Blood & Oil Recap – ‘The Ripple Effect’: Season 1 Episode 2

Blood & Oil Recap - 'The Ripple Effect': Season 1 Episode 2

Tonight on ABC Blood & Oil airs with an all new Sunday October 4, season 1 episode 2, called, “The Ripple Effect” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode Wick (Scott Michael Foster) scrambles to hide his involvement in the robbery; the arrival of Hap’s (Don Johnson) daughter Lacey (Miranda Rae Mayo) stokes a rivalry with Carl.

On the last episode, the premiere of the drama about a young couple who lock horned with a tycoon and his wife while trying to cash in on the North Dakota oil boom. First up: Billy and Cody arrived in Rock Springs intent on starting their own business, but when Billy bets big, Cody questions his intentions and their marriage. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Wick scrambles to hide his involvement in the robbery; the arrival of Hap’s daughter Lacey stokes a rivalry with Carla; and Billy agrees to another deal with Hap without first consulting Cody.”

Tonight’s season 1 episode 2 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Blood & Oil at 9:00 PM EST!


Tonight’s episode of “Blood & Oil,” kicks off where we left off last week – Cody and Billy are at the oil field with Darla and Hap. When they arrived, Wick and Gary were stealing the oil. A fight ensued, Garry and Wick get away unscathed – but Wick did get burnt by the fire. Hap, Carla, Cody, and Biblly made it out in the knick of time before the entire drill site went up in flames.

The fire department and ambulances arrive at the oil field – they patch up Billy and Hap. Billy thanks Hap for saving him – Hap points out that he owed him one because he jumped the guy that had a gun on him. Hap doesn’t seem to have any idea that the guy that pulled gun on him was his own son. Wick’s girlfriend walks in on him while he is patching up his burns, he lies and says that he and Garry were drinking and burning old tires last night. Cody and Billy head home to their new house and take a bath together. Billy vows that he will keep her and the unborn baby safe – they’re all going to be just fine.

Sherriff Harrison arrives at the oil field – Hap tells him about the oil thief, he pulled a gun on him. They were trying to track down the oil tanker that was stolen – but whoever stole it turned off the GPS. Hap says that he is offering a $50,000 reward to ay one with information. Harrison finds the bullet on the ground, and thinks it came from the shooter’s gun. Hap tells Harrison he better find him first, because if Hap finds him first – he will kill him.

Billy gets home from the store, Cody is annoyed by all of the drunk people in the street partying all afternoon. She wants to find a better place to live before the baby is born. Billy ignores her and says that he can’t go househunting tomorrow because he is going to an oil conference with Hap. Cody stops by the bar – she asks Jules if she can put her real estate hat on and come up with a list of properties.

At Hap’s house, Wick and his sister Lacey come over to check on him. Wick gives a stellar performance and gets chocked up and tells his dad that he is sorry for their fight yesterday and he wouldn’t have known what he would have done if he ever lost him. Hap wants both of his kids to come over for a family dinner tomorrow. Later that night, Carla tries to talk to Hap – she thinks that he should consider the fact that Wick might be one of the guys that were stealing oil and pulled a gun on him. Wick freaks out, he says “no son of mine would ever pull a gun on me.”

Jules takes Cody to look at a house – the owner is about to lose his oil rig and needs $250000. The house is worth double that, but Jules thinks that if Cody offers him half of that – he will take it. Cody says that she needs to call Billy and okay it with him, but he is not answering his phone. He is with Wick, and Wick is trying to get him in on another business deal – but he needs to put down $500,000. Ironically, Jules and Cody only got a million dollars. If he cuts a check for $500,000, then Cody won’t be able to buy the house that she is looking at.

Cody and Billy meet up, she is furious because he ignored all of her phone calls. She shows him the house – Billy reveals that he made a business deal with Hap and he is going to give him a check for $500,000. Cody says that he has to back out of the business deal because she already gave Jules a deposit for the house. Billy is furious that she did it without checking with him first.

Sherriff Tip pays Wick a visit, he apologizes for intruding and says that he just have to ask him about his whereabouts during the explosion at the rig. Wick cooperates, and tells Tip that to make sure that he finds the guy that attacked his dad. It seems like Sherriff Tip is a bit suspicious, and is not buying Wick’s concerned son act.

Cody and Billy head over to Hap’s for dinner, Wick is not happy because it was supposed to be a family dinner – and they aren’t family. Wick invites Jules along and introduces her as his girlfriend. Cody takes Jules aside, she says that they have to cancel the deposit on the house because Billy is using the money to get another business deal going with Hap.

Gary calls Wick freaking out while he is at dinner. They tried to sell the stolen oil to a guy named Sphinx – and he figured out that they are the ones who almost killed Hap. Apparently, the reward that Hap is offering is worth more than the oil they are trying to sell him. So, he is threatening to call the sherriff and rat them out. Hap overhears Wick arguing on the phone, and notices that his shoulder is sore – the same shoulder that the man that almost killed him burnt while they are wrestling. Hap is starting to wonder if

Carla is right – and his son might have been behind the attack.

Sherriff Tip shows up at the family dinner – he announces that he found the oil theif. They all head to the warehouse, someone shot and killed Sphinx. Tip says that Sphinx had a gun on him that matched the same bullet he found at the oil fire. He seems to think that the case is closed and Sphinx is the one who stole Hap’s oil – now he just needs to figure out who killed Sphinx. Hap gets a little emotional, Wick reassures his dad that it is “all over now.”

Wick rushes to Garry’s and demands to know why he killed Sphinx – he is freaking out. Garry says that everything will be fine, their hands are clean – as long as they are able to ditch Hap’s oil tanker before someone finds where they have hidden it.

Mr. Lundegren shows up at Billy’s house and is furious – he found out that he leased the land that he gave him an easement on to Hap Briggs. He snarls that Billy is “in bed with the devil now” and storms off.

Hap sneaks off to Jules’ house in the middle of the night, he is not happy that Wick is dating her – apparently Hap and Jules have a history of their own. Hap knows that she doesn’t have any real feelings for Wick and she is just using him to get back at him. Hap kisses Jules and then whispers to her “to stay away from his son” before he leaves.