Blue Bloods Recap 10/16/15: Season 6 episode 4 “With Friends Like These”

Blue Bloods Recap 10/16/15: Season 6 episode 4 "With Friends Like These"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday October 16, season 6 episode 4 called, “With Friends Like These.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Erin’s (Bridget Moynahan) attempt to convict a slippery mob boss for an old murder is muddled when her former informant, Vincent (Dan Hedaya), leaves witness protection to provide his old boss with an alibi.

On the last episode, when newspaper reporter Lorenzo Colt (Zachary Booth) was targeted while wearing NYPD gear on a ride-along with Jamie and Eddie, Frank put Danny and Baez on the hunt for the shooter who was out for other members on the force. Also, Garrett contemplated taking another job. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Erin’s attempt to convict a slippery mob boss for an old murder is muddled when her former informant, Vincent (Dan Hedaya), leaves witness protection to provide his old boss with an alibi. Also, Frank finds himself in a departmental war with Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department.”

Blue Bloods “With Friends Like These” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates.

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#BlueBloods begins with Eddie and Jamie checking out a woman in the street who’s staggering and looks disoriented. They think she might be mental. Jamie speaks to her and she says where is it then Eddie asks where it is. She says if she doesn’t bring it back, she doesn’t know what they’ll do. She says they’ll hurt her if she tells them what it is. She says her name is Jenny Strong then says they’re watching her. Jamie says they can come back later once traffic dies down. She says she guesses so and he helps her up.

Erin says to her boss that Jane Cooley is a good defense lawyer and Grazioso is still a priority. He hangs up on her. Jimmy comes in and she says she heard Grazioso was acquitted. He says the guy gives orders which makes it harder to nail him. She says she was looking at old crimes then shows him a case of his – the Ronald Green murder. He says he was a patrol cop back then. He says Grazioso was a soldier back then and Green was selling on his territory.

He says NYPD didn’t try to make the case too hard since Green was a bad guy too and Erin asks him to reopen the case and nail the guy. Linda treats a fireman arguing with a policeman. The NYPD and FDNY argue over who’s better and it comes to blows. Linda calls for security. It’s an all-out brawl. Frank hears about it from Gormley and says the FDNY guy made a remark about excessive force and Frank says both sides were mouthy. Frank says this public incident has no excuse. He says discipline them and move on.

Garrett says the press has it and wants a comment from him. Bridget says the Mayor is on the line but Frank says he’ll call back. Erin goes to meet Jimmy and introduces her to Marty Brock, another cop who’s now retired. They have her at the crime scene were Green was killed back in the day. Brock says he saw Green’s body hit the ground and didn’t see who fled the scene. Jimmy and Brock tell her they did an extended search and found a gun and she asks where. He says it was in a warehouse nearby.

Brock says if they can link it to Grazioso, they may have her case. Jamie and Eddie bring Jenny home to her dad and they ask what it is. He says she has schizo effective disorder. He says her mom died a couple of years ago and they’ve been struggling. He says he can’t afford a private place and the public ones are like prisons. He says he talked to a public case worker who said there was nothing he can do. Jamie asks for the name of the case worker.

Erin tells Grazioso they have questions for him about the Green murder and his lawyer Jane Cooley is shocked to hear about a 15 year old murder. He says he used to threaten people but has mellowed. Jane says she’s going to sue her for harassment and Erin says they found a gun that’s a match for Green’s killer. Erin says the gun was reported stolen in a home invasion. Grazioso was convicted of that home invasion and robbery. Jane says that doesn’t prove anything.

Erin says the threats against the victim plus his theft of the gun will not sound good to a jury. She tells Jane they’ll see them in court. The case worker says Jenny belongs in a care facility and Eddie says her dad is afraid to put her in a state hospital. The case worker says she did her job and asks them to go. Jamie says they want to know if there’s another option. She says she recommended a home health aid and the dad said he can’t afford it. The case worker says they have no money there.

