Aquarius Recap – Charlie Manson Makes Music: Season 1 Episode 3 “Never Say Never to Always”

Aquarius Recap - Charlie Manson Makes Music: Season 1 Episode 3 "Never Say Never to Always"

Tonight on NBC the all new show Aquarius hosted premieres with an all new Thursday June 4, season 1 episode 2 called, “Never Say Never to Always” and we have your spoilers and weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a drug dealer is murdered, and the prime suspect is Shafe’s [Grey Damon] snitch. Meanwhile, Shafe and rookie Charmain Tully [Claire Holt] go undercover into the Manson family in a mission that comes with serious consequences.

On the last episode, In the premiere episode, LAPD Detective Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny, “Californication,” “The X-Files”) and undercover officer Brian Shafe (Grey Damon, “True Blood,” “Friday Night Lights”) began the search for a missing teenage girl, Emma Karn (Emma Dumont, “Salvation,” “Bunheads”), who had fallen under the spell of infamous cult leader Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony, “Game of Thrones”). Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC spoilers synopsis “Drug dealer Art Gladner (Shaun Duke, “90210”) is found murdered, and the chief suspect is Shafe’s (Grey Damon) snitch, Mike Vickery (Jason Ralph, “A Most Violent Year”). Hodiak (David Duchovny) agrees to help Shafe exonerate Vickery. In exchange, Shafe takes rookie Charmain Tully (Claire Holt) undercover into the Manson Family to find out where Manson (Gethin Anthony) has Emma (Emma Dumont). They succeed, but not without consequences, especially for Charmain. Michaela McManus, Brian F. O’Byrne, Chance Kelly (“Generation Kill”) and Ambyr Childers (“All My Children”).”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 3 is going to be exciting. We have blogged it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of Aquarius.

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#Aquarius begins with Sam picking a lock and entering a home. He goes inside and looks around. He sees a couple asleep in bed and presses on. He finds a paper under a sofa and sees it’s a bus schedule. He’s confronted by the guy who has a gun. He says he and Jeannie used to come over then he came alone. It’s a neighbor and fellow cop Eddie who’s sleeping with Opal. Sam asks if they’re swingers. Eddie says it’s been going on for months. Sam says he doesn’t care and just wants to know where Walt is.

The guy says he hasn’t seen her and Opal says she gave him all the money she could scrape up and he left. He says Opal likely won’t tell him anything. He asks Sam if they’re good. He says he doesn’t work with liars because it’s a safety issue. Opal is there and says Eddie is a wife beater and hit her too. Sam just walks away. Ken is with Charlie still and says he made a mistake. Charlie says he said yes to it and came back to him and is just afraid now.

Ken says he wants his daughter and Charlie says they’re both there. Ken says he just came to bring the money and tells Charlie not to touch him. Charlie says Emma is here but won’t go with him. Charlie says he wont’ tell her to either. He says he knew that when he came. Charlie says it hurts to look at him right now because he’s so unhappy being who he is. Charlie says he used to be and now always says yes and he’s not afraid. He tells Ken to be him if he wants to try it but hand over the thousand first.

Ken throws the money at him then gets in his car to leave. He sees girls running past and they flash him as he honks at them to get out of the way. Emma hears and wakes and sees her dad’s car as it leaves. She’s stunned that he was there. Charmain deals with an angry woman who assaults her and she fights her off. Eddie sends her to go make coffee and belittles her. He calls her highness. Sam plays his guitar at home then cleans his gun and reloads it.

His phone rings – it’s Bruce Taminy the parole officer. He tells Sam he got fired and at work, they think it may be Karn that did it. He wants Brian to contact Kovic the biker. He says Kovic said they have to go through him to get to Charlie and Brian says that was before he jacked his knee. Sam hears the radio call and Brian says it’s the coffee hut. He says Whalen and Cutler took the call and it was a stabbing. He says Art was his guy and Sam says he can’t go and blow his cover.

He tells Brian to focus on Manson while he keeps Eddie in line. He heads over to the coffee shop. The door was locked and they till him that Faulkner kicked the door in because he thought the guy was still moving. Sam comes in while they’re still taking photos. Jim walks off upset when they mock his gun and Sam asks if Eddie checked the door and asks if he checked if it was locked from inside or out. Sam says there’s a drug case around Art and Eddie says it’s his undercover boyfriend.

