The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Have Billy Miller or Michael Muhney Been Asked by Jill Farren Phelps to Return to Y&R?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Have Billy Miller or Michael Muhney Been Asked by Jill Farren Phelps to Return to Y&R?

The drama behind the scenes of CBS’s daytime drama The Young and the Restless is more entertaining than what is currently going down on screen, which would probably explain why the sinking soap opera has lost over one million viewers in the last six months.

The Young and the Restless fans have been in an uproar since Jill Farren Phelps took over the popular soap opera, and began her reign of terror. Aside from the scandalous firing of fan favorite Michael Muhney, who played the popular character Adam Newman, Jill also let go Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford resigned and headed over to General Hospital. Although Michelle claims she was just not happy with playing her character Phyllis anymore, multiple media sources reported that there was bad blood between Stafford and Phelps.

It has been over five months since Muhney was accused of allegedly groping his co-star Hunter King, and Jill Farren Phelps fired him. And, we know from industry sources the Jill, executive producer, still hasn’t brought on a new actor to replace Muhney as Adam Newman. So many fans have protested Muhney’s firing and caused such an uproar, it is no secret that whoever takes on the role will likely be ridiculed and rejected by fans. No decent actor will touch the role of Adam Newman with a five foot pole right now.

According to Highlight Hollywood, Jill Farren Phelps’ job is on the line, and the fans aren’t the only ones who are disgusted and fed up with her butchering The Young and the Restless, TPTB are starting to take notice. Phelps is desperately trying to clean up the mess that she has made, and recently begged an actor she’d let go to return to Y&R. The implication in the article is that actor is Billy Miller or Michael Muhney as both former Y&R stars’ pictures adorn the post at that point.

Highlight Hollywood reports:

“Just last week, Firing Phelps realized that she made a massive mistake in letting go one of the show’s popular and talented actors. She approached this actor to return. However, she made a colossal error of judgment. Her arrogance is the size of the Grand Canyon, and she made a terrible offer, and not only was she quickly rebuffed, but she was told that it is her incompetence in producing the show and bad writing and bad treatment of the show’s actor, for the reason the show is now losing millions of viewers. Jill Farren Phelps is in real danger now of losing her job.”

There is so much politics at play behind the scenes of The Young and the Restless, it’s impossible to know exactly what is going on between JFP, the cast, and SONY. Do we believe that Jill Farren Phelps’ job is on the line? Absolutely. Is there any truth to the rumor that she begged Billy Miller and/or Michael Muhney to return to Y&R? Well, that’s up to you to decide. Personally I think it’s more likely JFP went after Billy Miller than Michael Muhney, given that Billy left the show with far less bad blood between him and CBS than did MM. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

This report is receiving lots of reaction from fans at Soap Opera Spy:

The show truly is sinking. I used to actually watch each episode. Now I just fast forward on my dvr and TRY to find a scene that interest me. This is SAD.

Well you certainly haven’t missed anything. The storylines and characters are as exciting as watching wet paint dry.

LOL good description. It is painful to watch lately

If only both were re-hired, then Y & R would get its fans back ….

New Kelly cannot act and seems so fake. I’ve watched high school plays with more talent. Abby and Tyler are pathetic. I’m sorry to seem so vicious but the show is a royal mess.

Bring back Michael Muhney.

I haven’t watch the since Michael n Billy left I boycott the show Fire Jill

Fire the producer and bring back all three of the key people that left… The show isn’t the same and I fast forward through 90% of it now and I have been watching since 1985…

Bring back both!

Well there are many more comments along a similar vein but this should give you a good idea of the general mood we are seeing out there. There have even been a few pro-JFP comments – just kidding!! But this post certainly got the fans reacting:

I thought that GH already picked up Phyllis & Billy Miller. The one that I really miss is MM. I’ve been saying for a while, Fire JFP. What’s wrong with Steve Burton? I don’t like him at all anymore & she’s the reason he left GH. Please.

I have always loved the fiery Phyllis. However I continued watching but the firing of Billy and Michael have me watching it on TiVo maybe once a week. The characters and the storyline is like taking an ambien/zanax cocktail

They’ve already lost Michelle Stafford, seems imperative that they get Billy Miller and Michael Muhney asap. I’d hate for Y&R to have the same fate as All my children,and another world.

CBS knew who they were hiring. Classic JFP. Fire her IMMEDIATELY. Sadly, there is usually NO COMING BACK or it takes a LONG TIME to repair JFP DAYTIME DAMAGE. FV and RC are still picking up the pieces of her debacle over at GH. I just pray that her slaughtering of daytime TV is OVER – forever. Pink Slip Please.

