Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Battle: Cissy Houston Bans Bobby Brown and Family From Hospital – $20 Million Inheritance War

Bobbi Kristina Brown Funeral Battle: Cissy Houston Bans Bobby Brown and Family From Hospital - $20 Million Inheritance War

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, is still lying in an Atlanta hospital on life-support after her alleged suicide attempt. Bobbi Kristina’s family has gathered at the hospital to say their good-byes and begin funeral arrangements, however all hell is breaking loose – and an all out war between Bobby Brown and his family, and Whitney Houston’s family is already in the early stages, and a bloody brawl has already erupted at a hotel earlier this week.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s grandmother Cissy Houston and her family have banned Bobby and the Browns from visiting Bobbi Kristina in the hospital, and according to new reports from TMZ Cissy has put guards at Bobbi’s hospital room – and they are not letting in any of the Browns. This is not going over well with Bobby Brown and his family, who were treated the same exact way when Whitney Houston passed away – Bobby wasn’t even allowed to sit with his daughter at the singer’s funeral.

It really is ironic that Bobbi Kristina’s families are suddenly so interested in her well-being now that she is lying in a hospital on life support and rumored to be brain dead, Whitney’s daughter has clearly been troubled for quite a while – anyone who follows her on Twitter could have told you that. But, neither the Houstons nor the Browns were concerned enough to try and get her the help she so obviously needed. But, now that there is a $20 Million fortune on the line – Bobbi’s family is coming out of the woodwork.

As if Bobbi Kristina’s case couldn’t get any more complicated – there is new info emerging alleging that her “suicide” could have been the product of foul play, dealt from the hands of her brother/husband Nick Gordon. Apparently, Nick Gordon’s friend Max Lomas revealed to the police that before the cops arrived on the scene Nick was rushing around cleaning up blood from one of the couple’s numerous bloody brawls, which may or may not have occurred right before Bobbi passed out in the bathtub. Although Bobbi insisted Nick was her husband, there are no documents proving that the couple were legally married – so it is unclear if he will benefit financially from Whitney’s troubled daughter’s death.

At this point Bobbi Kristine is still technically “alive,” but the Houstons are reportedly saying their goodbyes and making funeral arrangements… without the Browns. Sadly, this feud is just going to get worse, before it gets any better. And, with emotions running high, $20 Million on the line, and a possible murder charge coming… Bobbi Kristina’s death is sure to spark rage and controversy for weeks to come.