American Odyssey Recap 5/10/15: Season 1 Episode 6 “Wingman”

American Odyssey Recap 5/10/15: Season 1 Episode 6 "Wingman"

Tonight on NBC American Odyssey continues with an all new Sunday May 10, season 1 episode 6 called, “Wingman” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Odelle [Anna Friel] has a reunion. Meanwhile, Maya’s [Elena Kampouris] relationship with Cameron [Cameron Dallas] blooms, but a concerned Peter suspects the young man is a Societel Mining spy, and Harrison snoops into a story his father never finished.

On the last episode, on orders from Colonel Glen (Treat Williams), Odelle (Anna Friel) made her way to a secret CIA safe house, but soon realized that Glen may not be acting in her best interest. In New York, Peter (Peter Facinelli) discovered that Joe (Darren Goldstein) was under “investigation” by Societel Mining, and his increasingly paranoid behavior disturbed his wife (Sarah Wynter) and daughter (Elena Kampouris). Looking for clues about his father’s murder, Harrison (Jake Robinson) and Bob (Nate Mooney) tried to get in touch with Randall’s last source. Jim True-Frost, Sadie Sink, Omar Ghazaoui, and Daniella Pineda also star. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per NBC’s synopsis, “after seeing Aslam’s (Omar Ghazaoui) picture on Shakir Kahn’s (Yousef Sweid) television show, Odelle (Anna Friel) is finally reunited with her young friend. Maya’s (Elena Kampouris) relationship with Cameron (Cameron Dallas) deepens, worrying Peter (Peter Facinelli), who believes that the young man is a Societel Mining spy. Still hot on his father’s trail, Harrison (Jake Robinson) inquires about a story his father never finished. Nate Mooney, Daniella Pineda, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Treat Williams also star.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 6 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s American Odyssey at 9:00 PM EST!

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On #AmericanOdyssey, Maya asks the half naked guy in bed if he has OJ but he doesn’t know. She asks why he doesn’t know and then asks what’s the matter when he seems distant. He says this was a mistake. He says he likes her but says he’s 21 and she’s still in high school. He says sleeping together is technically against the law and he could go to jail. He says her dad is psychotically overprotective. She says he just needs to get to know him and says to come over to dinner.

She says her parents are nice psychopaths. She kisses him and he relents and starts kissing her too. Odelle tries to deal with her damaged leg. She thanks the man who saved her then he asks if she’s leaving because of the boy on TV. He says when she’s better he can find him and bring him but she says she has to go now. He says he’ll go now but she says she has to go. The woman says to let them take care of her then says Saydou, her husband, will go now. He leaves.

Luc shows up at Shakir’s place and asks if the stuff about her nephew is true. She says it is and asks if he knows something. He says he can find him but then asks how Diallo found the woman. Saydou shows up then and says he was moved by the show and asks if she’s found her nephew yet. She says no and says Luc knows something but won’t tell her. Luc asks Saydou if he knows Aslam and then mentions the woman then backs off and says he hopes they find the boy.

Luc goes after the guy who’s rushing out. He comes home and Odelle asks what’s wrong. He says Aslam isn’t there and hasn’t come back. He says it’s nothing but she asks. He says there was a tall white Frenchman there who seemed suspicious and the wife says she sees him outside. Saydou says he’s nearby and says she must leave. The guy is at the door and rings it. Saydou takes her out another way into an alley. She thanks him for helping her then goes. She hobbles off.

His wife says no one was there and that alarms Saydou. Luc is there and pulls a gun on her. He says they have things to discuss and says she can see Aslam. They grapple and she gets the gun away and demands he hands over the flash drive then says to take her to the boy or she’ll kill him. Luc drives with Odelle holding a gun on him. She asks how far and he says 10 minutes. She asks what he did to Aslam and he says he nursed him back to health and saved him. She demands a cell phone.

She asks if he’s a drug dealer when she spots all the phones he has. He says he’s a facilitator. She says she’s calling home but he says she’ll get him killed. Colonel Glen intercepts the call and asks if it’s Odelle. He says she’s in danger and he’s the only one who can protect her. He asks where she is in Bamako. She tells him shame on him and hangs up. He stops the car and says now they know she’s alive and where she is. She tries to call the New York Times.

