The Young and the Restless Billy Miller and Michael Muhney Firings – Backlash On Radio with Hollywood Catie (AUDIO)

The Young and the Restless Billy Miller and Michael Muhney Firings - Backlash On Radio with Hollywood Catie (AUDIO)

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, right? After weeks of dishing the daily dirt on The Young and the Restless the discussion finally popped up on radio via The Bill Feingold Show with Kevin Holmes. Apparently Bill and Kevin both tune into the show daily and seemed to be just as appalled by the sudden casting changes as CDL’s readers are. They conceded that Michael Muhney’s firing looks more than a little suspicious and watching a new actor, David Tom, replace Billy Miller and come be-bopping through the door as Billy Abbott was a total jolt to the system.

Jill Farren Phelps’ soap killer reputation has now reached the airwaves with Bill and Kevin both rallying for a boycott of the show as well as a change in CBS’ upper offices. It seems that David Tom isn’t exactly a welcome addition to the show just yet in spite of winning an Emmy for the role during his last stint on Y&R ten years ago. No one wanted to see Billy Miller leave the show and so of course David has his work cut out for him now, but will he eventually be accepted?

The Young and the Restless Billy Miller and Michael Muhney Firings Backlash On Radio with Hollywood Catie (AUDIO)

Bill and Kevin also questioned whether or not Phyllis is on her way back to Genoa City and if so who will be portraying her. Do you think Jill is trying to recast the role infamously played by Michelle Stafford? Tell us your thoughts on that but in the meantime, take a listen to the interview clip below. Y&R’s strong and vocal fan base is the reason why these discussions are even happening so don’t doubt for a minute just how much influence you guys really have!

22 responses to “The Young and the Restless Billy Miller and Michael Muhney Firings – Backlash On Radio with Hollywood Catie (AUDIO)”

  1. Misty Miller Wakefield says:

    Ill be honest I only watched the show for billy miller and it was a huge disappointment to see “the character billy” had survived the crash but came back as another actor! Bad call y&r

  2. Lynne Bures says:

    The fact that Sony and CBS don’t seem to care leads me to believe that they want this show cancelled. Look at The Guiding Light and As the World Turns. My television was set to that channel for the whole afternoon every day. Now it’s off. Even the Bold and Beautiful lost its charm when Susan F left.

  3. lisa says:

    Young and restless is going down the drain..sending away the best is a bad call…no one to blame but Jill when the show goes bye bye. .I am so angry of her firings…no one cares about those lifeless show….Jill took the fans up a ladder and just left them there to find themselves down…but guess us fans we found our way down and is never climbing your ladder again.

  4. Evoni Vidtor says:

    Agree…. Billy should die now and Victoria and stich should get together

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  6. Carrie M says:

    I guess that this Jill whoever she is doesn’t realize that the viewers build a relationship with These actors, and you can’t just change them when ever you want. I hate the new billy, and I will hate the new Adam. As far as Phyllis goes don’t even try to replace her. Your killing the show!

  7. Laurene B says:

    THANK YOU!!! According to some people, David Tom made Billy Miller fired, WTF???

  8. Elleda says:

    Michael Muhney was the main reason I watched the show, even though was a longtime watcher. His firing is so inexplicably stupid I’m speechless. He was by far the best actor in the cast and added a nuance and depth of character to Adam Newman rarely seen in a soap opera. Management was also foolish to let Billy Miller get away. He was also a draw for the show, and gave the Billy character some pizzazz.and flair. He was fun to watch.
    At this point I don’t care if they recast both characters. I’m gone. I’ll spend that hour I would have spent watching Y&R watching whatever Michael Muhney turns up in next instead. I hope people really do boycott Y&R. Someone in management needs to learn a lesson – and the only way they “get it” in TV land is to hit ’em where it hurts – the Nielson ratings.

  9. April says:

    David Tom is a horrible actor. Lots of fans of the show are going to stop watching the show because of the very stupid changes that has been made. Billy Miller is the only Billy Abbott that everyone wants to watch. MM will return when this all blows over. I hope so. When is Phyllis going to wake up? Come on its been long enough. Please fix all this, so we all can enjoy watching the show again!!

  10. shannon says:

    I watched the show as i always want ti know what Adam (MICHAEL MUHNEY) was doin or messin up, I dont think an NEW Adam is a good thing and the new Billy is not a good choice. If they want to get rid of people get rid of Summer. She cant act and het charater is usless in my opinion.

  11. Racquel Garnette says:

    No Michael Muhney and Billy J Miller on the show there will be no Y&R. This show is in a mess. Jill and her writing team sucks so badly. I don’t blame lots of fans of not watching this show. I just watch general hospital and it was nice over there. They don’t need Ian and Colin. Colin is bad news and he is up to no good. When Cane and Lily finds out of what Colin is up to he is going down for good. Jill and Colin have a fake marriage which it is so funny.

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  13. Linda says:

    I don’t even watch it anymore. Y&R made three big mistakes when getting rid of all three actors. But Billy Miller is my all time favorite. I watched him on Castle. He’s just great and a very handsome man.

  14. Linda says:

    I said the same thing

  15. Laurene B says:

    And Billy Miller didn’t do anything to stay. So …

  16. Angie says:

    I think Jill farren Phelps should b fired……. she’s screwing up our soap opera Adam was n is my favorite actor I only watched the show for him n Chelsea fire her before she runs the best soap opera n the ground…..BRING BACK MICHAEL MUHNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N let phelps go.

  17. Angie says:

    I agree no-one needed to b fired I heard phelps fires actors n brings n the ones she likes……well I don’t like her so fire her im so outraged that michael muhney is gone I LOVED him he will b missed he needs to fight her to cone back……or else let hunter king go some where else…..not a fan of hers right now .

  18. Bajan says:

    Under pressure

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  20. RareE says:

    Lol. You can’t make David Tom a new character when he is the original Billy Abbott