Under the Dome Recap 8/4/14: Season 2 Episode 6 “In the Dark”

Under the Dome Recap 8/4/14: Season 2 Episode 6 “In the Dark”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “In the Dark.” On tonight’s episode Barbie and Sam investigate a mysterious tunnel, but a cave-in severs their path back to Chester’s Mill. Meanwhile, Julia and Big Jim struggle for power as a dust storm sweeps through town.

On the last episode as conditions in Chester’s Mill worsen, Big Jim and Rebecca consider resorting to the extreme measure of population control, which drove a wedge between Barbie and Julia. Meanwhile, clues to Melanie’s past and her connection to the Dome were revealed. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show when Barbie and Sam set out to investigate a mysterious tunnel, a cave-in severs their path back to Chester’s Mill. Meanwhile, Julia and Big Jim face off in a struggle for power as a dust storm rages in the town.

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Junior looks down into the tunnel they found behind Melanie’s locker. He steps inside as Barbie and Rebecca wait up top. He tells them it’s a basement and he found footprints up into a tunnel. Sam says he’s coming along and climbs down into it as well. Rebecca begs them to come back and says Lyle is dangerous. Barbie asks Julia to borrow her car to hunt Lyle and asks her to call on the radio if Sam shows up. She tells him to be careful and he leaves. She goes to sit with Melanie and asks why she’s not with Joe and Norrie. She says they’re mad at her.

Melanie says she kissed Joe because she wanted to feel normal for a minute. Julia says she is normal but Melanie says she’s dead and is connected to a mysterious egg. Julia says she dropped the egg into the lake right before she found her. She says the dome brought Melanie back for a reason. Norrie yells at Joe and says since Melanie showed up it’s like there is no us anymore. She tells Joe she doesn’t love him anymore.

He says if she doesn’t love him, he has no reason to stay and storms out. Julia sits with Big Jim and he reminds her the town is really is and she says it’s not his or hers and she wants people to vote. He asks if there is a brain under her hair and says they are scared and can’t be trusted to make good decisions. He tells her the only reason the town didn’t riot was because he took her hand.

Jim goes to see Barbie to complain about the vote idea and tells him to get her to kill the notion. Barbie reminds him that he told Julia he was in on the extermination plan. Barbie says he won’t cross Julia and won’t be forgiving if he does. Rebecca calls Barbie and says Sam and Junior are in the tunnels tracking Lyle. Barbie takes off for the high school.

In the tunnel, Junior tells Sam he’s going to kill Lyle when they find him. Barbie shows up then in the tunnels and says it’s been a while since he’s seen them. Barbie says he’s going to hang back and make sure no one sneaks up behind them. Sam is not pleased to see him. Junior sees his mom’s journal and goes to grab it but it’s a trap. When he goes for it, it triggers a cave in.

Sam and Barbie are on one side and Junior on another. Barbie’s head is bleeding and he tells Sam it could have been worse if he hadn’t pushed him out of the way. Barbie doubts that Lyle was smart enough to build a bomb and bait it with a journal but Sam says he’s crafty. Barbie says they need to look for another way out.

Junior makes it out and Rebecca is treating his head wound. Jim chews him out for going down into the tunnel. Junior fills Julia and Melanie in on what happened and tells them Sam and Barbie are trapped. Jim says they have more problems. Wind is blowing topsoil and Rebecca says if the dust clogs the pores of the dome, they could have no air to breathe.

Rebecca has some ideas. Jim criticizes Julia and then stomps out to take things into his own hands. Junior worries that Lyle is out to kill the four hands. He tells Julia about his mom’s painting and says that Lyle thinks if he kills them all, the rapture will come and the dome should come down. Melanie and Junior take off to make sure the other hands are safe.

Barbie asks Sam if he thinks Lyle could have killed Angie and he says it makes sense. Barbie asks why he and Lyle stopped making sense and Sam says they just grew apart. The guys come to a fork and Sam  suggests they split up. They do. Sam says he’s tired of his questions.

Melanie tells Junior she’s scared and he says he’ll keep her safe. She touches his face and says he looks so much like Sam when he was younger. Junior asks what’s going on and she says she thinks Lyle is who killed her. Big Jim comes into the diner and tells everyone they have to act now so they don’t all choke to death. He says the air is too hot and dry and they need to make a windmill to fan water in the air.

Andrea asks what Julia’s idea is and Jim caves and puts it to the vote. Few side with him and most side with Andrea on waiting the storm out and seeing what Julia has to say. Melanie and Junior come looking for Joe and Norrie and Junior says it’s so weird that she knew his mom as a girl. Melanie tells him Pauline was cheerful and really brave. She says she’s sorry she died unhappy and wishes she could have been there for her.

Junior touches her face and asks if she can keep a secret. Norrie comes in and asks Melanie if she hits on everyone. She says Joe is gone and Junior says Lyle is after the four hands. Norrie tells them to get moving. Sam and Barbie run back into each other in the tunnels. Barbie asked why he doubled back and they’re confused as to why they’ve run into each other.

Barbie asks Sam where he was the night Angie died and Sam asks if he’s kidding him. Sam says he was looking for Melanie. Barbie says he knows he knew who Melanie was and was lying to everyone. Sam says how you tell people that someone is back from the dead. Just then Barbie falls off a ledge and barely hangs on. Sam helps him up and asks if he’s going to say thank you.

