Blindspot Recap 10/19/15 Season 1 Episode 5 “Split the Law”

Blindspot Recap 10/19/15 Season 1 Episode 5 "Split the Law"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday October 19, season 1 episode 5 called, “Split the Law,”  and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a hostage situation goes bad and causes strife between the CIA and FBI.

Blindspot is about an unidentified woman with amnesia is found covered with tattoos, and the FBI soon realize that each mark on her body reveals a crime to be solved

On the last episode, Patterson and her puzzle-loving boyfriend decoded a tattoo, and it lead the team to the Centers for Disease Control, where they unearthed a destructive plot with possible global repercussions. Meanwhile, the bond between Jane and Weller deepened. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “a hostage situation goes bad and causes strife between the CIA and FBI. Meanwhile, Carter clashes with Mayfair when he reveals that he’s skeptical about Jane’s loyalties; and Jane meets Weller’s family, but the situation proves to be difficult for her.”

Blindspot airs at 10 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates.

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#Blindspot begins with a guy trying to hail a cab in NYC. A cab picks him up and he asks to go to the Empire State Building. The guy locks the door and the back seat fills with gas. The man speaks to him in another language and says this is the part that doesn’t hurt. Jane comes to Kurt’s place and his sister has a fit over her. His sister Sarah tells embarrassing Kurt stories over dinner. Her son Sawyer listens as well. Kurt is annoyed and Jane asks where their dad is. He says they don’t talk about him.

Sawyer asks who she is and Sarah says they were all friends as little kids at his age and says she’s been gone a long time. Sawyer asks where she went. She has a memory flash, freaks out and walks out. She goes to the elevator and Kurt follows. She says she can’t do this and he says they rushed it. She says she doesn’t feel like… she leaves without finishing the thought. Tasha and Edgar talk about Jane going to Kurt’s and how neither of them have been invited over.

Edgar says she can come to his place and she calls his apartment weak ass then he says to stay home with her cats and calls her a loser. The guy the cabbie picked up and another man are at the MWA. They have automatic weapons and threaten the people. Bethany comes in and asks Kurt about the isotope test on Jane. Kurt says her DNA is accurate. Bethany doesn’t buy it and says these elements show her in Africa in her early childhood. She says she can’t have grown up next door to him.

Kurt says the law treats DNA as ironclad and she asks should they ignore this evidence. Kurt says her DNA is Taylor’s end of story. Bethany says he can’t pick and choose evidence to pick a narrative then asks if he told Jane yet. Patterson pings him and he walks out. Patterson says the number is on Jane’s back. She shows them it’s the zip code, building number and street. The men are brutal with the hostages. Edgar says the gunmen came in saying the MWA fired them and are holding hostages.

Kurt calls in and asks what their demands are. The man in charge won’t give their names but says they’re trying to rob them of their pensions. He issues a deadline. There’s 19 minutes left. Kurt calls the guy back and says they’re working on their requests and says the head of the MWA is coming. They hear them yelling at hostages and some are taken into the back. Kurt says they can’t hurt anyone or he can’t give them what they want.

Kurt says separating the hostages isn’t good. Jane asks why this would be tattooed on her body and asks how anyone could know this would happen. Jane tells Kurt she doesn’t know how to be the person he lost as a child. They get eyes inside and look at the leader who doesn’t seem like an MWA guy. Kurt takes off his vest and heads up to the building with his hands up. The man comes to the window with a hostage in his hand. He shows him he’s unarmed and say she’s there to talk.

Kurt says the head of the MWA is on his way. The woman starts crying. Kurt says the moment he hurts someone in there, there’s nothing more he can do for him. He says he’s there as a show of good faith. The man says he can have 30 more minutes then tells him to walk away. Kurt says it was way too easy. Back inside the man throws the woman onto the floor. Tasha says the gunmen never worked there and Jane says the hostages are coming back out from the back and they see one is injured.

One man shoots a hostage and the SWAT team bursts in guns blaring with the FBI at their side. They take out the gunmen. Jane looks around at the bodies. Later, the hostages are cleared out and wounded survivors are taken out in ambulance. Jane asks Kurt if he’s okay and he wonders why the men came there. He notices blood on a door knob and opens it slowly. They go inside and he sees there are stairs going down. They head down cautiously.