In the end it really doesn’t matter who she approached. Y&R in its current state isn’t deserving of MM,BM,or MS. Hopefully CBS/SONY will wise up soon.JFP has ruined a soap that was the best soap on T.V.

Everyone in the soap fan-base would be so happy if Billy and Michael returned to a show – GH has a definite opening for Jason Morgan….

49 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Have Billy Miller or Michael Muhney Been Asked by Jill Farren Phelps to Return to Y&R?”

  1. RedRiver38 says:

    She needs to GO. The show has lost over 1.2 million viewers since Miller and Muhney left. What goes around comes around. Obviously, the show stinks with the likes of the wooden monkey, Steve Burton, as the focus of the show. Horrible.

    • malissaflowers says:

      Oh shut up!!!!! Your ancient ass is doing more ass kissing for MM than any other fan! The show will still go on with or without MM as Adam. MM clearly isnt worried about working on Y&R so why in hell are you? By the way, you are the one who needs to drink kool-aid and take your medication!!!

      • Sher says:

        there is no reason for your diatribe – that was just nasty!

      • Jamie says:

        Couldn’t agree more MalissaFlowers!!! These fan girls are nuts!!! Twisting the story to support this loser!!!

    • Linda says:

      All will be forgotten if they bring back Michael and Billy.They may have the most emmy nom. but that was with Billy Miller and Michael Muhney who were BOTH nominated but MM withdrew his name!

  2. Kookie Annie says:

    I love Steve Burton however not in this role he is being way underused.

  3. Kimberly McBride says:

    She does need to go and so does Angelica McDaniel who leaked the supposed groping to TMZ.

  4. 30 plus Y@R fan says:

    where’s my post ?

  5. Sidr says:

    I have always been y&r fan but honestly it is boring there is no passion. I loved Vicky and billy now hate someone get a clue

  6. Leenywoman says:

    Get rid of JFP!!! It is so boring boring boring now! Really miss MM as Adam and BM as Billy. David Tom is embarrasing to watch. Neil and Hillary… Stupid!! Hate Cane and Lily! Tyler and Mariah??? Pleaaase! No chemistry whatsoever. Nick and Sharon… Old news. Dylan?? Boring!! He Is very stiff as an actor. Victor is the original Bully and EB seems so in real life too! The writing is just awful. Really boring and unbelievabe storylines and wayyyyy to long.;-(((( Summer (HK) has to go. Shes just a troublemaker! Oh and she can’t act either!
    This used to be my favorite soap…. No more.

  7. PassionQueen77 says:

    You are right. Jill Farren Phelps is running out of ideas for the show. Her storylines needs to be finished. To make Adam Newman take the blame for the hit and run is ridicioulous. Adam Newman was driving the car last. Kelly is the one who killed Delia. She doesn’t want Kelly take the blame but she wants Adam to take the blame. Chloe is acting very mental unstable. How make Sharon go out more Jill oh yeah you don’t want to do that. Jill Farren Phelps and your writer crew needs to go. They are old and doesn’t have any imagination. New storylines needs to develop on the show very soon. Stop playing it too safe. Sharon and Nicholas storyline needs to be fixed. Nicholas is posessed person who is bitter and controlling. Sharon needs to regain her memory very soon. Neil needs a new girlfriend other then Hilary.

    • Jamie says:

      You fool. The actor didn’t get fired for what the character did!!!! He got fired for his behavior on set!!!

  8. Mandy says:

    The old Abby DOES need to come back. The current one is awful.

  9. Carter says:

    Nothing in this article is true. Celeb dirty laundry is a lie site that makes stuff up.

  10. Linda says:

    If you are so up on information, you should know MM was NOT found guilty of any rumored charges. It is all there for the readng! Bring back MM!!!

  11. Linda says:

    I agree with you 100% Bring back MM !!

  12. Linda says:

    Do your homework. MM was NOT found guilty of the rumors after an investigation. Bring back MM!

  13. Debbie Anderson says:

    They Really need to bring all three actors back, They really made the show what it was!!!!! The story lines are not going any where and they are so very boring. I can go so much further with some of these so called stories. I have been bored for months now! I actually record Y&R everyday, but I fast forward thru within 10 to 15 minutes. Now that is sad.I use to watch every minute. And couldn’t wait to see the next days episode. Not now. I’ve really lost interest. And I’ve been a fan since the very first day you started the show. And I’m about ready to give up soon!!!!

  14. Helen says:

    I don’t watch the Y&R anymore it’s so boring now!!!

