Blindspot Recap 11/2/15 Season 1 Episode 7 “Sent on Tour”

Blindspot Recap 11/2/15 Season 1 Episode 7 "Sent on Tour"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday November 2, season 1 episode 7 called, “Sent on Tour,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the team face a menacing criminal at a remote location, and the case may expose Mayfair’s secrets.

On the last episode, a hazardous app designed to track government vehicles had to taken down, and the app’s creator wound up helping the team with this task. Meanwhile, Jane and Weller tried not to blur the lines of their working relationship; and Zapata faced an ethical issue. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “the team face a menacing criminal at a remote location, and the case may expose Mayfair’s secrets. Meanwhile, Jane and Weller’s strained relationship is tested; and Patterson violates the rules in order to figure out a tattoo puzzle.”

Blindspot airs at 10 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates.

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#Blindspot starts six months ago with two guys digging under floorboards to bury a silver box. One of the guys has the tree tattoo Jane mentioned last episode. They discuss that the right people will find them. Now, Patterson looks for her keys while her BF David makes coffee and looks at tattoo photos posted on their walls. He thinks one looks like a bridge but she says tunnel. He says bridge and says he’s seen it before. He says she should give him a key to her place since they basically live together.

He wants to make it official and he says don’t freak out. She says the landlord is the worst and says there’s just one bedroom and not enough hot water. She is freaking out. He says he hasn’t been to his apartment in a month and loves her. She’s freaking and he says they can talk about it later. Kurt confronts Bethany over the Guerrero case. He asks what she’s not telling him. She says Saul Guerrero was a CI for a decade and she was his handler. She says he was high value.

Then she says he started playing games with them while he piled up bodies. She says they tried to indict him but there was a leak and he’s been dark for two years. She says it’s redacted because this is a major departmental embarrassment. Bethany says Patterson found a tattoo lead. They go see the turtle shell tattoo and she says it’s the state stone of Michigan. Patterson says one looks like Alpena county and there’s an address in it that runs along the pipeline.

Bethany says they suspect illegal arms deals in Draclyn and Kurt suggests resurrecting a cold case as an excuse to go on. The team heads out on the private plane and Jane white knuckles. Tasha tells her turbulence can’t take down a flight. Edgar shows them the cold case file. They roll into town to see Paul Bolton, the country sheriff. He asks if they really want to go into Draclyn to work the Mark Wyman case. Kurt says new evidence has come to light and the guy says it’s not a safe place.

He says there are aggressive secessionists there who don’t respect Federal authority. The sheriff says cell service will get worse because they keep tearing down the towers. Kurt says they need to let Bethany know they’re off the grid. The sheriff makes a call and says – we’ve got trouble. The team heads to the address on the tattoo and Kurt approaches a guy. It’s Guerrero. They draw down on him and Kurt places him under arrest.

They tell Jane that Guerrero is number two on their most wanted list. Kurt says the illegal arms must have been Guerrero. He tells them his neighbors won’t let them take him away. Kurt hustles them inside the house. They check the house and clear it. Edgar tells him the place looks clean – no cash, no guns. Kurt says this was too easy and they need to do a sweep then move. Jane asks Guerrero if he knows her or if they’ve met. He says he’d remember her. Jane hears a noise and sees someone slashed the tires.

They also cut the fuel line. Kurt asks if that’s Guerrero’s play and he tells them they won’t get out of Draclyn alive. David calls Patterson and she says she’s sorry about this morning and says she loves him. He tries to interrupt and she says anyone who moves in then moves back out within six months. He says it’s not a tunnel, it’s an arch. He says it’s a literal arch and says he figured it out. He says think NY history in her hood. It’s the Brooklyn Historical Society. He tells her to come meet him.

Patterson says go home but he says he’s going to solve it and hangs up. She curses. Guerrero says he never thought the FBI would come to Draclyn then asks how they found him. Kurt says he has the right to remain silent. He tells them the looks on their faces when he turned around were hilarious then calls Jane painted lady and says if she’ll tell him how they found him, he’ll let her live. He says no one knows where he was and Jane says someone knew exactly where.

They hear a crack and duck as shots ring out. Kurt grabs a radio from one of the militia guys. Jane pints towards the towers that are tattooed onto the back of her neck. She says whoever did this wants them out of here alive with Guerrero. Edgar tells Tasha to back him up on this and she says she has no idea. Edgar is mad but they do what Jane suggested. They head inside one of the bellies of the abandoned oil derricks. Edgar says what now. Jane says there may be a clue in the graffiti.

Jane hears a hollow sound under the floor and says those boards are newer. Kurt pries them up and Guerrero asks how much they make working for the FBI and if it’s enough to die for. They find the box. There’s a combination with four letters of the alphabet. Edgar says Jane but Kurt says no they gave her that name. She tries Shaw and it doesn’t work. Tasha says try Kurt. His name is below the derrick son her back. That works. They open the box.

There’s a map inside along with water and supplies. They lift it up and there’s a cache of weapons too. Jane says it’s their way out. They have head lamps, water and ammo. They load up and Jane says let’s go. Kurt says they have high ground and can wait until dark. Guerrero is annoyed that they’re blindly following tattoos and clues. They hear the militia talking and realize that Guerrero had a tracker on him. Kurt and Tasha go to move the tracker to mislead them while Edgar and Jane go with their fugitive.

Patterson meets David at the historical society. He shows her the numbers on the bricks of the tattoos and there are none on the outside. There’s a number 708 and she wonders if it’s part of an ISBN. It’s in Roman numerals but when they break it apart, they get 13 digits. They wonder if it’s an older back and try it without the last three decision. It’s a book called Faculty Decisions from the late 1700s. They find it and David grabs it down.

