Bones Recap – Death Penalty Drama: Season 10 Episode 17 & 18 “The Lost in the Found – The Verdict in the Victims”

Bones Recap - Death Penalty Drama: Season 10 Episode 17 & 18 "The Lost in the Found - The Verdict in the Victims"

Tonight on FOX Bones returns with an all new Thursday May 7, mid-season finale season 10 episode 17 & 18 called, “The Lost in the Found; The Verdict in the Victims,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode A private high-school student’s remains are found in a ditch, and bullying may have played a role in her death, but Brennan [Emily Deschanel] isn’t so sure it’s murder when she finds similarities between her own teen years and the victim’s. In the second hour, the execution of convicted serial killer Alex Rockwell is just 48 hours away, but Brennan begins to have doubts about his guilt.

On the last episode, the remained of a popular TV celebrity chef are discovered at a local park, and the Jeffersonian team had to search for clues in local restaurants that he had been reviewing. When evidence points to the Royal Diner, Brennan and Booth’s favorite eatery, the two had to risk their status as favored patrons by questioning the staff. Meanwhile, Hodgins sold his new invention for millions and Brennan created an anatomically correct song to help Christine learned about the bones in the human body. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed mid-season finale recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “When the remains of a private high school student are discovered in a ditch, Brennan and Booth surmise that bullying was a factor. When Brennan discovers similarities between her own teen years and the victim’s, it leads the team to question whether or not the girl’s death was, in fact, a murder. Then, with only 48 hours before the execution of serial killer Alex Rockwell, whom Brennan and Booth helped convict, the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to confirm Brennan’s new suspicion that Rockwell may not have been responsible for those crimes.”

Tune in at 8PM EST on FOX to watch season 10 episode 16 of BONES. We’ll also be updating fans right here as the show airs so be sure to check back in with us. Brennan and Booth have had a long television run. Do you like that their characters mix up business with home life? Hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about their tangled relationship!

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#Bones Episode 17  begins in the woods. Volunteers are searching for someone. One guy spots a body and they see it’s a massicated corpse. The guy who had been goofing around runs off terrified. When the squints arrive, Cam says the woman was killed there – they were looking for Molly Delson, a prep school kid. Aubrey says it looks like a match since she has the right hair color and braces. Hodgins points out some bugs that indicate the body has been there for four days.

Bones isn’t there. She’s at a yoga class with Angela and Daisy but she’s sitting eating yogurt since she’s trying to take it easier with this pregnancy. Bones gets a text with teeth photos. Angela thinks that Bones is further along in her pregnancy than she thinks and they debate it. Angela thinks it’s funny that she knows Bones but not her baby maker. The instructor comes over and says hi to Daisy who didn’t realize he was trying to flirt with her.

He acts awkward then asks for her number. Angela tells Bones the guy is hitting on Daisy. She wonders if she’s ready so soon after Sweets died. Bones thinks sex is a biological imperative and his death six months ago shouldn’t have any bearing on it. Aubrey says Tyler O’Brien, the guy who ran off at the crime scene, has a history of having sex with a minor. Booth asks if Aubrey ever heard of a smart person who denies something obvious and Aubrey asks if it’s about Bones’ belly.

Booth tells him to bring in the pot head kid and quit hassling him. Tyler tells them they had no right to search his place but Booth says he had a warrant. Tyler says running from a dead body isn’t illegal – then says Walking Dead. Aubrey accuses Tyler of hurting Molly and he says he was convicted of statutory rape but says the girl told the court it was consensual. They decide to hold him anyway. Hodgins finds a school uniform on the body.

Bones finds some remodeled fractures from about 10 years ago. They wonder if Molly was abused up until a certain point. Daisy talks about Sweets then asks if it’s okay to go out on a date. Daisy asks when you have to tell a potential date that you have a baby. Cam says to focus then Angela comes in with a facial reconstruction. Angela says it’s definitely Molly Delson. Booth and Bones go see her parents to break the news and tell her they don’t have cause of death yet.

