Allegiance Recap 2/19/15: Season 1 Episode 3 “Teamwork”

Allegiance Recap 2/19/15: Season 1 Episode 3 "Teamwork"

Tonight on NBC Allegiance airs with an all new Thursday February 19, season 1 episode 3 called, “Teamwork” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Alex [Gavin Stenhouse] and the FBI head to Philadelphia, where they search for Mikhail’s hidden laptop.

On the last episode, Mark (Scott Cohen) and Katya (Hope Davis) were nearly exposed as spies by their own son, Alex (Gavin Stenhouse). Then, in a brilliant bit of manipulation, Katya managed to convince Alex he was wrong. Katya’s lies cause a rift between her and her husband and son. Victor was acutely warned of what will happen to him if he doesn’t keep the O’Connors on a tight leash. Meanwhile, Alex partners with Agent Michelle Prado (Floriana Lima) as part of a joint CIA-FBI task force to find the hidden SVR cache before it was destroyed. Alex’s unique perspective wass the key to unmasking the identity of a new defector, leading to a deadly confrontation with an SVR hit team. Also starring Margarita Levieva (Natalie O’Connor) and Kenneth Choi (Sam Luttrell). Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got a detailed recap for you right here.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Alex and the FBI head to Philadelphia, where they search for Mikhail’s hidden laptop, but Victor instructs the O’Connors to snatch the computer first. Meanwhile, Katya uncovers something Natalie’s been hiding and pressures her to make a difficult choice”

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Katya shot the sniper that was going to kill Alex and Mark says they have to go. Alex tries to help Vasso and Michelle says he has to put his finger in the wound. Vasso says to do it and he does. Alex asks him for the password and he whispers it into Alex’s ears. Katya and Mark slip away before they set him up the perimeter. Black and whites pull up as Mark and Katya creep away on a bride overhang over their heads. Vasso reminds Alex he has just 48 hours but then Vasso slips away.

Michelle says he’s gone and tells Alex to come on. Alex washes his hands then puts on a clean shirt. Outside, he gets a call on his cell from Sam who asks why the hell he’s in the middle of a crime scene. He says the CIA discourages agents from being where there are reporters. He tells him to get the hell out of there. He goes. Katya treats a patient who asks if they can see her again but she says she only works one day a week. She says her other time is spent taking care of her family.

Katya meets Alex and he asks her if Mikhael ever asked her to keep secrets or introduced her to any colleagues. He says he was executed because he was going to defect and reveal info about the plot. He says a colleague of Mikhael’s was also killed last night. She asks if he was there and points out blood on his hands. She says she knows from being a doctor it doesn’t wash off easily. She says she loves him. Michelle comes to see Alex and he says he found something on Anatoly.

He says he was on a dating site and only talked to one girl – someone who works for a construction firm. Michelle asks how he’s doing with Vasso’s death but he says he needs to focus on finding the laptop. Natalie meets Victor and says Alex was almost killed last night. He says the SVR didn’t try to kill him. He says it was a capture or kill team after Vasso. She says she will blame him if something happens to Alex. He says she has no idea how much he’s done to protect her family.

Natalie says she can’t stay away from him. Alex is at a flooring company and asks for samples of everything. Everyone watches as he stares at them and sniffs them back at the office. Brock tells everyone to let him work. Alex finishes and chooses one. He says he has to go back to Mikhael’s apartment. She says okay. They roll out. He starts sniffing the clothes in his closet. He says it’s Philadelphia City Hall. He says that’s where the egg is – the hidden laptop.

Alex explains to Brock and Sam that there as renovation using blue stone by the construction company. Alex says there’s a safe there that’s not in use with airport level security. Brock says they should get a search warrant. Alex says if the SVR knows they found it, they may change their plans. Alex wants to hide a fake laptop with lower level files and sneak out the other. Brock says it will take the FBI and CIA to do this. Brock says Alex is crazy and Sam says they need to get a move on.

Sam says they have to move fast and get the files within the 48 hour window. Alex tells Sam he’s awesome and he says to go back to his hotel and pack so they can head to DC. His button transmits the information to the SVR. They tell Victor he has to get into that vault. They tell him to use the O’Connors. Victor brings them blueprints for city hall, new IDs and other items. Victor says to make a list of what other items they will need.

Katya says they should have fought harder against Victor. Mark says they need to focus on getting that laptop so their son doesn’t find out who they are, they don’t go to jail and don’t end up in a furnace. Katya says they need to find a way out and Mark says this may be their way out. He shows her the security protocols at the site. He says they can go in through tunnels in the Freemason Temple across the street. She tells him she loves him and he says he knows he does.

He tells her how they can get into a courtroom then use internal doors to move courtroom to courtroom to avoid cameras until they get to Conversation Hall. He says the Mayor is giving a speech during the day so they need to go Sunday night. They take the train to Philly. At CIA HQ in Langley, Alex explains how he knows the laptop is in Philadelphia City Hall. Sam says they have confirmation from a test on Mikhael’s jacket – it’s blue stone so this is for real.

Sam says they have to talk to the FBI and Michelle will escort him. He says the optics of a CIA rookie breaking into City Hall isn’t good. He tells him to get in sync with Michelle and he asks how. Alex says she doesn’t like talking to him but Sam says to cultivate a relationship. He asks how and Sam says to take her out for a beer but says not to play quarters with her. Alex doesn’t know what quarters is. Natalie and her sister are in Philly too.

