The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney’s Mother’s Twitter Chat Reveals Adam Newman Hiring Details

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney’s Mother's Twitter Chat Reveals Adam Newman Hiring Details

Part of what is so intriguing about the Michael Muhney scandal on The Young and the Restless is the fact that Muhney himself really hasn’t confirmed or denied or even acknowledged most of the rumors swirling around about his controversial firing. Some fans believe that Michael is actually under some sort of nondisclosure contract with Y&R and isn’t able to discuss what exactly went down on the Y&R set leading up to the day he was let go by Jill Farren Phelps. The only comment Michael made that could be interpreted as a denial of the rumors was back in January when he tweeted “Benjamin Franklin said it best, ‘Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.’…and that quote doesn’t only apply to what is being said about ME. It also applies to others. Please be kind to everyone. #respect“.

Michael Muhney’s mother on the other hand and is willing and able to address all rumors regarding her son Michael, and she held a very informative Q&A session with Muhney supporters on Twitter earlier this week. And, nothing was off limits!

Soap Opera Digest reported earlier this month that Michael Muhney was seen on set of Y&R, and his supporters went into a frenzy speculating that the hands we have seen playing Adam Newman could actually belong to Michael Muhney and he was returning to the soap opera. According to Michael’s mother that is not the case at all. On June 17th she tweeted, “I hate to dash anyone’s hopes, but those aren’t Michael’s hands on Y&R. His tweets have NOTHING to do with the show.”

And those rumors about Michael groping Hunter King that just won’t seem to go away? According to his mother they are absolutely false as well. A follower on Twitter asked her, “Why was Michael fired, and what was with that nasty rumor about Hunter King that no one bothered to clear up?” Muhney’s mother responded, “Michael gave the answers to his exit in his last interview. As to rumors, gossip rags quoted an anonymous fan who posted on a message board. Silly. There’s never a need to comment on rumors. They’re neverending!

So, from the words of Michael Muhney’s Mom, he is NOT returning to The Young and the Restless, those are NOT his hands in the Adam Newman scenes. And, as far as allegations regarding what happened between Muhney and Hunter King, she claims it was all just a rumor. Now, as much as we want to believe it was all just a rumor and Hunter King never accused him of groping her, we are confused why several of her co-stars (such as Eileen Davidson) took to social media and supported her for speaking out against Michael’s sexual harassment.

Let us know what you think of Michael Muhney’s Mom’s Twitter session? Were you really hoping those were Michael Muhney’s hands on The Young and the Restless? And, why do you think King’s co-stars, like Eileen Davidson took to social media to support her, if it was just a rumor? More importantly, does Michael’s mom holding what was in effect a Twitter press conference indicate that he is looking for a job?

Fans at Soap Opera Spy Facebook page have reacted strongly – we selected a few examples:

The whole thing is just so unfortunate, as Michael Muhney was the best actor to ever be on “The Young and the Restless!!” He had more depth in his character than anybody else! I just wish him my best wherever he goes or whatever he does……and, per the “allegations”……that is what they are, nothing more. Until “us fans” see court documents to the contrary, we side with MM 100 percent!!!

Some of the “stars” need to keep quiet. Eileen Davidson is one of them. Her Ashley character is boring. She was better on DOOL. Hunter King is boring. I zip right through them on DVR. JFP ruins everything she gets her hands on.
IMO, TPTB should take all 3 of the above salaries and bring MM back before JFP completely kills this show.

And for those saying “move on” well many of us have, we’ve move on to other shows, I don’t watch Y&R anymore.

Here is my theory: TPTB and JPF wanted MM gone because he is very outspoken and in their opinion, a troublemaker. Hunter King was never groped but said she was because they offered her more screen time in exchange for helping to get rid of their problem. MM never seemed to have trouble keeping his hand off all of the much more attractive and certainly more talent actresses that have been on the show in his many years there. And as for Eileen Davidson, she’s in the little Friends of Jill Club.

