Aquarius Recap 5/28/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere “Everybody’s Been Burned/The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game”

Aquarius Recap 5/28/15: Season 1 Episode 1 Premiere "Everybody's Been Burned/The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game"

Tonight on NBC the all new show Aquarius hosted premieres with an all new Monday May 25, season 1 premiere called, “Everybody’s Been Burned; The Hunter Gets Captured By the Game” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Detective Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny) begins his search for a missing teen girl in the premiere of this crime series about a lawman in the 1960s trying to hunt down cult leader Charles Manson. Also: Hodiak investigates the murder of an elderly woman.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about a police sergeant in the 1960s tries to hunt down cult leader Charles Manson in this crime series.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “In the premiere episode, LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny, “Californication,” “The X-Files”) and undercover officer Brian Shafe (Grey Damon, “True Blood,” “Friday Night Lights”) begin the search for a missing teenage girl, Emma Karn (Emma Dumont, “Salvation,” “Bunheads”), who has fallen under the spell of infamous cult leader Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony, “Game of Thrones”).”

Tonight’s season 1 premiere is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of Aquarius.

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#Aquarius begins with a radio playing. Emma wakes and comes downstairs. She sneaks out the back of her house. She runs outside and gets into a car with Rick and they drive off. They go to a party. He goes to get a drink and leaves her for a moment. Another guy, Manson, spots her and whispers to the girl who’s sitting with him. One of Manson’s minions go and lures Rick away while Manson chats up Emma. She asks how he knows her name and he says he knows a lot about her.

He says he knows how bad it hurts with no one there to listen. He says they were that way but not anymore. He says her boyfriend and daddy can’t save her but she can survive with them. He says the snake eats the world and they eat the snake then says he’ll show her how and she’ll never hurt again. He tells her his name is Charlie Manson. Ron works out on his punching bag when his phone rings.

Grace, Emma’s mom, is calling and he asks if she’s all right. She says she didn’t know who to call. She says Emma has run away before and now they can’t file a missing person’s report. He agrees to come right over. He can’t find his car keys so he hotwires his car and heads out. He goes to see Grace who has some photos of Emma for him to check out. She points out Rick and says they’re not really boyfriend girlfriend. She says the guy is Rick Zondervan.

She says they’ve had trouble with her before. Her husband doesn’t seem too concerned and reminds Sam that it’s election time and that it needs to be quiet. He and Grace walk out and talk family. He says his son is in Da Nang in the Army and she says her mom still asks about him. He says he always liked her mom. She begs him to get her little girl back. She says she doesn’t care what she is or what she’s done. She cries and he pulls her close. Her husband watches from the window.

Sam heads to a noisy club and pushes through the crowd. He finds Rick and flashes his badge and pulls him outside. Rick says he hasn’t seen Emma in a while but has no definite answers for when. Rick says his father is important and he better get his hands off him. Sam lets go then throws him on the floor. He says he knows Emma has been with him overnight and he says she just took off with some guy and went to another party. Rick says he snuck Emma out and she freaked on him.

Sam asks what that means. Rick says he doesn’t know anything else. Sam asks where was the party. Sam shows off the photo at the party site and the guy who owns the place gets sassy but when Sam presses, the guy calls everyone around and says to pay attention. He says the pig wants something and he’s not going to give it to him so the pig is going to wale on him. He tells Sam to do his thing. Sam shoves him out of the way. Roy Kovic stares at Sam – he was also at the party with Emma.

Manson plays guitar for the girls. Emma is among them. She tells another girl that it’s been great not to be around her parents who are a hassle. It’s been five days. The girl says Charlie has a vision and will be more famous than the Beatles and they’re going to help him get there. Manson sings right to Emma. Manson watches protests on TV that are taking place right outside the door – teens are protesting the 10 pm curfew.

Brian sits in the diner and mocks the protestors. Art, the diner owner, hands over a box and the guy with him tells Brian to leave $100 but don’t open the box here. Manson asks him to walk him to his car and he flashes a badge and says he wants Art not Brian. Outside, Brian intervenes when a cop roughs up a kid and he’s taken down by some of the cops outside. The guy he was busting cheers the cops on for taking him out.

He’s pulled out of the paddy wagon at the cop shop in Hollywood. Sam is there watching the news with some other cops. He’s watching Vietnam war news. Sam is told that Steve Elmer owns the house he was at today and gives him a file. Sam spots an angry Brian who is ranting at his boss. He says he made a buy but then the uniform cop screwed it up. Sam asks if he can use Brian. Later, he tells Brian about the gig to find the missing girl of a guy with some juice.

