Botched Recap 6/14/15: Season 2 Episode 9 “Knuckles and Knockers”

Botched Recap 6/14/15: Season 2 Episode 9 "Knuckles and Knockers"

Botched continues with an all new Tuesday, June 14 season 2 episode 9 called, “Knuckles and Knockers.” On tonight’s episode, Dr. Dubrow tries to separate a uniboob.

On the last episode a patient wanted to fix a nose job she received at a “house of horrors” facility; a mother asked the doctors to remove a scar that reminds her of her unborn twin; and a woman who calls herself the “human Barbie” shows up seeking eternal youth. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the E! synopsis “Dr. Dubrow tries to separate a uniboob, while Dr. Nassif battles to fix a former boxer’s nose. Also: They have some unexpected news for actress Shauna Sand.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Botched” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new show?



On #Botched, Shauna Sand comes to see th doctors about her breast. She has what looks like ropes around her areolas. She’s been acting in France lately because she can’t model as much because of the scar tissue. She has three daughters with Lorenzo Lamas and says she’s made really bad husband choices. She says she married her first husband after two days then moved in with Lorenzo after just two days. Stevie is her fiance and he’s just 27 and almost 20 years younger than her but she says he’s her soul mate.

She says she always had big boobs but after three kids, they got saggy. She says a friend Frank Ryan, was a doctor who fixed her boobs but then he died before he could finish the surgeries. Tarick is the other patient – he’s a boxer with a crooked nose. He has a distorted nostril. He did the show The Contender then went back into retirement. He has broken his nose several times then went into surgery to correct his breathing but came out with worse breathing problems and a worse looking nose. He says he just wants his nose fixed.

Now Tarick is managing boxers and coaching but wants his nose fixed so he can do more work without being embarrassed about his looks. Dr Paul Nassif and Dubrow talk before Tarick’s consultation. Paul says he got hit when he was in a college fraternity and says Tarick is Lebanese like home. Dena, Tarick’s wife, comes in with him. Terry says Tarick is a real Lebanese God, not Paul. Dena says she thinks he looks fine and doesn’t want him to have surgery. She says the recovery is her real worry. She says he’s a real wimp at home.

Tarick admits he can be difficult if he’s in pain and the doctors tell her that’s men in general. Paul says that’s why women have to have the babies. Terry says he could spit one out. They take Tarick to the exam room to see what they have to work with. They check out his nose and Paul says it’s one of the worst septums he’s seen in 10 years. They talk about what they need to do to fix it. They check his nose and tell him there’s no cartilage there to use so they’ll have to use a little piece of rib. Paul tells him where they’ll take bone from the rib to correct his airway.

Paul says he’ll be sore because he has a lot of muscle over the rib they have to cut through. Dena says she feels confident now that she understands the surgery and what it will do for Tarick but she’s still nervous about them taking out part of his rib. Next up is Kelsey and she’s 25. She calls herself the uniboob queen and says she was botched at birth. She has a concave chest and says it didn’t bother her at first but then when she was a teenager, it really bothered her. She says her lungs can’t expand and the indentation pushed her heart over. She had surgery at 13.

She says they put a steel rod to connect to her sternum and says she was out of school for six months. She says you could tell that her right breast was too far to the right and much smaller. She says she was made fun of a lot. She says when she turned 18, she wanted surgery. In 2007, she got a breast augmentation but it didn’t look normal. She says the doctor told her she needed to go bigger. Then another surgeon told her she needed to go without implants for a year to correct it before they put in more. Kelsey says that year was really hard.

She says she went back for new implants and then saw that something had gone wrong again and the doctor says there’s nothing else they can do for her. Kelsey’s breasts are extremely asymmetrical. She tells her friend Abbi that she’s going to see Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow to try and fix this. Brent, her other friend talks to her. Kelsey says she’s been dealing this with her whole life and she just wants to look normal. Terry and Paul talk before the consultation and Terry says they do all these tough surgeries and now people expect them to have superpowers.

Terry asks Paul what superpower he would want and says he wants super smell. Paul says the ability to predict the future. Kelsey and her husband Chris come in to see them. They ask about her original condition and she says she could pour liquid into the indentation in her chest. Pectus excavatum surgery, says Terry, is one of the most painful surgeries. She says she had her first breast surgery at 18 and she had symmastia where they were stuck together. She says the doctor told her they needed to go bigger. Terry says maybe the doctor didn’t understand how severe her case was.

She says she couldn’t afford to be put to sleep for the last surgery and was awake for a terrible painful surgery. Kelsey says she wants bigger breasts but the doctors tell her that’s the wrong answer. They look at her breasts and talk about how the muscles aren’t connected to anything. Terry says there’s nothing to sew down into since there’s no rib there. He says it’s a heck of a problem and is potentially not fixable. Terry says it’s the most complicated symmastia he’s seen. He says the abdominal muscles aren’t holding her breast pockets up.

He says going bigger will never work. He says it’s a hard case. He says he thinks he can fix it but he’s not 100% sure. He says he wants to try and do it. Kelsey is excited and says she’s sick and tired of feeling less of a woman. Terry says she wins the prize for the hardest case he’s seen and says she’s the most complicated case on the planet. Tarick shows up for his surgery. Dena gives him a hug and she’s worried about the recovery time. She says she’s not looking forward to it. He goes back and Tarick is excited and says he will be able to breathe clearly.

Paul says it will be hard to get it completely straight but he can’t guarantee it. He says he’ll be happy with 90%. They start by taking out part of his rib then left the hood and try to rebuild the airways. Paul says there’s lots of scar tissue and it’s like he’s cutting through cement. He says a lot is due to the trauma of boxing. He says the nose falls over because the previous surgeon was too overzealous and took out supportive tissue. He does it then looks at it and decides it’s not straight enough so he pulls the stitches, fractures the nasal bones and starts over. He has the little hammer and breaks the bones.

