The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Playing Adam Newman Again – Seen on Y&R Set?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Playing Adam Newman Again - Seen on Y&R Set?

After months of staying on the down low it seems that Michael Muhney has been spotted out and not just anywhere either, but on the CBS lot. The actor was fired from The Young and the Restless last December after allegations of sexual harassment by a co-worker. What followed was a few months of outrage from Muhney’s most loyal fans and a show in total disarray behind the scenes. Other actors took to Twitter to speak out in defense of controversial show runner Jill Farren Phelps’ decision to fire Muhney.

One thing is for sure and that is that the situation made us all take notice of just how vocal and loyal soap fans really are. Collectively, Muhney’s fans were glad to see him leave Y&R after realizing how he had been treated. Hunter King accused Muhney of touching her breast twice but continued to work with him for months after going to the brass. Now we hear that according to Soap Opera Digest Muhney has been spotted back at his old stomping grounds while Phelps has made it perfectly clear that Muhney’s role needs someone to bring it to life.

Could it be that Muhney could be getting ready to return to the role that endeared him to day time viewers in the first place? Nearly 6 months have passed and it has been argued that finding another actor to portray Adam Newman is more than a challenge plus there will be a built in wall of resistance to accept another actor brought by Muhney’s most loyal fans. If CBS is indeed in talks with Muhney then that would have to mean that they didn’t really believe King’s allegations right? I mean someone that is ultimately fired because of sexual harassment isn’t given another chance, unless those claims prove to have been false in the first place otherwise what precedent would that set?

At the time it struck us as really odd that King made these allegations and then continued working with Muhney still there. CBS didn’t seem to take her allegations very seriously even last fall when they chose to continue writing for Muhney and protecting the story line rather than another of their actors. Do you think that the network and Phelps now believe that they made a mistake and are trying in vain to get Muhney to return? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

13 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Playing Adam Newman Again – Seen on Y&R Set?”

  1. elinor says:

    Best actor on show gets fired; fans leave in droves. Is anyone surprised?

  2. Kathy says:

    We want Michael Muhney back as Adam! Y&R is deteriorating

  3. Debbie Welty says:

    All I have been waiting for is that Michael Muhney returns and Nick finally finds out that Sharon changed the DNA tests.

  4. sophia says:

    Bring Michael back as Adam!!!!!! he absolutely cannot be replaced or recast !!!!!
    However….. little Miss Summer CAN!!!!
    I have been watching Y&R since the very 1st episode aired!!! come on!!!!!!
    get your act together!!! Some actors just cannot be recast. I was a faithful watcher never missing an episode. Since Michael was let go I find that the show is very boring. He’s Victor Jr for crying out loud!!!!! Love Eric Braeden too but let’s face it sooner or later he’s going to be retiring. As others have said…. really??? if he did that to her and she continued to work with him?
    bullshit lie fir sure. remember she is supposedly an actress.

  5. Anonymous Canadian says:

    I know Hunter King personally, she said this to me, “I can’t stand that Michael Muhney gets more airtime than i do, I had to be the one to get rid of him, thats why I said what I said, so that while he is off the show, I can finally get more air time”, her words not mine, and her plan seemed to work, but i’m speaking up now because I follow Y&R everyday, and it needs Adam Newman’s return, sorry Hunter, looks like “Summer time” has ended for you, lol I made a funny!!!

    • mom chez says:

      Geez, why doesn’t the press report this info and grill HHK, instead of having kicked MM and family to the curb. She at least should be publicly questioned so we can get to the truth. She should be exposed, and I don’t mean her showing her you-know-whats all over the web.
      What an awful brat to let this lie perpetuate without coming out and explaining her manipulations. More respect for MM and family during this horror.

    • mom chez says:

      Why doesn’t the press bring this info to light? It should be reported. None of what SOD can be trusted as truthful, so this info should be added to the mix. Let’s get this side of the story oozing…

  6. Greg says:

    MM was why I watched the show. When the allegations were made they should have taken actions if it was that big a deal at all. At her age all she wants is recognition and has not the acting skills to fall back on so she brings attention to herself over a cheap feel, if it ever happened at all. Let the show continue with MM and get off the dime and start some action. Your show drags and drags. Your writers fall back on too much talk and not enough talent for plot.

  7. mom chez says:

    Jmackie, enjoy your post. Somehow the disgraceful truth re HHK has to start oozing out.

  8. mom chez says:

    From one Lillian to another Lillian. So true. Best regards, Lily

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