Becoming Us Recap 6/22/15: Season 1 Episode 3 “#IntotheWild”

Becoming Us Recap 6/22/15: Season 1 Episode 3 "#IntotheWild"

Tonight on ABC Family new show premieres with an all new Monday June 22, season 1 episode 3 called “#IntotheWild,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Carly hosts a camping trip for Ben and his pals, and she bans cell phones in order to promote conversation.

On the last episode, Danielle’s family invited Ben to dinner to try to helped him sort out his feelings; Brook hoped Ayton and Lathan would bond at an outing she’s organized; Sutton and Carly selected items for Sutton’s wedding registry. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family Synopsis, “Carly hosts a camping trip for Ben and his pals, and she bans cell phones in order to promote conversation; Brook and Lathan have clashing memories about their youth; Sutton’s fiancé assists with the wedding planning; Ben gets a driving lesson from Carly.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode at 9pm that airs on ABC Family. In the meantime, hit up our comments and tell us how excited you are for the premiere season of Becoming Us and enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.



#BecomingUs begin with Ben is playing pool with Emilia and his sister Sutton. He says he doesn’t want to call Carly his mom. He says Carly thinks it will be better but Ben says he will have a stranger in his life and no dad. Emilia says she’s becoming herself and it shouldn’t be that weird. Carly teaches Ben to parallel park in a parking lot. Carly tells him it’s not that hard but lots of people go their whole lives without being able to do it.

They go on with a frustrating lesson that involves the death of a cone. Ben asks about his dad saying he’ll be getting more of him as a woman and Carly says he’ll get more of him once he’s his real self. Ben asks if they can go camping before the surgery. Carly says not with snow on the ground. He wants to go to Starved Rock and Carly agrees. Ben says he’s worried about not being able to do these things with him anymore. Ben says he wants to see if Carly will do this stuff too.

Carly thinks he’s more present than she was in the past since she’s not distracted with not being who she wants to be. Later, Ben is out with Ayton, Brook and Lathan. He invites them to come camping with he and Carly. Brook says yes. Ayton asks why would it be any different and Ben says it’s camping with Charlie not Carly. He wonders if she’ll be all girly. Ben says he might ask Danielle too. They ask if Danielle is his GF and he says it’s complicated since she’s a senior and he’s a junior.

They talk about the perils of camping. Danielle sees photos Ben posted on his page even though he hasn’t called. Then he texts asking her to go camping. She says she’s kind of mad that he didn’t invite her for Halloween with his friends. Her friends says she should go but don’t say yes right away. Danielle says Ben is weird but she wants to be a good sport and says it would be a good thing. Sutton’s fiance Kevin is headed to Chicgo to help with the wedding planning.

She says he’s her partner, love of her life and best friend. She says his family is more conservative so she hopes he can handle her family and what’s going on. He greets her with a kiss and says he loves her. They head to dinner with her mom and Kevin brings up Carly. He asks if she’s angry and she says she put up with a lot during their marriage. Suzy says she found panties in his pocket doing laundry and thought he was cheating not transgender.

She says she tried to work it out but because of all the lies, she couldn’t make it work. Sutton says she doesn’t like hearing how hurt her mom is and it makes her confused about what Carly’s role should be in The wedding. She says she wants to include her but wants to honor her mom. Kevin says your instincts are not to believe it. Sutton says she trusts Kevin and that’s how it is with husbands and wives. Everyone packs for the camping trip and they have an RV to go along.

Carly says the kids all overpacked but tells them to load it all up. Ben shows up last and Carly says it’s nice of him to show up. Carly says he’s glad they’re going camping and says he can do it. They’re packed and Carly says she’s handing around her purse and they’re all going to hand over their electronics. Ben protests and Ayton asks if he can update his status first. He hurries to do so and they all head over their devices.

Danielle asks what they’re supposed to do on the way there and Carly says hang out and be human beings. There’s a two hour drive and the kids ask if they’re there yet. Carly is worried Ben didn’t pack warm enough clothes. Carly says he brought clothes for him to be a good mom. Carly asks who will help cook and Lathan says he will among others but Carly picks Lathan to help saying he seems like the best choice.

