Blue Bloods Recap – Franks Gets a Medal: Season 5 Episode 13 “Home Sweet Home”

Blue Bloods Recap - Franks Gets a Medal: Season 5 Episode 13 "Home Sweet Home"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday January 30, season 5 episode 13 called, “Home Sweet Home” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] and Baez investigate when a homeowner shoots an intruder, only to find out that the intruder is a hitman.

On the last episode, Jamie got Danny involved when he found a homeless teen who claimed his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Erin was angered when McCoy replaces her as the prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny and Baez investigate when a homeowner shoots an intruder, only to find out that the intruder is a hitman. Also, a young attorney attempts to bring justice to his mother who Erin put away on a murder charge 12 years ago.”

Blue Bloods “Home Sweet Home” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates.

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#BlueBloods starts now. A man makes coffee when he hears someone messing with his door lock. He gets his gun and creeps to the hall. The man is headed upstairs. He calls out to him. The guy turns and has a gun in his hand so the man shoots. His wife comes downstairs screaming. Danny gives his son some advice about women when Linda comes in. He asks her to take the kids to school since he pulled a case.

Moore and Gormley are waiting on Frank when he comes in. They tell him the press wants a statement on the Mayor’s hiring freeze. Frank says no. Moore says People Magazine wants an interview. He says no. Moore says the Mayor wants an update on security for the St Patty’s day parade. Frank says to tell him that he can have three meter maids and a bullhorn.

Frank also wants to know why Gormley didn’t let him know that one of his kids was on the list to get a medal. He tells Frank he didn’t know he needed to tell him ahead of time. Mr Bianco, the homeowner is upset that Danny and Marie want him to leave while they investigate. He says he has a permit for the gun and says he owns a business and sometimes moves cash around.

He asks why they’re treating the dead guy like the victim. Justin Taylor, a lawyer, comes to tell her that he’s Suzann Taylor’s lawyer and says the woman is innocent and he’s pushing for a retrial. He says she’s innocent and she asks how he knows. He says that’s his mother. Bianco explains to Danny that he has plenty of enemies. He says he owns a cement company and people are always complaining.

Danny asks why someone would off him for not pouring cement right. Bianco says he deals with huge multi-million dollar deals. He says a guy named Anton Petrov opened a competing business and took some of his clients so he undercut his business and got them back. He says Anton threatened him. Gormley comes to tell Frank that he was the one that recommended Danny and Maria for the medals of valor.

Frank says he and Danny didn’t get along when he was his boss. Gormley says he never had an issue with his bravery and he says he thought he was going to get fired and decided to right a wrong – he says he should have already awarded one to Danny. He says the medals are more for the families to see their husband or son as a hero. Frank says he’s denying the medal.

Gormley says he gets that he doesn’t want to show favoritism but says his kids also shouldn’t be punished just because he’s commissioner. Danny goes to see Petrov who says if he wanted to hurt Bianco, he’d be dead. They show him a photo of the shooter and he says too bad he wasn’t successful. He hands them a card and says to call his lawyer with any more questions.

Bruce Epstein was the guy Bianco shot. Maria says Epstein had a bunch of priors but the last person he was accused of attempting to murder refused to testify. Erin asks McBride about Suzann Taylor’s case and he tells her that the witness says she was taking the cash from the register when the clerk was killed by her boyfriend. The boyfriend died in jail and the only witness was a crackhead who was used in six different cases by a Detective Stevens.

Stevens is now retired. McBride called and says Stevens told him there was a lot of murders that year and he can’t remember. Erin says the whole thing sounds tainted and McBride says that Stevens said that ADAs decide who to prosecute, not detectives. Erin says that puts it on her. She asks if he thinks Suzann could be innocent and he says it’s likely. She says she should have vetted the witness better.

Danny and Maria go see the guy that Epstein nearly killed. They ask him why he didn’t testify. He says as soon as he opened the mob sent someone over to demand protection money. He says Epstein came over and shot through the window. He says he checked around. He says he’s Epstein isn’t in the mob, he’s a hit man for all of them.

Frank comes home and finds his dad in the kitchen. Frank browses the fridge and his dad tells him that’s his third trip. He walks away agitated and Henry follows and asks what’s bothering him. He tells him Gormley put Danny up for the medal of the valor. Frank says it would be a disaster and reminds Henry he got no medals or commendations when he was commissioner.

Frank says he understood but says Danny isn’t him. Frank says he can just ask him but Henry says he can’t put him in that position. He asks his dad if ever regretted it and he says in ’88 when he took down that bank robber all alone. Henry says when he sees him in his dress uniform and sees spaces where more medals could go he has regrets. Frank says he has none and Henry says Danny won’t either.

Danny tells Maria that Bianco is insisting that he doesn’t know why the mob would be after him but Maria says when the wife was out of town, a neighbor says that he had a hot tamale over. Erin brings in the crackhead witness. She is asked to identify the people who committed the crime. She points out the woman. Justin asks why she was outside the convenience store. She says she was smoking crack.

He asks if she knows Detective Stevens, how many cases she helped on and why she helped. She says he used to give her money. Justin says which she used to buy crack. Mrs Bianco says it could have been she or her husband dead. She says she thought it was a burglar but Danny says they think it’s more personal. She says Nick was a good husband and that every marriage had ups and downs.

