Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Johnny Mac Evicted From BB17, Sent to Jury By Vanessa Rousso – Final Three Revealed

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Johnny Mac Evicted From BB17, Sent to Jury By Vanessa Rousso – Final Three Revealed

Big Brother 17 spoilers from the live eviction episode airing on CBS on September 16 reveal that Johnny Mac has been officially evicted and voted out of the competition. That means that as of right now the BB17 Final Three are: Vanessa Rousso, Liz Nolan, and Steve Moses. The week kicked off with Steve as the reigning Head of Household, and he nominated Vanessa and Liz for eviction. Vanessa miraculously won the Power of Veto competition, and saved herself – so Steve had no choice to put up his John McGuire on the chopping block.

Now that Big Brother 17 is down to the final four players of the CBS competition, Vanessa Rousso was the only one able to cast a vote for eviction, because she was the only one who was not HOH or on the chopping block. When it came down for Vanessa Rousso to announce her vote, Big Brother 17 spoilers tease that the professional poker player chose to evict Johnny Mac, and take Liz Nolan to the final three with her.

So, where did Johnny Mac go wrong in the Big Brother 17 game? Technically, he was one of the stronger players, he managed to eep everyone happy going up as a pawn and throwing competitions – and won the juror competition to get back in the game. At the end of the day, Johnny Mac took a wrong turn when he opted to join forces with Steve. After all if Steve hadn’t thrown the Power Of Veto competition, Vanessa Rousso would still be on the eviction block and probably on her way to the juror house, and Johnny Mac never would have been backdoored and nominated for eviction.

So BB17 fans, were you sad to see Johnny Mac go home? What do you think sealed his fate in the game? Who do you think will win Big Brother 17? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your BB17 spoilers, recaps, and news!

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#BB17 starts with (shocker) Vanessa crying AGAIN. Perhaps she can get a Kleenex deal when she gets out of there. She’s bawling about sending Austin home. Liz is annoyed that Vanessa has betrayed her and Austin but is crying to her about how hard it was to send him home. Steve hugs Vanessa to comfort her. We see a flashback to seven minutes before eviction when John and Steve talk about the vote. Steve then goes to see Vanessa and she tells Steve to trust him and don’t be nervous.

Steve is the new #HOH and is confident that he will never step foot in the jury. Vanessa says it all comes down to the veto in the final four. Liz is upset that Steve wasn’t sent home and is now HOH. She says she wants to yank the key off his neck and she’s upset that she’s lost Austin who is her voice of reason. She says she will win the POV for him and Julia. Vanessa tells Liz that she’s a wreck and then goes into the diary room and says she has to talk to Liz and hopes she doesn’t totally hate her.

Vanessa tells Liz that sending Austin out was the worst thing she’s had to done. Liz says she hates the way it happened. Liz says it was just such a shock. Vanessa cries AGAIN and AGAIN. Then she says she knows showmances can’t go all the way and tells Liz this is better for her game and tells her to turn on the charm for the guys. She tells Liz she’s been genuine with her. Liz hates Johnny Mac and Steve so knows she has to work with Vanessa.

Liz tells her she’s not mad at her. Vanessa says she’s taking her with her and swears it on her GF’s name. John talks to Vanessa and she wonders if they should get Steve to throw the veto and they talk about how stupid it is to take Liz to the final three. They talk and she says she’s taking him to the finals. Vanessa feels like it’s okay to make a final two deal with both John and Liz since she knows she won’t go to final three with both of them since Steve is HOH.

It’s nominations day and Steve reveals that he’s putting up John and Vanessa. Liz laughs and says she’s never seen Vanessa’s face up there. Steve congratulates them on making final four and says the noms are just strategic and not personal. Liz is pleased that she’s not on the block but knows it doesn’t matter because it’s all about the veto. John knows this as well and says the veto will decide who goes to the jury house. Steve hopes that Vanessa doesn’t win and she’s the only one he’s rooting against.

The final veto competition of the summer is next. Julie then shows us the #BBJury and they wonder who’s coming next. They think it will be Vanessa. Then they are shocked to see Julia. She tells them she was up against Liz. Meg is stunned and says she thought they would have taken out Liz since she’s a competition beast. She says that Steve nominated them and shows them the video of the competition. Julia says she thought she was happy that Steve won then found out otherwise.

Then they see Vanessa telling Julia to challenge Austin. The jury members ask her why and Julia says Vanessa got into her head. Then she says Vanessa swore on her family she was giving advice and not playing her. Then they see Austin win the POV. Then they see Julia’s eviction. Julia says she’s not mad at Steve because he was smart not to move the three of them forward.

Then a day ago, the jury talks about who is coming next and they think it will be Austin or Liz. The car pulls up and they see barefoot Austin. Julia says a couple has never made it this far in the game. He comes in wearing his Judas hat and he throws it off and he says Vanessa got him booted. He says Judas got Judased and she blindsided him. Austin is ready to go to work against Vanessa at the jury house. He shows them the video of the blindside Vanessa hit him with.