Brian complains about older cops then Sam says either he does this or he buzzes his hair and gets into a uniform. That changes his mind. Sam intercepts Rick and drags him off then shoves him into his car. Brian is with him. Brian says to read him his rights. He says the new Miranda thing is serious. Neither of them know it and Brian searches for the card with Miranda notes. He says if they’re going to hail him in, they have to do it. He tells Sam to go find a pay phone and he leaves.

Rick says he wants a lawyer and to call his dad. Brian says Sam knows Emma’s family. Rick says she took off with a guy. Brian asks what guy. We see Emma at the party with Rick and she caught Rick getting a BJ from another girl. Roy and Manson tell Rick that Emma doesn’t need him anymore and they kick his ass. Now, Rick tells Brian he’s gotten his ass kicked twice over her. Rick says Steve told him that Charlie gets all the girls. Rick says he doesn’t know the guy’s last name, though.

Brian cuts him loose and tells him to go now. Rick takes off. Sam comes back to the car and Brian says they got what he knows. Sam says he figured that when he had a radio in the car and yet went to look for a pay phone. He was letting Brian work him only Brian didn’t know it.

One of the girls tells Emma that Charlie really wanted her but she says he’s with Katie and her. She tells Emma that Charlie will teach her everything and show her how to be alive for the first time. Emma sees her hair when she bends over and recognizes the girl as the one who was going down on Rick. She says she was there at the party but she tells Emma to just let go of everything. Charlie asks Emma what she loves and she asks does he mean who.

He says she loved her mommy but then got tired of her mom’s dead eyes and her daddy’s lawyer lies. She asks how he knows her dad is a lawyer and knows so much about her. Manson says he sees her and when he does, he sees himself and what they did to her. He says when he was five, his mom was out of money and dying for a drunk and gave him to a waitress for a bucket of beer then left. He says they make us think we’re invisible, but we’re not. He kisses her.

He says she’s not someone’s silent daughter crying alone in her room because they want to pose her like a Barbie. He says they can’t see who we really are and says they’re special and powerful. He says they can change everything. She kisses him this time, with passion. He lies her back on the bed and unbuttons his shirt. The other women come in and he says he loves them and they love him so they love her. He says it’s all love. She’s scared but he says it’s the love she needs.

He takes her while the other girls touch and kiss her. Sam is with Brian talking about Charlie. Sam says they need a girl and says he can draft a volunteer. Brian says he needs five ounces of dope and says he can’t sign it out of narco because it’s not coming back. Sam says they can get it off his old man. He says his dad is a jazz drummer. Brian asks if Sam smokes and Sam asks if he’s blowing his mind then says kids think they invented everything.

Sam and Brian are at Mike’s place. Brian tosses Mike’s place looking for weed. The guy tells him to stop and says it’s in the drum. Brian pops the bongo open and finds the weed then says he’s been bad. Mike says he has rights and will call his lawyer. He tells Sam to be careful with his guitar but Sam says it’s a knock off. They leave with the dope while Mike insists his guitar is the real thing. Brian and Sam talk to Charmain about going undercover for them.

She asks what could happen and Sam says anything could but probably won’t. Brian says he won’t let her out of his sight. He asks if she knows the like – she says she’s got it. Brian heads to a party. Brian rolls up a joint and passes it. Charmain shows up next. She waves to Brian who tells her to grab a beer. Brian tells the other guys she’s clingy. He says he picked her up hitching and she won’t shut up about Charlie and all his girls. The guy says she means Charlie Manson.

He says Manson is a weird song writer that gets more ass than a Ferris Wheel. The guy says he knows where he’s crashing. Roy is there listening. Roy tells Brian that if the girl is looking for Charlie, she goes through him. He says he plows all of Charlie’s girls eventually. He tells Charmain to come with him and says he doesn’t bite. She takes his hand. Brian says they can drive down to Charlie’s and they can bone in the back seat. Roy relents and says to come on.

Charmain panics but Brian tells her to relax. Roy asks her name and she tells him Brian trips Roy then falls on him and cracks his leg. Roy asks for a hospital. They go back to the station to report to Sam and Brian assures her he wouldn’t let anything happen to her but she says he’s on drugs. Brian says it gets weird undercover but she doesn’t have to do anything like that again. Charmain says she loved it then goes to change.

Sam runs Manson’s name and finds a long rap sheet of rape, attempted murder, auto theft, armed robbery. Brian says they should see his PO. The PO says Manson used to have a whole stable of women he turned out on the streets for money. He says he used to provide girls to movie stars and politicians. He did seven years and said he would have gotten more except he had a real uptown lawyer – Ken Karn – aka Emma’s dad.

Ken gets another call from Manson at his office. He walks way without taking the call. The receptionist asks if she can take a message but Manson says he will reach Karns himself. He hangs up on her. He goes back over to his girls, including Emma, who sit on the car waiting for him. Sam goes to see Grace but declines a drink since he’s on duty. He shows her a pic of Manson and asks if she’s seen or heard of him. She says no.

He says Ken was his lawyer and says it’s about Ken and Manson, not Emma and Manson. Grace is shocked. Ken is in the parking garage going for his car. Manson is there and startles him. He tells Ken he’s been calling and says he left him a bunch of messages. Ken says it has to stop. Manson laughs and says his secretary sounds hot. Manson says back in the day he couldn’t rack up the whores fast enough for Ken’s buddies. Ken says he did what he could for him and tells him to stay away.

Manson says he needs to meet some folks he knows in the music biz then asks if Ken remembers his songs. He says he sent him a few. Ken ignores him and Manson says if he doesn’t want to help his old friend Charlie, he’ll just go home. He says he’ll tell his new little girl all his problems and says Emma is sweet. Ken is shocked and Manson asks if he wants to know what it sounds like and moans like her. Ken comes at him but Charlie punches him then pulls a straight razor.

Ken says don’t and then it looks like Manson was about to rape him only a car interrupted them. Manson ducks then comes back and says it was a mood killer. He grabs Ken’s face and laughs. He takes his wallet and snatches out all the money. He says his little girl is hungry. He says he’ll be back and maybe he’ll bring his daughter and they can get freaky deaky. He leaves and Ken is crying by his car like a little girl.

At home, Ken cleans the small cut to his throat. He says a Mexican tried to mug him but Sam is there and asks how he fought him off. He says he used his briefcase then Grace asks what happened to his pants. Ken has no answers. He kisses Grace and then asks why Sam is there. Grace says Sam knows who he’s with. Sam asks if the name Manson rings a bell but Ken says no. Grace shows the file. Ken says he knew him years ago and Sam says Emma is with him.

He asks if Manson has contacted Ken. He asks Grace what this is and she says to tell them everything. Ken tells Sam he needs to go. He doesn’t move and Ken threatens to call the police commissioner and mayor. Grace walks Sam out and asks her about Ken’s secretary. He tells her to call the woman and ask for a favor without telling Ken. Manson plays his guitar while the girl’s paint a bus. Emma comes out of the shower in a towel and tells Charlie she was in the kitchen. She says there’s nothing to eat.

Manson tells her to sit down and she does. He says her hunger is real and so is his and everyone’s. He says what’s bigger than that is her power. He says Sadie and Katie are working on the dream. She says she knows his music is the dream. Manson asks what she’s doing for the dream and Emma says she hasn’t thought of anything. He tells her he needs to be dressed right to meet record producers. He says she’s so important to all this and doesn’t know it yet.

Sam calls the PO to ask when Charlie last checked in. Brian makes a call to Mike and says he needs to talk to him. The lieutenant comes and busts Brian’s chops. The PO tells Sam that Manson is overdue and Sam says to get on it and get him a current address. Brian goes to tell Sam that his CI Mike has been blabbing about him being a cop. He asks Sam for help – he wants him to be scary. They get a call about a white female victim. Brian wants to go see Mike but Sam says this comes first.

They head to find Joyce Nankin, a 62 year old woman. They see a bloody brick. The husband is a dance instructor and says his studio is closed down but he went to clean and pack up. Sam asks if he’s had any trouble in the neighborhood. He says the problem is the neighborhood has gone black then says a whole bunch of racist stuff. He says the cops didn’t help when he was mugged and his car was broken into. He then chews them out and says that’s why his wife is dead.

Charlie sends Emma into a shop and tells her it’s her moment. He says to do this or go back to mommy and daddy but says it in a charming way. Ken chats with Jim who tells him Sam and Grace are a problem. He says to just set Charlie up with someone in the music business. He says to make Charlie happy then get the cop to step off. Jim says they can’t afford his right now. Jim asks about the fundraiser but Ken is off the rails.

