Bones Recap Fall Finale: Season 11 Episode 9 and 10 – ‘The Cowboy in the Contest – The Doom in the Boom’

Bones Recap Fall Finale: Season 11 Episode 9 and 10 - 'The Cowboy in the Contest - The Doom in the Boom'

Tonight on FOX Bones airs with an all new back to back Thursday December 10, season 11 fall finale episode 9 & 10 called, “The Cowboy in the Contest; The Doom in the Boom,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode in the first of a two-hour combined episode, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) go undercover at an Old West-theme shooting competition, while Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Hodgins (TJ Thyne)discuss their future, and Cam (Tamara Taylor) gets to know Sebastian (Gil Darnell) better.

In the second hour, the investigation of a murdered police officer gets some help from a behavioral analyst, and Cam faces some difficult decisions in her personal life.

On the last episode, a political journalist was found dead after writing an article exposing corruption at the NSA, and Hodgins became paranoid when he was convinced their investigation was being closely monitored. Meanwhile, the team gathered for Thanksgiving; and Brennan planned a surprise for Booth. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed mid-season finale recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “a political journalist is found dead after writing an article exposing corruption at the NSA, and Hodgins becomes paranoid when he’s convinced their investigation is being closely monitored. Meanwhile, the team gathers for Thanksgiving; and Brennan plans a surprise for Booth.”

Tune in at 8PM EST on FOX to watch Season 11 episode 9 & 10 fall finale of BONES. We’ll also be updating fans right here as the show airs so be sure to check back in with us. Brennan and Booth have had a long television run. Do you like that their characters mix up business with home life? Hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about their tangled relationship!

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A body was found on park lands in West Virginia and, because her luck in the area was already poor, Cam got the call right when she was in the middle of a happy morning after with famed photographer Sebastian Kohl.

Which in a way was only fair on tonight’s new episode of “Bones” because if everyone else wasn’t happy then why should Cam be? Cam was the one after all that had cut back on intern hours at the lab. And despite her reasoning for it, they were some that wished Cam could have found another way to save money.

Apparently Hodge wanted to borrow some cool Microplate Fluorimeter for one of his experiments and those things cost money. A lot of money. Yet Cam gave him permission to borrow the item and she decided to pay for it by using the budget for the interns.

But, in case she forgot, such an action meant Bones only had her backup for a handful of hours and all Daisy could actual do in so little time was identify injuries and write down all of her notes. So the mystery of the cowboy was going to have to be solved by unconventional methods.

Their victim was Stanley Bellridge. It seems he was kind of a under the radar sort of guy and his job at an accounting firm didn’t provide him the excitement he needed. Therefore Stanley decided to spice things up by joining the Frontier Games. The Frontier Games is an Old Western shooting contest held every month and whoever wins automatically gets ten grand as part of their prize.

And so the team believed they might have found their motive when it was revealed that Stanley won the last game!

However the games offered more than just a motive. It looked like Stanley didn’t even have time to change back into his modern clothing before someone killed him at the camp and then dumped his body at a park. So in order to catch his killer – someone had to go in undercover. And Booth happily agreed.

Booth actually couldn’t wait to get away and that left both Aubrey and Angela questioning why. And although Aubrey later dropped it, Angela wasn’t afraid to offer some advice to Bones. Earlier she had found out about Booth wanting his own motorcycle so she told Bones that Booth was clearly craving some excitement in his life.

And because it wasn’t fair that he got to have all the fun, Bones had also been convinced into joining Booth at the Games.

Meanwhile, Angela had talked to Cam and she talked her into brining Daisy back to the lab. So unfortunately Hodge didn’t get his new toy but he did get to watch Booth and Bones’s kids for the weekend. And if that wasn’t enough, Angela had also offered to watch little Lance for Daisy.

Meaning Hodge went from watching his one child to suddenly being in charge of four. And judging by the face-paint left on their faces, baby-sitting had been a trial. However Angela wanted to use the experience as a way of getting her family ready.

Angela had originally wanted a bunch of kids and, honestly, that had been something Hodge had known going in. Yet the idea didn’t quite match the reality of being overrun. So Angela’s interference with others did end up teaching her a lesson. Simply focus on what you have!

And over on the dude ranch, Booth and Bones were getting their old groove back as well as solving a murder. Within hours, they had figured out where Stanley had been shot and that Stanley had been pretty good friend with one of the ranch owners named Franny. So Aubrey did some investigation work on his end and he figured out that Stanley had been looking into a shell company called Clementine Construction which had been used as a way to drain money out of the Frontier Games.

Therefore, Aubrey drove to the ranch in order to question Luke Nichols who was Franny’s husband and joint-ranch-owner. And once he was got there, he and Booth figured out that Luke had been using his fake company to steal money from his wife’s trust fund. The same trust fund that had kept their games afloat.

But strangely Luke hadn’t been the one to kill Stanley. That had been his mistress who was a regular ranch goer.

It seems she thought she and Luke were going to start over together one day and she didn’t want Stanley to ruin things for them by revealing their fraud to Franny.

And on tonight’s part two of the fall finale, a crime scene went kaboom when someone had dumped a corpse that was rigged to blow.

Four were later pronounced dead at the scene but the real tragedy, especially for the Jeffersonian, was the fact Aubrey had gotten severely injured after he had used his own body as human shield to protect Hodgins. So this case has touched on everyone back at the lab. Hodge and Angela because Aubrey had saved their family at the cost of possibly his own life, Booth and Bones because Aubrey had been a truly great friend to them even during Booth’s relapse, and Cam because she had been a few feet from the scene taking a call when the bomb had gone off.

And guilt can be an extremely powerful thing!

Therefore the team were never going to stop until they caught their killer and if accepting Arastoo’s help was going to bring them one step closer to that then Cam wasn’t going to stand in the way of it. Even if it did make her feel slightly uncomfortable.

Although speaking of uncomfortable, Aubrey was still in surgery when the department assigned a behavioral analyst to act as Booth’s newest partner. Which was an insult. So naturally Booth shunned Karen Delfs’s help and tried to go it alone.

Only the case was bigger than his savior complex. The four that had died had also gotten called to the scene after the body of Thomas Gallo had been purposely dropped off where it could be found. Not where Thomas had been killed mind you. And as for Thomas Gallo, he hadn’t just been an average joe. He was in fact DCPD.

His body had been identified after Arastoo had found out about his artificial knee. So in actuality someone had killed a cop and then had outfitted the body so that they could kill even more cops. And a case like that is very important to the Bureau. Ignoring the part where an agent had been injured, they know they have to catch a cop killer before more cops show up dead.

And so Booth had to trace Thomas’s steps. Thomas was the first person that was killed and everyone pretty agreed that his death most of all must have been important to their killer. So Booth looked into Thomas’s background and he found out that the officer had made a pretty big arrest on the day he went missing.

Four days ago Thomas had pulled over a lieutenant in the El Salvadorian gang called La Serpiente and what was initially a traffic stop became something more when Thomas found an unregistered gun in plain view. So Thomas had made the arrest of his career that day and he had gone out to the cop bar Morty’s afterwards to celebrate. But that had been the last anyone had seen of him.

That is until his death when a couple of amateurs with a camera decided to take footage of Thomas’s body before they alerted the cops. So Booth and Delfs went on to call their wannabe journalist in when it became apparent that he wanted to sell footage to all the news stations in the city. And because he was the only one about to make a profit from a horrific crime, the agents believed he had motive.

However Angela ruled that guy out once she took a look at the footage and realized their killer had accidentally been caught hiding behind a dumpster. And what that means is that the guy with the camera was innocent. But thanks to the fingerprints found on the bullet that killed Thomas, the guys thought they had finally identified their killer.

Scott Larette had been turned down by the DCPD several times because he had failed the psychological test. It turns out he had anger issues. Yet once Hodge had found out where the killer had taken Thomas’s body – he also gave them location of where Scott had been dumped. So Scott wasn’t their killer.

Though another victim did help Delfs build a profile. She figured out that their culprits had problems not just with cops but with all authority figures. Hence the reason why Scott was called. Scott had been a security guard and it looks like he had been the first target.

So his death provided the agents with all the information they needed.

Scott had been knocked over the head with something that gave off wax. And seeing as it couldn’t be a candle, the fresh on his feet Aubrey had remembered that there had been a couple of skaters at the crime scene. Two teenagers in fact and they had pretended to be gawkers as a way to stick around. You know so that they could see their handy work for themselves.

Apparently one of the kids had a cop for a dad and his time on the job made the son’s life a living hell. The father it seems would take out his anger on both the wife and son. And things didn’t end until his death.

So when a security guard was giving them attitude for skating on the property, the abused son was able to convince his simpleton of a friend to go on a killing spree. And sadly things didn’t end there. Hodge as it turns out was more affected than he knew.

Only it took nearly two days for anyone to realize something was wrong and therefore his symptoms couldn’t be treated in time. And now Hodge is paralyzed.

Just when he agreed to have more kids with his wife.