Booth asks about the physical abuse as a child and the parents get angry at being accused of abuse. Bones looks at a photo and says she was wrong about the abuse. She says they could have been caused by her childhood obesity. She says it can cause developing bones to fracture and then says they should have been more careful with her weight. The mom says Bones has no room to talk if she’s only three months pregnant and that fat.

Mr Delson says Molly lost the weight on her own and says she was very determined. Hodgins finds evidence of duct tape even on her mouth and Cam says she must have been kidnapped. Booth and Aubrey head to the prep school to talk to the headmistress. She mistakes them for a gay couple and then Booth plays on that. They go to look at her dorm room. She says it’s an all girls’ school and some kids try to sneak out. She asks if Molly was raped and they say no.

She says Molly was very driven and was top in her class. She says she doesn’t know of any social issues that Molly had. The headmistress says no one touched the room and says respects is important there. They go inside and find two students rifling the room. Aubrey and Booth grill the Cayla and Arianna. Arianna says they were looking for Molly’s diary so her parents wouldn’t find it and be ashamed. Aubrey finds it in the bottom of a box of tissues and says he’s had a boarding room case before.

Booth asks the girls where they were four nights ago. Booth says they obviously weren’t her friends then asks what they were really looking for. The girls clam up. Daisy stands thinking when Cam comes in and says she found a stab wound and says there were about 11 of these wounds. She shows a mark that indicates the knife tape. Hodgins comes and says he found trace evidence in the school colors. Aubrey fills Booth in on what he found out about the two girls.

Aubrey says Molly only called and texted her parents and then Angela found a spike in her data usage. He also found a shoebox full of insults about Molly. He says Molly was being persecuted and kept the box as psychological verification of all the terrible things she thought about herself. Booth reads things from her diaries about how they were tormenting her. She wrote that it’s her fault no one wants to be her friend and says something is wrong with her.

Booth finds the name Kathryn, a student that Molly was going to turn in for a drinking party in the dorm the night Molly was taken. Bones tells Angela that Molly owned every technical book she wrote and says she made clever notes on pages. Angela says she must have been lonely and Bones says the other girls ostracized her because they were threatened by her being different. Bones says she went through this herself and says she was isolated like Molly.

She says it’s difficult to imagine that you would ever find a life worth living. Angela says she’s sorry and Bones says she has a wonderful life now and is sorry that Molly never realized she could have one too. Angela says Booth and Aubrey said she did try to fit in but one girl named Kathryn kept shooting her down. Angela shows a photo of Kathryn Walling – she’s got the necklace on that they found beads on Molly’s body.

They bring in Kathryn and read from the diary about how Kathryn was tormenting her. Aubrey says witnesses told them she and Molly got into a fight the day she disappeared. Kathryn admits it and says Molly was snooping in her room but says she didn’t report her. Aubrey asks why Molly was in her room and she says she was stealing her necklace then Booth says Molly was going to turn her in for her drinking parties. The headmistress is shocked.

Booth asks who was drinking with her and says Arianna and Cayla. Hodgins tells Cam he found traces of wall climbing ivy on Molly’s clothes. It came from the dorm and he also found white paint chips from the trellis. They assume she climbed out on her own and met someone then things turned bad.

Bones and Booth are at the diner and she tells him she remembers every time they had sex. Booth says thanks and she says she has a good memory. She says she thinks she got pregnant on ravioli night but he mentions another night that was much earlier. She says she’s this size because she’s been pregnant before and is a healthy eater. He gets a text and says the FBI found a bag of stuff in the stream near where Molly was found.

Hodgins and Daisy go through the stuff and find a pair of scissors that look like a possible murder weapon. She mentions she’s been hoping Jake wants to sleep with her and that distracts him from the case for a moment. He says it must feel good to be wanted but she says she feels like she’s being unfaithful. She says she’s not ready to move on and then shuts down the conversation. Angela says Molly was getting a lot of texts right before her death.

