toward Stefan. He tells Alaric he is still working on it. Alaric tells him good and to keep him posted and let him know how it goes. Stefan hangs up. Stefan and the girl stare at each other.

Caroline carrying a lot of books meets with Alaric. Alaric finds it hard to believe she read all that. So do I. Caroline tells him she did cover to cover. There is no mention of how to undo a a anti magic force field. She tells if she is going to single handedly take back their town she is going to need a little bit more to go on. Alaric whips out a book called ancient witchcraft. Caroline says she already read it. On to the next one. The art of hexing and the element of magic. Caroline takes it. She says fine and then tells him thank you. Caroline ask how Stefan is. Alaric tells Caroline he is ok. Caroline ask how often they talk. Alaric says maybe a couple times a week. Caroline goes huh. Alaric tells,her he is going to go,out in a limb. He ask her if something is bothering her. Caroline tells Alaric Stefan didn’t say goodbye. Damon and Bonnie does and he just left. No phone calls, no emails just disappeared into thin air. She hasn’t heard form him in months. Alaric says maybe Stefan doesn’t want tom other her with leads that go nowhere. Caroline says or maybe she just needs to get over it. She tells him thanks for the books.

Elena calls Matt looking for Jeremy because he isn’t answering his phone. Matt finds him playing video games in the living room. Elena tells Matt to out his hound in speaker. Matt does and sits it down. Elena tells Jeremy to get his butt of the couch and do something productive. Jeremy ask if she is going to come there and make him. Elena threatens to call the Sheriff and bring him to the town border so she can kick his ass. Elena ask Matt for some help. Matt says he will get right in it. Matt hangs up the phone. Matt says this is it your just going to sit on the couch and play video games fool around with random girls and be drunk by noon everyday. Matt tells him it sucks that Bonnie is dead but that he needs to start living his life again. Jeremy ask how by joining the community protection squad. Matt tells Jeremy is a hunter he has skills use them. Jeremy tells Matt no more magic no more hunting. Matt tells him he is right he isn’t much of anything anymore.

Elena shows up at Luke’s dorm room and tells him she thought he was showing up at five. Luke tells her he knows she did. Luke tells Elena he can’t help her anymore. Elena ask if it’s because she told him she was thirsty. Elena tells him that isn’t a problem she can get more from the blood bank at the clinic she works there. Luke tells her she is going through that stuff like crazy and that he isn’t a drug pusher. Elena say no your my friend. She invites herself right into his room. Elena starts going through his room looking for her Damon herbs. Luke tells her it’s time to come back to reality. Luke tells her to stop. Elena grabs him and shove a him up,against the wall. She tells,him she needs to see Damon and she’s not asking.

Elena is driving and her passenger is none other than figment Damon himself. Elena wants to know how long after someone comes back to life can they start dating. She wants to,set Alaric up with Jo. He apparently is into the pretty doctor types. Damon tells her the fact she said that with a straight face is one more reason he loves her. Elena says so like three months. Damon ask her why Luke can’t whip up a Bonnie flavored batch. Elena tells him if she had to drive around with everyone she lost she would need a school bus. Damon says or she knows Bonnie would agree with Luke. Elena says can we not talk about this. Damon says not talk about what the fact that he is dead. Cause I am. Elena points out that technically he was dead when they met. Damon tells her good point now I’m just gone. Very zen of Damon. Elena tells him to please not say that. Damon tells her that this conversation is pretty much the smart level headed Elena talking to the irrational possible drug addict Elena. Elena scoffs. Damon continues and tells,her it’s clear evidence of her insanity. Elena turns the radio on and up.

At the tailgate party people are roaming around having a good time.Tyler bumps into Alaric and says did before he realizes it’s him. Tyler tells him he just getting used to this human thing. Alaric ask hi if someone with his anger issues should be drinking this close to a full moon. Tyler says that’s why he plays football he gets to kick as in a controlled environment. Alaric is concerned he could do,something stupid and trigger his werewolf curse again. Tyler tells him it’s under control. Alaric says good but just in case. With that he takes Tyler’s cup of beer. Tyler just says really. Alaric tells,him he hasn’t been buzzed since coming back to life and saying that out loud while sober freaks him out. Tyler notices Livvie. Livvie noticed that he noticed and then she looks away. Alaric also notices at tells Tyler as the only sober person there he can trust him when he says that girl is so not into you. Alaric thanks him for the beer and walks away.

