The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Newman is Waking Up – Sharon Travels To See Her Victim – Devon Dates Abby?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Phyllis Newman is Waking Up - Sharon Travels To See Her Victim - Devon Dates Abby?

Adam Newman’s infamous hand scenes haven’t appeared on The Young and the Restless in a few weeks, it looks like Phyllis Newman’s hands have stolen the show. Phyllis Newman has been in a coma since 2013, but The Young and the Restless spoilers recently revealed the character would be returning and soap opera star Gina Tognoni had been cast to play the iconic character. Tognoni’s air date is scheduled for Monday, August 11th.

According to CDL’s exclusive The Young and the Restless spoiler source, on the July 30th episode of the CBS soap opera, Phyllis Newman’s hands will make another appearance. The last time Summer Newman visited her mother, one of her fingers moved but Summer didn’t notice. Y&R spoilers reveal that on July 30th a scene of Phyllis in bed will appear, and this time she will move all of her fingers.

It’s ironic because Victor Newman is currently scheming to wake Phyllis up from her coma, so that he can get some information from her. He has even brought in a coma specialist, Dr. Hans Cutler to bring Phyllis out of her deep sleep. And, he is jumping through hoops and shoveling out a lot of money to get Dr. Cutler to wake Phyllis up without her family’s consent. Victor might be going through all of this trouble for nothing though, because it looks like Phyllis Newman is already waking up!

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the July 30th episode also tease that fans can expect to see Mariah and Summer bumping heads, Sharon making plans to travel to Georgia to see Phyllis, and Devon makes a shocking move and asks Abby out on a date despite his obsession with Hilary.

So Y&R fans, are you as excited as we are that Phyllis Newman is waking up from her coma? Do you think that when she wakes up she will actually remember Sharon’s secret, or do you think she will have as much trouble as Sharon is remembering her secret? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

  • janie

    I can’t wait for this to finally end! Enough with the Phyllis coma. We all know Nick will forgive Sharon because she was “sick”? I don’t care, just come to a conclusion.

    • Elaine

      I agree with you..story lines take we have another hand to watch! Come on Y&R get a little more creative!

  • Kelly Brown

    Been watching 38 years soaps r barely hanging on ..can’t take the nick and Mariah thing or will nick forgive Sharon…new person has not helped this show at all. End some story lines.

  • Kelly Brown

    Old Phyllis’s on gh because whoever took over y& r cleaned house not a smart move for soaps that r barely hanging on…it’s sad

  • Amy

    Get Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman. This show is a loser right now. And, the people who run it diss the fans and act unethically as employers. Each character currently is boring to even try to watch.

  • Dale

    I believe MS had lost interest in the part and felt that it was time to move on.

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  • Sally Patterson

    I think it will drag on like everything else does on the show. Phyllis will eventually remember but so will Sharon. Nick is no better than Sharon because he kept the secret all those years that Summer could really be Jacks. I feel bad for Jack now because he will find out that Summer isn’t his. So stupid. This storyline is totally ridiculous. I just hope it all comes to a head soon because I am sick of this story.

    Same storyline on GH. The old Phyllis from Y and R is playing the same part on that show…just woke up from a coma of 20 years. She is already causing trouble for everyone. She could be on Y and R doing the same thing and Gina Tognini could be back on GH playing that part. Same role, different show. Do the writers know how not to copy each other?

  • meme

    How can Mariah and Nicholas having an affair be a good thing? She’s a clone of his daughter for Gods sake! Bad and so, so wrong.

    • PassionQueen77

      Mariah is not Sharon daughter. Sharon had Cassie when she was a teenager. Mariah mother is coming to the show very soon. I am not going to argue with you about Nicholas and Mariah affair. I said that it is a good idea end of story. Nicholas is the stepfather to Cassie so you are wrong that she is his daughter. You might need to check your facts before you say something that you might regret.

      • meme

        Oh please – I’m not arguing with you! Cassie may not be Nick’s biological daughter (you wrote that she is not Sharon’s daughter but I assume you meant Nick’s), but she is his daughter. And, it would be sooo wrong if he has an affair with his daughter’s clone. Yuck! However, I do think it would be a very interesting story line because it would sure get peoples attention. And you can stop telling me what I need to do – I doubt very seriously I’ll ever regret what I’ve said or care what you think about it.

        • PassionQueen77

          You misinterpted of what i said about Cassie. Mariah is not Nick daughter so she can do what she wants to do. Cassie was Sharon daughter that she had since she was a teenager. Nicholas is the stepfather to Cassie not Mariah. Maybe you are not reading of what i said from up there. Maybe you need to read of what i just said from up there before you jump conclusions. I didn’t say that Cassie wasn’t Sharon daughter. I said that Cassie is Sharon daughter. People these days they like to jump into conclusions over nothing. Why bother commenting about what i just said. Waste of time and nonsense.

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