Eddie says the found the guy and says they have him in the car outside. A witness saw the guy leaving. Sam heads outside and it’s Mike the CI who says he didn’t do this but they take him away anyway. Kovic chats with some other biker types and Brian is there. They’re talking about a guy named Jerry that was caught with drugs. Brian apologizes for messing up his knee and Kovic says he can’t ball at all or put weight on his knee. Brian asks a favor and waves for Charmain.

He says she still wants to meet Charlie. Kovic is happy to see her. Emma and the girls talk about how they used to live right down the street from Janis Joplin. They weave a flower garland for her hair. At Charlie’s place, Brian tells Charmain to make an excuse to leave. Kovic says he needs a baby doll crutch and Charmain goes to let him put his arm around her and she helps him hobble inside. Charlie kisses the girls’ feet and Emma asks about her dad.

He pulls her aside and she asks what he said. Charlie says Ken asked how much he wanted for her like she was a used car or cattle. Charlie says if no one owns something, it can’t be for sale. He touches her chin and she smiles. Charmain helps Kovic inside and he says the sugar says she knows him and wanted to find him. Brian is there too. Charlie says he doesn’t know her at all. Charmain says she doesn’t blame him for not remembering her and says she wouldn’t remember her either.

She says it was at the canyon at the edge of the creek and it was cold and there was a fire in the fireplace. She howls and then does it again and again. Charlie smiles and howls really loud too. Everyone else starts doing it too. Emma joins in. Charlie laughs and says all right. He asks if they want some candy. Brian says it depends on if it’s taffy bits, chunky chocolate. Charmain says she likes it and Charlie says mommy and daddy used candy like a weapon but they’re all good children there.

He says they get all the candy they want. Brian spots Emma then says they want candy. Charlie tells them to come on and they follow but Kovic holds Charmain back to get busy with him. Brian looks at her and Charmain says Charlie goes through Roy and she knows that. She tells him to go on. Sam summons Eddie to the morgue and displays the way the killing went. Eddie is annoyed when Sam laughs. He says time of death was eight to ten hours before he was found.

Sam says Mike isn’t the killer. He’s a leftie and not tall enough. Eddie doesn’t want to hear it. The ME asks if they’re not partners any more and Sam says that’s a good catch. Brian roams the house looking around and sees a phone. He tries it but there’s no dial tone. Charlie sees him trying it and says he thought he got lost. Brian says this pad is crazy. He asks if it’s his and Charlie says it was an old lady he met in Frisco and he told her they could come by any time.

Charlie climbs onto the bed and talks about the devil worshipers that stop by. He says people come there to do what they don’t want to be seen doing. Charlie says this place is full of a lot of fear and shame and he doesn’t like that. The girls come in and Charlie says hi. Kovic brings Charmain in and Charlie says they look worn out. Charlie asks how Charmain did and Kovic says she can learn a thing or two from Sadie but will get there. They all swap smiles. Brian looks on edge.

Eddie tells Sam that Mike’s alibi is shaky and he has an assault record. Sam says it’s not Mike and the voided arrest will get the real killer’s case booted. Sam says to let him find the killer and he can take the credit. Eddie agrees. Brian joins Charmain in the car. He asks how she knew to tell him about the house. She says it sounds like a million other places they forgot. She says she went there with her mom a long time ago and says her mom drove them out in the middle of the night.

He asks about the howling and she says she just made it up in the moment. Charmain tells Brian she’s serious about being a great cop – as serious as he is. She says she made a choice. They take off. Opal shows up at the PD and says she has a note Wyatt left but she didn’t open it. She says she’s not letting Wyatt go back to Vietnam ever. Sam says Wyatt will go to prison because of her. She slaps his face and storms out while Eddie watches. There’s a photo of he and Wyatt with the letter.

Eddie tells Sam he talked to his guy at Pendleton and found out MPs don’t really look past a couple of phone calls. Emma sits with the girls who are singing. She joins in to sing. Sadie says after her mom died she tried everything – church, topless dancing, nothing worked. She says then she met Charlie and he introduced her to Katie then everything was perfect until they met Emma. Emma says Sadie is so real and says all her friends at home just talk about things they want, have and don’t have.

Emma says she thought she was going to die if she didn’t get away from their voice. Charlie comes in playing guitar and says let’s go make a demo and tosses a stack of cash. Emma picks it up. Katie asks where he found the money and he says the money found him. Brian tells Sam that Emma is with Charlie at this drug house. Sam tells Brian that Mike was arrested for killing Art and he doesn’t think he did it, but it may not matter.

Sam heads to the house and flashes a photo of Emma. Everyone shakes their heads no. Sam goes inside – he has Emma’s mom with him. They look around room to room. Sam spots Kovic and he shows him the photo of Emma. Kovic says there are a lot of girls here. Kovic says she may have been there and he might have seen her, but she’s not there now. Kovic says he wishes he could have been more help. Sam says he seems very helpful then walks off.

Grace spots a young girl and asks how old she is. She says she’s 16 and shows her a letter her mom wrote saying it’s okay for her to be there. She hugs Grace who then tells Sam they need to go. She’s in a tizzy. The bus pulls back up at a place in the sticks. The engineer says he’s going to pick up a lot of ambient sound since they’re at a farm. Rufus tells him it won’t be the best but Charlie says it’s what he wants and they’re ready when he is.

Sam tells Grace he’ll find Emma next time. She asks if there are more houses like that and asks what’s happening. She says she can’t stop thinking about Emma lost, hurt and crying. Grace asks Sam what he’s thinking about and he admits his son is missing too. Grace says it doesn’t mean anything. She thinks he means in the war. Sam pulls her in for a hug. They both seem to enjoy the lingering hug more than they should.

Sam looks at her and they are very close. Charlie starts playing and singing for his demo. Sam kisses Grace. Emma plays around with the other girls while Charlie sings. Sam and Grace get more passionate. They go to bed together. We see a large scar on his back – looks like he was stabbed. Charmain in processes a working girl who tells Charmain she’s a nice piece and should try peddling it. Eddie says she’s right about that.

Charmain glares at Eddie and asks if they make those pants for men too. She calls his pants felonious ball huggers and the other cops and the hooker laugh at him. All the girls come back with Charlie from recording and they’re all amped up. Kovic says a detective came by with Emma’s mom looking for her. Kovic says he talked to him but doesn’t think it worked. Charlie comes in and Emma asks what’s the matter. He says they need to head back out and tells the girls to come on.

Emma asks what’s going on and he says it’s getting crowded here and he doesn’t want his patience tested. He says he’s taking Emma and Sadie on a little meander. Emma asks another question and he slaps her hard. He says the only way this will work is if they can be strong individuals so strong that they are one. He says he won’t remind her of that too many more times. Sam is still at Grace’s in the morning. He zips her into her dress then kisses her hand. They hear a noise.

He asks if it’s Ken but she says it’s likely the housekeepers. He kisses her and asks her not to make him go yet. He reluctantly gets dressed. Some MPs show up about Walt and Eddie says Opal did it because she loves Walt and says not to pull her in any deeper. Later, Sam says he told Opal that he told her he didn’t know anything about her health or why Walt came home. He asks Opal if she had a doctor back it up and she says she is sick and has diabetes. He asks if they prescribed Scotch and smokes.

He says he needs to get to Walt before the MPs do and she chews him out. She says this is not WWII and they’re the bad guys this time. Rufus the engineer is working when he hears glass shatter at the studio. He finds Charlie there and asks why he’s there. He asks why he’s there. Charlie says he brought him two presents. Rufus doesn’t get it. Charlie says the girls are his for as long as he wants them. He brought Emma and Sadie. Charlie says he’s sharing his good with him.

The girls take Rufus’ hands. They all walk upstairs with him. Grace bugs Ken about what he’s been up to and where’s he’s been going. Charlie calls the house and Ken answers. He says he knows Ken would want to hear this and plays the song. He says it’s something so beautiful from something so ugly. Ken hears the girls singing on the demo. Charlie says Emma is like a dream angel and he finally sees how to make the worm turn through her.

Grace grabs the phone and asks who this is. She hears the singing. Charlie holds the phone to the tape player and hears the girls singing and giggling.