Terry gives Paul a hard time about his butterfly coffee mug. He says he took the cup in his divorce. Terry jokes that he got a divorce and that cup is all he has to show for it. Shauna Sand and fiance Stevie come in for her consultation. They’ve been dating for a year and a half and check out the diamonds in her teeth. She says she had another one but swallowed it after she ate an almond. She says she’s naturally a 34DD then in 2002 after her third birth, she had Dr Ryan do implants. Paul and Terry were both friends with him. Frank texted a photo while driving and he got into an accident while distracted.

Shauna says he did an amazing job on her right boob but she had a bad scar and he was going to do follow up work but then passed away. She says she didn’t know where to go. Paul says let’s take a look then they can talk about their options. Terry says there’s new technology they can use to prevent scar tissue. Terry checks her and says there are a lot of thick scars and the heavy implants are pulling on it. He says she has keloid scars.

Terry says now they can take out all the score tissue then put in suture tape that won’t give way or stretch. He says it’s an exciting possibility for her. Terry wants to downsize the implants a little as well. They take a look at her blood tests. Terry says he always orders routine blood tests before general anesthesia. He shows Paul something on the chart and Paul says she may have to delay her surgery for a little while.

Terry says one little number is off. Terry says about nine months. She’s pregnant. She says that’s amazing and she and Stevie hug. She says it’s the most beautiful gift she could ever get. She says she’s a bit disappointed about her surgery but can be patient and wait. They congratulate Shauna and Stevie. Shauna says it’s crazy. It’s time for Kelsey’s surgery and Terry tells her that her pectus excavatum adds a level of complexity. She’s very nervous. Terry says they can take her implants out, reconstruct the pockets then let them heal before he puts them back in.

Terry says if he can, he will put implants in today but says it’s a very small possibility. Kelsey is upset at the idea about being without breasts for six weeks but says she just wants normal boobs. The doctors head into surgery. First stage is removing the old breast implants and reinforcing with mesh to allow her chest to heal. Then they will go back in about six weeks to put in new implants. They cut in to check her pockets and they don’t see muscle. Terry says her multiple previous surgeries make it harder for success this time.

He is dissecting a new pocket and says it’s just under the muscle so he won’t have to put sutures into the bone which will be a safer house for her implants. Terry says it’s time for plastic surgery to step up and make her anatomy right. He says he’d like to meet the last surgeon in a back alley. He says this won’t work and is very frustrated. He says she had stitches through her skin to her ribcage which has left her with scars. He worries it’s not doable at all. Terry says he will use the scar tissue as a wall to keep the implants from touching.

He has a new pocket then stitches some mesh in to line the wall of the new pocket. He says he thinks he has a cool and innovative way to help Kelsey. He tests it out with some implants and says he thinks they can do it one stage and he has her done and they close her up. He says he had planned for two stages but got it all done in one stage and it’s safer and smarter. He goes to talk to her after the surgery. Terry says it was super complex and he made the pocket and new room and he couldn’t push them together so he thought he could do it all at once.

He says she has her implants too. He tells her not to thank him yet but wait a couple of weeks for a post-op check up. Tarick comes back for a check in and he’s not feeling good. He says his head is pounding and he hopes this is all worth it. He says it feels like he got hit and his ribs are broken. Dena says it’s painful and she says has to baby him a bit. He says he never felt like this after a boxing match. Paul comes in and Tarick says he’s sore. Paul says he warned him about the rib then says the guys that act the most tough handle pain the worst.

Paul pulls off the bandage and says it’s pretty much straight and the airway is beautiful. Paul tells him it’s excellent work so far and says in a few months he’ll be mostly healed. He says to not be too much of a baby for Dena. Kelsey comes back for her follow up the day after surgery. She says she’s feeling delirious from the pain medication but exactly expected worse. She’s in pajamas and feeling awful. She’s very nervous because all of her past surgeries have gone so wrong. Kelsey says she’s leery about how her breasts will look.

Kelsey tells Terry she feels pretty good and he says he needs to check and see that things are still intact. Terry hopes she will have a nice normal looking pair of C cups. He says the uniboob is gone and they look great. He puts a tight post-op bra on her and says she has to keep it on 24/7. He says they’re separated and he says he knows what’s going on in her mind and that she’s worried because he did it in one stage instead of two. Terry says it was all about making new pockets. He says there is no way this repair will ever break down. He says her symmastia is over.

Kelsey is thrilled and says she’s been wanting it for so long and she says once she recovers, this will be perfect. Eight weeks later, she says she looked in the mirror every day expecting it to come back. She’s ready to reveal the results to her friends. She looks great. Her breasts look perfect. You can’t tell there was ever anything wrong with them. Chris says he’s so happy to see her looking confident and says she’s glowing and not self conscious. Kelsey says she’s battled with this her whole life and can walk away from it. Abbi says she’s glowing and they all toast to “two titties.”

Tarick goes to see Sergio Mora at his first boxing event since his surgery. He says he’s excited to be out for more boxing and social events. He goes to see Sergio before the fight. His nose looks nearly perfect. Sergio checks him out and Tarick says not to hate on him. Sergio says he looks great and has a lot more confidence. Tarick says Paul gave him the biggest beating of his career and now he’s thrilled about the results. Tarick says Dena put up with a lot while he was recovering. Dena says she’s glad he went through with the surgery and she’s glad it all worked out.

Tarick says he’s ready to network and is feeling good and ready to move on to bigger and better things. The end of the show shows a note that says Shauna suffered a miscarraige after the episode was filmed and that their thoughts and prayers are with her.