Angela says they are sex texts that are from all over the country. Angela says someone posted a nude photo of her on the web with her phone number. It wasn’t a selfie, someone took it. Angela says she found a name related to it and Aubrey brings Tyler back in. He took the photo. He says Molly told him she was 18 and he says he only met her one time and says she offered to pose for him a few days before he disappeared in exchange for pills.

He says all the private school girls like Ritalin and Adderal. Aubrey says Molly threatened to turn him in. He says she wanted benzos and Aubrey says there’s no trace of that in her body. He asks why Tyler shared the photo and he says he doesn’t know. Aubrey tells him he’s going to enjoy locking him up. Bones tells Daisy she’s right about the puncture wound she noticed later. Daisy then asks if Bones would sleep with a man six months after Booth got killed. Bones says that’s not pertinent then says sex is a need like hunger or sleep. Daisy asks for a real answer and Bones says she wouldn’t.

She says she should but wouldn’t. Bones thinks she was injected with something. She says they need to recheck the tox screen. Bones says it could be something with a fast metabolic breakdown. Aubrey tells Booth that Tyler’s car has no signs of Molly. Booth says the guy is a perv, not a murderer. He asks Aubrey why Molly would degrade herself for drugs then not take them. Aubrey says maybe she got them to try and make friends. Booth asks him to look at the diary again. Hodgins says the scissors are definitely the murder weapon and had glue and glitter on them that match the particulates he found.

Hodgins tries to raise prints off the scissors. Cam says she looked at the tendons and says she doesn’t think they were torn by predation and says the attacker was strong or there was more than one. Hodgins dusts the scissors and says it’s some kind of resin. The scissors have the name Cayla on them! Cam says someone had to help her kill Molly. Booth tells Aubrey the squints placed Cayla at the crime scene and likely multiple killers. Booth tells Aubrey to find out who has a car and then search it. Bones and Booth goes to talk to the girls.

Booth shows Bones a text and she says they have forensic evidence that ties all three of them to the murder. She says Arianna’s car was used to take Molly to the river. Arianna says this is crazy. Kathryn says Molly could have stolen these things and says their argument is circumstantial and police are allowed to lie during interrogation. Bones recounts how the murder happened. Cayla says they were all in Katherine’s room drinking and says Molly was with them. The girls said they woke up the next morning. Kathryn says she may be a bully but she’s not a killer. Booth arrests them.

At home later, Bones and Booth sit reading and Bones says the girls’ story made no sense. He says their story was stupid and they’re not stupid girls. He says he doesn’t think they murdered Molly and she says evidence can always be explained by more than one story. She says they need to look again and search for another story. She gets up and he asks why now. She heads out to the lab. Angela meets Bones at the office at 10 pm. Bones says she’s been thinking about her size. She says she thinks she’s got pregnancy brain and says she has to be six months pregnant but just didn’t want to be.

She says she tried to convince herself that she was having twins. She asks why she’s trying to convince herself she’s less pregnant than she is. Angela says she may be questioning whether having another child is the right thing to do. Bones says she and Booth were both happy about it. Angela says maybe she’s thinking about the risky work she and Booth do. Angela says everything can change in a second and their children could be left with no parents. Hodgins comes to see Bones and says Booth gut instinct should be right.

He says it’s positive for lidocaine. Daisy asks if that means Molly would be numb to the pain and Hodgins says she’d be awake seeing her own death. Bones gets an inspiration and says there are no injuries on the left arm. She says based on her diary, they know Molly was left handed. Bones runs out all excited. At home, she wakes Booth and says she knows what happened to Molly and says she knows she’s at least six months pregnant. She says she should have seen it before. She says she just didn’t want to see it. She says Molly’s parents are parents and that’s where she got the lidocaine.