They ask if he was cheating on her and she says only after he found out she was cheating. She says the magic was gone. They ask if the man she was cheating with would want her husband gone. Danny says they have to have the names of anyone that they were sleeping with. She says she needs to call Frank but Danny tells her to quit playing games and cooperate.

Danny finds his son still awake and asks why he can’t sleep. He says the girl said yes and asks now what. Danny says he should take her to the movies but the kid says that’s boring. They talk and decide on ice skating. Frank comes to see Moore and tells him to ask his boss for a bigger office but he says his boss is a hard ass. Frank says he’s heard that.

Moore says when Frank shows up things get complicated. He tells Frank to think about Danny’s actions as if he didn’t know his last name. Moore talks about his dad working for an auto maker and how everybody had to drive an Oldsmobile and he says the crappy old car he inherited was a legacy he didn’t want but couldn’t do anything about.

Danny and Maria found out the Biancos were screwing a waitress and the landscaper. Danny says OCID has Bianco on a wire. He’s being looked at as someone who’s potentially involved with organized crime.

Erin and McBride look through the crime scene photos and she finds a bag that wasn’t originally processed and says to give it processed. He reminds her she was second seat and says not to bear herself up. She asks why he became a cop. He says his mom was murdered when he was 16 and he wanted to find her killer but never did.

Erin says she became a lawyer because she wants the truth and is worried the truth is she sent a woman away for 12 years for something she didn’t do. Danny shows up to his dads with a turkey for Sunday dinner. Frank says it’s transparent that he’s there. Danny says he knew Gormley put him up for a medal and he told him not to. He says he doesn’t need it and says he hates wearing his dress blues anyway.

Frank tells him he’s proud of him and Danny says he knows. Danny and Maria go see OCID and he says they’ve been listening to him for a month. They show him Bruce Epstein and wonder who would have hired Bruce to kill Frank. They ask if someone would know who hired Bruce and the OCID guy says Bruce has a girlfriend that apparently he kept no secrets from. They ask for her address.

McBride brings Erin some coffee and she tells him that Justin went into law to try and save his mom. McBride says maybe he’s noble or naïve. The DNA on a cigarette found at the scene matches Suzann Taylor’s DNA. He says she was at the scene. Danny and Maria come see Valerie and she takes them in the back. She asks what they want.

They tell her they know what Bruce did and she says Bruce told her never to talk to cops. They tell her they need to find out if Bruce was set up and if she’s in danger. She says Bruce was unusual and she loved him. They offer to protect her if she cooperates. Maria asks who sent him to kill Bianco. She says he was there to kill the wife but she doesn’t know why only that her husband was the one that hired Bruce.

Erin goes to see Suzann at the prison. She tells her she’s not supposed to talk to her without her lawyer. Erin says to just listen. She says they DNA tested a cigarette butt and it places her at the scene. She says her son will have the news today. Erin tells her she’s been lying to her son all these years. Suzann says she didn’t shoot the clerk. Erin says she took the money and helped her BF get away.

Erin tells her to just tell the truth. Suzann says she was high in coke and so in love with her boyfriend that she’d do anything for him including watching him kill a clerk for not getting money out of the drawer fast enough. She asks if she expects her to tell her son that. Erin says yes. She says the truth is going to come out and she should decide who Justin hears it from. She leaves.

Danny has Bianco in interrogation and says they know he put a hit out on his wife. He denies it but they have a photo of Bruce in his car. He says he didn’t do it. Danny says he knows about the cheating too. Bianco says they were high school sweethearts but then he stopped paying attention to his marriage and it fell apart.

He says he hired the guy in anger and then realized he still loved her and couldn’t do it. He says he tried to call it off but he changed his number. He says he couldn’t cancel it so he waited up for him. Danny asks why he didn’t head him off and tell him he changed his mind. Danny says he knew enough to make it look like self defense. He says he wants a lawyer and Danny says he’ll need one.

Linda and Danny watch their son on his first date ice skating with his sweetie. Danny reminds her they were almost that age when they met and says they came there on their second date. She says he was a bad skater. Danny pulls out her favorite candy and she asks how he got it since the place closed down. He says he found the owner who’s retired and got him to make some special for her.

Erin goes to see Justin and he says he got the DNA results and talked to the judge. He says the judge is rescinding his motion. She says she’s sorry and he asks if she’s sorry she won or sorry his whole life was based on a lie. He says he wanted to make his mom proud and she says she’s sure she is. He says his mom made her look like a fool.

She says his mom made mistakes and has paid for them. Erin tells him that she’s a good lawyer and he made her question herself. She says he was good and seemed a lot better than someone who has been at it for just a year. She sets her card down and says if he ever decides to play for the other side, her office could use a lawyer like him. He thanks her and says he was faking his confidence. She says she was too.

At the medal ceremony, Frank honors Maria and Danny. He described how they confronted eight armed gang members. He says all eight were arrested and captured. He gives them their Medals for Valor. He gives Maria hers first then Danny. They both thank him professionally. Frank smiles at the crowd then goes back to looking serious.

They all get together for pizza after. Henry calls them to attention and reads off the details about Frank for capturing the bank robber. Frank says it’s old news but Danny puts his medal for valor around his dad’s neck and says – congratulations detective. Frank is all teared up as all the kids and grandkids smile at him. He says a blessing over their meal and they all dig in.