Blue Bloods Recap 1/16/15: Season 5 Episode 12 “Home Sweet Home”

Blue Bloods Recap 1/16/15: Season 5 Episode 12 "Home Sweet Home"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday January 16, season 5 episode 12 called, “Home Sweet Home” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Jamie [Will Estes] gets Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend.

On the last episode, Danny was conflicted when he learned that a group of highly trained Army veterans were responsible for a robbery. Meanwhile, after a bomb scare in a subway turned out to be the work of a famous street artist, Garrett and Gormley argued about how to deal with the fallout. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Jamie gets Danny involved when he finds a homeless teen who claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Erin is angered when McCoy replaces her as the prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer.”

Blue Bloods “Home Sweet Home” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates.

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Jamie and Eddie head into a bank where the manager complains about a homeless guy. Jamie asks Eddie if she knew the job would be this glamorous. It’s not an old guy. It’s a teenager. They ask how he ended up there and if there’s someone they can call. Jamie tells him he’s not in trouble. Eddie says they can take him to the precinct and calls ACS. The kid rabbits and they chase him down. Jamie stops him from being run down. He grunts in protest but they take him away.

Frank complains about his ankle – he fell on ice. His doctor says he can’t go to work til he can have an MRI of the ankle. Henry says he hasn’t missed a day in 40 years and Frank says last time they had to shoot him. Evan comes to see Erin for a deal on the Kowalski case. She says she won’t take a plea and he says the guy ran a red light and was a little over. She says he also had drugs in the car. He tells her she’s being a hard ass because the guys works at Rykers.

He says she’s mad about their last case and he accused her of withholding evidence. He tells her he’s going to talk to McCoy and she says she’ll see him in court. He says we’ll see. He leaves mad. They have the kid, TJ, at the precinct and Jamie says child services will get him housing. He offers help and the kid asks for a chocolate bar, but he’s being a sass mouth. He asks TJ why he’s there and he says his mom got locked up so she sent him to his Aunt Christy in the city.

He says they collect bottles and cans and it’s their hustle. They ask why he was at the bank and offer to protect him. He’s skeptical but says his aunt disappeared and he thinks her boyfriend Ghost killed her. Jamie asks if he saw her body and he says he found her cart and it was crashed and her stuff was scatted. He says he also found this. He shows them a photo she had of them. He says he knows she’s dead because she would never leave him out on the street.

Danny’s fixing coffee when Dee Ann comes and asks why he looks like crap. He says he’s working a ton of OT because his son Jack flunked algebra and needs private school and tutors. He says his wife is indulging this racket. Stan tosses Danny keys to an apartment he says he can check out any time. He says the guys keep an apartment near the precinct. Dee Ann thinks it’s for cheating. Danny says it’s just for sleep and that Stan is an usher at his church. She smirks and walks off.

Frank has Abigail, Gormley and Moore at his house for their meeting since he can’t come to the office. Gormley tells him about union demands about perpetrator demands for damages when they say officers overstep. Frank says there is no financial advantage to the officers for these claims. Henry is putting in his two cents on the matter uninvited. He says if they don’t settle, it makes it look bad when the guy goes public and word comes out that he’s got 17 more claims against him.

Frank isn’t pleased, his dad knows it and heads back to the kitchen. TJ tells Jamie they’re going to find out what happened to his aunt and tells him not to lose hope. TJ asks them not to call his mom and says they’re going to dump him in foster care and then he won’t hear from them. Jamie says he’s not dumping him and promises to find out if Ghost did this. Erin and McCoy are out to dinner at a place where men take mistresses – he says he found it when he was a PI.

He tells her he’s not pressuring her for sex. She asks about Evan and the Kowalski case. He says Evan made some good points and he’s thinking about replacing her. McCoy says she has a history with Evan and he says he’s putting Hampton on it. She’s shocked to her he already replaced her. He says she has too many cases as it is. She says this isn’t just any case and glares at him. She’s not a happy camper. Danny is talking to Linda at the hospital.