He says he thought Vanessa was with him then she evicted him. James says she showed no mercy at all. Becky says he didn’t even have shoes on. Shelli says you can’t deny what an amazing game Vanessa played. Austin says she played a flawed game and Shelli says she managed to stay in the house even though they all knew what she was doing. Austin is determined to cost Vanessa the game if he can sway the rest of the jury against her. Becky says the next veto is what matters.

Married former BB contestants Rachel and Brendon are there. She says it’s interesting there are no floaters at the end. She says the final four have all played the game. She asks Brendon about John and he says he did a good job getting back in the house and maneuvered himself. He says he hopes that John wins POV and HOH to show that he deserves to win. Then Julie asks about their romance. They were the first BB couple to ever get married.

Julie asks about Austin and Liz’s showmance and Rachel says she thinks they have a chance at it. She says she’s rooting for Lizten. Brendon says they have a shot but also had a shot at the money and didn’t win it. Rachel says they’re pregnant. It’s a #BrenchelBaby. Julie offers them a #TeamBrenchel onesie and wishes them luck on the pregnancy. It’s not time for the final #POV competition of the summer.

The #POV is Asian themed and Caleb, aka Beast Mode Cowboy, from #BB16 is there to host it. Liz tells him he’s the hottest ninja ever. Caleb welcomes them to the BB dojo and says they will play a game called Martial Smarts. It’s several matches and he reads an event that happened in the house and they have to figure out what day it happened. When they get the day they want, they ring in. If they miss, they can guess again. The last to get it right gets a strike and two strikes sends you out of it.

The first event is Clay winning his only competition. It’s day 38. Vanessa gets it right first. Steve is next then John. That gives Liz a strike. Caleb chops a board with her name on it. They next ask about Shelli’s sword training. It was day 46. John, Vanessa and Steve get it in that order. Liz is out because of her second strike. She’s out of the POV. Liz is frustrated to be judo chopped out of the competition. She hopes Vanessa wins it and saves her.

John is happy that Liz is out because he knows she would take him out. Next is the day Zingbot showed up. It’s day 66. John gets it first. Steve misses and so does Vanessa. Vanessa then gets it and Steve takes a strike. Next is the day that Meg was on the block the second time. It’s day 23. All three miss it by a lot. John gets it first then Steve stops to think. Vanessa misses again while he thinks but then gets it right. That sends Steve out of the competition.

Now it’s down to Vanessa and Steve. The next event is what day Frankie Grande showed up. It was day 86. Vanessa barely edges out John. He gets his first strike. Next is the day of the sixth nomination ceremony. It was day 44. Vanessa overshoots it. John misses it and Vanessa gets it on her second try. Vanessa wins the final POV of the summer. Liz is so excited and thinks for sure that Vanessa will take her to final three. John hopes that Vanessa thinks it’s better for her game to keep him.

Julie says Vanessa has deals with both Liz and John so she’ll save one and betray the other with her next move. You can now vote for American’s Favorite Houseguest and voting is open through September 21st. Here’s where you can vote:

It’s time for the live eviction and Julie says the finale is a week from tonight. The veto meeting and eviction will take place right now.

Vanessa stands and says she’s using the veto on herself and that makes Liz automatically the replacement nominee. Now they make their speeches to Vanessa. Johnny Mac says it’s been an awesome summer and he’s had fun. He says he won’t beg and sits. Liz then says it’s been a challenging and intense game and says it’s easy to make enemies but she’s made so many friends. She tells Vanessa she knows she’ll do what’s best for her game and says she’d love to keep going.

Vanessa then has to vote. She sends John out of the house and says she’s doing it because either John has an alliance with Steve he’s lying about or he’s turning his back on Steve and his game-long alliance and says that’s not cool. Vanessa what? She had a game long alliance with Austin that she turned out. Arggh. I cannot stand her. She is truly a hypocritical disgusting fake person. Please jury, vote for anyone besides Vanessa. Please….

The crowd roars and cheers when John comes out and the other houseguests listen and are shocked by how much the crowd loves him. Julie asks about his final two deal with Vanessa. He says he tried to cover his bases but knew if he lost POV, he was going. Julie asks if he would have honored a final two deal with her and he says no, he would have evicted Vanessa. Julie says it seems like he likes living on the edge and can be erratic. Julie asks if it’s strategy.

John says he didn’t know what he was doing the whole time and says he should have done things differently. Julie asks if he lives his life like this outside the house and he laughs and says he does. Julie asks about John being nervous facing Austin after the blindside and he says no, Austin is a big teddy bear. He says they’re playing hard and he wishes the others left in the house. He says he expects to see Vanessa and Steve in the finals.