They see a lantern and wonder if it’s Lyle’s. They wonder if he got out this way and look down at there the ledge drops. It seems to be a bottomless cavern and Barbie says if you go down that way, you’re gone for good.

starts to tear it all down. Norrie, Melanie and Junior storm in and tell him that Lyle is killing the hands and that’s why he killed Angie. Joe says maybe that’s the only way to get out but Melanie says she died and came back. He asks if Angie will come back and Melanie says the dome chose them for some reason and they need to figure it out.

Junior says they need to stay put but Norrie says Angie would want them to find the answers. Junior asks where to start and Melanie says they need to start at the lake. Sam and Barbie wonder if Lyle jumped. They decide he couldn’t have come back out the other way. They drop something down into the gorge and Sam says they didn’t hear it hit anything. They wonder why they didn’t hit the dome wall.

Barbie says they should have already walked into the dome and Sam says maybe it doesn’t come down this far. Barbie tells him he knows that he knows Sam knew about the dome for decades. Sam says Barbie showed up mysteriously the same day the dome came so he seems shady too.

Rebecca and Julia look at the town maps and wonder why someone dug a tunnel into the old cement factory. Rebecca suggests blasting the blockage but Julia worries they could kill them if they’re trapped. Julia doesn’t have a better idea and seems to relent.

Benny shows back up at the diner gasping from all the dust. Jim says he needs his inhaler and brings it over to him. Jim tells the people that soon no one will be able to breathe. He calls for another vote and this time everyone votes for action.

Sam asks if Barbie is jealous over Julia and says nothing happened. Barbie says to focus on the problem. Barbie says the dome should be there and that the tunnels shouldn’t have crossed. Sam says he thought he was crazy when he saw Melanie at the lake and she couldn’t be the same girl. Barbie asks what happened the night she died and Sam says it’s not of his business.

He accuses him of killing Melanie and Sam says he loved her. Sam says everyone but Melanie thought the meteorite egg was dangerous. He says the egg starting screaming and Pauline grabbed her head and said it was killing her. Sam says he tried to take the egg from Melanie but she wouldn’t let go so Kyle pushed her and she fell into the crater and her head hit the meteorite.

He says Pauline begged him to help Lyle. He says he buried the love of his life and left her there like garbage. He seems genuinely tormented. Jim and the others hoist up a windmill they’ve cobbled together. Julia calls out to Sam but hears nothing while Rebecca mixes up an impromptu explosive. Julia asks how many ways she knows to kill people.

Jim and the others squirt the windmill with a firehose to distribute the moisture around. Julia asks Rebecca how she ended up teaching. She says she was heading to Cornell but then her dad got sick and she stayed in Chester’s Mill. She says Julia wanted to be a journalist and also ended up there. Rebecca says she could have helped more people if she didn’t help her dad.

Julia asks why she was working with Jim and she says she thought his heart was in the right place but she was wrong about him. Rebecca says she thinks she’s right about Julia. The kids wait out on the lake and Melanie says the egg is there waiting for them and they need to do something together. Norrie says maybe they need to act as the four hands. They all touch hands and we see them from under the water.

The egg glows and they see it. Melanie says it’s working. Sam wonders if Melanie is back to haunt him and bring more pain. Sam says every day under the dome is a new nightmare. Barbie says you have to look for what makes going on worth it. He says, for him, it’s being with Julia and a chance to be good. He says the dome scares him too.

Sam says he can see Melanie’s face in the dark with the blood running out. He says if he could change one thing it would be that and Barbie says he’s killed a lot of people and regrets it but knows it will happen again the way things are going. He says he doesn’t want it and sometimes you see their faces and you wonder. Sam says you wonder if they’ll be waiting for you on the other side. Barbie says yes.

Sam says that Melanie was waiting for him on this side. Barbie says Melanie just wants answers and the rest is between them over what happened 25 years ago. Barbie sees the scratch marks on Sam’s chest and Sam flinches back. He asks where he got the scratches from. The women are fitting the explosive parts into place and Julia calls out for Sam and Barbie to get back if they can hear them.

The women back away. Barbie says he can tell they’re wounds from fingernails. Barbie says he killed Angie, not Lyle and he’s shifting the blame. Sam says he had to kill her. He says everything Pauline put in her journal is true and if all four kids die, the done will come down. Barbie asks if he’ll kill his nephew and he says he’ll have to and then he’ll kill himself or Barbie can and says he won’t come back to haunt him.

Barbie pulls his gun and says he’s taking him in and his justice will be whatever Junior does when he finds out. Melanie holds the egg as Norrie tells Joe that Melanie isn’t so bad. She apologizes to him for not giving him a break like he did when her mom died. He tells her he loves her and she dittoes it. Junior comes and tells them the house is locked up.

They gather around the egg and they all touch it. It glows and flickers. Pink stars come out of it like they saw before. They surround them and then they see a tower. Melanie says she saw that years ago in her home town of Zenith. Junior says he saw it in his dream too. Joe asks what it means.

Julia has some last minute doubts before the blast. Rebecca and Julia go back up into the hallway. Julia says she trusts her and Rebecca triggers the blast. The explosion is big enough for Sam and Barbie to feel it. Sam goes to the ledge and tells Barbie he has to finish what he started. He gives Barbie the journal and says when he watches Julia die he’ll put the knife to those kids himself.

Sam steps off into the abyss. He’s gone in a flash. There’s no scream, no nothing. The women go rushing down to look for the guys. Andrea tells Jim he did a good thing today and then asks where Julia is. He says she’s helping Barbie over at the high school. He says sometimes love wins out over doing your job.

Julia runs up to Barbie and hugs him. She asks where Sam is and he tells her that he’s gone. He shows her the abyss.