Patterson says the other digits are likely page numbers and they find letters circled. She says it’s a secret code. Tasha and Kurt run into the woods. He says they can’t move too fast or the militia might think Guerrero isn’t with them since he won’t move that fast. Tasha accuses Kurt of protecting Jane and that’s why he took her along instead of Jane. Guerrero asks Edgar and Jane what they’re looking for but Jane says the landmarks have all been right. Guerrero says he saw the map and knows the area.

They come up on a ranger station and head inside. The militia makes it to the oil derrick and sees a star that Guerrero painted in blood. They know where they were headed – the ranger station. Inside the station, Edgar tells Guerrero to shut up. Jane spots a topographical map and says she knows her tattoos. She unzips her pants and drops them. She tells Edgar to put the map over the back of her calf. He does and says it’s a match. He marks the x from her calf onto the map.

Tasha and Kurt press on and Kurt drops the watch into a bottle then let it float down the creek. Some of the militia are nearby and take shots at them. They clear it out and wonder why they peeled off. He says they saw they didn’t have Guerrero so they went the other way. Kurt and Tasha take off at a run.

Guerrero tells Jane they’re going deeper into the forest and says nuclear waste was buried nearby. He says turn around. Edgar still thinks it might be a trap. Guerrero says the other two are probably dead right now and laughs at her. He says he hopes Kurt is still alive so she can watch while he cuts off his head. She smashes him in the face with the butt of her rifle and Edgar tells Jane to walk it off. Edgar tells Guerrero get up and come on. Bethany calls the sheriff out there.

He says it’s all good and he just spoke with them and they’re working the cold case. She asks him to have them check in ASAP. He says he’ll take care of it. He takes his rifle and leaves. Jane runs ahead and says she found the little red x. It’s a chopper. Edgar says Jane can probably fly it. She says they need to double back for Kurt and Tasha. Patterson wonders if this is a code or a cypher and says she wishes she had her computer. She says she can do this here and pulls out a tablet.

David says it didn’t work out with those other guys because it didn’t. He says that doesn’t mean it won’t work out for them. He says take a leap and she says that’s not her but he says it’s him so they’re a finely balanced couple. Bethany goes looking for Patterson and they tell her she’s been gone for a while. Bethany sees that Patterson is running an algorithm remotely. Guerrero tells Jane and Edgar they blew it going back for their friends. He tells Jane the FBI is using her and she’s just a map.

He says he’s not the only prisoner on this hike. Edgar says he can’t talk his way out of it. Gunfire erupts and Guerrero is shot. Jane returns fire to cover Edgar as he drags him inside the ranger station. Patterson scans the page with her tablet and starts the program running. She notices eraser marks on the page. She says it’s not the only code that’s been in the book. Someone else has used it then erased it. He kisses her. Patterson says he should move in with her.

Bethany shows up angry and asks what the hell is going on. She asks how she found her and demands to know who he is and what he’s doing with that photo. The militia surrounds the ranger station and Edgar fires at them while Jane tries to help Guerrero and also fire back. Edgar wonders where Kurt and Tasha are. Edgar takes a shot but he’s okay. Edgar wants to know why they’re firing so aggressively when Guerrero is in there. Jane tells Edgar to cover her while she goes for the chopper to give heavy fire.

She runs outside and works her way towards the chopper then comes upon Kurt and Tasha in the woods. They head back to the ranger station and call out for Edgar. Edgar says they’re coming out. One of the guys grabs Tasha and says let Guerrero go or she dies. The sheriff is there and shoots the militia guy then says get him out of Draclyn. Guerrero is angry and says that’s not what he pays him for. The sheriff says too many of their militia have died. The sheriff says go and they head to the chopper.

Jane says she doesn’t know what to do and Tasha says they’re getting closer. Kurt says take off now. She starts the prop and then pulls back on the lever. Militia come out of the woods and Tasha fires from the door. They’re in the air. Jane is flying them just fine. Back on the plane, Jane is still white knuckling. She tells Kurt she was worried about him when they were separated and says they’re in this together. He asks how she can fly a combat chopper but be scared of turbulence.

Jane says it’s about control. Bethany reads Patterson the riot act back at the office. Bethany says she put the case and a civilian at risk. Patterson says she screwed up and is sorry. She says she has to hold David and assess his threat level. Patterson asks if she’s about to be fired. Bethany says everyone gets one mistake and this is hers. Everyone applauds when they come in with Guerrero in tow. Bethany is stunned. He’s now in holding and Bethany tells Kurt to go in and talk to him.

She says there’s a lot of bad blood between her and Guerrero. She says she’s the last person he wants to see right now. She says they’ll lose the chance to get anything but Kurt says it has to be her. Patterson comes to see David who asks if they fired her. He says she was right and he just got caught up. He asks if he’s under arrest and she says he’s free to go. Then she says she can’t be with him anymore. She says she loves this job and it takes all of her and she can’t be distracted.

Bethany goes in to talk to Guerrero and asks where he’s been the last two years and who tipped him off about the indictment. He sits silent and she asks who knew he was in Draclyn. He asks why he’d talk to her and she says she’s his only shot at a deal. She reads off a roster of charges. Guerrero says he’s a lot of things, but he’s not a rat and has nothing to say. She says we can wait and walks out. Kurt watches this with interest. They go into her office and he says that wasn’t what he expected.

He says Guerrero has been talking all day and trying to maneuver his teams. He says Guerrero acted like he didn’t recognize her and says she was never his handler then asks why the case was on her body and says – tell me the truth. Bethany says only three people in the world know what she’s about to tell him. She says the truth is called Daylight.