They stop for a restroom break and they’re all running. Carly says the bathroom is the most over concern thing for people with transgenders and it makes her nuts. She says she goes in, closes the stall, drops her pants and takes care of business then puts her panties back on like everyone else – no big deal. They get to the campground when it’s getting dark and they all traipse out of the RV to look around. Carly tells Ben to be careful when he’s up in a tree.

Carly says he’s just being a worried mom. They head into a big cave and Danielle says she wonders how nature does this. Carly says it’s beyond her. Ben snaps a lot of photos. He says taking photos lets him express himself in ways he can’t say out loud. Carly looks at his photos and tells him they look good. Ayton is glad he’s not in many of the photos.

Carly sends some kids to find firewood while she sets up tents. Ben tells Lathan it’s strange to be with Carly now and says when she was Charlie, she drank a lot. Lathan says at least he got through it. They get the fire started and Ben says they have an RV but Carly makes them sleep outside in cold tents and says that’s something that Charlie would have done.

Brook asks Carly if she ever played dress up when she was little. Carly says she would sneak her sister’s clothes and make up and steal her mom’s Vogue magazines. Danielle asks if her parents caught her but Carly says she always ran and took off the clothes and makeup. Lathan tells Carly he’s glad to have met her and says she’s cool and it’s a pleasure to know her. He asks about her becoming who she is. She says she was always that inside and says she doesn’t identify as a man anymore.

Lathan asks what she misses and Carly says not a bit. Ben asks if she misses being a dad but Carly says she’s still a parent. Carly thanks Lathan and says he’s sweet. Lathan says the world tries to make things male and female but Carly just is who she is. Carly says she knew something was wrong but it was a long time before she knew then even longer before she could accept who she was meant to be.

The gang eats burgers then they head into their tent. Danielle complains about the cold but says the trip has been fun. She asks if he’s having fun and Ben says he’s all over the place. She says he hasn’t been talking to her lately and says he’s been distancing himself from everyone. He says that’s the goal. Ben says he still likes her but he’s got so much personal stuff going right now. Danielle is mad when he won’t talk to her about what’s going on.

He hugs her and Carly comes to ask if they’re done talking. He tells them it’s time and says girls to their tent, boys to theirs and tells Ben to get out of the girls’ tent. Ben says it’s a strange thing fro Carly to say. Carly gets her phone out after the kids are in their tents. Back in Evanston, Sutton asks Kevin if he thinks she’ll survive to make it to the wedding. He says there’s a lot going on and says Ben is dealing with a new parent or rather a new identity.

Kevin says this will be a transition for his parents to get used to this. Sutton thanks him for coming there and supporting her and he says it’s fun and they swap I love you’s. Next day, everyone is cold when they wake and they complain about sleeping in their jackets. Brook says she’s reading a book called The Glass Castle and says it’s like their lives. She talks about the girl has a mom who’s a crazy artist who refuses to be a mother.

Lathan says he has good memories and Brook says he must have blocked out his memories. Brook says they had a bad childhood but he disagrees. She says they moved 20 times in 10 years and says they were never anywhere for longer than a year. She says her mom had drug issues. Lathan says he respects she went through hard times and says she should say her childhood not their childhood. He thinks Brook is confused and says he’s sick and tired of being called a liar by her.

Lathan says he’s tired of people and Brook f-ing up his childhood. He says she makes it seem like it’s something it’s not and Carly advises him to just listen sometime. Lathan asks them all to just stop. Lathan says he can’t talk because his sister wants to make him feel bad. He says he has a good memory. Lathan says they were in the same boat even though they moved around a lot. Brook says they were in a deadly car accident when they were eight and nine because their mom was on drugs.

Lathan says he tries to think of things positively but Carly agrees that’s f-d up. He says Lathan has his emotions on the surface like him. Brook says one day she hopes they don’t have so many arguments about the past. Carly talks about how he drove intoxicated when he shouldn’t have and says it’s a miracle he didn’t get in trouble. They agree to play catch and stop talking.