Stefan is in bed when the girl,from earlier comes in wrapped in a sheet. She ask him if he wants to grab dinner. Stefan tells her he would but he told his boss he would stop by the garage later. Girl is upset and tells him they have been hanging out for two months now and she doesn’t know anything about him. She tells him when his friends call,he gets all weird. She wants to play a little game. She wants the two of them to go back and forth telling each other things about themselves to one another. Stefan says he already knows all about her. She wants to know something about him. Stefan tells her he is a vampire. She calls him annoying. Stefan tells her he likes her. He kisses her.

Back at the tailgate party. Alaric is drinking blood from his flask when he bumps into Jo. She tells him she is glad to,see someone else over the age of thirty and then tells,him she doesn’t eat red meat. No tells him she is a doctor at the clinic. Alaric tells,her he teaches occult studies at the college. Jo says she didn’t know that was a thing. She wants a nip from his flask but he tells her he is a germaphobe. Alaric excuses himself to make a phone call. He leaves Elena a massage telling her when he lost his human nature he also lost his game. Alaric ask her where she is.

Elena is searching around in the car for a bag of blood because she is thirsty. She doesn’t have any. She sees a car stopped up,ahead and ask Damon this is about. When she pulls,over to,see I take note that Damon is no longer in the car. Elena ask the girl if she is ok. The girl tells her that all depends on if a he is still in the Western Hemisphere. Elena tells,her to hang on that she can help and them she climbs out of the car. The girl tells her she is from New York. Elena ask her where she is headed and the girl says Mystic Falls. Elena looks around then grabs the girl and slams her fangs into her neck. Damon is back and tells,her to be careful. Elena says she is still,hungry and drinks some more. Damon tells her she is going to kill her like she did the other ones before her. Elena tells Damon she is going to let her go she just needs a little bit more. Caroline zooms up out of nowhere and says oh my god. Elena lets the girl go so she can explain to Caroline and the girl takes off. Elena gives chase but the girl makes it to the other side of the barrier.

The girl is staggering down the street holding her bloody neck yelling for her help. Caroline is asking Elena what she is doing feeding on people. Elena says fine she will compel everyone else. Caroline says your the border lurker. Elena says what. Caroline tells her that her mother has been out looking for a vampire prowler. Elena tells Caroline that the herbs Luke has been giving her make her so thirsty. That she can’t think straight. Caroline is stop rewind what herbs. Elena tells her they make her see Damon. Caroline is shaking her head. Elena says she can talk to him and she can be with him. Carline ask her if that’s what she has been doing this whole time. Hallucinating her dead boyfriend. Elena tells her she tried to grieve him. Elena tells,her she has grieving dow. To a science at this point but every time she tries to let it sink in she is never going to,see him again she feels like she is going to die. Caroline tells,her she gets it but here are better ways to get through it. Elena says like what. Dropping out od school and having picnics with my mom. Or maybe she could pull a Stefan and bounce from country to country. Elena says they are all getting through it and this is how she chooses to do it. Caroline tells her she isn’t getting through it she is pressing pause. Caroline tells her she will call,her mom and fix all this. But that Elena needs to,get out of there and hide. Elma gets in the car to leave and says what am I doing. Damon is there and he reaches and squeezes her hand. They look at each other and sit in silence.

Matt is jogging when he sees the girl stumbling and yelling for help. Matt runs over as she falls. As the others start running over she tells Matt that there was this girl and she has these teeth and bit her. She tells Matt he has to help her. Trip runs over and ask what happened. Matt says she got bit by a dog. The Sheriff pulls up. She tells Matt he needs to take the girl to the hospital. Trip,gets upset because he thinks Matt is lying. The Sheriff tells him he needs to let her do her job. She tells Matt to go.

