True Tori Recap – Mary Jo Shows Tori a Letter from Dean: Season 2 Episode 5 “He Said, She Said”

True Tori Recap - Mary Jo Shows Tori a Letter from Dean: Season 2 Episode 5 “He Said, She Said”

True Tori continues on Lifetime tonight with an all new Tuesday November 18, season 2 episode 5 called “He Said, She Said.” On tonight’s episode, which we recap for you below, Tori Spelling confronts her husband Dean McDermott with accusations made by his ex-wife; and they visit a spiritual guru in hopes of improving their marriage.

On the last episode, Tori planned a party for Dean’s oldest son, Jack, she was forced to face her tumultuous past with Dean’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, after meeting with Mary Jo, Tori is alarmed to discover Dean has written them both love notes.

We hope you stop by for this cool show! We loved Tori & Dean and are really excited to see how season 2 of True Tori further explores Tori and Dean’s relationship. Make sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for your recap. In the meantime hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on the about this show!

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On #TrueTori, it’s the rest of the lunch with Mary Jo who says people approached her when news broke that Dean cheated again and Mary Jo says she told them all it wasn’t karma, it was terrible. Mary Jo says she doesn’t want their marriage to break up or for their kids to be hurt. Mary Jo gives her a letter she said Dean wrote her just before he met Tori. She reads it and Tori says it hurt her to read it. A few months before he met Tori, he wrote this sweet letter to Mary Jo then changed so drastically. Tori gives the letter back. Mary Jo says she wants her to understand they had a real marriage and family before she met Dean.

Mary Jo says she knows Tori thinks she’s doing everything she should be, like she did, but then it was a lie. Tori and Mary Jo both agree they never thought Dean would cheat on them. Tori says Mary Jo is the only one she can really connect with and talk about this with. Mary Jo says she wouldn’t have moved to LA with Dean if she didn’t think their relationship was real. Tori tells Mary Jo that Dean told her they weren’t even sharing a bedroom when they met. Tori says she believes her then asks her about Dean’s addictions. Mary Jo says he had episodes but he bounced back. She says she thinks he’s doing it a little bit for attention.

Mary Jo says you can tell when someone needs help and when someone needs attention. Mary Jo says she knows his behavior can be exhausting. She says he’s a black hole and a spirit that is never happy, things are never enough. Tori says for so long she thought it was her fault for dragging Dean into a world he didn’t want but Mary Jo says she thinks he did want it and was very determined. Tori asks what that means and if she thinks he was after her for who she was. Mary Jo says she doesn’t know. Tori says if he was looking for a free ticket, it didn’t work out since her dad didn’t leave her very much and she and her mom aren’t talking.

Tori says she’s waiting on Dean to change but doesn’t know how much he can. Mary Jo says she doesn’t think he can change and Tori says she thinks she and Dean are just different people fundamentally. Mary Jo says no one else can tell you what to do. Tori says she has to accept who Dean is or not. She wants to look at the letter again and asks if she can take a photo of it. Mary Jo tells her she can and Tori does. They end the lunch with a hug and Tori thanks her for the talk. They leave the restaurant.

Tori heads home and says she’s feeling like she did eight years ago when she first met Mary Jo. She says she faced her fears and feels good about meeting with her but feels confused about her relationship. She says Mary Jo is nice and smart and funny. She says their common denominator is Dean and she wonders what to tell him about their talk. Back at home, She comes in and asks the kids about homework. Dean says they all had homework and he fed them all. He also has flowers for her and a love note. This reminds her of the love note he wrote to Mary Jo.

He tells her he’s proud of her and gives her a kiss. He asks how the lunch went with Mary Jo. He asks if she’s about to tell him something really bad. She tells him Mary Jo showed her a letter he wrote her. He asks why she would do that when they were supposed to be talking about Jack. He asks if she has the note and she says she took a photo of it. She shows it to him. Tori says two things stuck out where he was talking about how she was the love of his life and saying he would love her forever. She says Mary Jo showed it to her to demonstrate that Dean and Mary Jo had a good relationship.

