Yolanda and David Foster Separation and Divorce Loom

Yolanda and David Foster Separation and Divorce Loom

According to recent reports, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster is on the verge of getting a divorce from her composer husband, David Foster. By now, it shouldn’t be shocking to find out that any of the Real Housewives are getting divorced, considering their lives and careers revolve around creating drama and scandal for television views. Obviously, that’s bound to pass over onto their personal lives, and Yolanda’s just another example of that.

The couple recently listed their Malibu house on the market, which initially sparked the rumors that they were separating and getting divorced. Yolanda has also solidified the rumors by getting rid of Foster as her last name, and she’s now started using Hadid, her previous married name.

Yolanda is David’s fourth wife [they got married in 2011], so David’s clearly used to divorce. He obviously views it as a viable option and one that’s very easy to take, and I can see it being very easy for David and Yolanda to call quits on their marriage instead of fighting through their troubles.

Of course, this isn’t Yolanda’s first marriage either – she was married to Mohamed Hadid, her insanely wealthy former husband. She has three kids with Mohamed, and she still got divorced to him. What’s stopping her from calling it quits with David if they are in trouble? David’s barely involved with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, something that Yolanda often gets called out on during the show. But if the rumors are true, then it’s obvious that Yolanda and David are on the verge of separating and that’s the biggest reason he hasn’t made many appearances on the Real Housewives franchise.

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2 responses to “Yolanda and David Foster Separation and Divorce Loom”

  1. Guest says:

    Um… You have an article up from Nov of 2012 where you refer to her as Yolanda Hadid, and she admits she’s known socially and professionally by both names… And right now her Twitter is almost all posts gushing of her husband and some honor or concert he’s doing in Asia and how she’s flying with him for it. So… I find this all really unlikely. Especially since she said she’s selling the house because her daughter moved out and it’s too hard for her to maintain and too far for her to travel for her constant Lyme treatments. She only mentioned how hard it is for her to be in that house with her Lyme issues about 50 times…

  2. mosesknowses says:

    Yolanda is now just a fading old gold digger. Lyme-brain and deteriorated looks have caused David to lose interest and once again he’s on the prowl for someone more fresh. Yolanda is way past the “best before” date.