Trace Adkins Rehab After Cruise Ship Drunken Brawl With Impersonator

Trace Adkins Rehab After Cruise Ship Drunken Brawl With Impersonator

Country star Trace Adkins has reportedly assaulted… himself? No, that’s not a typo. Trace Adkins has just checked into rehab after a bizarre fight on a cruise-ship headed to Jamaica.

Apparently the country singer had a serious drinking problem, which he had managed to keep in check for 12 years. However, en route to Jamaica on the cruise ship he was headlining, the country singer fell off the wagon … hard. What ensued next, is extremely bizarre.

A Trace Adkins impersonator was also on board the cruise ship and was singing karaoke at the ship’s bar. Trace proceeded to attack and physically assault the man that was impersonating him. The strange thing about Trace’s attack is that he was allegedly friends with the impersonator before the incident in the bar. Trace and his impersonator were photographed together back in 2007 and seemed to be on good terms.

No one is exactly sure what caused the Trace on Trace brawl, but the possibilities are endless. Maybe the Trace impersonator was butchering one of Trace’s songs right in front of him? Perhaps the real Trace Adkins thought the Impersonator Trace Adkins was mocking him or making fun of him. Then, there is always the chance that Trace Adkins was so completely wasted that he seen the impersonator and thought it was himself? Drunk people always punch their reflections in mirrors in the movies, so, yeah it makes sense.

According to TMZ trace Adkins assaulted his impersonator on Monday. The ship finally reached land today, and Trace immediately checked himself into rehab.
Does anyone want to guess what the title of Trace Adkin’s next song will be? I’m thinking he should go with, “I Am My Own Worst Enemy.

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