Bobbi Kristina Brown Drowning: Nick Gordon’s Lies, Jealousy, Drugs, and Attempted Murder – Did Police Botch Investigation?

Bobbi Kristina Brown Drowning: Nick Gordon’s Lies, Jealousy, Drugs, and Attempted Murder - Did Police Botch Investigation?

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still hanging onto life in an Atlanta rehabilitation facility after being found face down in a bath tub full of water on January 31. The families continue their drama, but what about Nick Gordon’s lies, jealousy, drugs, and attempted murder charges? New rumors suggest the small-town police department botched the investigation thanks to limited resources.

Nick Gordon’s behavior has been shady since the day Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston let him into their home. In Ian Halperin’s new tell-all, it was revealed that Bobby and Whitney didn’t take Nick Gordon in when he was child. Bobbi Kristina begged her famous parents to take Nick in after his mother kicked him out, but the truth is Gordon was 18-years-old, not 12-years-old as Bobby and Whitney claimed. By then, Bobbi was 15 and had been in and out of rehab for drug abuse.

Fast forward to the night before Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down and unresponsive in her bath tub. According to a neighbor and friend of Bobbi’s, who she allegedly called “Mama Deb,” she heard screaming and fighting late that night. It’s possible the troubled couple was fighting over a reported cheating scandal.

Bobbi Kristina was said to have been caught fooling around with another man after she and Nick had a fight. Nick left their home with Max Lomas, and allegedly returned to find Bobbi with someone else, enjoying a “sexual romp.” Rumors point to Duane Tyrone Hall as the alleged mystery man Bobbi was cheating with, but not proof has been shared beyond Bobbi Kristina snapping a photo of Duane several hours before she was discovered unconscious. It’s possible Nick’s jealousy led him yet another violent outburst.

The next morning, Max Lomas showed up at Bobbi and Nick’s dingy drug den to find Nick cleaning up the home and Bobbi was nowhere to be seen. Nick claimed she was in her room, but when Gordon disappeared and left Max to let the cable guy in, Lomas and the repair man discovered Bobbi Kristina’s lifeless body in the tub. Emergency response showed up and Mama Deb claims Max and Nick were panicking. Gordon reportedly reeked of alcohol and pulled Lomas off to a private corner to talk to him without anyone overhearing.

Nick Gordon’s jealousy might have led to a violent end, as police noted marks on Bobbi’s face. Gordon alleges that bruises and cuts on Bobbi Kristina’s body were caused by his attempt at saving her life and administering CPR. This might be another one of Nick Gordon’s lies, as Max Lomas reported seeing Nick cleaning up blood stains from the carpet shortly before police arrived on the scene. It’s pretty obvious Nick is hiding something.

The attempted murder investigation seems to be going nowhere. Nick Gordon underwent a rehab stint after police started building a case against him. Leolah Brown has been very vocal about the fact police are investigating him, but it has been nearly 6 months since Bobbi Kristina’s drowning. It seems any legal action against Nick would have happened by now. Ian suggests police have botched Bobbi Kristina Brown’s case stating, “They are basically a small-town police department with limited resources. I’m suggesting that the Atlanta PD takes it over.”

Bobbi’s family certainly feels Nick is guilty. Neither the Browns nor the Houstons have allowed Nick near Bobbi Kristina in the aftermath of her drowning. Gordon has teased at taking legal action to see Bobbi, but so far, his attorney has only hinted at his attempts.

What do you think? Is Nick Gordon guilty in Bobbi Kristina Brown’s drowning? Will Nick ever be charged with attempted murder?

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