The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Negan The Villain Be a New Season 5 Threat?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Negan The Villain Be a New Season 5 Threat?

The Walking Dead spoilers for season 5 continue to keep fans riveted to their screens! The first half of season 5 of The Walking Dead had plenty of bad guys and action. Our survivors battled and survived a cannibal community and then came up against a hospital of captivity. The last half of the season is still left and we can’t help but wonder: What will be the next threat?

Followers of the comic series have speculated that the villain named Negan will be a newcomer to the television series, but creator Robert Kirkman has hinted that Negan may be a later-in-the-series addition. Considering that Negan is a major baddy in the comic book series, it is unlikely he will rise up as a new threat during the last half of season five.

It is plausible that Negan may be introduced at the end of season five in order to set him up as a major villain later on. During this last half of season five, it is likely that there will be a smaller threat, but the series will be setting up for a conflict that will carry into season six.

Internet speculation has held that the group may be heading to the Alexandria-Safe Zone that is featured in the comics. Considering that new character Noah has mentioned going back home to Richmond and that his home town has a wall for safety (like the Alexandra-Safe Zone), this is a likely scenario.

What does the character Morgan have to do with the group, though? We have been watching Morgan as he is tracking Rick’s group. It is believed that Morgan is actually several months behind Rick’s group and is following markings on trees.

Is Rick leaving the marks knowing that Morgan is following?

Some speculation among fans holds that Morgan’s presence indicates the pending introduction of a group of villains known as “The Whisperers.” In the comics, The Whisperers are a group of brutal men who kill other survivors, but the creepy part is that they wear the skins of the dead so they can walk freely among the walkers. Morgan actually made reference to people wearing the faces of the dead during one of his crazy rants in an episode during season three. Perhaps Morgan encountered them and is now tracking them, which would explain his presence.

We know this is a tactic that works because we’ve seen in done — most recently by Carol during her epic rescue at Terminus. In the comics, these guys turn the flesh of the dead into masks and costumes.

Those connected with The Walking Dead are not revealing much for the last half of season five. We can only speculate and make assumptions, but we can be sure that whatever they bring will make the rest of season five a wild ride. Whether we see The Whisperers as a new threat (very possible) or our group makes it to temporary safety at a new settlement, or we are introduced to bad guy Negan, it is certain that the last half of season five will be worth watching.

Stay tuned and plan to watch when The Walking Dead returns in February. And come back to CDL for more The Walking Dead season 5 spoilers!

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