Jamie says it sounds like she has given up. The case worker says the NYPD are barely trained to deal with the mentally ill yet they are first responders. Eddie and Jamie leave annoyed. Frank, Gormley and Garrett meet with Stan and Frank says the ER incident was bad for all of them. Stan says they agree to disagree. Stan says the nurse who reported the FDNY guy threw the first punch has his last name. Stan says the NYPD step all over FDNY. Frank says to talk to OEM and Stan says the Mayor sides with him.

Frank says they need to cooperate and says they protect FDNY too. Garrett says the Mayor wants a photo op to show they’re cooperating and Frank says no thanks. Stan leaves mad. Jane comes to see Erin at her office about the Green case. Erin says no deal. Jane says Grazioso didn’t kill Green and Erin says the trial will show it. Jane says she has an alibi witness for Grazioso for the killing. Erin says the witness is a gangster and it’s Vincent. Erin is stunned.

Eddie rants to Jamie about the case worker but Jamie says it’s their job to deal with EDPs too. She says they can’t be shrinks too. Then she asks if he remembers the rookie who shot an EDP who went for his gun. Jamie says he met Jenny Strong and saw her situation and can’t unsee it. Erin asks Vincent why he’s there. He says he didn’t know she was the prosecutor. She asks how he heard about it in Iowa. He says Witsec is boring. She asks why he’s there. He says he’s Grazioso’s alibi.

She says Grazioso is the one who put a price on his head. She says he never mentioned the Green case in his deal. She says if it comes out that he had any knowledge of the case, he could be kicked out of Witsec. She asks why he wants out of Witsec and she asks if he cut a deal with Grazioso. His testimony buys the price off his head. Vincent says she’s beautiful and smart. Jamie and Eddie show up to a call where Jenny Strong stabbed her father. Jamie says not to shoot her and Eddie says she’s an EDP. Jamie says he’ll talk to her. She says she didn’t mean to hurt daddy and says they said he was going to kill her.

Jamie says to put down the knife but she says they’re watching. Jamie says things will get better if she trusts him. He asks her to put down the knife. She looks at it then drops it. She goes to Jamie and cries and says she’s sorry. Jamie tells her it’s okay. At the ER, Frank is upset about a wounded officer and heads in to see Officer Redlech. He asks how his leg is and Gormley asks him to tell Frank how he got shot. He says they were working with narcotics and ready to hit a drug den.

He says the suspects set the place on fire and they tried to collar the suspects as they fled. He says the FDNY was ordered not to approach but they wouldn’t listen and a firefight broke out and that’s how he was shot. Frank thanks him for his service and shakes his hand. Gormley says someone needs to pay because they interfered with police business. Frank says it was orders from Commissioner Rourke and he was taking a shot across the bow.

Vincent waits for Erin in the parking deck and she asks why he’s not out celebrating with his mob buddies. He says it wasn’t personal and she says he fed her BS about making his granddaughter proud and he took a chance to buy his freedom. Vincent says Grazioso didn’t kill Green and says he really was with him in his apartment that night. Erin asks who killed him and he says it was a long time ago and she should let it go. She persists and he says in Hells Kitchen, the cops and wise guys had an understanding.

She asks if the cops ignored it and he says the guy who killed Green was wearing a badge. At family dinner, Frank compliments her beef stew dinner. She says it came from a firehouse cookbook and Frank says funny. Linda says firemen are great cooks and Henry says they sit around all day swapping recipes. The ladies talk about firemen being hot. The kids ask why cops and firemen hate each other. Frank says it’s not hate, it’s disagreement. They talk about the hockey game between cops and firemen.

Then Jamie says he and Eddie have been dealing with a mentally ill woman who isn’t getting the help she needs. Henry says it’s a crap shoot and Linda says they treat them and put them back on the street and Erin says they’re in court too. Jamie says they need to try and help them. Erin comes to see Frank and asks to talk. She tells him about the Green killing and says she tried to pin an unsolved murder on him. Frank says he heard about that. She says Grazioso has an alibi.

She then says she has information that a police officer killed Green. Frank sighs and asks how credible it is. She says he’s been very helpful. He asks what she wants to know. She says Green was a really bad guy and she has no reason to pursue the case aside from Grazioso. She says she could solve a cold case but a cop might be the perp. Frank says we can’t pick and choose like that. Eddie tells Jamie the whole precinct is talking about how he saved Jenny’s life by talking her down.