Jane has a flash of being led down the stairs holding a man’s hand. Kurt says her name and pulls her back to now. They see a vault down below and go inside. There are more bodies down there and a man tied to a chair and dead. Then there’s a man there and Jane takes him down. It’s Thomas Carter and his men. He says they have leave and says this is a matter of National Security. Kurt asks who he is and what this place is. Thomas says this place doesn’t exist and he’s the Deputy Director of the CIA.

Kurt says if they weren’t on US soil, he’d say it’s a black site. Kurt explains to Jane that black sites are used outside the US to torture people but says if it was inside the US, it could bring down the administration. Kurt tells him this was a hit and upstairs was a smoke screen. Bethany comes in and asks Thomas why the hell he’s there. Kurt explains the CIA is international and can’t operate domestically. Thomas says the civilian shouldn’t be there and Kurt tells Thomas neither should he.

Jane walks out with Tasha. Jane says she wants to review the security footage. Tasha is amazed at how fast she used the computer. Thomas says the dead guy is Dodi Khalil and was a CIA asset who was giving info on a terrorist organization. He says they had to cut him loose and then he escaped with a grudge against the US. Thomas says he went underground and starting making bombs for a terror group. They are a multi ethnic terror group and Bethany says they don’t operate in the US.

Thomas says that’s old intel. Jane watches the footage and says something is not right. She spots it and says three hostages were taken into the back and then says oh no. The same people didn’t come out. Kurt asks if they black sited Dodi when they caught him. Thomas gets a text then tells them to get out and says Jane is quite a weapon. Bethany says she’s the least of their worries. Jane shows the team that three hostages were taken to the back but says she thinks they were reinforcements not hostages.

Jane says to watch and shows them there are different people that came out. She says Dodi is out. They realize it was a rescue not an execution. Jane says they shot hostages then smuggled him out with the injured. Dodi is in an ambulance. He slits the medic’s throat in the back of the ambulance. Bethany says that must be why Thomas left – he realized Dodi was out. Jane says Dodi fell of the CIA’s radar for years then says things happened to her when she was off the radar.

She says she thinks he’s waiting on her to remember things that won’t come. He says her coming back taught him to never lose hope. Kurt goes to talk to two of the accomplices and tells them he knows they went in to get Dodi. He says one can help and one can rot away. He asks where Dodi is. Tasha tells Edgar he should not raise concerns about Jane around others and says he took Thomas’ side against her. She says it’s them against Thomas and he’s looking for a point of weakness.

Kurt says it’s their last chance and says they saw what the CIA did to Dodi. The woman says it’s too late for her then stats crying. She pulls out a clump of her hair. She says he’ll never find it. Patterson says both of them are dying of acute radiation poisoning. Cesium 137 is what it is and they can make a powerful dirty bomb with it. Kurt says Dodi is a master bomb maker and that’s likely what they’re doing and here in America.

Bethany says they have to assume Dodi is constructing a major dirty bomb. Kurt says they terror group broke him out so that means he’s not finished with it. Patterson says a hospital in Queens has patients that present with radiation poisoning and says they live in a 30 block radius. Patterson has portable Geiger counters for the teams and gives them pills to fight the radiation poisoning. She says when the meter hits 300 get out or the pills won’t help. The teams take off for Queens.

Kurt and Jane quarterback from the ops center. Jane asks what happened after she disappeared then says with him. He says the two of them had a secret hiding spot in the woods out back of their houses. He says he thought if she got away she would go there. He says he never gave up on her. He says he knows being a Taylor isn’t an answer to all her problems but is a starting point she can build from. Kurt sees one team pinged a hot spot. They are at an abandoned building. They head into the basement.

Jane gets a flash again of going downstairs with a man holding her hand. They hear the agents exchanged fire with two people suffering from radiation sickness. He says he sees beds down there. Jane remembers a basement with beds and thin kids lying on them. She walks out. Kurt tells Edgar to follow up and he follows Jane out. She thinks about this and sees a scar on a child’s face. He asks if she’s all right. She says she saw who took her. She tells him about the room of children.