She asks if he’s asking to stay in the city with his friends at an apartment. She says he’s never home as it is and the kids never see him. He says he working all this overtime at her request and says he’s fricking exhausted. He says he needs rest and she tells him to do what he wants. She says he’ll find some excuse to stay away and that he never talks. He says they talk everything to death. She says she talks at him and he watches TV or drinks a beer.

She asks if he’s talked to Jack and helped with his homework. He says he’s not the homework guy. He gets mad and says she’s busting his balls for nothing. She’s called away. In court, Kowalski says the drugs were for his personal use and he takes full responsibility. The judge says he’ll be sentenced and will surrender in 30 days. She asks Bobby why he let Kowalski plea. He says there was not evidence that he was dealing and she asks to see the reports.

He says she’s off the case and doesn’t need that information. She asks what information and why he’s sitting in on the case and how Kowalski can afford a guy like Evan. McCoy says the guy lost his job and is going to jail and justice has been served. He says they can talk about it later but he really doesn’t want to. He asks her to trust that he knows how to do his job. She isn’t happy and makes a call after he walks off. She asks Alex to show her the investigator’s report on the case.

Danny and Maria are with Jamie and Eddie on TJ’s case. Danny says they don’t have to be there but Jamie says he told the kid he’d check in. Eddie and Jamie argue and Danny says they argue like married people. Ms Kelly, the director, says TJ is doing well and talks about Jamie often. She takes the pizza and they go to talk to TJ. Jamie says Danny is the detective and he recognizes their shared last name. Jamie says he’s his brother. Maria shows him a bunch of photos of guys with the street name Ghost.

He points out the one and TJ says he wants to come along. They tell him no but Jamie promises to come back and tell him what happens. Outside, Danny tells him to listen to Eddie about getting to attached to all the stray puppies. Erin goes to meet Alex at a diner. He gives her the report and says there’s not much there because it was plead out before he could dig in. He says there were five Rykers guards under investigation and Evan represented them all.

One of them killed himself but he never got to interview the widow. She asks why and he says he has to lay off and tells her she needs to lay off too. Alex says the player is too bad including McCoy and the commissioner of the DOC. She asks what’s going on and he says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to. Alex says they need to live to fight another day but she says she needs to know the truth. He tells her to be careful.

Henry comes in and is surly with Frank. He puts up groceries and Frank comes in and asks what’s the bug in his pants. Henry tells him to get off his ankle and go back to his chair. He says he didn’t like the crack about addressing him as commissioner. Frank says that’s proper protocol but Henry says he said it in a snippy way. Frank says he’s taking it wrong. Henry says he got excited about company and that it was an issue he knew about. He tells Frank he’s going out and tells him to order takeout for lunch.

Erin finds her car alarm going off when she gets back from a coffee run. Her window is broken. She calls in and says her briefcase was stolen and says she needs assistance on scene. Danny and Maria are in their car when a CI hops in with them. He complains he shouldn’t be into then since he just stole a TV a decade ago. Maria relents and says they’re even. He gives her an address where they can find Ghost but says to have their guns out because he’s crazy.

They roll into a place where a bunch of homeless people are standing around a barrel. They head into the crack house looking place and tell everyone to stay put. They go room by room and look at all the sorry humans propped against the walls. Danny takes interest in one room with an extra door. Ghost jumps him and tries to get his gun. They tussle and he’s choking Danny when Maria puts a gun upside the guy’s head and knocks him out. Danny gasps for air and says he’s okay.

Frank is on a cane and asks Erin if the car break in was random or related to a case. He tells her to alert McCoy if there’s an issue. He asks why she won’t tell him what’s going on. Henry calls them to dinner and Jamie asks to say grace. He says you shouldn’t take family for granted. Danny tells them Jamie is playing big brother to a homeless kid. Jamie tells them about TJ. Henry says family is the original department of health, education and welfare.

Jamie says the kid’s aunt disappeared and his mom can’t take care of him. Danny says they need perspective since most problems are more important than grades. They start to get into it until Frank shuts it down. Later, he talks to his dad alone about wanting to stay in the city nights he’s working. Frank says no marriage is perfect and Danny says his and mom’s marriage was. Frank says he and his mom fought in the bathroom with the shower on so the kids couldn’t hear.