She says the first guys on the scene showed restraint. She says she would have shot Jenny if she came after Jamie with a knife. She says Jamie was reckless and could have died. He says he found a guy at the Willow Lanes Institute in Westchester and he got her a charity bed at the private hospital. Eddie tells him he’s all right no matter what people say about him. Erin meets Vincent and he says he can’t be seen palling around with a DA. She asks who killed Green. He says leave Green buried.

Erin says she needs to know which cop killed Green. Vincent says he just got his life back and wants to be with his granddaughter and blowing money at the track. She says please. He says she’s stubborn and then says not everyone that grows up in Hells Kitchen become a gangster. He says some become cops. He says start there. Erin brings in Jimmy and says she knows he grew up in Hells Kitchen. She says she has credible information that Green was killed by a cop. She tells Jimmy he was at the scene. He says if he whacked Green, he would not have agreed to reopen the case.

He says when he got into the alley, Brock was trying to save him. He says Brock wouldn’t have done this but she presses him. She asks who found the weapon and Jimmy says Brock did. Jamie finds Jenny’s dad waiting on him. He says he made some calls and got her a bed at a nice place. The guy says Jenny’s dead. He says she hung herself last night. Jamie is stunned. Brock is angry and thinks Jimmy is talking behind his back. Erin says lab tests show that gun has not been on the roof for 15 years.

Brock asks why he’d hang onto that weapon. Jimmy says the gun disappeared from the evidence room. Erin says he hung onto the gun in case something ever came up. Brock gets mad and says Jimmy chased the shooter but Erin says it could have been the guy who Green was selling to and he could have witnessed the shooting. Brock says to call his lawyer and tells Jimmy they’re done. Erin comes back to see Vincent and says she needs the witness who saw it.

She says someone saw Brock kill Green. He says he heard Brock took out Green for holding out on money from the drug deals. Vincent says the police protecting Green was what let Green deal on Grazioso’s territory. Vincent says he never heard about a witness. Frank goes to see Stan and says those men risked the life of cops and probably broke the law. Stan says arrest them and see if a jury convicts them. Frank asks if Stan gave the order to ignore the officers on the scene and go into the fire.

Stan says he has a meeting with the Mayor and tells him to go. Frank asks if he likes the Mayor and says they agree they don’t like politicians. Frank tells Stan they’re both talking like people they don’t like. He says the people they serve will get caught in the cross fire. Frank says he doesn’t want to arrest his men. Frank says Stan needs to apologize to the officer who was shot. Frank says transparency and full disclosure. Frank says they need to defer to NYPD at crime scenes. Stan says that has to be done at the scene.

Stan says Frank shouldn’t mess with the tradition. Frank asks him to copy his DPCI on the statement. They agree to see each other at the next city dinner. They leave it peaceably. Brock comes to see Vincent and says they need to talk then busts in the door and holds a gun on him. Brock says he turned rat and is hanging out with the lady DA. Vincent says she wanted a witness and he didn’t give her any. Vincent says he had every right to pop him. Vincent says to give him the witness name.

Vincent says he has no witness name and he’s free and clear. Jimmy is there and tells Brock to drop the gun. Brock says once a rat always a rat. He drops the gun and they arrest him. Vincent says they took their time. Jimmy tells Brock he’s sorry it went down like this. Brock says it’s on him and he’ll see him. They take him out. Erin asks Vincent if he’s okay. Vincent asks if she got what she needed and she says he went out on a limb for him and he says he’s a sucker for her pretty face.

He says she owes him dinner and she has to pick up the check. Jamie tells Frank he really wanted to help Jenny. He says he was hamstrung at every turn. He says they don’t have enough training with EDPs and Frank says they can try and address the training issue. Jamie says there are thousands out there like Jenny and asks his dad to put up an advisory committee on how to best work with EDPs. Frank says he’ll consider it if he brings him a list of the people he would want on a committee like that.

Jamie says okay and Frank says it seems to be a calling for him so bring a list and make sure his name is on it. Jamie agrees.