Stefan comes home from grocery shopping. Soon as he comes in his door his phone starts ringing. It’s Elena. He ignores the first call. But when she calls back he answers. Stefan says hello. Elena tells him she knows it’s been a really long time since they talked. Stefan ask her what’s going on. Elena says she needs him to tell her he found something, a witch, a guy who knows a witch, she doesn’t know something, anything. Elena wants Stefan to give her hope that he will find Damon and bring him back. Stefan tells her not yet. Elena ask him him how he does it. Elena ask him how he gets through the day because she is clearly doing it wrong. Stefan tells her there is no right or wrong way. Elena says no there is only forever and she doesn’t think she can live without him forever,that’s why she needs him to give her hope. Stefan tells her he can’t he gave up. Elena says Stefan told her he was looking for him. Stefan says he did but them he realizes it was pointless and he needed to move on with his life so he stopped. Elena’s ask what he means by he stopped. Stefan tells her he means he said goodbye. He moved on and that Damon is gone. Stefan tells her it’s time for her to say goodbye. Stefan hangs up. Elena is sitting in the car shaking her head and says no. She starts crying.

The party is in full,swing when Caroline calls Tyler. He ask her where she is the party is going to start in like fifteen minutes. Caroline ask Tyler if he knew Elena had a drug problem. That Luke Parker has been feeding her some king of drug concoction that helps her to see Damon. Tyler tells,her to,slow down and then says what. Caroline tells,him the drugs get Elena all blood lusty and she almost killed a girl. Caroline tells him Elena is living in a fantasy land. Tyler ask if Elena is ok. Caroline says she is a mess and as long as Luke keeps playing with doctor she isn’t going to get any better. Tyler tells her to let him deal with Luke.

Matt is driving the girl to the hospital. Matt tells her she just needs a little help,from his friend. When he stops,the car she jumps out and runs Matt calls her name and then runs after her. She stops and tells him he kidnapped her. Matt says he knows she is scared and he is sorry this happened to her but all he can do is promise it wont happen again. She ask why in the she should trust Matt. He tells her it’s because he has been attacked like that more times than he can count. He tells,her has had his throat ripped open, his neck snapped, his hand smashed, he has drowned, he has died and come back to life. He has lost what little family he has and refuses to lose anyone else. He wants to protect people like her, like them. She tell,him that quite a story but the thing is she doesn’t trust anyone. Ever. She goes to leave and Caroline is behind her. Caroline tells her that’s probably not wise.

Tyler is walking a round at the party with a purpose. Luke sees Tyler and heads right for him. Luke ask him if he has seen Elena. Tyler tells,Luke Elena isn’t coming. Apparently she is not in her right mind. Tyler takes a drink. Luke ask,what happened. Tyler throws down his now empty beer cup. He ask like of that’s what he has been up to all summer. Messing with Elena’s brain. He ask him if he doesn’t for fun or is he just desperate for friends. Luke ask where Elena is now. Tyler ask him if he wants to trick her into thinking Damon’s alive. He wants to know who does that and then tells Luke Elena almost killed someone. Luke trellis,Tyler he is drunk. Tyler smacks Luke’s drink out of his hand and grabs him by the throat. He ask Luke where his magic is now and then ask him why he isn’t chanting. Tyler tells him to stay away from Elena or he is going to have a problem his magic wand can’t fix. Alaric comes rushing up and yells hey. He tells Tyler to knock it off and pushes him away from Luke. Alaric tells Tyler you have it under control huh. Tyler takes off. Alaric turns back to Luke and ask what that was about. Alaric walks off with Luke.

Elena is back in the church drinking some of that stuff. It’s almost like she has to,choke it down. She close her eyes and when she opens them Damon is standing behind her. Elena tells him he can’t be there. Elena tells him he isn’t even real it’s just her subconscious making her see what she wants to see. Yet without turning around she knew he was there. Damon says one call from my brother and you want to throw this all away. Elena tells Damon he knows she wants to see him but it makes her reckless. That she hurts people. Damon ask her then why is he there. Damon tells her if she wants to move on to move on. Elena turns and faces him. She tells him she never got to say thank you. Damon ask her for what. Elena says for saving Stefan and bringing her back Lark and Tyler. She says thank you. Damon says Elena. She tells him she isn’t done yet. She walks over to him. Elena tells him thank you for giving her everything she always wanted. A love that consumed her and passion and adventure. There is nothing more she could ever want other than for it to last forever but it can’t. She tells Damon thus is the last time she is going to see him. Elena reaches out and puts her hands in his neck. She tells him this goodbye she tells him she loves him but she has to let him go. She kisses him through both their tears. She opens her eyes and he is still there. Damon tells her she is still holding on. She insist she isn’t and tells him she said goodbye. Damon tells her he doesn’t blame her she knew he was waiting for her. He ask how long before she goes running back to Luke. Elena tells him she told him that was the last time. Elena tells him she is done. Damon says a eternity of torment , agony, and grief and you’ll feel it all. Elena tells him to stop it he is getting in her head. Don’t do this please. Damon tells her she is going to feel it forever. Elena screams no and starts destroying things. She sinks to the ground and cries. Damon put his hand on her shoulder while she cries.

