The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Date October 12, Spoilers & Discussion: 5 Things We Hope Happen For Beth

The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Date October 12, Spoilers & Discussion: 5 Things We Hope Happen For Beth

Since the end of the fourth season of The Walking Dead, most of us have been wondering, “What the heck happened to Beth?” The last time we saw her she had escaped a nasty crush of zombies at a funeral home and we think she was spirited away by some unknown person in a car. So what do we hope happens for Beth during season five? Check out this list of our hopes, dreams, and (if we’re psychic) spoilers. The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres October 12 with Episode 1, “No Sanctuary” starting at 9 PM ET, 8 PM CT.

We Hope She Shows Up — Alive: Now, there were some hints that maybe Beth made it to Terminus ahead of the bulk of our prison crew, but we aren’t certain. We have no idea if she is alive or if she’s already become a snack for a zombie, or some other horrible creature (Terminus cannibals, maybe?). We need closure and we need to know what happened to Beth. Hopefully, she will show up — alive, and whole, and not a slab of Beth burgers at Terminus. If something horrible happened to her, we at least needed to bear witness since we have been a part of every other main character’s demise.

Deeper Character Development: From her first introduction, Beth has been a very flat character with little depth. She has just been a shadow in the background, singing and caring for baby Judith. We haven’t seen much development in her as an individual character. Season four brought us a glimpse of some complexities for Beth — she did after all have two boyfriends eaten by zombies, and that showed us a callousness that she developed for her own protection. We watched her escape into the woods with Daryl and begin to show some grit and character before she was whisked away. So let’s see her evolve into something more than just a whiny kid with no feelings.

Reunion With Her Sister, Maggie: Beth, like so many others in the WD universe, has suffered great loss and sorrow. She helped her father keep her stepmother as a pet zombie in season four and had to watch stepmom, stepbrother, and others gunned down. That had to have been rough. It is a little unclear whether Beth saw her father’s beheading at the hands of The Governor or if she had already escaped the prison, but either way — sister Maggie is the only family Beth has left. We need to see these two reunited.

More Survival Skills: When it comes to survival skills, Beth is a bit lacking. Daryl tried to teach her during their sojourn in the woods, and as a novice, she didn’t do too bad. She needs to learn more, though. She needs to truly be able to take care of herself without anyone else’s help. Perhaps during her absence, she has had to learn to fend for herself and develop some of these skills.

The Chance to Set Something on Fire for a Purpose: Okay, so Beth and Daryl’s pyromania in the woods was a bit of a strange episode, but it was therapeutic for both of them. It served no purpose, really, and was a waste of a good shelter. Maybe season five will bring Beth an opportunity to put those fire starting skills to good use — if she’s not already been eaten.

Let’s hope something interesting happens with Beth, but first let’s hope we find out what happened to her. Maybe it will be a great plot twist! Keep checking CDL for all your The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers, previews, and discussions!