Suzy and Sutton go driving and drive past their old house. Suzy says the surgery is coming up and says it’s crazy. Sutton says a vagina is a complicated thing and Suzy says she doesn’t even want to know. Sutton says good for Carly and then tells her mom she’s sorry and shouldn’t say it. Suzy says she doesn’t care about it and doesn’t have to then says she wishes her bottle had vodka in it. Sutton says then she’d be drinking and driving.

Brook tells Lathan she wants to talk to him but he says some things don’t need to be talked about. She says he likes to control things because he feels like things are out of control. Lathan says she thinks about things too much and Brook says that’s her choice. She thinks Lathan needs to be more honest with himself and he says he needs to figure it out for himself. She says it affects her too but he ignores that part.

On night two, around the fire, Danielle says she was angry when her dad told her he wanted to be a woman but says she wants him to be happy. She says he started dating again and they ask who he dates and he says girls and some guys. Carly says she tried dating guys and only liked bald Mediterranean men and says she’s more of a lesbian and prefers women. Ben is very uncomfortable.

Over at Emilia’s place, Kevin and Sutton chat with Emilia. He says he just did Into the Woods and played the prince. They talk about the wedding and he says he feels like he’s outside of the planning then asks how it’s going. He says he’s glad she’s there for her brother. Kevin asks if Ben is talking and she says he’s stoic and beautiful and selfless. Emilia says he’s too good, kind and quiet about it and wouldn’t voice anything so he doesn’t hurt someone or scare them.

Sutton says she’s the same way and says she wouldn’t want to scare someone into going away then says Charlie is going away. Sutton says she thinks Ben needs to go outside and scream. Carly and Ben play catch and Carly asks if Ben liked camping and how it compares to camping with Charlie. Ben says it’s more girly and Carly agrees. Ben says once his parents got divorced, he didn’t get to play catch with his dad anymore. Carly says his friends are interesting and says Lathan reminds him of himself.

Carly says Lathan has a lot of anger and he used to be like that. He asks Ben if he thinks he’s still as selfish and self-centered as he used to be. Ben says he still is but Carly says isn’t he less so and Ben agrees he is. Ben says it’s better since he’s not drinking. Carly admits he has a long way to go and says he knows he has work to do. He talks about he’s not the center of the universe. Carly says he was a great dad and coached a lot of Ben’s team.

Ben says he doesn’t know where to go and Carly says he’ll keep working on it. Ben says one selfish thing is him not letting him call him dad. He asks Carly what harm it will do him. He says he is still his dad and Carly agrees. Ben asks who would it hurt and Carly says – me. He asks Ben if he wants to hurt him then Ben says it hurts him too. Carly say she worked really hard to become the person that she is and says there were years of real angst and torment and now she’s free.

She says calling her by him, he, his, dad, Charlie, dad, brother or son doesn’t acknowledge who he is today. Carly says they still have work to do obviously. Ben agrees. They pack up to head back from the camping trip. Danielle says she wants to get home. Carly asks if they want their phones back now and Ayton says this is taking a toll on his internet life. Carly says they were awesome this weekend so they can have their phones back.

She hands them back and the kids are thrilled. Carly says she knows what it’s like to be a kid and be afraid and says it can be had. She’s pleased with the camping trip though. Back home, Brook asks Lathan how great it is to sit on real furniture and he says at least it’s warm. She says the camping in the cold makes them bitter then tells Lathan they won’t see eye to eye on their past but they’re still family. She says she’s happy he accepts their problems then asks how it’s easy for him to get over the past.

Lathan says the past is the past and you shouldn’t try to hide it but says it takes time, experience and love and he’s still working on it. Brook says she likes this moment in their lives since they’re together and says they need to forgive and move on. Lathan says they’re thinking about each other more now. She says she’ll always support him and says they have a bond even though it’s not picture-perfect.

Back at Suzy’s, Ben is online posting on social media. Ben says he has great friends and he’s just trying to move forward. He says he knows he has a long way to go in his relationship with Carly but says the trip helped. He texts Carly and thanks her for taking him camping. Carly says she’s there for her son and wants to be present. He says Ben has a lot of courage and guts particularly for a 16-year-old kid. Ben says he’d love his dad to come back as a father but knows he was messed up and unhappy. Ben says he has to deal with his relationship in his own way since she’s his dad or mom or momdad.