She tells him that Molly killed herself after drugging the other girls. Aubrey tells Molly’s parents what happened. She says Molly was trying to get revenge on them by framing them for her death. Bones says Molly was lost and in pain but also brilliant. She says Molly knew what clues to leave and says she used the nerve blocker to numb herself so she could do what she needed to. Bones says that beautiful brilliant mind is gone because she couldn’t see a way out. Bones says she deluded herself because she didn’t want to see a kid that smart would kill herself.

Bones says she wished Molly had someone to talk to about all this. Bones tells Booth she has him now and says she can tell him how scared she is. He asks if she gets scared and she says her whole pregnancy thing was that she’s been thinking the more their family grows, the more they have to lose. Booth says they also have more to gain and says they’re going to be fine. She asks if that’s faith but he says it’s lots of love. He cuddles her close.

Episode 18 – has Alex Rockwell sits in his cell awaiting execution. A guard calls to him and asks how he’s doing. He ignores him. The guy asks what he wants for his last meal and he says whatever the kitchen is making for the other inmates. He says he gets one family visit and one from a priest. Rockwell says they gave up on him long ago. The guard says the warden can assign him a chaplain but he says he doesn’t need anything. Rockwell just sits staring. Booth is worried because he can’t reach Bones. Aubrey shows up for Sunday dinner with them and Booth says Bones is working on the Rockwell case.

He says she always does this when their cases results in a death penalty. Christine says if she doesn’t eat soon, she’ll die. Aubrey offers her a snack and she asks why he has snacks in his pocket. Booth wants to go pick up Bones but Christine says she’s hungry. Aubrey says he’ll hang with her while Booth goes to get the wife. He breaks into the gummi bears for her. Cam finds Bones working on the case. She says the baby is fine but shows her x-rays of Rockwell’s shoulders. She says he had rotator cuff injuries. She says he couldn’t have killed Leonard Barnes and Cam says he wasn’t convicted of his death.

Bones says she doesn’t think Rockwell is their serial killer. Booth and Cam want her to go home and rest but Bones insists she’s on to something. Bones asks how she got the prison x-rays. She says they confirm he couldn’t have killed Barnes and explains why. Bones says his rotator cuff injuries means he couldn’t exert the force to kill him. Cam and Booth agree there are some doubts. Bones says they could be executing an innocent man in 48 hours. Booth, Bones and Caroline go before the judge to talk about Rockwell. They want a stay of execution.

She asks Caroline why she’s wasting her time. Bones tries to explain that Rockwell could not have killed Barnes. Booth says it’s likely he didn’t kill any of them but the Judge says Barnes’ death isn’t relevant to the verdict. She tells Bones no more theories and says to come back with conclusive evidence. Booth asks for more time and Bones asks to re-examine the remains. Booth asks the Judge to please do this so they don’t execute an innocent man. Caroline says she doesn’t object. The Judge agrees to the exhumation order but says not to come back without hard evidence.

Angela is remodeling skulls and says she’s using a high pressure x-ray. Rodolfo scoffs that they put criminals to death in the US. Hodgins says it’s his country now too. Cam tells him to work on some case files and Bones says they have 36 hours. Bones says Connor is the only exception since he escaped then died in the mine explosion. Rodolfo says the victims were all tortured and left to bleed out and says he doesn’t see who could do this. Aubrey asks Booth why they brought in Saltz and Booth says if Rockwell didn’t do it, someone planted evidence in Rockwell’s car.

Saltz worked with Rockwell and used his car. Aubrey asks if Saltz borrowed his car. He says he used it to go to NA and says they can ask his sponsor. Aubrey says Saltz had connections to at least two of the victims. Saltz says the night Connor was killed, he was at an NA meeting he always goes to and says they can check. Rodolfo shows Bones he noticed something on the priest – a striation on the clavicle. Bones says that means there’s still new evidence to find. Booth goes to see Rockwell at the prison. He says he declined visitors and Booth says laws involving an ongoing investigation trump that.

