The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Will Ian Somerhalder Get Fired For Dating Nikki Reed – Nina Dobrev Making Trouble?

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Will Ian Somerhalder Get Fired For Dating Nikki Reed - Nina Dobrev Making Trouble?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are set to reinvent the definition of ‘awkward’ now that are back to filming The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season. The duo have been engaged in a weird push-and-pull relationship with all of their rebounds, and I don’t see how it won’t affect their on-screen and off-screen relationships on the show. Ian is going full on PDA with his new girlfriend, Nikki Reed, while Nina is getting her revenge by flirting and getting grabby with every other single dude she comes across. Here is a Vampire Diaries season 6 spoilers message for you: Ian Somerhalder is finished with the show, at least in terms of his future. There is no way that if Ian cared about staying on TVD that he would be flaunting his romance with Nikki Reed.

So really, how are all these relationship dynamics going to affect their time on the show? Despite initial rumors claiming that Ian’s time on the show was limited, it looks like he will be back in some capacity for the sixth season. This was confirmed during the show’s Comic-Con panel this past weekend, where Ian and Nina exemplified the awkwardness of their on-again/off-again exes relationship. Let’s not forget that Nina already slammed Ian hard on Instagram calling him a blood-sucking ‘mosquito’ after pics of Ian with Nina’s former friend Nikki surfaced a couple of week’s ago. I wonder if people saw that certainly the diss was meant for Ian – let’s remember that Ian plays the role of a blood-sucking vampire on The Vampire Diaries.

So in that regard, how awkward are Nina’s and Ian’s love scenes going to be? Are the writers even going to keep that aspect of the show the same, knowing about the complicated off-screen relationship at the center of their show? Now that Ian’s with Nikki, how is he going to film those scenes with his ex-girlfriend – especially if his ex-girlfriend is pissed at him for blatantly flaunting his relationship with his new girlfriend?

Plus, I wouldn’t put it past Nina to bring a new fling to set every other week to make Ian jealous, much the same way she’s been behaving at Comic-Con and recent events.

There’s also a chance that the writers actually change Ian’s storyline based on all these developments. They can’t exactly reduce Nina’s part, since she’s [ostensibly] the lead of the show. But since they already killed off Ian’s character, then they can always reduce his stint on the sixth season. They know that fans aren’t going to want Nina and Ian faking their romance anymore, especially not when he’s being so blatant about his relationship with Nikki. Those fans aren’t very good at suspending their disbelief, and they won’t want to buy into a fake relationship. As such, don’t expect too much Elena and Damon romance next season. But on the other hand, that’s GREAT news for Paul Wesley‘s fans.

  • CC

    LMAO! “Fired for dating Nikki Reed”. Who would watch without Damon/Ian? He is the highlight of a very tired, repetitive show.
    Anyway, if Producers, Fans, Media, Co-Stars etc are dictating your private life, you would gladly walk away with your middle finger upright.
    As for bringing others to set: Nina already did with Derek. Ian now has with Nikki and Candice who dated both Steven and Zach has had her Hubby to be on set also. They all moved on, it’s the dramatic fandom that hasn’t.

    • theresa

      I kno!!! These tabloids are such a joke im so sick of all the b.s. nina/ian storylines online. “Ian is dating so n so and nina is furious” or “ian quits TVD over nina” etc etc etc. THEIR FRIENDS PEOPLE GET OVER IT CUZ THEY SURE HAVE. I doubt tvd is going to get rid of the best character on the show or show very few scenes of him unless they WANT tvd ratings to go down down down. BECAUSE WITHOUT DAMON SALVATORE THERE IS NO SHOW!!!!!

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  • Anchy Briški

    nina and derek is not never sleeping together ,nikki and derek rumors sex

  • Becca

    If Ian goes, no one’s gonna watch the show because admit it guys… there are more fans of Damon than Stefan. And I think both Damon and Ian deserve more… So, bye bye TVD because you SUCK… pun not intended…. And Nina, please get a life which involves not dissing the guy that YOU left 15 months ago. He can date whoever the hell he wants and I think he is showing more class than you considering the fact that you become desperately attached to any guy who come across your path… who is the blood sucking mosquito now?

  • Rebecca

    I have only one thing to say…. bye bye TVD. Because let’s admit it guys, there are more Damon fans than Stefan and I don’t think anyone’s gonna watch it after Ian leaves the show. And everyone would agree with me that Ian and Damon both of them deserves more. I am happy for you Ian. Don’t let anyone dictate you. We all support you :)

  • guest

    lol! Ian signed for six years and I never expected him to sighn for more after that. There will be no show without Damon/Ian , and the network knows that. You just have to look at the thousand up on thousands of Petitions and constant wW Trends, to know that. so , the next season will be more likely the last. one.

  • CC

    Get some real facts before you write an article

  • Emily

    I’m 14 years old and I also don’t care what is going on in their personal lives. But if Ian leaves the show the shows ratings/views will drop dramatically. The show would be nothing without Damon. What would it be, another villan comes into the show and tries to kill someone, elena goes back with Stefan, Alaric gets another teaching job somewhere, Caroline either goes for Stefan and their be a weird love triangle or she goes back to Tyler or leaves the show to be with Klaus, Matt gets turned and they help him with being a vampire? In amonst all that there’s no Damon to mix things up and make the show interesting, it will just be the same boring shit every week. My point is that if Ian does get fired which I don’t believe he will their will be no point continuing the show because no one will watch it