She tells him to keep driving. He tells her to stop it. Peter watches the news about Odelle then gets a text from Sophia saying she needs to see him ASAP. His wife asks if things will get better now and he kisses her then goes. Sophia tells Peter she’s still not convinced and says they’re still looking for her in Bamako. He says she doesn’t know that for sure. He says Alex Baker wants to talk to him and she says he sounds desperate. She says Odelle is still alive and that means Alex is vulnerable.

She says the next Prime Minister of Greece will not meet with a criminal. Alex greets Peter and says he’s been busy attacking him. Peter says in the normal course of due diligence, he found evidence of criminal activity. Peter scoffs when he tries to say Joe was the problem. Peter asks if he’s saying he didn’t make a deal with Abassa. Alex says he’s not the only one making deals with terrorists and says Sophia met with a terrorists and says it’s about Black Sands.

He says her late husband and she met with a terrorist named Qasim. He says the guy was known as the Jack of Spades. Alex says Sophia and her husband were in bed with terrorists and says they gave him money and travel documents. He says this is not simple. Peter asks about Danny Gentry, Odelle and the soldiers and Joe. Alex says if Sophia will negotiate with them in good faith, he can make all this go away. He asks Peter to talk to her and remind her how the timely release of that photo to Greek newspapers could affect the election in Greece.

Alex pats him on the shoulder and says this is the game and they can all win. At the New York Times, Ruby intercepts Harrison. He says he’s there to discuss his dad’s obituary. She asks if he wants some company and he takes her inside to meet Emerson. Emerson offers his condolences then says his father treated him like dirt and he hated him but he was so damned good. He says the obit about his dad is a load of crap. He says he never stopped working with his dad.

Harrison asks him about Black Sands and says that has to do with his dad’s death and says Tenant was involved. Emerson says he remembers that and says it had to do with private military and oil. He mentions Osela and shows him a photo of Qasim and says he was Harrison’s contact and that he wasn’t a terrorist – the whole thing was a lie. He asks to take the photo and then asks Harrison for a quote for the obit. Odelle talks to a NYT person in Paris.

She says to call her husband and says she’s the only one who knows her boss Richard got engaged to a woman named Lucy and says no one else knew. She says if it checks out, she’ll meet Odelle. Luc offers her a place to meet her and a time. The woman says she’d better be Odelle if she’s coming all that way. Odelle ends the call and she and Luc get out of the jeep. He rants at his GF when she says Aslam ran off when she went to the market. He introduces her to Serena. She says he ran off after he saw Shakir’s show.

Luc says they need to go. Aslam is back with Shakir and they talk about Luc. Shakir is upset at him and says the General found her alive but it’s complicated. There’s a knock at the door and Odell is there with Luc. She asks for Aslam. Shakir gestures her inside. She hobbles to him and they embrace warmly. Odelle says she thought he was dead and says Luc found him and brought him to Bamako. He says he took the jump drive and she says she took it back.

Luc says they should check out the jump drive and says saving Aslam is worth something. Shakir tells him to go and he relents and leaves. Odelle asks to use her computer. Peter shows the photo to Sophia and says it’s a lie about Qasim. She says her husband and Alex Baker all knew about all the money associated with Black Sands. She says Alex paid Abbas to kill her husband because he got there first. She says it was business.

He asks why she didn’t tell him before. She asks if he would have believed her. She says the US called Qasim a terrorist to kill him. He says Qasim was a good man so they helped him. She says the US military tried to kill him but failed. She says he was gravely injured but survived. She says she doesn’t know where he is but he could tell the world what SOC has done. She says Alex Baker should be in jail and when she’s PM she will put him there.

Sophia says she’s going back to Athens tonight but says they should continue to talk. Peter spots Maya’s BF across the restaurant. He follows the boy into the bathroom and demands to know if he’s following him. Peter tells him to stay away from his family and him. The guy says he’s losing it. He hands Peter a towel for his hands and says it was nice seeing him again. Harrison shows up at GBR with Ruby to see Tenant.

The receptionist says Tenant said to make an appointment and he has an opening in six weeks. He says to tell him its about Black Sands and Qasim but Tenant doesn’t let up. Harrison says he’s not giving up on this and walks out. Peter is with Joe at his house and shows him the photo of Qasim with Sophia and her hubby. He says he has to get something on Baker so he won’t use this against Sophia. He says the guy isn’t a terrorist and Joe laughs and says the Jack of Spades is innocent.

Peter says he was set up and says Baker offered to make the charges against him go away if Sophia will cooperate. He says Baker threatened to take down Sophia by releasing the photo. Peter asks to meet his friend the trash man. Peter says this photo is a nuclear bomb and he has to do this. He asks for the phone number.

Majors is lying in a bed in bad shape but rousts himself and rips out his IV when he hears that Odelle made another call. He says if anyone is going to get a kill shot at her, it will be him. Peter meets the trash man and says he can get him into the SOC main frame but says he won’t find anything there. He says all the good stuff is in a data center. He says it will cost him five large plus credentials to get in. Peter says he has a passcode and the trashman asks if he wants to come along or give him the passcode.

Peter says they have to do this soon. He tells Peter to call when he has five grand and the balls to do this. Harrison shows up with Ruby to Bob’s. Harrison wants to come in and Bob’s mom says to let them in. He hugs Harrison’s mom and introduces her. Bob hustles his mom back to her TV. He asks what Harrison wants then tells him about his terrorist source Qasim and asks him to look into how he ties to Tenant and his dad. Bob says his computer broke down and says he can’t help him and he needs to leave.

Ruby says goodbye to his mom then leaves with Harrison. Odelle goes through the data on the flash drive and asks if he knows a place named Black Sands. She says a lot of people have been killed over this. Shakir comes and says Odelle needs to hide since Diallo is there with soldiers. They put Odelle into a trunk. Diallo says he heard the American woman is on the premises and says they’re there to search. Odelle cowers.

Shakir tells Diallo this is a mistake but he says it’s not. She asks to speak to him in private and he agrees. She asks why he’s doing this and he says it’s his job. He says Odelle can’t be on her show because that will make him look bad. He says to give Odelle to him or he’ll rip her house apart. She says if he takes her, she’ll tell everyone on the show about them. She says they were going to be together and eh says she knows that would never happen.

A solider comes to search the room but then another says she’s not there and it’s time to go. Diallo glares at Shakir then takes his men and leaves. Peter comes home and finds the guy – Cameron – at his table. Sarah asks him to play nice. Peter takes off his jacket and greets his kids. Cameron thanks him for inviting him to dinner. Peter is not happy to see them holding hands. Anna tries to talk to Harrison but he’s very distracted. She sees Bob lurking in the foyer and tells Harrison. Anna lets him in.

He tells Harrison he fixed his computer and hands him a flash dive with Odelle’s funeral footage. Qasim was at her funeral! He says he used facial recognition software to find him. He says the guy isn’t dead. Bob then points out Imam Khulus standing next to him – one of the men who wanted to build a mosque at ground zero. The guy has a mosque in Coney Island now. Peter follows Cameron out to his car and says he told him to stay away.

Peter bashes his head against the steering wheel and says Baker paid him a lot of money. He tells him to stay away from Maya. Cameron tells him that Maya won’t believe anything he says about him. He smirks then drives off. Peter makes a call to the trash man and says he’s in and will get the 5k. He says he needs him to do something for him first.

Luc is at the computer and asks why he’s still at it. She says dinner is ready and she says it was enough that he saved the boy’s life but Luc says no. She answers his phone and says it looks American. He tells her not to answer. She does and she goes down. Majors shot her with a sniper rifle. They head over to confirm that it’s Odelle. It’s not. Luc hid before they go there. Majors says they need to roll out and they do.

Cameron is at his place when there’s a knock at his door. He goes to the door and asks who it is. He looks out the peephole and sees no one. He puts the chain on and opens the door a crack. He looks around then closes the door. There’s a knock again. He steps out and looks around. He asks who’s doing this and steps int the hall. The trash man bashes him in the face with a bat then drags him back into the apartment. Bob and Harrison lurk outside the mosque and debate where Qasim is a terrorist.

They hang back and just watch. Harrison sees the man walk off alone and they go to follow him. Bob is nervous about that. He asks what Harrison will say and then they see a truck pull out between them. After it pulls off, they don’t see him. Qasim is there and pulls a gun on them. Shakir sits crying and Odelle comes to talk to her. She says she and Diallo had an argument. She says she wants to put her on her show to demonstrate that she’s alive but says that will put she and Aslam at risk.

Odelle says she’s meeting a reporter there in the morning. There’s a pounding at the door and it’s Luc. He comes in furious and says Serena is dead. He says they shot her then asks what the hell Odelle has done.