Booth says they reopened the investigation and think he may be innocent. Rockwell says it’s a waste of time and he says there’s nothing left for him anymore. Booth reminds him he has a son. Rockwell says he fought for a decent life for years but finally knows justice isn’t available here and he’s putting his faith in good. Rockwell says he’ll die and Booth will forget him. Booth asks him who else would have killed those people but Rockwell hangs up the phone and walks away. Cam comes to see Rodolfo and he asks if Widner used drugs and says he found a nick that looks like a needle mark.

Cam says Rockwell isn’t cooperating so Booth is going to see Rockwell’s ex GF. Hodgins says he’s not optimistic with the time they have left. Rodolfo says they can’t find a serial killer in one day. Cam says Rockwell could still be guilty. Rodolfo says putting people to death is inhumane. Hodgins tells her that she should care because death row is predominately black. She says that doesn’t matter and justice should be served. Rodolfo says they have no time to debate this and doesn’t want Rockwell’s life on his head if he’s innocent. They get back to work.

Aubrey and Booth go see Lauren, Alex’s ex. She says she stood by him for years and he always landed back in prison. She says Zeke is her only priority. Pastor Torrance is there – he grew up with Rockwell. He says he’s just there to help. Booth asks about him testifying against Rockwell at trial. He says he just told the truth about Father Neighbors not liking Alex and Aubrey says it was damning testimony. He says he was asked a question under oath and answered honestly. He says Rockwell is in jail because of choices he made, not because of his testimony.

Bones asks if he thinks Torrance framed him to get to his family. Booth says the problem is that all the evidence they have points to Rockwell. He says she’s the best and he’s trusting her. Mr Flender shows up and says he believes that Rockwell is also innocent and says all the ex-cons worked for him so he’s as much of a suspect. He says to say he’s the main suspect to stop the execution. Booth says they need hard evidence. Hodgins says he’s gone back to all his original tests and found nothing new. He says he feels useless. He sees that Angela is looking at Paris real estate and she admits she’d like to live there.

Angela says she imagined what their life would be like without serial killers, shooting and death. She says he could teach at the Sorbonne and she could paint. Hodgins says it sounds like she’s doing more than imaging but Angela says they should focus on the case, not that. She says she went back to something that Sweets said about the first victim of a serial killer having a connection to the killer. They show that Barnes was loaded and had a driver and spent a load on flowers for his victim. Aubrey found a car theft charge on Torrance as part of a sealed juvie record.

Caroline asks if Bones found something and he says nothing that gives them another killer. Aubrey asks what they’re missing. Booth wakes in the middle of the night and says there’s a pattern in the dates the victims died. He says it’s three or four months between killings. He says Rockwell has been in jail for seven months so that means there may be another body out there.

Angela did some research on the iron works factory killer and says it was built on holy land. Cam says that may tie into the ritualistic nature. They agree to look for other holy ground. Angela shows them religious areas and knocks out actively used areas. They are down to 42 locations and Cam says to send it to the FBI. Cam finds Bones working in her office and says they’re looking for new locations. She brought Bones breakfast and says the baby in her tummy is hungry even if she’s not. Bones thanks her. She tells Cam she hasn’t found anything new and says she is upset she made a mistake.

Cam says it’s not her fault because all the evidence pointed to Rockwell and says the man who framed him is to blame, not her. Angela says she thinks they found a new location and Aubrey is working on a warrant to look for a body. Cam says they’ll solve it but Bones says it may be too late and Rockwell will be dead. Caroline and Aubrey are waiting on the warrant as Booth bursts in. He tells Booth he found a water treatment plant built on former holy ground. The Judge shows up and asks what now. Caroline says they need a search warrant. She wants to get coffee first but Booth says no time.

They head out with the team to the place and sure enough, they have a body. Booth calls Bones and says it’s not safe for her to be there because of the fumes. Hodgins says they found the victim in a barrel of ammonia. Aubrey says they found a work table with large red blood stains. Hodgins tells them to let them take care of it because it’s too dangerous for them to go inside. An FBI guy shows them a piece of tattooed skin he found hanging and Booth says this is their guy and Aubrey says that means they have the wrong guy on death row.