  15. kati says:


  16. nyer5 says:

    Agree. The dumbest move was when they killed off Delia. The entire scenario was just too upsetting. And after all this time we still don’t know who was driving the car. Victor and fake Cassie also too ridiculous even for evil Victor. Chloe steals Billy’s sperm. Where are the security systems. Genoa City’s hospital should be shut down. Too many break ins, changing records, snooping. Get real. Devon inheriting billions from Mrs C…. I’m done!

  17. Esther Win-Serota says:

    One Life to Live went out on such a high. I would hate to see Y&R get cancelled and go out like this. However, the show that I once loved is beyond boring now. Since Mrs. C died and the memorial they had was pathetic missing key characters, the site had not been the same. Give Jill a real story. There has not been one recast or new character that had brought an interesting actor to the show. Never liked the character of Kelly and she should have just left after she slept with Billy. The new actress does not seem genuine . . . sorry. The new Abby is a major downgrade from the original actress in fire, spirit and talent. They have kept Leslie’s husband a mystery but really, who cares?
    Core characters, core families, love and boardroom drama . . . get back to basics. Omg can I write for you?

  18. Lana El Sakaan says:

    I couldn’t of said it better myself…….FIRE HER!!!!
    Were the fans we are the ones paying your salary.

  19. Deborah Shaw says:

    What happen to innocent until proven quilty

  20. Jamie says:

    The stat about losing viewers is misleading. The show is continuously up wee after week over the same week last year. You can’t keep comparing every week’s rating to ONE HIGH WEEK in January. It’s just inaccurate and poor investigative work.

    The ratings are good. As mentioned, EVERY WEEK beats the same week last year… Over and over. You can look them up yourself, or email me and I’ll give you every stat for the past year.

  21. […] single statuses though. Chelsea is currently mourning the death of her husband Adam Newman. And, Adam Newman is the driver that allegedly killed Billy’s daughter Delia in a hit-and-run accident. Unbeknownst […]

  22. Rhonda Bateman says:

    I stopped watching in December, immediately after finding out that JFP had fired MM and the ridiculous charges she “half made/insinuated” against him.
    I had, until this point, been a faithful viewer of Y&R since the day it first aired. When I learned that JFP was being hired I had grave doubts that Y&R would survive her “tenure of terror” but I decided to take a ‘wait and see’ attitude. I waited….and I saw. First, I lost a long time favorite in Michelle Stafford. She was very professional and never stated publicly that JFP had anything to do with her leaving, but we saw the ridiculous storylines that she was given…and we saw that she was getting less and less screen time as JFP’s reign of terror continued. JFP flooded the soap with unlikely and unlikable characters, backburnering our long time favorites and/or making their storylines stink to the high heavens. She did everything that we were warned that she would do by fans who had already lost their favorite shows due to her incompetence and her favoritism toward “friends of Jills” from her old soaps. Everyday brought new faces with storylines that we didn’t care about. Her firing of MM and the abysmal way she handled it told me that nothing was going to change there as long as she was in charge. Y&R was fast approaching the “too stupid to watch anymore” red line and I jumped ship.
    Sadly, I don’t see any way that the million of us who have left can ever go back. It would almost require a “shower scene” a la Dallas, that would totally “undo” everything the Phelps has done since she’s been there.
    I also have to say that the way some of the actors behaved during this time is appalling and I will never respect many of them again. Eric B, for one, should just retire now and get over himself.

    Alas, poor William Bell would turn over in his grave at the sight of Y&R these days and I hope Sony loses every penny they invested in JFP…

  23. Marcus Duvall says:

    I’ve worked with young girls who think they are so beautiful that every male wants them. And some of them like to claim there are stalkers in trees and ex BF’s everywhere they go and they do that to create a perception to their audience that they are just too beautiful.
    This Hunter King situation looks to me to be the kind I’ve seen.
    Unfortunately if you haven’t seen girls make false allegations and stories for attention you are likely to fall for them when it does happen.
    If you’re a male and you are targeted by some girl in one of her lies you are truly in a no win situation.
    Our society teaches us that we are to believe every allegation made by women against men. If we do not then we are labeled as people who have no sympathy for victims of sexual harassment, assault or rape.
    I don’t believe the Hunter King story and I do believe she targeted Muhney because she was angry at him for some reason and because she knew he was hated by all on the show and everyone would side with her. She probably didn’t give it much thought beyond that though.

  24. […] a year in the hospital, and Gina will be the perfect person to bring Phyllis back to life, at least Jill Farren Phelps hopes she […]

  25. Debbie says:

    Can’t they fire her and then pull a “Dallas” and have Billy and everyone else wake up and DD’s death was just a bad dream. Anything other than getting rid of that awful story line will be too little too late!!