Dean says he and Jack were sleeping in Jack’s room when he met her. He says she emasculated him and he wanted out so he convinced himself that’s what relationships were like. Tori says she asked Mary Jo about his addictions who told her none of those behaviors were there. She tells her that Mary Jo said he wasn’t an addict. Dean asks why he would confess to using coke when he wasn’t an addict. Tori says Mary Jo thinks he was doing it for attention. Dean says she’s trying to come across as a warm loving person to make him look bad on the show.

He says Mary Jo is trying to plant a seed in Tori’s head. He says he gave Mary Jo a great life and says he tried so hard. He says Mary Jo is f-ing crazy and delusional and says he’s getting mad. He says he doesn’t want her on the show again since she’s lying and painting a picture of him being an ass. Dean says he’s done with Mary Jo and his head is spinning. Tori wonders which of them she should believe and thinks after his behavior, Mary Jo is a better bet. Tori says the good news is that Mary Jo is finally convinced that Tori isn’t sitting on a pile of money. Dean is very upset.

Tori is out with Kate and Jess to tell them about meeting with Mary Jo. Tori says Mary Jo chose her words very carefully and she couldn’t tell if she was being genuine or taking digs. She says Mary Jo seems cool but then Dean says she was lying and thought Tori should have stuck up for him. Tori says when she talked to her four months into their relationship, the things Mary Jo told her have mostly come true. Kate asks why she trusts Dean on this. Tori says it’s her ex-husband’s wife then realizes she accidentally called Dean her ex. She tells them about the letter Dean wrote her.

They ask her why Mary Jo would show that to her. Kate asks why she thinks Dean’s version holds so much weight with Tori and Tori asks Kate why she thinks automatically his ex is telling the truth. Tori next goes to see Dr. Wexler and tells her about meeting with Mary Jo. Wexler asks how that went and Tori says she was very concerned with whether Mary Jo liked her and doesn’t know why she needs validation from her. Tori says she apologized to Mary Jo for what she did. She says Mary Jo told her she needs to own it.

Wexler says that it’s a big deal because when Dean cheated with Tori, it broke up his marriage even though he had a kid with her unlike when he cheated with Emily and their marriage stayed intact. Tori says Mary Jo is the only other woman that has had a long term relationship with Dean. Wexler asks if she threw Dean under the bus and Tori admits she did. She says that when she told Dean about the lunch, he got really upset. She asks Tori who she believes.

Dean goes to see his manager Robert Flutie – he hasn’t had an acting part in two years. He tells Robert he’s ready to get back out there. They compliment his weight loss and he says it was alcohol and pills. They jokingly ask if that’s his diet and he laughs and says no, he quit them and lost the weight. Dean says he’s worried that the reality TV may have made him a laughing stock in the acting world. Robert says plenty of people have screwed up and gotten redemption. Dean is hoping for a second chance.

Robert asks how deep the uncertainty is and wonders if it will impact his performance at an audition. Robert says they don’t submit him as much because they weren’t sure he was ready to work but says they’ll go to work and will find out. Courtney is at Tori’s and she tells her about the lunch. Man – hah, hash, rehash. She tells her about the love letter Mary Jo showed her. Courtney asks why Mary Jo would bring that letter to their lunch. Then Tori says she walks in and Dean has written her a love note.

Courtney says Dean made a lovely gesture and then she tells Tori to delete the letter off her phone. She says that’s like looking at pictures of Emily. Tori tells her the part of the letter saying Mary Jo was the love of his life. She asks Tori why she would have it on her phone and talks her into erasing it. She does. Courtney says she should let go of her conversation with Mary Jo since it doesn’t matter to what she and Dean are going through.

Dean and Tori are with Dr Wexler for therapy. He says he misses working outside of the home. Tori says she feels like he’s got a wall up. He says he doesn’t think there’s a wall but says he doesn’t think filming is good for him. He says he started out as an actor and the reality TV isn’t great. He says he feels like he’s a laughing stock when he used to be a good actor.