Rodolfo says the body has been there about three months. He and Cam debate whether to wash off the ammonia. Rodolfo says the victim is a black female. Caroline finds Judge Edwards and says they found another victim that matches the other victims and says it’s just like at the iron works factory. Bones says Rockwell has been in solitary for seven months. The Judge says it could be a copy cat and Caroline says executing him furthers her political aspirations. The Judge is annoyed and says bring concrete proof of Rockwell’s innocence or Rockwell will die as scheduled in nine hours.

Rockwell writes a letter to his son before he’s executed. It tells him to trust in the justice of the Lord. The guard comes and tells him it’s time. He gives the guard the letter for his son. He takes it. He’s cuffed and lead away from his cell. He’s shackled and taken to the holding room where he will wait to be taken to the execution chamber. Rodolfo identifies a cut that shows she bled out and other marks that showed she was killed by the same person. Angela says the woman is an ex-con called Tracy Taylor. Caroline reads off her rap sheet to Booth.

She says she’s a perfect candidate for the ritual purification. Aubrey says Tracy was getting her life back together. He says she attended the same NA meetings as Saltz. They pull him back in and ask Saltz about him fighting with Tracy and says they have witnesses. Saltz says they fought because she was trying to get him to use again. He says he had no idea she was dead. Angela shows them a picture of Kyle Martin and says he was Barnes’ driver and died two weeks before Barnes’ went missing. The guy died of a drug overdose.

Cam asks what this has to do with Rockwell. Angela says Kyle is related to Flender – he’s his nephew. Cam says Flender is the only one connected to Flender. Bones says Flender is their killer. Rockwell is being prepared for the execution. A doctor takes his blood pressure. There’s 55 minutes to go. Aubrey says Flender even offered himself up to martyr himself and says the ex-cons are like his disciples and he kills those who lead his people away from righteousness. Caroline says they need more proof and Booth says Bones is working on it.

Rodolfo and Bones work on the skeleton. Bones says she doesn’t think the mark he found wasn’t a slip, it’s a curve. She says it looks like it could be cut by a compass. She says to check with Angela and says they could determine the weapon. Bones says Flender still has the weapon since he considers it holy. Angela goes over her scans. Bones says it’s something like a compass. Hodgins says it’s deity and says it’s a Masonic symbol. Bones calls Booth to tell him what they found. At 11:46, Rockwell is walked down to the execution chamber. He’s strapped to the table.

The cops head to Flender’s place to search for the weapon. Flender tells them there’s nothing to find and Booth says he won’t get over this. Flender says he doesn’t expect them to understand. Booth takes a call from Bones and says he needs something. She says it’s a Masonic compass. Caroline says they have less than 15 minutes. He spots a brick wall and says Masons are stone builders. He starts tapping a brick wall and taking items off of shelves. He pulls out two loose bricks and sees a space. He reaches into the space and pulls out a cloth wrapped knife and compass. He tells Caroline they have him.

She calls it in. Booth calls Bones and says they got Flender. Aubrey cuffs him and Flender says he kept his men straight and says his death will lead to his resurrection. The Judge takes the call from Caroline. She calls it in and they stop the execution. Rockwell was hyperventilating in terror when the call came in. Hodgins tells Angela they saved Rockwell and she says she can’t imagine what he must be feeling. Hodgins says you shouldn’t put off dreams until later since there is no guarantee of later. She says she’s sorry she didn’t tell him. He says he was dreaming too small and shows her photos of larger places.

She says they have money now and they need more room for their son and her studio. He says after 10 years they deserve this. They kiss and look at the house photos. Booth tells Bones they did good today and they toast. She says she was so afraid. Booth says she should have as much faith in herself as he does in her. She says the Judge will get what she wants – an execution for this case. Booth says after this, he no longer believes in the death penalty. He says they have a new life to focus on and he says he’ll fix her some food. She rattles off a list of food she wants and he starts cooking.