Ken’s secretary Sheryl comes in and says Bruce Tamminy the PO is calling about Manson. He says he’ll take the call but Jim grabs the phone. He says Ken is out of the office. Manson is nervous when a cop pulls up to run some kids off. Emma heads into the store and steals a jacket for Manson. She sees a cop and the store owner catches her shoplifting. She tells him to stop. Manson comes inside as she’s telling the guy to let go of her. The guy says she’s going to jail.

Manson tells her to bite the hand that frees her. She does and then runs out. Manson knocks the guy down when he goes to run after the cop. He turns up the radio and then does some crime and comes back out with the jacket. He sets it in the car and then wipes the blood off his knife. He says being sweet won’t get her a ticket to the show then asks if she wants to be like her mommy. He tells her to do what needs to be done and stop making it about her.

She asks if the guy called the cops but Manson says the guy didn’t see a damned thing. Looks like he cut the guys eyes out. The guy is bleeding and quivering on the floor in pain with a gag in his mouth. Sam tells Brian he thinks the husband killed Joyce and says it’s usually he said, she dead. Sam says they’re going to let the guy stew with his conscience while they get a milkshake. Sam says this was his first beat back in 1947. Sam gets a call and takes it from the manager.

He says the Nankins have had no crime reports – he had Charmain check. Sam takes a vanilla milk shake to Leo who has stomach cancer. Brian goes to canvas the neighborhood. Sam says he remembers his old lady dancing in some movies. A neighbor asks Brian if he’s a cop or a narc. He asks her about Nankin’s car in the driveway. She confirms when she saw him smoking. She says the man never looked them in the eye and says his wife didn’t have a Christian bone in her body.

Bunchy shows up and tells Brian to shut it down. The neighbor and her son go in the house. Sam says they know that the only calls to the cops were about them fighting that the neighbors made. He reads off some of the things the neighbors heard her screaming at him like pansy and leach. Sam says he gets it since he has a wife. He says he knows with the cancer pills, he’s not himself. Bunchy says there have been 27 black murders in the neighborhood and says none of them were solved.

He tells Brian they won’t help him. He goes to tell Sam the Nation of Islam showed up to run him off. Sam has never heard of the group and Brian says Bunchy Carter is the main guy. He wants to go see his snitch. Sam tells Nankin they’re going to go arrest his wife’s murderer. He goes over and cuffs Bunchy and says he’s arresting him. Nankin watches. Brian goes to chew out Mike for telling people he’s a cop. Sam takes off his jacket to get rough with him. Mike says he told Art Glander. He’s scared.

Bunchy tells them this is bull. He’s in the back with Mike. Sam says to tell them both to shut up so he can hear the news in Vietnam. Bunchy complains about the war and says there are no white soldiers, just black with white officers. Brian tells him he served and Bunchy is just an empty mouth. They head to Art’s diner and Brian takes the guy in the back where Sam waits. Art hands over his lawyer’s card. Sam twists his arm and says they’re going to sit out front and scare off all his customers.

Brian tells Art that he and Mike walk back what they said about him and they want the two people over him. Art says he wants a deal in writing. Sam roughs him up hard then writes SNITCH across his head in ink and says that’s what he gets in writing. Manson is with a record guy, Matty Gladberg. Matty says he digs his stuff but says Manson needs a demo. He asks what that is. Ken is at his fundraiser. Grace calls for Sam but he’s not at the station. Ken calls her downstairs.

She goes and does what he asks. Ken sees that Manson showed up at the party in his new jacket. Ken walks over to him and Manson says he digs Nizon and Reagan. Ken says he can’t be there and Manson says Emma told him that today was his big shindig and he wanted to thank him for setting him up with Gladberg. Manson tells him he wants two grand to make his demo. He gives Ken an address to deliver the money then leaves after intimidating the guy.

Emma found a bunch of food that a grocery store was throwing out. She offers Manson some cherries and he says she’s his cherry. He says say goodbye to Emma and meet Cherry Pop. They like her new name. He eats a cherry and smiles, pleased she’s helping provide. Walt shows up at his dad Sam’s. He asks if his mom knows and he says not yet. He checks out his dad’s apartment and says it’s homie. He asks if he’s still playing guitar. Sam says he’s still no good.