Tyler is working out. Livvie comes up to him and ask if he could be anymore of a douchebag cliche. Tyler admits he got a little out of control. Livvie says a little. She tells,Tyler it isn’t looks fault that his friend is emotionally blackmailing him to to fulfill whatever mental head case crap she is going through. Tyler says it’s grief. Tyler reminds her her brother got to,stay alive that day while him and his friends all lost people they cared about. Livvie tells him she is aware of that. That she thinks about it everyday and so does Luke. She says a lot of them got their loves back thanks to her . So at the very least do her a favor and lay off her brother. Tyler tells,her she is right and he is sorry. Livvie tells,him their twin powers don’t work that way he actually has to say it to Luke’s face. Livvie goes to storm off. Tyler reaches and grabs her and tells her he will tell Luke sorry. Tyler tells her that four months ago he could do anything. He could make anyone do anything he wanted, he was stronger than most people on earth and then it went away. All that is left inside of him is rage. Livvie ask him why he is telling her this. Tyler says it’s because he wants her to understand he is trying to deal with it. Livvie says ok good luck. She starts to,walk away. Tyler ask her why she does that. He is trying to talk to her and she just walks away. Livvie ask him what he would like for her to do. He just looks at her and she walks away.

Caroline is trying to get ahold of Stefan but just gets his voicemail. She tells him today was not a good day. Everyone drifted apart. It’s like everyone is pretending they can get through this. Alone. Elena is gone and she is so scared to accept what’s happened she has become a completely different person. Elena is holding Damon’s shirt and crying. Tyler is hiding at Whitmore acting like everything is fine and that he can out run his werewolf gene. Tyler is working out again. Matt and Jeremy never leave Mystic Falls anymore. Matt is walking around in the house cleaning Jeremy’s mess. There is a invisible wall standing between us and them and nobody is doing anything about it. Jeremy is drunk stumbling through the woods. Caroline says a part of her wonders if they hope they never find a way back in. Jeremy comes across a picture of him, Matt, Bonnie,and Elena. Caroline says and then there is me just sitting in a diner on the border of town trying to figure out how to get their home back. She says we just lost two of their closest friends and that they need each other. They need to be together or pretty soon they are just going to end up picture in a yearbook thrown in the back of a drawer somewhere. That is why she is not going to quit calling until he picks up the phone and she hears his voice and he tells her he is going to help her fix it because she is not going to give up on us. Stefan looks at the opine and then breaks it. Didn’t even listen to the message by the way.

Elena ask Alaric if he likes being a vampire. Alaric tells her she needs to get some sleep. Elena says with all the funerals she never had a chance to ask him. He said no in away from Mystic Falls helped. Elena says she meant the blood lust, heightened emotions and immortality. Alaric walkers over and sits in the bed next to her. He tells her that honestly he hates everything about being a vampire. Elena seconds that. But tells him one day she found the good part. The promise that love could be eternal. Elena says she had that with Damon which means for the rest of eternity she will have a hole in her heart where he is supposed to be. Alaric tells her it will get easier. Elena tells him she knows how death works. She tells him there is no such thing as moving on. It’s a lie. So if she is ever going to be able to move on and make eternity bearable she needs Alaric to do something for her. Alaric ask what. You were created by the original vampires and since she can’t be a normal human and stuff she wants Alaric to compel her to forget she ever loved Damon. Alaric just looks at her.

Damon is making breakfast for him and Bonnie. He puts fangs on the pancakes. Bonnie tells him that everyday she tells him she hates that. Damon says and everyday I do it anyway. Bonnie hands him the paper.

The End!

Now the official synopsis from CW for The Vampire Diaries season 6 episode 2 “Yellow Ledbetter”: “Knowing she needs to come to terms with the loss of Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Elena (Nina Dobrev) is going to turn to Alaric (Matt Davis) to help her move on with her life. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) is going to convince Caroline (Candice Accola) to join him as he tracks down a lead to get Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) back, but Caroline will be shocked when they make an unexpected detour and uncover what Stefan (Paul Wesley) has been up to.”

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