Danny asks how they held it together and Frank says his mom put up with a lot until he realized family had to be the center of his life. He says when she got sick, he was grateful for every moment they had. Erin meets with Alex and he says they crossed a line when they broke into her car. They’re meeting with Ms Davis, the widow of the suicide cop. She says it was Kowalski’s fault and forced Wesley into the whole thing.

She says the corrections officers were selling drugs to the prisoners and even smuggled in women and weapons to the Rykers prisoners. She says Wesley wanted to turn them in but Kowalski kept threatening him and then Wesley cracked. Danny has Ghost in interrogation. He says he hasn’t lawyered up and is being cooperative. Maria reminds him he tried to kill Danny and he says he was high and didn’t know what he was doing.

He asks for his phone and says he can call Christie. They find her at a hotel and arrest her for felon child abandonment. She says she moved to New York to get away from her sister and they tell her that TJ thought she was dead. She says she hopes TJ’s happy now. Jamie certainly doesn’t look happy. She took the $2500 TJ’s mom sent to take care of him and spent it on a ratty hotel and drugs. She says he’s not her kid and she shouldn’t have to take care of him.

Dee Ann asks Danny if he’s taking off and he says he’s going to check out the apartment. She asks to tag along and he says sure. They head out. Danny says his wife is so mad she’s not even speaking to him. Dee Ann says the secret is to never go to bed angry. Danny opens the door and they see a bunch of cops with women partying. Stan has a chick on a his lap and tells him it’s not what it looks like. Except that it is. They close the door.

Erin goes to see McCoy and he asks why she has Kowalski re-arrested. She says he smashed her window and stole her briefcase. He asks what he stole and she says evidence but it doesn’t matter because she knows everything. She asks if he wants to come clean. She says she knows all about the drug trafficking at Rykers. She asks why he didn’t let it blow up like it should and why he risked his career. He tells her he has something to show her.

He shows her a photo of him at the Jersey Shore when he was eight. On the right is his dad and the left is Michael Amato – the DOC commissioner. He says he was his dad’s best friend and became his dad when his own dad died. He says Amato never asked him for anything. He says all the CO’s were already under investigation and Amato was acting on it and they were all about to be fired and things changed. Erin says she gets his loyalty but says he abused the power of the office.

She says it’s a serious ethics violation. He asks what she’s going to do and she asks him what’s going to do. He says he has things to do there. He asks about Amato and she says she has to refer it to an investigation. She says it’s out of her hands. He asks if they’re still going out Saturday and she says not to ask her that now. She walks out.

Jamie and Eddie talk about what to tell TJ. She says the kid deserves the truth. Jamie says she’s alive but is a little bit sick so he can’t see her now. TJ says she’s not sick and just doesn’t want him. He tells Jamie it’s not cool to lie and it’s not his fault that she gets wild like his mom and can’t handle him. He says it’s okay. Ms Kelly comes over and TJ says she’s hooking him up with a nice foster family with young kids that he can help with. Jamie asks if he can handle that responsibility and TJ says he was born ready.

Danny goes to see Linda at work. He says everything is all right and says she was right about the apartment. He says their whole life shouldn’t revolved around the kids either and says they need a middle. He asks her to go away for a long weekend. She says it’s been years since they’ve been away alone. She says it’s too long. He asks what she’s doing and she checks Mohonk for availability and says someone has to plan this thing.

Henry is doing a crossword when Frank hobbles in. Frank tells him that they decided against the blanket no settlement policy. He says the two of them are of a like mind on this. Frank says the ankle is better but he’s going to stay home another day with the can for the hell of it. Frank tells him to ask a clue and Henry says Tuesday puzzles are easy. He tells Frank he’ll be sitting there retired like him one day with a brain and some valuable wisdom left. He says he hopes whoever is sitting there with Frank recognizes that.

They wonder who it will be and they agree it’s not going to be Danny or Erin. Henry says he’ll be lucky if it’s Jamie. Henry asks him a clue and Frank tells him the answer. He thanks him.