Wexler asks why he gave up his acting career and he says he thought he could do both but no one has done both and he can’t. He says he’s so f-ing stupid. Wexler says he likes to listen to the bad voice in his head but says he has to fight that voice. Dean says he’s let people in too much into his personal life. Wexler says it’s a lot of pressure to let people in and see his mistakes.

Tori says they are in the middle of filming and they’ve signed on to do the show. Tori says she’s not hurt, she’s worried because it’s her show and she brought the cameras in. Tori says he thinks he feels like he has to do the show because he cheated on her. Wexler asks if this is true and Dean says he couldn’t say no. Wexler says if this is bad for him, he has to deal with it.

That night, Tori brings Finn into their bed because he’s not feeling well. She says she wants to talk about what he said in therapy. She says he’s told her before the cameras are fine, but he obviously doesn’t feel that way. She asks if he’s just giving her lip service. He asks what she wants to do and she says if that’s how he feels, it’s real.

Mehran comes over to see Tori and she says she knows he’s lost respect for her. He says he doesn’t understand why she has cameras on when she’s going through all this. He says he thinks the show may be destructive and agrees with Dean that it’s not good for them. He says the cameras don’t help. Tori says she feels safe with the cameras and Mehran says her safe place should be alone with Dean.

He says if the cameras aren’t on, she shuts down. She says Greg told her about a guru who gave him transformative advice. The guy’s name is Guru Singh and she wants to go see him if Dean is up for it. Mehran says that sounds great. She and Dean go to see the guru. Dean loves the guy’s place and says it feels like a sanctuary. Singh comes in Dean likes his energy and says the guy is calm and he feels a connection.

Singh asks Dean who Tori is. Dean says she’s intelligent, immature, a baby afraid of her feelings, afraid of hurting people, physically ill, amazing wife and mom, full of love, amazing touch when she touches or kisses you, love of my life. He asks Tori who Dean is. She says my love, little boy, caring, selfish, lost, smart, stupid. Dean adds not worthy, conflicted, confused. He says they are a contrast and Singh says it’s a beautiful contrast.

She says sometimes Dean has the biggest heart in the world and sometimes he doesn’t use it at all. Singh asks if Tori loves Dean even when he’s confused or conflicted. She nods and Singh says that’s unconditional and tells Dean he doesn’t always have to be good to be loved. Singh says there are things that frustrate and irk us but asks if the man that comes from the boy is phenomenal and Tori says he can be.

Later, Tori says she wishes that Dean could be a man all the time. Singh asks Dean if he was a good student and he says he was until his mom passed away. Singh says to move from that moment to this one. He says his mom left this world, but not him. He says she’s in his DNA and says in his heart, Dean is still 15. Dean says he doesn’t remember 15 anymore and doesn’t know why he’s crying. Singh tells him to get vulnerable.

Dean says it’s embarrassing and weak and Singh says no one else in the room thinks that. He tells him this is a relationship and they have to throw the tough off when they get together. He says they have to learn to be vulnerable together. Dean cries and Singh says it’s beautiful. Dean bawls openly while Tori holds his hands. He says this feels like what happened in rehab. He says he’s having a release and Singh tells him to welcome it. Tori holds him as he cries so, so, so awkwardly loud. This is really painful to watch.

Dean cries while Tori rocks him. He’s having a full on breakdown of some sort. He finally calms down and Singh tells him he doesn’t need to return to tough and says he needs to give himself permission to be him. Tori has a tissue and wipes his mouth and nose. She hugs him. Singh asks if this makes sense to him now. Dean says yes. Singh says the sensations of non-judgment are very uncomfortable.

He tells Dean the love of his life is a field of safety and the outcome is phenomenal. Tori asks if he’s okay and Singh says Dean is very much okay. Dean says Singh’s face morphed and he says he knows. Singh says we’re many people. Hmm… That sounds like shared delusion, but okay. Tori says she’s glad Dean is getting the trapped little boy out.

Tori says she has to remember that Dean is emotionally stunted. Singh says the heart ties a relationship together and the head tears it apart. Singh tells her Dean is a man, not a boy and they need to expand upon these moments. He tells Dean it’s safe to grow. Dean sighs and says this is very exhausting.