She walks Sarah by the Masonic Temple and they go inside for a tour. Sarah says Macy’s is having a sale. Natalie asks about the hidden tunnel and a docent shows it to her. Alex asks Michelle out for a beer but only orders water. He says Sam told him to cultivate a relationship with her and she asks what else Sam said. He tells her everything. Natalie paints her sister’s toenails while Sarah complains about their mom hassling her about grades.

Natalie gets a text from her mom saying to get downstairs now. She says she’s going to go get them some candy since their mom never lets them have any. She rushes down and finds her dad, mom and Victor. Katya says – we have a problem.

Victor says they can’t wait til tomorrow night because the FBI is moving faster on Alex’s intel. Victor says the equipment will be there by 6 am. Natalie says the place will be covered in cops and cameras. Victor makes it clear that all of them, including him, will be dead if Alex beats them to that laptop. Katya curses and says she needs a cigarette. She and Natalie walk outside. Natalie asks when she stopped smoking and Katya says she needed them to get away from the microphones.

Katya asks why she’s still with Victor and says she thought that was over. Natalie says she can’t help it. Her mom says she knows it’s not easy being her daughter and asks if she’s making her pay. Katya says she’s choosing him over us but Natalie insists she’s not. Katya apologizes. She says they are going to double cross Victor tomorrow and need her help. She says they need to make a copy of the disk drive and says they are going to trade a copy of the disk drive for immunity.

Natalie says that’s why she had her bring Sarah. Katya says the SVR surveillance will break off after they deliver the laptop. Natalie says they’ll kill Victor and Katya says she’s sorry. She says it’s Victor or the family because this is the only chance to get them all into the clear. Next morning, Natalie creeps out and leaves her sister sleeping. Victor delivers the equipment and there are photos of Sarah in with it. Victor says the Rezident wanted to discourage second thoughts. Victor says it’s not him.

He says the Rezident doesn’t know that Sarah is with them in Philly. Mark says he’ll kill Victor if anything happens to Sarah. Mark and Katya leave and Victor tells Natalie he’s sorry. She says she is too then follows them out. Natalie offers surveillance from the roof and tells her parents they’re clear. Katya goes to the door of the Temple and picks a lock. Michelle gets a call saying 8 am. She calls Alex and says to come to the Hoover Building at 8. He says he’s already there.

He says they have only 14 hours from the auto delete and says they can’t miss it. Mark and Katya are in and Natalie talks them through the rooms from her tour. Victor listens on the ear pieces. Natalie asks if he remembers taking her to the Bronx Zoo. She says she regretted they didn’t get to see the penguins. She tells them which direction to go again. Mark is enchanted by some of the doors. Sarah wakes to a note from Natalie saying she’s gone jogging then to the conference.

Mark and Katya make it to the secret tunnel and head inside. They get to a padlock she can’t pick and he says to freeze it so they can break it. Mark says the plan is solid and says they will be okay. She’s less confident. She goes to work on the padlock. Alex meets Michelle and she says they got a hit on Mikhael at City Hall. The FBI Director scoffs when Alex says that’s him. Alex says they are down to 11 hours to get the info to stop Black Dagger.

The FBI Director thinks he’s taking this personally. Michelle says the FBI murdered three of their own and engaged in an open firefight over the laptop. She says whatever is on there is worth the risk to the SVR. The Director says this can turn into a political fiasco but Alex insists it’s there. The Director says they can call the AG. Natalie warns Katya that the mayor is arriving for his speech. They are still working on breaking through the bars. Natalie is starting to freak out. They make it through.

Victor says they have to move faster because the FBI team is on the way because Alex convinced them. Mark says they need an ETA on the FBI team. They make it to another locked gate. Victor comes to the roof to tell Natalie that the FBI team is flying in. He says he didn’t tell her parents because he didn’t want to stress them out. He says her parents are up to this. He says Katya is a master of covert entrance and Mark is an engineer. He goes back down to monitor the police band.

Mark rushes Katya and she finally gets the lock. They head up a flight of metal stairs that will take them into the hall. They head inside and into the first courtroom. Natalie says Alex and the FBI team are flying in and she says she can see them landing now. The choppers touch down on a roof and they head for the hall. Mark and Katya race courtroom to courtroom. The guard sits at the desk and is oblivious when they head to the correct room.

The FBI team changes into utility company uniforms to blend in and Alex is distracted by the sight of Michelle in her bra and panties. That means his microphone shirt won’t be available. They use lasers to disable the alarm and then Victor confirms they are clear. The mayor is giving his speech as they work. The FBI guy leading the team says they’re going under cover of a gas leak and takes Alex’s stress ball from him. He says Alex can have it back if he keeps it in his pocket.

The guy says they are going courtroom to courtroom so no one knows they are there. Mark opens the door and a buzzer sounds. He opens it again and ducks inside. A guard on the mayor’s team hears and comes over. Katya hides. Mark gets to the vault room. The FBI team with Alex head upstairs. Natalie tells her parents she thinks the FBI is in the building. Mark is working on the safe’s combination. The team heads courtroom to courtroom just like Katya and Mark did.

They get into the safe and nab the laptop but then hear the lock being picked. They climb up a ladder out of sight. The FBI goes to work on the safe just like Mark and Katya did. They are hidden above them and see what’s going on. The vault swings open and the laptop isn’t there. Alex is stunned and says that’s impossible. The FBI calls it in as a no find. Alex says the SVR got there first and says the Russians could still be there. He says they need to search from top to bottom. He quickly finds the ladder his parents took. He calls Michelle over and says he thinks someone is up there.