She asks what was he doing. She says she saw his hands and says he was God. She asks what happened to her and starts crying. Kurt holds her hand to his chest and says he’s there with her and she’s okay. He tells her to breathe and says she’s okay. Edgar comes out and asks if they’re okay. He sees them touching and misinterprets. Jane walks off and Edgar says she seems off. Kurt says she’s fine. Kurt says the agents found a list of names all in a cemetery close to the radiation zone.

They wonder if the bomb is hidden there. They head out. Kurt, Jane, Edgar and Tasha are at the cemetery and the Geiger counters ping that it’s closer. They see armed people coming out from behind graves and they exchange fire with them. They run up the hill to get away from them and hide behind the graves against the automatic weapons fire. They see Dodi with an urn and assume he has the cesium. Jane runs up the hill and hides with Kurt.

Kurt tells her they still have to get out of there. Patterson says their Geiger readings are too high and they need to get out of there. She says the urn is unstable and they can handle it briefly but if it breaks open, everyone in the cemetery will die. The firefight continues and Kurt says not to shoot Dodi. Edgar gets pinned own and Tasha comes to help. They take out the guy beside Dodi then Jane engages in hand to hand with another guy. He beats her brutally but she hits back heard.

She knocks him out then sees Dodi and says she’s going after him. She runs and he fumbles the urn and she grabs it. He’s got a gun on her and says he didn’t want this. Kurt is there and knocks him out. He tells Jane to put the urn down and back away until Hazmat gets there. They walk Dodi away from it. Thomas is there with a sniper rifle and takes aim at Jane’s head. Bethany is there with a gun to Thomas’ head and tells him don’t you dare and tells him to drop the rifle.

Thomas says she thinks she’s saving Jane but all she’s doing is killing them. Thomas tells Edgar nice work and says they can’t operate domestically. He asks Edgar if he’s ever thought about working for the good guys. Tasha comes up and asks what’s going on. Edgar says nothing. Thomas asks her name and she tells him to walk away. He does but with swagger. The CIA says they’re taking Dodi and Bethany says it was a US threat and says they’re keeping him. The CIA and FBI get into a Mexican standoff.

Thomas asks since when does she follow the rules. Bethany tells him to stand down and he says she should stand down. Bethany says they go back a long way then asks if he’s going to kill five FBI agents in cold blood. Thomas says he can’t let her take someone who doesn’t exist. He says they can take credit for recovering the cesium. Bethany says she wants to question him then the CIA can have him. She says she needs one day. Thomas says if he can borrow Jane for a day, she can have Dodi.

He says he doesn’t like that a CIA black site was tattooed on her. He says he wants her. Bethany says go to hell. Thomas asks if she wants to start a war with him today. Bethany says not today. She tells her team to give them Dodi. Bethany says she won’t forget this and Thomas says he hopes she keeps it in mind. Jane asks what the CIA will do with him. Kurt says whatever they want. Bethany tells the team it was good work today and says the city of New York owes them.

Jane asks about Carter and Bethany says to let her worry about it. Kurt says Jane’s tattoos seem to point to government corruption. Patterson says they’re catching bad guys so they should keep following them. Bethany says she agrees. Jane thanks Bethany for not trading her to Thomas Carter today and says she thought she was considering it. Bethany tells her to get some rest. Kurt comes to Jane’s new safe house to check it out and says he wants to make sure she’s okay.

She insists she’ll be fine then says she’s sorry she lost it today. Kurt says it happens. He says she’s been through so much and says to tell him if he’s making it harder. He says he should have never put her into a position with expectations. He says he’s sorry he let them take her when they were kids. She says it wasn’t his fault and he says he’s heard that his whole life. She says he’s never heard it from her. She takes his hand and puts it on her heart. She tells him that he’s her starting point.

He looks freaked out then says he’ll see her tomorrow. She says okay and then he goes. Kurt comes home and Sarah is up waiting. She tells him not to be mad and says to give it a chance. Their father is there. Kurt is furious. His dad says – hello son. Kurt grabs his keys and walks out as Sarah tells him not to go. Thomas sits in a car and meets with Tasha. He hands her an envelope of cash and says he knew she’d come around. He asks her about Jane. Remember Tasha has a gambling habit and a bunch of debt!