He asks how Walt got leave out of Vietnam. He says it’s a new policy. Sam says that’s different from his day – Walt says lots of things are. Sam chats with Bunky at the station and asks about the unsolved murders in his neighborhood. Bunchy says he can’t solve them by framing him. Sam says the local judges would thank him base don his record. Nankin is there and Sam says that he knows Nankin is going to die within a few months. He says he called his lawyer Robert Rollins.

Sam calls Charmain in and Sam tells him to sit tight while he talks to Mrs Lee, the neighbor and Bunchy who told him that he heard his wife scream. Sam says Bunchy isn’t the most helpful lawyer but he convinced him. Sam says he doesn’t want an open homicide on his desk and says he will never see the inside of a cell or a court. Brian asks to talk to him but Sam says no. Brian insists. Sam tells Nankin the black people he doesn’t like are going to take him down.

Sam locks Brian outside the room. Charmain is outside and tells Brian she has to go to booking but says when Nankin’s lawyer shows up, he needs to tell him the guy is in booking and there’s some confusion to stall for time. Sam tells Nankin he can go to jail or trust him to make this work. The lawyer shows up and Brian acts like he’s another perpetrator who knows nothing. Sam shows Nankin the birthday card he found in Joyce’s drawer and says there were two ballet tickets in it she got him.

Sam says even when wives say the worst things, they can do things like that. He tells Nankin to write out what he did. The guy cries and writes. Sam offers him a handkerchief then gives him a minute to finis. The guy writes it out. Sam asks if he signed it. He did. He thanks Sam who then arrests him. Sam says cops can’t make deals but they can lie. Nankin says he’s going to tell his lawyer what he did. Sam gets the card out and reads him the new Miranda rights.

Sam cuts Bunchy loose and thanks him for helping put Nankin away. Bunchy talks up the Nation of Islam and says he arrested him for no reason. Sam says he was interfering in an investigation and Bunchy calls Sam a living lie and says he will burn his world to the ground. He tells Sam to watch his back. Sam chews Brian out and says to never pull that when he’s closing a case. Brian is furious at him for dragging in Bunchy and says he wouldn’t pull that if he was white.

Sam says he would and he was ready to pound on the CI for him and he was white. Brian says he won’t do the job the way Sam does but Sam says Brian doesn’t even know what the job is. Brian asks him for a ride home and shocks Sam. They head to his house and he greets Howard, the neighbor. They head inside the house and Brian introduces him to Kristin, his wife, who is black and his mixed race daughter. Sam gets it now and they agree tentatively to keep working on Emma’s case.

Later, Ed tells Sam that Walt couldn’t just get out and says you only get to come state side if one of your parents is dying. Sam rushes out. He goes to confront Opal for sending a letter to get him out of Vietnam. She asks if he’s going to turn her in. She asks if he’s going to turn Walt in. Sam says he won’t have to because they’ll come for Walt. He says he has no idea what she’s done. He goes inside and sees that Walt is gone.

Grace tells Sam that Sheryl said Manson called nine times but Ken never took a call from him. She hands over a log of dates and times. She says she doesn’t understand why Ken is doing this. She laughs at his reading glasses. He asks what about Ken and Grace says she doesn’t remember the last time she understood him. She says he’s a sphinx. She says she knows what music and pie he likes. And who he’ll vote for but never knows what he was thinking.

He asks why she married Ken. She says it was a hot summer, Sam was gone and she liked him. Ken goes to see Manson. Grace says she got pregnant and Sam says he gets that. Grace asks why he married Opal and he says he can’t remember at all. She offers him a drink. Sam sighs and she asks if he quit drinking. He says he doesn’t make good decisions when he’s drinking. Ken goes inside with Manson and he says he has one grand then he once he has Emma, he gets the other half.

He says Hal knows he’s there and if he does anything to him, it’s over. Emma hears them talking. Manson kisses Ken on the mouth then Ken kisses him back and it gets more passionate. Emma knocks on the door and calls Charlie’s name. Ken looks horrified. Manson chuckles and goes to the door. He tells Cherry Pop to come back later and says he’s busy. She touches the knob and turns it but then Manson tells her to do as he says. Manson tells Ken it’s all right.

He tells Ken to be free and asks if he remembers how free they were and how he should him to be who he was. He says it was so sweet. Ken kisses him again. Nice, how often do you see a guy shagging a man and his daughter? Ick!