  26. Sue says:

    What I can’t understand is why these actors aren’t demanding better writing and story lines. As an actor I would be embarrassed to play any role on Y & R today. There is not one story line worth watching . I can feel bad for the new Billy–he is SO bad. I laugh at his facial expressions. He looks like he in a grammar school play. JFP leave now with some dignity !!!!

  27. […] do you think of The Young and the Restless recasting Billy Abbott? This news gives credence to our CDL report this week that JFP was trying to rehire Billy Miller but was turned. Is it because of all of the backlash they received when they out David Tom in the […]

  28. blackdia5204 says:

    I have a funny feeling that MM will be returning and that he has already started taping. It is funny how he started twitting again at the end of April and there are 2 tweets that are cryptic JFP is running everyone from the show and Sony will see this shorty

  29. Lisa says:

    Billy Miller is filming the drama Bad Blood right now,so of course he would not come back,t least not now.

  30. Lisa says:

    Billy Miller is filming the drama Bad Blood ,so he not available right now.

  31. Lisa says:

    Bold and Beautiful is way up in the ratings. It is also the top soap in the world.

  32. […] not forget that we reported last week how Jill Farren Phelps approached Billy Miller and/or Michael Muhney to come back to the show but was rejected! This report fits perfectly since we then learned that […]

  33. Vicky Garner says:

    I have been an ardent watcher of Y&R si nece it debuted. But now I just don’t care anymore sine Michelle Staffird has keft and Billy Miller. Michael Muhney was not my fav but he definitely brought heat. Jill Faren Phillips should be arrested for murdering the best soap opera on tv. Begone Jill, no one wants you around. CBS shiw her the door. How does Micgael get fired and she doesn’t for not handling the situation correctly. She is a hack.

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  35. MJW says:

    I can’t stand the new Billy, I love Billy Miller. He’s much more convincing. And so much cuter. Bring him back please….
    I’ve been watching since I was in 8th grade, I’m now 47! Don’t let this show go down in the flusher!

  36. […] Newman (Michael Muhney’s character). A recent report from Hollywood Highlight even claimed that Jill Farren Phelps had reached out to Billy Miller and/or Michael Muhney and asked them to return, however they weren’t interested. For months now The Young and the […]

  37. […] think that the network and Phelps now believe that they made a mistake and are trying in vain to get Muhney to return? Tell us your thoughts in the comments […]

  38. Ruth Dix says:

    It’s time for Jill Farren Phelps to go so that Billy and Michael can come back and the Young and the Restless. Jill has done enough harm to the show …let her go find some no-name show to mess with.

  39. MYDSMIV56 says:

    Jill: I have been a Y&R fan since the show started when I was back in high school. I don’t Twitter nor do I Facebook. I want to let you know that I feel that the quality of the storyline has taken a dive. Bring back Michael Muhney! Bad move to fire him. His character was really compelling and started to take on some interesting and very human depth, then you took the word of Hunter and fired him??? Really??? I hear he was “difficult” to get along with. So what? ADAM was also difficult to get along with, but we love him anyway.

    Just so that you know, when you brought on Tom to replease Billy Miller and I heard that Billy Miller was going to General Hospital, I stopped watching BOTH shows after a few weeks. Steve Burton needs to go back to GH and revive Jason Morgan!!! Dylan can be ANYBODY.

    Billy CANNOT be Jason. Steve is JASON. Michael IS Adam. If you cannot work with the actors and let the actors flesh out the characters like the fans want to see them evolve, then move on, Jill. Find a graceful way to make amends with Michael Muhney. He is Adam and we want him back with Chelsea and Connor. He was finally happy. I miss him and that blossoming relationship.

  40. Delia says:

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this woman is cosmic for daytime soaps. Show is still savable if they act quickly. I still watch everyday but can’t say that she didn’t kill my favorite story lines with Phyllis and Billy. She still can’t figure out what to do with Victoria or Jack because she can’t find decent replacements to continue their involvement in the story line. She has definitely made a mess of things. Hope they act soon because Y & R is a big part of my day has been since it started I would hate to see it fail.

  41. kory taylor says:

    hey Jill you made a big mistake in firing them in the first place you f….g idiot They both moved on from your crap and are better off….Hunter needs to go the little skank is horrible actress

  42. kory taylor says:

    made a huge mistake when Michael and Billy got fired Jill is so dumb to think they would come bk….Hunter needs to go…she is terrible actress , kelly is a needed beotch and new phylis is a god awful choice… god Y&R wtf are you doing….GET SOME NEW WRITERS ones now are crap

  43. Dalynn Anderson says: