The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kevin Fisher’s Long Line Of Failed Romances – How Close Will He Get To Mariah?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kevin Fisher's Long Line Of Failed Romances - How Close Will He Get To Mariah?

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Kevin Fisher tell the story of this Y&R character in full detail! The role of Kevin Fisher, has been played by Greg Rickaart since 2003. When Kevin’s character shows up in Genoa City, he worked as a book keeper by day. But Kevin also has another hobby, He liked to pursue young naive girls. One of Kevin’s victims was teenager Lily Winters. Kevin persuaded Lily to have sex with him. Lily than ended up with a STD (sexually transmitted disease). This left Kevin with a lot of enemies in Genoa City, especially Colleen Carlton, Lily’s best friend.

Kevin was frustrated by Colleen and wanted revenge. Her locked her inside a cooler at Gina’s Restaurant and caught the place on fire. Luckily Colleen was rescued, but that did not stop Kevin. He was accused of electrocuting a girl , Britney, at the night club he was working. Kevin was the banned the black sheep of Genoa City,

Luckily Kevin’s older half brother, Michael Baldwin took pity on his young brother. Michael witnessed Kevin’s father, Tom Fisher aka Terrible Tom, abuse Kevin his whole childhood. Michael couldn’t help his brother way back than, but now an attorney, Michael set his path to turn Kevin’s life around.

Kevin than found himself obsessed with an older woman Lauren Fenmore. Kevin confined all his wrong doings to Laruen. He also fearing Lauren would turn him in, Kevin headed to Detroit to be with his mother Gloria. Eventually, Michael and Genoa City police department found Kevin. He was arrested and taken to jail. Only after a few days, poor Kevin was almost beaten to death by cellmates. Michael knew his brother would not survive in jail, and did everything in his power to have Kevin exonerated.

Michael kept a short lease on Kevin and Gloria. Both were living with him, when Michael and Lauren fell in love. Finally accepting Lauren and Michael’s relationship, they married. Gloria married John Abbott soon after. Kevin started to get his life back on track when he saved Lily Winters from being raped. This heroic act, lead Kevin to regain the trust and respect from those in Genoa City,

Kevin made a new friend in Mackenzie Brown. She was the granddaughter of Katherine Chancellor. Together, they purchased Crimson Lights Coffehouse from Sharon and Nick Newman. Kevin finally left like he was living the life he always wanted. That feeling did not last long. Terrible Tom showed up in Genoa City,

Finding out his ex Gloria married a millionaire John Abbott, Terrible Tom came to wreck havoc in his son’s life as well as Gloria’s. This time, Kevin stood up to Terrible Tom and did not let him break him like he did in the past. Eventually, Tom was killed by John Abbott. John was found guilty and incarcerated.

Shortly after, John Abbott passed away, The Abbott family blamed their father’s demise on Gloria and Kevin. Again Kevin found himself, struggling to find happiness.

Kevin than met and fell in love with Jana Hawkins. She seemed like the perfect match for Kevin. Quirky and understanding each other, they married in the Ashram by Michael’s father River.

Life was going well for the happy couple, especially Kevin. He was befriended by Katherine Chancellor, who found a very soft spot for Kevin. Unfortunately, in a turn of events, Kevin was kidnapped by Clint. Clint was gunning for Mrs. C and Kevin was caught in the middle. Clint, was just like Terrible Tom, he locked Kevin in closets and small dark spaces. This was the same type of abuse Kevin’s father laid upon him. This really mentally and emotionally messed with Kevin’s mind. Not knowing right from wrong, Clint cloistered Kevin into robbing banks in a chipmunk costume. Kevin was finally rescued by his good friend Amber. After a stay in a mental institution, Kevin returned to Genoa City and his wife Jana.

Before long, Kevin was involved with an art scam with his friend Daniel. This lead him to discover he had a half sister, Daisy, and half brother Ryder Fisher. The three shared the same father, Terrible Tom. But Daisy and Ryder’s mother was the town villain Shelia Carter. The three wound up mixed up in a horrible ordeal which lead Daisy to kidnap Jana and Lauren. After being rescued by Kevin and Michael, Jana was not the same emotionally, She left Kevin and hooked up with his half brother Ryder. They eventually divorced. Shortly after, Jana passed away from a brain tumor.

Kevin felt like his whole like was pulled right from under him.. He took in a roommate hoping for a distraction. Chloe was more than a distraction. They fell in love. Kevin also fell in love with Chloe’s daughter Delia. They were both the love of his life. He was truly on top of the world.

Nothing ever stays stable in Kevin’s life for long. Delia was killed by a hit and run driver. This was way to much for the Kevin and Chloe to handle. He tried to support Chloe, but she continued to push Kevin away. The grief was to much for Chloe to handle. She ended up committing herself to a mental hospital in California, Far away from Genoa City. The night before she left, Kevin and Chloe had a special romantic night together. Chloe also stole a sample of her late daughter Delia’s daddy sperm (Billy). Shortly after, Chloe served Kevin with divorce papers.

Michael, Lauren and Gloria are all trying to help Kevin get back to normal. He is currently working at the Genoa City police department, Head Detective Harding has it out for Kevin and is keeping an eye on him.. Kevin recently met up with Mariah, Sharon Newman’s long lost twin daughter. They seem to have a lot in common.

Will Kevin find true love and happiness again with Mariah? Will Michael continue to be there to support his little brother? Will Chloe return to Genoa City with a new baby? If so, can Kevin be the father or Billy? Tune in and keep reading this site to find out!

Photo Credit: Fame Flynet – Greg Rickaart