It just wasn’t fair, after all Jeanne Cooper admitted that she would frequently grab and/or pinch the behinds of the younger males on the set. Even on the show dedicated to her, the guys mentioned it. So what gives?

first of all I think he may not want to lower himself at the level of his accusers – second I think that yes given that some of the persons involved are probably important for the show he may have been asked not to talk.

What matters here is that MM is a super talented actor who needs a vehicle so that he can display his skill and satisfy the fans. Since The Bold and the Beautiful is CBS the only opportunities in daytime are DOOL and GH – either show could make Michael an offer soon.

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16 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney’s Mother’s Twitter Chat Reveals Adam Newman Hiring Details”

  1. RedRiver38 says:

    What will Celebrity Dirty Laundry do without a nasty scandal that you’ve continued to write about for the last six months? Ignore the truth and keep pushing the lie. Do you guys EVER have any ethics? It amazes me how you people have no journalistic standards.

    • loncatrachopatroticocensurado says:

      That’s because celebrity gossip is simply that RedRiver38, that and fluff pieces. These so called “celebrity journalists” may have gone to journalism schools, but as far as practicing what they learned, well that’s another thing entirely. If you want real journalism and actual journalists with ethic standards in the 21st Century, you’re out of luck. There aren’t that many left. And there’s even fewer places to get some real informative sources of information with facts.

    • Caitlin Rose says:

      What truth? Nothing has ever actually been stated from the studio or the parties involved. Do you know something they don’t? What in this article was a lie? They reported on Michael Muhney’s mothers comments which were public. I agree that they keep this issue alive by constantly reporting it. However, the true culprit to that is the Young and The Restless themselves who created this farce. Eileen Davidson returning is a JOKE! She is not a Fan Favourite. Hunter King can’t act her way out of a bag….Her sister Joey King is much more talented. I hope you can enlighten us all to your comments.

  2. yr fan 123 says:

    Stupid CBS TPTB to let my show sink so low…. For what exactly?? Why on earth did they employ that EP that ruins shows? Makes little sense to me… Those hands are not our beloved Michael ‘ s. I’m sure she gets some sick pleasure out of teasing loyal, life long fans…. they probably have no frigging clue who will play the role or when – those hands could be there for another 12 months being played by the CBS janitor or kitchen hand (imagine the cost saving there??)maybe then she can save enough money to afford 2 offer MM his favorite role back. If someone else hasn’t already nabbed him on a permanent contract.

  3. MK says:

    He withdrew himself from the running.
    He probably would have won if he didnt pull himself out. Kinda awkward thanking a show and cast in a speech when they did ya so dirty.

  4. Linda says:

    Y&R may have won best soap and best writing team but those awards are for last year when it was really good and we had Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. The ratings have nose dived since they left. This will never happen next year. Look out here comes GH!

  5. Jean Heath says:

    Why does the post seem to think that MM’s only options are day time. He has been and Is talented enough to hit prime time.

  6. Shelley says:

    Don’t be ridiculous CDL! You know very well Michael is far above these rumours. Hunter should’ve cleared his name, but I think we all know she’s someone’s puppet in this scandal (not mentioning a name, but I think we all know who). Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the strength or class yet to stand up and be accounted for. I wish her luck, because this will follow her for years! Michael has the ultimate family. So glad they’re standing behind him when others set out to destroy him. Jealousy is such an evil emotion!!! On another note JFP looked every bit like the moron she is at the Emmys!

  7. Shelley says:

    Shelley, I don’t think Hunter handled it well at all! She should’ve come forward at the outset to squash the rumours. Instead she chose to be a puppet. Where’s the class in that. I realize she’s young, but she’s definitely old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. And this was so totally wrong! I have zero respect for her….

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  10. Tammy Heard says:

    I personally don’t like the change in the billy character. I loved David Tom and especially the actor before him. I don’t know why they have to change so often, really aggravates me.

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  13. Crystal Hooten McElroy says:

    I think mom is full of bs. IMO of course she will say that

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